The progression of modern life has offered us the ability to do some paint projects by ourselves. No need to call a company to book that service anymore. However, the airless sprayers are often not too cheap, not to mention, you might not need to use it frequently. At that time, booking an airless sprayer rental seems a favorable option.

Here we weigh up the rental and purchasing one so that you can make make a wise choice.

Exciting Benefits of Using Airless Sprayers

Extensive Surface

Extensive surfaceWhen most of us think of painting, brushes are likely the first tool that comes to mind. Brushes will work fine in the same way that heat will cook your food whether it’s over a campfire or on a kitchen stove.

An airless sprayer is really suitable for large projects because they work well in the extensive surface thanks to the pump-and-hose system.

The paint will apply and cover a broad area easily. A large space is no longer an issue when we have this tool.

High Speed

Obviously, an airless sprayer is much faster than any previous method. Based on the automatic injection mechanism, the airless sprayer can save about 50% to 75% time for painting. Put it straightly, the airless tool can cut down the painting time in half, meaning you just need one hour to do with the sprayer instead of two or three hours working with the rollers or brushed. How amazing it is!


EfficiencyWith an airless sprayer, not only time but also the overspray can be saved. With this tool, we can minimize the phenomenon of dripping paint, such as in a manual roller.

Moreover, this machine ensures the quality and durability of construction. It will help the paint surface to be smooth and the layer to be more uniform and even. In addition, an airless sprayer also makes the construction homogenous and tightly connected.

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Pros of Airless Sprayer Rental


CostIt seems that renting a sprayer is instantly cheaper than buying one. Even if you don’t have enough money for owning it, you can still get the job done by finding a rental company.

With no more than 100 bucks or so, you can have moderate performance, not to mention, you don’t have to pay for maintenance or cleaning because the cost is covered by the rental fee.

High Quality with the Best Equipment

Undoubtedly, the quality will be guaranteed when booking airless sprayer rental. Before leasing to us, the service providers will check the operation of the machine carefully to limit the errors, and sometimes, customers can also order after testing the tool directly.

In particular, we have the opportunity to use the most modern or best tools. The machines that you would never dare to dream about will cost thousands of dollars but right now, you are experiencing it at a very low price. That’s really worth a try.

Besides, we also have a variety of options since there are many different types of machines to suit our interests and work characteristics. And if you rent several times, you will get a comprehensive overview of that equipment that helps you make the decision correctly for later purchase.

Temporary Work

Temporary workIn case your projects are not large, renting is also an ideal choice. Obviously, it takes just a few dozen minutes to repaint your front door every year, so there is no need to invest in such a complete sprayer package.Read More: Best Paint Sprayer For Furniture

Have to Complete Quickly

When we have to finish our job quickly, airless sprayer rental is a reasonable solution. Instead of wasting time researching and choosing to buy a new machine, you just need to find the rental company, get advice from them, and quickly have a tool to start.

Time Can Make You Thinks Twice

We can be passive when using the rental service as we have to wait for the time they advise, complete the lease contract as well as deliver the tool.

Pros of Buying A Sprayer

Be More Proactive

Be more proactiveProactivity is important and it is a big plus when owning an airless sprayer. If you buy this tool, you can freely use it whenever you want without depending on the store, which helps limit the latency of the job. Moreover, you can get creative with the surfaces and spaces in your spare time.

It is no longer passive if you have this tool. You can choose the model that suits your job and your preferences so that those problems above will be thoroughly removed.

Having an airless sprayer allows us to bring anywhere and apply anytime, from the constructions to our homes as well as neighbors or friends’ houses. This machine is already yours and you are free to decide where, when, and how to use it.

Suitable for Large Projects

If you are responsible for painting a building or big project, then buying this machine is worth considering, especially when your projects are large and you have to rent the sprayer several times within a week or a month.

Moreover, you should know that pros often avoid changing the machine or tool during the project to ensure that the surfaces are evenly and aesthetically applied. Having a sprayer means you can decide the work all by yourself.

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Low Cost in the Long Term

Low cost in the long termIf the rental is an ideal choice to save money in the short-term, buying an airless sprayer will bring economic benefits in the future. At first, you may be afraid to spend a large amount of money to buy a machine, however, if you use it at high frequency, the average cost will be a lot cheaper than renting.

A machine that is protected and hygienic in the proper way will retain its feature for a lifetime so that we can take advantage in the long term, for example, you can lend or rent to offset a portion of the money you have to pay when buying.

Cons of Buying A Sprayer

The initial cost is the only drawback, making you hesitant to make a purchase decision, thinking that you can spend a small amount on renting rather than breaking a bank.

Time to Make a Decision

Time to Make a DecisionTo sum up, from the pros and cons of the two methods as above, you can book airless sprayer rental when you cannot afford one since this tool may cost over one thousand dollars.

Moreover, if you find yourself in need of the painting tools occasionally for small projects, you should also call the rental service to save money on purchase and maintenance.

Buying will be better when you have unique needs. Each project and painters require different features, therefore, owning a tool will make the work more smooth and easy to adjust.

In case you have to paint a lot, investing in an airless sprayer will be worth every penny as we can more proactive and reduce the cost significantly compared to renting.

Tips to Choose a Suitable Sprayer

Tips to choose a suitable sprayerWhether you buy or rent an airless sprayer, choosing the right one is really essential, so it is important to understand the nature of painting projects and the tools themselves.

Learning and practicing the painting techniques properly and carefully in advance are also recommended to get the best results in the end. If you are green, you can rent a small sprayer first to get familiar with the work before you decide to invest in your own garget.

First off, choose the type of airless sprayer that fits your demands, for example, there are handheld sprayers for small household projects and airless sprayer kits for commercial uses.

Secondly, the nozzle determines the paint width of the spray and the flow rate, so always ask the supplier to know the detailed specifications of the tool, and if possible, go to the store to test the sprayer before bringing it home.

This will help you understand thoroughly as well as save time, make a quick and reasonable decision.

More importantly, contact the rental service right away in case you come across any problem with the sprayer and even require return or warranty policies to fix the troubles. To do so, always rent on a contract and read all provisions carefully before you sign it.

Final Thought

Wrapping it up, whether to book an airless sprayer rental or to buy one depends on your economic status and job characteristics, as long as you keep in mind the different things, as well as the pros and cons of each option.

Whatever you choose, you might still find that painting and DIY projects really interesting and so is working with the airless sprayer.

We hope that our article has provided you with useful information and please stay tuned for our upcoming post! Thanks for reading!