Most people know that colors play a vital role in creating an accent wall. But, have you chosen perfect accent wall colors? Will you select a bold, bright color or their combination?

Here is my advice:

When it comes to accent wall colors, it’s better to use a darker or bolder than the rest of your room.

My article below can provide you with some ideal accent wall colors:

Paint Satches

First of all, you need to learn the top 7 paint swatches as follows:

#1. Blue Paint Swatches

Blue paint swatchesIf you are a lover of the medium hues, you should consider these colors. They never go out of style.

Blue paint swatches have the following choices:

  • Misty SW – 6232
  • Breezy SW – 7616
  • Stardew SW – 9138
  • Downing slate SW – 2819
  • Bracing blue SW – 6242
  • Labradorite SW – 7619
  • Needlepoint navy SW – 0032
  • Anchors aweigh SW – 9179
  • Sea serpent SW – 7615

In case you are looking for a safe color, I strongly recommend a bold navy. On the contrary, if you want to create a unique wall, cornflower blue is a great solution. It is a shade of medium-to-light blue with a little green like valuable blue sapphires.

#2. Green Paint Swatches

Green paint swatchesDo you enjoy creating a beautiful forest at your home?

Painting some things like fireplace, dining room, tallboy dresser, and walls green can bring a healthy dose of green for your home.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose one of these green paint swatches:

  • Liveable green SW – 6176
  • Sea salt SW – 6204
  • Willow tree – SW – 7741
  • Olive grove SW – 7734
  • Agate green SW – 7742
  • Sage SW – 2860
  • Courtyard SW – 6440
  • Billiard green SW – 0016
  • Isle of pines SW – 6461

#3. Black & Gray Paint Swatches

Black and gray paint swatchesAre black and gray dull and dark moody colors?


They even can create a unique accent wall of the nice neutral backdrop.

However, it is not for all cases. You can apply this combination when your house has furniture, fixtures, and textiles with bold colors.

I suggest you use black and gray in an unexpected way. For example, your bathroom will have a fantastic look when painting SW 6258 Tricorn Black.

Please take a look at the specific swatches:

  • Repose gray SW – 7015
  • Mindful gray SW – 7016
  • Chelsea gray SW – 2850
  • Downing stone SW – 2821
  • Knitting needles SW – 7672
  • Pussywillow SW – 7642
  • Caviar SW – 6991
  • Black of night SW – 6993
  • Tricorn Black – SW – 6258

#4. Warm, Moody Paint Swatches

Warm, moody paint swatchesSome of you may be surprised:

Why do I list warm, moody neutrals into this article?

Can they create a unique accent wall?

Yes, they can. There will be many exciting ideas from these colors, such as earthy tones, wine hues, rustic reds, burgundy, and burnt sienna.

Below are warm, moody paint swatches:

  • Spiced cider SW- 7702
  • Smoky salmon SW – 6331
  • Rosette SW – 7581
  • Alaea SW – 7579
  • Cordial SW – 6306
  • Toile red SW – 0006
  • Carnelian SW – 7580
  • Earthen jug SW – 7703
  • Rustic red SW – 7593

#5. Warm Neutral Swatches

Warm neutral swatchesWarm neutral swatches are more updated than gray but are not as basic as white color. Thus, this is the safest choice on this list.

If your house is painted with bold and dark colors completely, a neutral accent wall will be a super crisp piece.

Here are its swatches:

  • Natural linen SW – 9109
  • Wool skein SW – 6148
  • Dirty martini SW – 9119
  • Croissant SW – 7716
  • Tres naturale SW – 9101
  • Kilim beige SW – 6106
  • Dromedary camel SW – 7694
  • Renwick rose beige SW – 2804
  • Crewel tan SW – 0011

#6. White Paint Swatches

White paint swatchesGet rid of the thinking that while color can’t create a beautiful accent wall. Even I applied a bright white wall, and it is so beautiful.

One of the most beautiful examples is applying it to your ceiling.

Using Sherwin-Williams SW 7007 Ceiling Bright White brings you a classic and bright white ceiling. This idea gives your home a cool atmosphere and looks great with the rest of your house. Speaking of classic white trim, SW 7006 Extra White is always the top choice.

