If you are considering how to handle demanding tasks such as manufacturing industrial jobs or powering pneumatic tools, you are absolutely in need for 60 gallon air compressors.

So, before deciding which 60 gallon air compressor to buy, please ensure you are well-educated about all information needed for air compressors. Hence, this article will aid you in figuring out the five best options of 60 gallon air compressors on the market in 2020.

Please scroll down to the end of this article to check out some tips and tricks that may help you to have your final calls! Let’s begin!

Top 5 Best 60 Gallon Air Compressors

5 Best 60 Gallon Air Compressors In 2020

1. Quincy Qt-54

Quincy QT-54 2V41C60VC 60-Gallon Vertical Air CompressorEditor Rating:

First coming on the list is one product made in the US, which is well-known for its outstanding features, the Quincy QT-54 Splash 60 Gallon (Dimensions: 29 x 21 x 64 Inches, Weight: 470 lbs).

This product is powered entirely by gas with 5 HP, which is powerful enough to handle several industrial tasks. Quincy QT-54 has a maximum of 175 PSI and 1310 pumps for RPM and working capability reaching 50,000 hour pump.

Despite the slower RPM, Quincy is made with a built-in thermal and intercooler tube that would avoid overheating and maximize cooling process.

Therefore, with these fantastic features, Quincy proves to have a long-lasting life and becomes one of the best efficient models of air compressors of all times.

Moreover, when installing Quincy QT-54, it won’t need installing any additional wiring. So, with this, you can save a lot of money and time as well.

Besides, when compared to the previous version of Quincy, it is now “quieter” due to the unique design of noise-reduction motor but with the same capacity.


  • Motor design is capacitor-start, which can help increase productivity
  • Operation is efficient and durable for long-term usage
  • Noise-less motor
  • Excellent customer service (good warranty, great promotion)


  • Pump troubles occasionally happen

Verdict: Quincy QT -54 is the most durable air compressor on the market with outstanding features that help easily handle big workloads as well as are long-lasting life (3450 RPM) and more durable (50.000+ pump life). This model is so ideal for industrial and tradesmen

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2. Puma Industries Single Stage

Puma Industries PK-6060V 60-Gallon Air CompressorEditor Rating:

If you are finding powerful 60 gallon air compressors with a portable design, Puma Single-Stage is exactly what you are looking for. You are wondering why, aren’t you?

The answer lies in the space-efficient design of Puma Single Stage. Its dimensions are only 71 x 29 x 20 Inches with only 305lbs weights (100+lbs less-weighers than others). Also, with vertical design, it is not bulky and won’t take too much workspaces.

Aside from the capable engine with 3HP, Puma Single Stage also has 135 maximum of PSI and single-stage engine. In terms of durability and safety, the single-stage motor is a great feature of Puma that would help prevent itself from overloading and damages.

On the sides of mobility, Puma Single Stage is impressive. The steel wheels of Puma are designed with ball bearings to help protect itself from flat tires and make it easy-mobility.


  • Portable and Space-optimization
  • Quiet performance
  • Great powerful engine
  • Average durability


  • Not function well for industrial tasks
  • Not as prevalent on the market.

Verdict: Puma Single Stage specializes in the splash lubricated oil system as well as using materials from solid iron. Moreover, with portable and noiseless design , it is highly recommended for professional use.

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3. Ingersoll Rand Two-stage

IR 2340L5 60-Gallon Air CompressorEditor Rating:

Coming next in the list for the most potent 60 gallon air compressors is Ingersoll Rand Two-Stage (Dimensions: 24 x 33 x 69 inches; Weight: 430 lbs).

This engine with 5HP is the combination of quality concerns and safety concerns to withstand frequent use. This may be a big plus point of this air compressor.

In terms of safety, Ingersoll Rand Two-Stage is the most excellent model. Because it is powered by electricity, the risk of explosion caused by gas would be eliminated. Whether in an enclosed room or not, you are safe by using this engine.

Additionally, it is designed with Thermal Protection that would prevent the motor from overheating.

Technically, this electrical-driven air compressor is the best use for industrial workplaces with accurately built components to minimize maintenance.

With PSI up to 175 under pressure and 5-horsepower, it is perfectly suitable for high-demand industrial use in fields such as processing manufactures, maintenance tasks, woodworking shops, dry cleaners, car washes.

Moreover, Ingersoll Rand 2 Stage proves itself to have high working capability with an industrial-grade from ODP motor; this air compressors can work at 100% power with steady and rational performance.


  • This electrical-driven engine ensures safety for users
  • Engine with unique design produces little noise
  • Pump is smooth and durable
  • 360-degree cooling cylinder


  • The pressure switch is not solid

Verdict: Ingersoll Rand 2 Stage is best designed for safety and durability concerns to provide capacity to handle professional and industrial demands. Moreover, with sturdy and reliable iron construction, this engine is a solution to withstand hard-wearing as well as heavy-duty workloads.

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4. PowerMate Single Stage

Powermate Vx PLA4708065 80-Gallon Electric Air CompressorEditor Rating:

If you are finding Air Compressors for both DIY and professional purposes, PowerMate Single-Stage Air Compressor is what you need right now. Thanks to its maximum PSI of 155, DeWalt Two-Stage is suitable to handle both DIY and industrial tasks.

The cast iron twin cylinder of Powermate Single-Stage is so durable and robust. Moreover, it is equipped with an accessible oil level sight glass and oil drain, which allow users to observe the oil level efficiently.

