Accessibility Statement

Go Paint Sprayer is dedicated to the accessibility and usability of all services, programs and activities to all our guests, including disabled people. We understand that many people are following our website to receive the latest information on what Go Paint Sprayer provides.

We also acknowledge that the disabled users may have to depend on the technological assistance devices such as screen readers with captioning, transcripts, as well as other auxiliary aids and services to navigate our website. As shown below, we would like to inform users of what our site offers, how we are striving to improve our website’s accessibility, and how you could tell us of any difficulties encountered. 

Given a host of data and services available on our website, we recognize that some of the material on our site can be difficult for users with disabilities to access. With that in mind, we look forward to hearing from users with disabilities, better understanding your experiences as well as striving to tackle the challenges that you have to face up to. 

Website Accessibility

The Go Paint Sprayer is committed to making its website,, accessible to all people with disabilities. If the format of any materials available at this site poses challenges for you to get information, or you have an accessibility problem, please contact us and make sure that you specify the Web page in your email so that we could take instant actions to make it accessible to you.

If documents, files or materials available on is needed to be compatibly used together with screen readers, the Go Paint Sprayer will offer to read those documents to visually-impaired individuals from 3 to 5 business days of their request, as a substitute for those particular documents, files or materials to be compatible with screen readers. 

For those who encounter problems with TTY/Voice communication, we can be reached via telephone on (1) 707-594-9409 to provide immediate assistance. Our website accessibility will be continuously assessed and tested with the help of assistive technologies by knowledgeable users and will be determined by these technologies.

Our Ongoing Efforts

We will be getting our website’s accessibility assessed by an ADA Accessibility firm and attempting to detect and address the issues as well as the areas that need improvement. We are continually making modifications to our website accessibility features consistent with our standard business practices; thus, all comments and suggestions are much welcomed. 

In addition to developing an ADA Grievance Procedure by which the Go Paint Sprayer can be noticed should any issue related to ADA be detected, we are in the process of designating a Web Accessibility Response Team to handle website accessibility concerns. 

A detailed review of our ADA compliance procedures is being conducted with the aim of enhancing our services to the disability community. We are striving to identify and address issues as well as develop a schedule for this effort, thanks to the help of eminent experts in web accessibility and the mandates of WCAG 2.0.

Specific Accessibility Features

Our website offers several methods, features, and policies with the target of facilitating the accessibility of our website and/or to services and products supplied or referred to on our website or by our business.  

A widget known as “UserWay,” supported by a third-party accessibility server, is available on our website. We are making efforts to improve our site’s accessibility, especially related to certain types of disabilities, and UserWay has notified in its own statement of accessibility that it is in the process of working to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1). You could use the UserWay widget on our website by clicking on the link “Accessibility Toggle” next to the footer of this accessibility statement at the bottom of our website. 

It is highly recommended that you should contact us for further assistance if you are encountering difficulties accessing our site even after using any access features on this website and/or third-party or browser features. Any of your comments or feedback will be taken into close consideration, and any accessibility problem will be addressed to the best of our capacity. 

What to Do When Facing Problems

Please contact us and let us know if you are experiencing difficulties in accessing any content on our website because of your disability, or if you require assistance with any particular part of our site because of your disability. We’re willing to give the best support to you.

We can be reached via telephone at (1) 707-594-9409

This phone number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for helping disabled people, including but not limited to blind or visually impaired persons.

You should notice that the above phone number is only used to give you assistance when you are having trouble accessing or navigating some parts of our website due to your disability; or when you need help with some particular parts of our web site due to your disability.

This number is not used for the intent of advertising or providing product information but is used for assisting users in using, understanding, and/or navigating content set forth on our website. You might also come across some of your pages or links where other telephone numbers are located. They are there with a view to assisting sales, information on products, accounts, as well as a host of other aspects.

You could send us an email to clarify in the greatest possible detail what sort of trouble you have had or may have encountered or think others may have. Please state the nature of your accessibility issue, the format of materials of your choice, the web address of the content requested, and your contact information so that we could respond most promptly and helpfully to your request.


Phone Number: (1) 707-594-9409

Address: 441 Lee St, Oakland, CA 94610, United States

Note: If the email is submitted to a third-party website or mail server for forwarding, the third-party website or mail server does not read or address such emails or forward them to us until verified.

Your privacy will be strictly protected when you contact us by phone or email. This ensures that you are under no requirement to include personal details, including but not limited to your: name, gender, phone number, type of impairment, product or service information you may want to know, email address (unless you include it in your email to our agents or us).