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Paint sprayers is a tool that smooth to help you. If you know how to take care of it, you should avoid the mistakes with a paint sprayer. A paint sprayer can speed up your painting job and save you a lot of time. It is essential for you to know how to use a paint sprayer and what are the mistakes that you might make while using it.

Mistakes 1: Do Not Forget To Clean Your Paint Sprayer

Clean Your Paint Sprayer

How often did you clean it after using a paint sprayer? You have to avoid any dirty, sticky or messy stain in your paint sprayer. Remember to wash it every time you’re done using it. The easiest way to do it is by running hot water through the sprayer.

Mistakes 2: Raining Paint

Raining Paint

If the compressor is still charging, do not disconnect the connector hose. The compressed air can injure you by force or the hose will accidentally spin around and hit you. The worst scenario is you will experience raining paint on everything that you have in your working place. You will have a hard time to clean it afterward.

Mistakes 3: Over Spray While Working

It is easy for a beginner to cause overspray while using a paint sprayer. You have to test the paint sprayer first on a scrap board, and then you have to protect any other surfaces that are not intended to paint. Cover the items with newspapers, plastic or cloth so they will not get any paint on. Check the nozzle too so you can control the overspray.

Mistakes 4: Over Saturation

Over Saturation

What is over saturation? It is a condition when you don’t have the even strokes while you are painting. To avoid oversaturation, you have to use your hand movement equally in every stroke. Do not overlap on any surfaces and it is helpful if you can count your change.

Mistakes 5: Thick Paint

Thick Paint

If you forgot to dilute your paint, you would face a thick paint problem. Sometimes the paint sprayer can’t work well with an opaque paint such as latex and oil-based paint. The trick is you have to read the manual instructions to know how much you have to dilute it before use. Thick paint will clog your paint sprayer immediately, and you will see the ugliest painting ever in your life.

Mistakes 6: Old Paint

Old Paint

If your paint has been sitting for a long time, do not use it as usual because it also can clog your paint sprayer. All you have to do is to strain it before use. Old paint tends to have clumps so you can use a paint strainer to remove any clumps or foreign matter that possibly exists inside that old paint. If it has too many clumps, it is time for you to buy new paint.

Mistakes 7: The Wrong Nozzle

The Wrong Nozzle

All paint sprayers have their nozzle. Choosing the right nozzle is not rocket science, so you have to ask for the right one when you want to buy it. Read the customer reviews when you search for a new nozzle or directly ask the shop owner/ staff about the nozzle that you have to use with your paint sprayer. The right nozzle will help you to get a smooth painting.

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