When it comes to accentuating the look and feel of a place, spray paint beats the conventional painting techniques. This is because it can achieve a smooth finish on areas, especially the ones having intricate designs. Not just this! Spray painting is an easy way to create a perfect look as compared to painting with a brush that often results in drips and marks.

So, break away from rest of the painting methods and enhance the style and persona of your home or office through spray painting. And with the tips mentioned below, you can do this task with almost no hassle:

Things to Consider Before Buying Spray Paint

Before you start painting your office or home through spray painting, it is crucial to look for high-quality paints and primers. Look for colors/products that not only look good but are also resilient. If you are an eco-friendly person, go for paints that have the least toxicity levels. Consider buying a latex paint which in addition to being non-toxic is non-flammable too. Unlike other paints, it can be disposed of with regular waste.

Things to Consider

Read the Instructions Carefully

If you are new in the world of spray painting, it’s important to read the instructions printed on the can before you start spraying. This information is valuable as it will tell you how to use the spray can, how much time the coatings need to cure, the temperature you need for painting and so on. So, take a minute or two to read all those instructions given on the can before you begin.

Set the Object High

Before you spray paint an object, set it up to an appropriate height. Plan to paint it on a workbench, sawhorse or other similar platforms. Painting this way will provide you the access to move your spray can past the object very quickly and consistently. Also, place the target object on a piece of plywood or cardboard. This is crucial if you want to rotate that painted object without touching it.

Prepare the Surface of Object

Before you start painting an object, make sure to prepare its surface. Clean the object and the surrounding area with a soft cloth or a vacuum cleaner. To blow off the dust, air compressors can also be used. Moreover, if the object has any damaged area, first repair it. Also, cover up the surrounding objects with drop clothes or newspapers to prevent small paint particles from settling on them. Furthermore, use a primer and let it dry completely before spray painting the object. This is crucial to get a smooth and glossy finish.

Prefer the Can with a Handle

It’s good to choose spray cans with appropriate handles as they will eliminate the need for holding the cans with a bare hand.

Use a Large Drop Cloth

Instead of taping the newspapers together, use a large drop cloth. It will provide an adequate backdrop for the spray painting mission.

Don’t Point the Can, Sweep it

The spray can is not a camera so, don’t merely point & shoot. Instead, sweep it horizontally and vertically past the surface to get an even coating of paint. For example – if you want to paint the surface from right to left, begin spraying to the right of the object and then move the stream left. After that, as soon as you pass the edge of the object, release the nozzle of the spray can.

Conduct a Pattern Test

It’s a great idea to do a pattern test on a piece of waste material such as glass, plastic, wood or metal to see the effect that the can produces. By doing so, you can adjust your technique accordingly till you find the exact pattern you are looking for.

Try Wet Coating

Experiment with wet coating first if you want to achieve a smooth, flawless look. For it, lightly coat the object with your spray paint and before it dries completely, apply new paint so that it becomes thoroughly wet. If done rightly, this technique produces a perfect finish. However, a wet coating is not suitable for all kinds of paints. So, it is better to experiment on a test piece.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

It is recommended to wear an appropriate respirator and gloves before you start to spray painting. Better is to go for a mask with a PP2 or PP3 rating. Also, make sure the work area is well-ventilated so that the fumes may not harm you.

Enjoy your spray painting !!

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