Having an air compressor is great, but connecting it with the correct power tools is even better. But mind you, picking an ideal power tool for your air compressor is no piece of cake. It is – in fact – a complicated process.

There are two main factors to take into account when it comes to air compressor power tools. First off, what is your intention when you buy an air compressor? Do you have any concrete idea about how much usage you will extract from an air compressor?

Secondly, you have to consider the power tools that can connect with an air compressor. The list can drag on and on, so you have to narrow it down and pick out the best tools possible.

There are some notable air compressor power tools that we can name here: an air impact or ratchet wrench, an air compressor nail gun, or even an air drill and an air hammer. If you are creative enough, you can combine an air compressor with your painting sprayer. Yay!

If you want to know in details about air compressor power tools, let’s scroll down to find out more!

​Air compressor power tools

​Here is the thing about air compressor power tools: they can be extremely versatile. Some of the air tools can be connected with a single-stage compressor. However, there are other air tools that only fit dynamic replacement air compressors, which are also known as a two-stage compressor.

Before we start with our list of air compressor power tools, let’s have a look at some specifications required of an air compressor. The first thing you should bear in mind is PSI, which stands for pressure. The second thing on our list is CFM, which indicates the amount of air volume.

It is worth remembering that the majority of air compressor power tools work best at the range of 90 to 100 PSI. This feature will affect the type of power tools that can associate with an air compressor.

So what are the particular tools powered by an air compressor?

1 Drill

DrillOne of the most popular air compressor power tools is a drill. Used frequently at construction sites, a drill requires the highest level of accuracy. If you want to make sure your project is safe and sound, you have to be cautious with your hole-drilling task.

Fortunately for you, an air compressor may help resolve the problem real quick. Its power enables you to drill a hole quickly and without flaws. You can even drill deeper holes that can go through thick materials like marble, something that you might not be able to achieve with a manual drill.

Have you ever struggled to drill a hole through a panel of metal? Rest assured that with a drill powered by an air compressor, you can do the trick within seconds. And you do not have to worry about everything getting overheated!

2 Socket Wrench

Socket WrenchAnother popular air-powered tool is a socket wrench. If done by hands, a typical wrench will require an excessive amount of physical exertion. The thing is, not everyone is well-prepared for dealing with wrenches for hours.

There are some cases when the nails and bolts get stuck inside the surface after a long time, making it nearly impossible for workers to remove them altogether. If you try too hard, you may even hurt yourself. Ouch!

So what is the solution to this dilemma?

Easy enough, let’s buy an air compressor and use it to power up your socket wrench! Once you have done that, you will be surprised at how effortless it is to unbolt and revolt when needed.

Do you still want to hear some good news? A socket wrench is highly versatile, which means it can come into handy in a variety of circumstances. Now you can say goodbye to the inconvenience of bringing along various-sized wrenches.

3 Air Hammer

Air HammerNext up on our list of air compressor power tools is an air hammer.

Also known as a pneumatic hammer, an air hammer can work well when it comes to cutting through stones or metal thanks to the pressure powered. If you are working on a carpentry project or you need to take care of minor home repairs, an air hammer will be your excellent wingman.

4 Orbital Sander

Orbital SanderIf you have experienced working with wooden items, you will know what it is like to spend hours sanding. This rigorous task is mundane and boring, not to mention the fact that it is exhausting. But don’t worry, because here comes an orbital sander!

An orbital sander is a device powered by an air compressor. With the electricity running, a sander can move around on a surface in unexpected circular movements, which makes it more effective than manual sanding.

Unlike a manual sander when the movements are in a single direction, leaving possible marks behind – an orbital sander makes sure it does not cause any collateral damage.

Even better? If you are too tired with smoothing a rough surface like a panel of wood by hands, you can always opt for an orbital sander. All you have to do is to hover the machine above the surface, and it will take care of all the roughness for you. Hooray!

5 Brad Nailer

Brad NailerWhat differentiates a brad nailer from a typical nail gun is its purpose. A nail gun glues flat-head of nails onto a sturdy surface. Vice versa, a brad nailer is a gadget used to pin nails into a delicate, breakable piece of material.

