Clear Coat Spray Paint is the last layer of paint applied to the surface of walls, metal surfaces or wooden surfaces. It serves as a barrier, protecting your things from external factors such as abrasion, scratches, or termite damages.

However, Clear Coat Spray Paint is not easy to use. That’s why we have to learn more about this particular kind of paint in order to use it in the right way. The following article is going to show you some tips. Hopefully, they will come in handy for you to get the most out of this product.

How Do You Spray A Clear Coat?

How Do You Spray A Clear CoatClear coat spray paint bottles are no longer unfamiliar to each of us. And it’s very convenient when you need to redecorate your home or refresh some furniture, even painting on the wall.

Clear coat spray paint is a product that has better coverage than other types of water paint. The distinctive substances added to the solution during the manufacturing phase give it better durability than most other common coating paints on the market today.

However, to be able to create the perfect work for you, please take these tips into account.

  • Shake the container well before use.
  • During use, you need to move the spray bottle from left to right slightly, this will help spray the paint evenly on your project
  • With furniture, you should clean the item and let it completely dry before spraying paint on it. Only by doing this can the paint remain durable over time.
  • You should spray 2 coats of paint on the surface to maximize the protection
  • When using spray paint, you should choose a place with good air circulation, preferably outdoors.
  • Note that you should not use spray paint in windy condition, even somewhere with a running fan is not allowed. This can affect the direction of the sprayed paint and land on your other furniture.

And, if you want to store coating spray paint when you do not use it, take the following precautions:

  • Turn the spray bottle downside down instead of leaving it up as normal. Before storing the spray bottle, you should conduct spraying for a few minutes until the paint in the spray hose has all come out.
  • Do not put the spray bottle under direct heat or store them at hot temperature

Do You Need To Use Clear Coat Spray Paint?

Use Clear Coat Spray PaintAs we all know, the coating is the surface that contacts directly with the environment and it can shield your project from outside threats. This makes its role highly appreciated. As a result, if you do not create a perfect coating, your belongings will get into bad shape soon.

With such a particularly important role, spraying 2 coats of clear paint is essential. It will give the exterior paint solid protection against the adverse effects of the environment and other threats.

On top of that, not using Clear Coat Spray Paint can reduce the aesthetics of your project. your belongings or work projects will not be able to stay good as new for long and soon you will have to repair them with costly expenses.

When Can You Apply A Clear Coat After Spray Painting?

Apply A Clear Coat After Spray PaintingClear coat spray paint is an initiative for protecting almost every surface. Finish your work with a layer of this and they will maintain their color, surface, and appearance longer. Here are some cases where applying a protected layer is a must.

  • Decoupage Stuff
    This kind of stuff really needs a defensive coating. For this one, you should use triple-thick clear spray. Not only does this spray offer a three-dimensional look but it also protects the decoupage from cracking.
  • Photos
    Photos are the best way to store memories. Thus, you should spray a clear coat layer atop them to protect them from the mild reflection or even murals. Also, it creates a smooth satin end as a substitute for a reflective sheen.
  • Art Projects
    With a clear acrylic coating, your art projects will be safe and sound permanently. But, before applying it on your project, try it out on some similar substances as some art material might be damaged due to certain chemicals in the paint.
  • Paper Substance
    Some historical paper or displays can be protected using clear coat spray. Through ages, paper will deteriorate and end up with stains. Still, by using a coating layer, your historical records or maps will be long-lasting.
  • Kid’s Stuff
    Are you scratching your head about how to keep furniture safe from kids’ crayons? Clear coating is your answer. This non-toxic sprays give you a durable, high-gloss end and will stand up to repeated cleanings.
  • Dried Flowers
    You should protect dried flora by spraying them with a thin clear coat. But you need to bear in mind that dried flower is fragile so the nozzle should not be kept too close.
  • Wood
    The wooden surface may attract termites. So, a clear coat is the best choice when it comes to protecting the wooden surface. Not only this gives your wooden surface strong and hard shield, but it also gives your wooden surface a shiny appearance that is easy on the eyes.

Apparently, applying a clear coat is a simple way to protect your projects. Trust me, You will not regret using the protected coat as you can keep all of your things in good shape, as well as save more money, in the long run.


These are some tips for you to apply a perfect Clear Coat Spray Paint layer on your belongings. With the above simple and effective ways to apply Clear Coat Spray Paint, not only your house or furniture and work project will be protected, but you can also cut down on the expenses for maintaining and repairing your stuff.

In addition, I think you must not use any strong harmful Clear Coat Spray Paint without the help of professionals.

Please share your thought in the comments! Thank you for reading.