The white paint swatches include 9 colors as follows:

  • Pure white SW – 7005
  • Extra white SW – 7006
  • Snowbound SW – 7004
  • Marshmallow SW – 7001
  • Pearly white SW – 7009
  • Greek villa SW – 7551
  • Aesthetic white SW – 7035
  • Origami white SW – 7636
  • Moderne white SW – 6168

#7. Wild Card Bold Paint Swatches

Wild card bold paint swatchesDo you love the trend?

If yes, wild card bold paint swatches are hot colors of this year. These bold hues can make your real statement.

Here are its deep and dark hues:

  • Parisian patina SW – 9041
  • Vesper violet SW – 6542
  • Scanda SW – 6529
  • Butterscotch SW – 6376
  • Truepenny SW – 6355
  • Foxy SW – 6333
  • Palm leaf SW – 7735
  • Indigo batik SW – 7602
  • Sommelier SW – 7595

Single Accent Wall Colors

If you haven’t made your decision, let me help you narrow down colors. Please take a look at the single colors below:

#8. Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp 1570

Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp 1570Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp 1570 is in the Classic Color Collection. Although this color is pretty soft and neutral, it is more personal than gray and beige.

Are you looking for an idea with this color?

I think that it is a perfect solution for a high gloss finish on your millwork.

In fact, this choice is very beautiful, elegant, and timeless, so it’s possible to apply it all the time, every time.

#9. Clare Blackest

Clare blackestBlack is not for everyone but for people in style. Clare blackest suits daring, bold, and high contrast designs.

If you haven’t had any idea about this color, you can apply for my suggestion. IT IS THE CEILING.

Rich black paint can help you elongate the height of the ceiling as well as hide ugly texture, especially, make your own statement.

#10. Benjamin Moore Backwoods 469

Benjamin Moore Backwoods 469While last year, the majority of people like the mossy medium green hues, everyone chooses a more in-depth and darker green color this year. It is because this deep green is a cool hued color, which makes your room cooler.

#11. Sherwin-Williams Aesthetic White 7035

Sherwin-Williams Aesthetic White 7035This choice is for lovers of the go-to light natural colors. A plain white wall will bring a bright and neutral look. If you know to apply Sherwin-Williams Aesthetic White 7035 properly, it will be an interesting idea.

This way helps you hide scuffs more effortlessly. At the same time, it will adapt your pieces of furniture in space simply.

#12. Benjamin Moore Sweet Rosy Brown 1302

Benjamin Moore Sweet Rosy Brown 1302Do you have brave enough to paint your accent wall dark color like red?

Without carefulness, it can ruin your wall and the overall design. But, applying properly, the combination of the deep brown and a sweet rosy tint can bring the warm and cozy comfort to any room. In sum, this rich shade provides you with incredible versatility.

#13. Sherwin-Williams North Star 6246

Sherwin-Williams North Star 6246Sherwin-Williams North Star 6246 is a nice neutral blue, which is similar to gray, but it is deeper. It suits to create a comfortable and calming atmosphere. You can apply this color everywhere around your houses, such as walls, millwork, furniture, and exterior settings.

#14. Benjamin Moore Hazelwood 1005

Benjamin Moore Hazelwood 1005Benjamin Moore Hazelwood 1005 is the combination of the warm gray and nearly purple tones. Because of the nice warm neutral, you will have a beautiful and gloss finish.

#15. Behr Sophisticated Teal HDC-CL-22

Behr Sophisticated Teal HDC-CL-22This color is dark teal. You can apply Behr Sophisticated Teal HDC – CL – 22 in several settings in many finishes (from ultra-glossy to super matte).

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Start Renewing Your Room!

After choosing a suitable color, it’s time to create an accent wall to energize life into your space. If you want, you can decorate extra metallic prints, framed photos, and photo canvases as well.

Now, please let me know your choice by leaving your comment here. What can accent wall colors make your room more beautiful and colorful? Don’t forget to share it if you find this post informative and helpful.