It also has a 12 inch cast iron balanced flywheel for easy transport, and a 3.7 HP electric motor with thermal overload protection to ensure the engine is safe against voltage fluctuations.

This air compressor can operate on 208 or 240 volts due to the design of a spread voltage motor without the need for wiring changes.

Moreover, Powermate Single Stage can offer the best performance and longer life as it is equipped with synthetic oil engine and pressure gauge for easy tracking.


  • -Powerful enough to handle both DIY and Industrial usage
  • Easy mobility


  • Higher price than others

Verdict: With its consistent compression efficiency, Powermate Single Stage is an ideal suggestion of air compressors which can handle several air tools from DIY purposes to industrial usages.

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5. Maxair Stationary Compressor – Best For Easy-Operation

Maxair Stationary CompressorEditor Rating:

If you are finding the best stationary 60 gallon air compressors with easy operating experience, let’s consider Maxair Compressors. Why? The Maxair Stationary Compressor with rugged cast iron build proves to be the best choice for reliability and longevity concern.

In general, this air compressor is designed with a maximum 170 PSI and delivers 18.5 CFM at 100 PSI. In terms of productivity, Maxair Stationary Compressor is built with a 5 HP engine, 240-volt operation and the cast-iron destruction tank.

This exclusive design tank not only provides durability but also allows it to run for longer and stay cooler.

This model is specially built for heavy-duty needs for several mechanical situations such as: workman shops, livestock operation, and service trucks. All components are stable and robust enough for final work beneath the hardest and most requesting conditions of workplaces.


  • Ideally used in the industrial workplace
  • High capacity to power air tools
  • Heavy duty belt guard with high performance


  • Users must buy electrical cord separately
  • Cooling system doesn’t function well.

Verdict: With sleek design made from cast iron and a high performance engine, Maxair Stationary Compressor is best for working under heavy-duty environment with easy control and maintenance.

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How to choose the best 60 Gallon Air Compressor

If after being well-informed about the five best options for 60 gallon Air compressors, you still find it challenging to evaluate which is the most suitable for you. Therefore, let’s have a look at these guidelines about some most important things you must consider below:

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Technical Specifications

Technical SpecificationsFirst of all, technical details of the air compressor, which mostly indicate the overall performance of products, would be the first thing you take into account. We will now give you the meaning to every common term, please make sure to jot them down.

  • Horsepower: this number is the most popular metric, which often ranges from 1.5 to 6.5. It is common sense that the higher the HP is, the more powerful engine will perform. In case you only have little requirements for air compressors to handle big tasks, there is no need to pick one that packs a lot of power.
  • Pounds per Square Inch (PSI): This metric relates to the amount of air pressure and force that will be produced by the air compressor. The higher the number is, the larger capacity the tank would be.
  • Actual Cubic Feet per Minute: This number reflects the actual amount of air pumped within 1 minute at measured temperature, pressure, and speed.
  • Standard Cubic Feet per Minute: Different from ACFM, SCFM relates to the actual amount of air pumped within 1 minute at a temperature of 60oF.


60 gallon air compressors usually weigh over 300lbs, which means they are cumbersome. So, you should take into consideration the portable feature of the engine you would choose to increase mobility. Please notice tanks that have wheels to make it easy to transfer.

Tools To Be Powered

Tools To Be PoweredLast but not least, you must determine what purposes that your air compressor will be used for. Think carefully about which air tools will be powered, and then you can decide which technical details should be suitable for them.

Each air tool always has minimal air volume and pressure required to power. Therefore, consider them carefully to choose the right model of air compressors.

To make the right decision on which 60 gallon air compressors would be best for you, please pay more attention to acknowledge yourself about their features and functions carefully.

List out three features you find it most important for your air compressors, then choose the most affordable one from that list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best 60 gallon air compressors in 2020?

In my opinion, choosing Quincy QT-54 Air Compressors could be the rational decision you will make.

Coming with the great cooler operation, excellent performance (CFM 15.6 CFM at 90PSI), high capacity (175 PSI along with 5HP), and 3 year warranty, Quincy QT-54 is the most potent and valuable 60 gallon air compressor available on the market right now. Despite high prices, more investment would be paid off in the long term.

Will a 60 gallon air compressor be powerful enough for me?

It depends on your usage purpose of air compressors. However, it is reasonable that 60 air compressors are powerful enough to help you handle big jobs from DIY purposes to industrial purposes. Buying an 80-gallon would be wasteful if you are not in need for big industrial manufacture.

How can I maintain my air compressor?

It is necessary to maintain your air compressors every 6 months in order to extend its lifespan. Please follow the instructor’s guidelines carefully for routine maintenance when buying.

However, you can read these guidelines below to know the the must-do routine to well maintain your air compressors:

  • First, you need to change engine oil frequently
  • Second, remember to remove and clean up the air filter carefully
  • Thirdly, make sure to replace the compressor belt every 6 months.

Final Thoughts

If you need to power pneumatic tools or fill up flat tires for industrial purposes, it is worth investing in 60 gallon air compressors from now on. Once you answer the question what you will be using it for, you will find it easier to compare among various models of air compressors.

Though this article is quite long, we expect our reviews would be reliable, helpful, and help expand your research to some extent. We hope you can find a suitable 60 Gallon Air Compressor on your own. Thanks for reading!