Every air compressor has an air check valve to let air flows. So what is an air check valve? How does it work? or how to clean or change this item?

Don’t worry! We will answer these questions in this topic today.

What Is An Air Check Valve?

An air check valve is an essential part of any air compressor. It helps letting air flows from one side to the other side. In the same time, it will block the air that flows from opposite direction.

Check valves are applied much in our life. You can find them on the outlet side of a pump, in a heating machine or in an air condition. Besides, air check valves are used also in ventilating for many large buildings.

How Does An Air Compressor Check Valve Work?

Air Compressor Check Valve WorkAs we said above, an air compressor check valve helps you preventing backflow. It means that the air can only flow in one direction.

In order to image better and clearer, the air compressor check valve has 2 sides. You get no trouble in blowing air through one side. But it is impossible to blow any air through the other side.

Depend on the size and type, a single air compressor can have more than an air check valve. There is no way for air that has gone out of the compressor to flow back.

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Top 5 Best Air Check Valves of 2020

Best Air Check ValvesIn addition to explain the definition and the functions of the air check valve, we also list top 5 best air check valves. Let’s check it out now!

#1: Conrader New In tank Check Valve for Air Compressor

This Air Check Valve is made by the brand named “Conrader”. The material which is used to make this air check valve is brass.

This valve has 1/2 Inch pipe for air to go in the tank and other 1/2 Inch compression on top with a female 1/8” unloader port.

#2: Powermate 031-0094RP 90

This right air check valve weights 3.2 ounces. It has 1/2 Inch NPT by 3/8 Inch tube and 1/8 Inch right bleeder.

The brand guaranteed that this valve closes totally durable when air flows out of the compressor head.


Although the price for this item is a little bit higher than the others, but of course, the quality is also much more better.

The material is used to make this air check valve is brass. This air check valve weights 7.2 ounces. In addition, this item has 3/4 Inch Female NPT Pipe thread top inlet and other 3/4 Inch pipe thread outlet to tank. Beside, there is also 1/8 Inch female NPT unloader port that is located on the side of HEX. So that plug is not required.

#4: CDI/Conrader/Steuby P5050T

This in tank check valve for air compressor is about 3.2 ounces heavy. The product has 1/2 Inch female pipe thread top and 1/2 Inch male pipe thread in tank. Beside, this item includes 1/8 Inch NPT unloader port.

Do you know what makes this in tank check valve for air compressor special? This item is free delivered to your address when you buy it.

#5: Powermate 031-0095RP By Brand Powermate

Being made from solid brass, this left check valve is really light when it weights only 0.8 ounces. It has 1/2 Inch NPT O.D Thread and 1/4 Inch port. Copper, Aluminum and Nylon Tubing are accepted.

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How Can You Tell If An Air Check Valve Is Bad?

Air Check Valve Is BadIf the air pump check valve is malfunctioning, you may get trouble with your air compressor. In order to check if your air check valve is bad, you should notice these special symptoms.

  • The air compressor exhaust fume odor
    When you see an exhaust fume odor, you should pay immediately attention to the air check valve. The reason is there are fluids in the engine and mostly from the air check valve that leak out. They create bad smells as sign for air compressor trouble.
  • The air compressor releases huge emissions
    The amount of emissions of your car is affected seriously if the air pump check valve fails. In all vehicles, the air check valves are used to make a reduction of hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide. When they do not work, the signs can be detected easily.
  • You hear some weird noises from your air compressor
    A faulty air compressor check valve usually makes unusual sounds. When you hear those sounds you should check if the check valve make noises or not.
  • Pressure from the air compressor is too low
    Check Valves help you to prevent backflows. So if the pressure that come out from the air compressor is too low, that means there may have some troubles.

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How To Replace An Air Check Valve?

How To Replace An Air Check ValveIf you know that your air check valve has bad signs, it means you should change another new one.

For your safety by replacing, remember to use protective gloves, safety glasses and the new replacement one.

In order to replace the air check valve, we will show you these 2 steps:

  • Step 1: Find and take out the broken check valve
    You can simply find the broken one near the exhaust manifold. Then, you must disconnect the outlet hose. Use a screwdriver to undo the clamp and pull the outlet hose out of the valve. After that, take the valve carefully out from the pipe with a wrench.
  • Step 2: Install the new air check valve
    Firstly, you have to install the valve on the pipe and then use the wrench to tighten it down. When you have done, all you have to do is to put the clamp and outlet hose back to the very first position.

How Do You Clean Your Air Compressor Check Valve?

Clean Your Air Compressor Check ValveDo you want your air check valve to work properly. Then you should clean it often. We will show 2 easy following steps to help you clean it too.

  • Step 1: Find and take out the check valve.
    Like replacing process, you need to take out the check valve first.
  • Step 2: Clean the air check valve
    Use water or a damp towel to clean the valve. Try to take out dust from the disc and seat of the valve. After having done cleaning, you should let all the parts back to the old position.

To Sum Up

With this topic, we hope that we can answer all your questions and meet all your need about air check valve. If there is something that you want to learn more, do not be afraid to contact us. We always be here to help you.

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