As you can see, a brad nailer is at its best use when you need to make sure your nail will not cause any crack, or create a large, unattractive hole on the surface. With its power, a brad nailer takes care of your pinning and trimming attentively, without leaving a single stretch behind.

6 Speed Saw

Speed SawMany people agree that sawing is one of the most daunting tasks when it comes to construction and building. So what can we do to make sure the next time we go out and do some sawing, we will not cause injuries to ourselves?

The answer lies in a speed saw. Reinforced by an air compressor, a speed saw makes cutting through solid materials way less challenging. You no longer have to sweat too much and experience pain from wrists and arms movements, people!

The most noticeable advantage that a speed saw has compared to a manual saw is its accuracy. Each cut is done with the utmost precision, leaving no edge untouched. And the best thing of all? It is time-saving and convenient, so you can say goodbye to hours spent on trying to slide through a thick wooden panel.

7 Impact Wrench

Impact WrenchSometimes, a socket wrench is not enough to unbolt the nuts from a surface. This is because nuts are usually stuck deep into a surface since most people believe there is no need to unscrew them. When the problem arises, you have to resort to an impact wrench.

Are you worried that the accumulation of dust, steel and other particles placed on a nut will make it impossible for an impact wrench? Luckily for you, an air-powered impact wrench can deal with the most stubborn nut ever.

Another reason why it is better to use an impact wrench is because of its efficiency. Within a few moments, you will realize that your nut has come out unscrewed. This feature best fits car maintenance tasks, since you will need to remove a lot of mechanical details.

8 Grease Gun

Grease GunNo one questions about the need for lubrication on a machine. Because the components of a machine are mostly from metal, it would be extremely difficult for them to move around and work without being greased properly.

However, it is not an easy task to apply grease on certain part of a machine. There are details buried deep down into a gadget, which you can’t reach by hands. If that sounds like what you are going through, let’s opt for an air-powered grease gun.

A grease gun is a pneumatic tool which automatically blows grease once it is turned on. Controlling a grease gun is way easier than using your hands to do the trick, so why not?
Lubricating metal components has never been easier and quicker with an air-powered grease gun!

9 Angle Grinder

Angle GrinderSometimes, a panel of metal needs to be edited and decorated. It means that you have to trim, to sharpen or to cut some parts. But since metal is a sturdy material, how can you manage to do it successfully?

Tada, an angle grinder has for your back. If you are looking for something that can slide and trim edges of a piece of metal, you can never go wrong with an angle grinder.
It does the work smoothly, it is time-saving and it does not require you to exert physically. Yay!

On a side note, an angle grinder can come into handy at emergencies. If you encounter some trappings, you can use an angle grinder to break the surface and help to rescue those who get stuck inside – a win-win situation for everyone.

10 Framing Nailer

Framing NailerSome people are born with perfect eyesight. Some people are not. It is the reason why nailing is not a piece of cake for everyone. There are incidents when the workers cannot control the force of their hands, and end up screwing the nail at the wrong place or even break the surface.

To solve this problem, you need a framing nailer. It is similar to a nail gun, except for the fact that a framing nailer can screw nails in a perfectly straight line. No matter how thick the material is, a framing nailer can go through all and offer you with a neat line of nails.

11 Needle Scaler

Needle ScalerDo you still remember our complaints about the accumulation of steel and dust after years of usage? There are times when you need something to dust off this unwanted buildup. After all, someone has to return the surface to its original form.

But how can you penetrate this thick layer? Our suggestion is to use a needle scaler, where a combination of needles will blow away all the residue. They are shaped long and thick, making them even more capable to get rid of the corrosion.

12 Die Grinder

Die GrinderWhen it comes to construction, sometimes you may have to glue two sheets of metal together. However, here comes a problem. How can you make sure the size of these holes on each sheet is compatible?

A die grinder will be your ultimate answer, everyone! It can be used to enlarge the nailing hole, making it easier for two sheets to match each other. You can also take advantage of this tool by using it to dust off and sharpen the edges of a metal piece.

To Sum Up

If you know where to look, you may find that having air compressor power tools will be of great help for you. Whether they are for your household purpose or industrial use, air compressor power tools will be the answer to many of your problems.

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