Experts or not, everyone knows an automobile can become fancy and luxurious with exquisite finishes. To give your car a fresh look or your preferred color scheme, a decent automotive paint gun kit is necessary, without doubts.

In case you’re not an expert, the choosing process can be a pain in the neck. So, to assist you on the journey, I’m going to review 7 best paint gun kits on the market, plus provide you a quick guide on which to purchase.

Top 7 Best Automotive Paint Gun Kits

Bestseller No. 1
SaleBestseller No. 10
TCP Global Professional 23 Piece Spray Gun Cleaning Kit with Case, Complete Set to Clean HVLP Paint Guns, Air Tools, Gravity, Detail, Airbrush
TCP Global Professional 23 Piece Spray Gun Cleaning Kit with Case, Complete Set to Clean HVLP Paint Guns, Air Tools, Gravity, Detail, Airbrush
Includes all brushes and components needed for cleaning every gun part; 3 Mini End Brushes and Holder, 6 Micro Needle Packs and Holder, 5 Piece Mini-Brush Set

1. TCP G7000 HVLP Spray Gun Set

TCP G7000 HVLP Spray Gun SetEditor Rating:

The kit comes with a combo of three guns: the G6600-18, G6600-14, and the G5500. Each gun serves a specific purpose, from applying primer to final touch-ups, which is a plus point. With them, you’ll be able to achieve a more satisfying result than a single gun with multiple functions.

Performance is where this kit shines. The required air pressure for these guns is 29-51 PSI, which common compressors can handle quite easily. Air consumption is from 3.5 to 7.1 CFM, meaning you have almost no downtime waiting for the compressor to catch up.

Put them aside, TCP also offers different sizes, stainless steel tips for you to produce a fully atomized and consistent spray pattern. I would say that’s a bargain deal. The guns are also metal, which feels really nice handling.

Regardless of all those compliments, this kit is not perfect. If you are a newbie, you must always pay attention to the amount of air feeding into the gun. TCP doesn’t make this newbie-friendly, so monitoring pressure to ensure it is enough for the paint type would be difficult if you don’t have experience.


  • Colored system for keeping nozzle sizes separate
  • Easy to remove filters
  • Hooks attached to every gun


  • Slow drippy leakage in places

2. DeVilbiss StartingLine 802342 Spray Gun Kit

DeVilbiss StartingLine 802342 Spray Gun KitEditor Rating:

Regardless of having just the basics, the DeVilbiss kit has proven to be quite durable and reliable according to customers’ feedback. The performance of this kit is above average, but it’s the included case that we recommend the DeVilbiss kit to beginners for long-term uses.

Just by looking at the carrying case, you have already fallen in love with the DeVilbiss kit. It is a protective molded case, in which all included tools have their designated places so that they won’t bump into each other. Transporting these automotive paint guns has never been so easy as this!

Inside the case, you have access to two spray guns: a mini detail gun and a full-sized spray gun. Even though they don’t pack inside the latest technology, they work way decently than the price suggests!

Whether it’s a primer or clear coat, with a smooth, steady movement, these guns deliver a professional quality result with no splatter or clogging issues, which might slow you down.

When using these paint spray guns from DeVilbiss, you might encounter leaking around the cups. It would be a nice touch if DeVilbiss made it a bit stronger since it’s easy to crack the seal from unintentionally over-tightening the cup.


  • Great quality for price
  • A screw on the lid for sure
  • The tight snaps on lid
  • Quick-connects to air compressors


  • Poor case design

3. Titan ControlMax 1900 Pro

Titan ControlMax 1900 ProEditor Rating:

The first airless spray gun in this review, let’s see what it has to offer.

The Titan 1900 Pro is best for large paint jobs. Why? It can spray directly out of a large paint drum. Just put the pump straight into a paint tank from 1-5 gallons. Combined with the built-in cart, this model offers mobility and maneuverability around your workspace.

Just from the ability to suck paint directly from a large tank, you know the 1900 Pro is a high power, high-efficiency automotive paint gun. It hosts the High-Efficiency Airless (HEA) system inside, allowing you to put out softer spray coverage and consistent finishes.

With a large-size sprayer like this, overspray is a serious issue, but not with this machine. The HEA system can reduce overspray up to 55% compared to other devices of this style. With a 24-1/2-inch hose, which can deliver 0.4 gallons per minute, the 1900 Pro performance is no lesser than any high-end airless paint sprayer.

On the downside, you’re provided with only one nozzle. For more customization, you need to purchase extras to fit your workflow. Another missing on the including accessory is the nozzle filter. Even though there is one at the pump end, I haven’t seen any product of this type lacking one at the nozzle.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Affordable price
  • Appropriate for spraying stain
  • Clear instruction


  • No accessories for the gun

4. Earlex HV5500 Spray Station

Earlex 5500 Spray StationEditor Rating:

Earlex is known for its mid-priced automotive paint gun, and the HV 5500 series will certainly prove its ability to enthusiastic DIY-ers.

The HV5500 is a semi-professional automotive paint gun specially designed for serious users. It can handle various paint types: varnishes, lacquers, polishes, thinner latex, etc. This is the ideal airless paint gun to go if you don’t have time for a full review and research.

Let’s talk about performance. The unit features a fine mist that produces relatively low overspray, an extremely crucial feature for applying finishes. You also get maximum control over your pattern with a quick push to change the pattern system and a paint volume dial on the station.

With the detailed control system, finishes produced by the HV5500 are, no doubt, the highest quality. It leaves little space for other coatings, which is often required by professionals.

Combining the pro-gun and its powerful 650-watt turbine makes the Earlex HV5500 Spray station the perfect paint gun kit if it isn’t for the noise problem. Manufacturers have been striving to minimize noise from their units, but Earlex doesn’t seem to belong there. Another shortcoming is from the design: The hose and paint gun sometimes pop out and disconnect, which is quite frustrating.


  • Easy cleanup
  • Ease of use
  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight


  • Hard to get a perfect finish

5. 3M Accuspray Paint Spray Gun System – The 16580 Kit

3M Accuspray Spray SystemEditor Rating:

3M Accuspray ONE Spray Gun system with standard PPS delivers a new perspective and improvement in automotive paint application. This system’s concept is to have a lightweight, 1-piece composite gun with replaceable components that is free from maintenance.

And 3M does that impressively. The 3M Accuspray Gun eliminates all complexity and cleaning. The replaceable atomizing heads and cup liners can be reused 5-10 times, then removed and replaced to regain the performance of a brand-new tool, on-demand, and at a fraction of the price. Virtually no cleaning is required!

So, what is included in the kit? 5 disposable cup liners and lids, 4 different size nozzles, and other utilities – enough for up to 10-12 paint jobs until you need to get new replaceable units!

But the fun doesn’t stop there. The built-in 3M PPS Paint Preparation system helps mix, filter, and spray the paint, reducing solvent usage by up to 70%! Efficient as it is, the unique design also allows painters to spray from all angles. This is an all-rounded automotive paint gun kit for beginners.

Still, there are rooms for improvements in the future. The gun itself is durable, but that is not the case for other replaceable parts. The transparent nozzle sometimes breaks during usage, making the whole kit seem fragile. Regarding its affordable price, it can be understood.


  • Ideal for DIY projects
  • Great gun for primer applications
  • Super easy to clean


  • Difficult-to-follow instruction

6. DeVilbiss 803560 FinishLine Primer Spray Gun Kit

DeVilbiss 803560 FinishLine Primer Spray Gun KitEditor Rating:

This is another entry from DeVilbiss. Rocking inside the 803560 kit is the DeVilbiss FLG-678 – A phenomenal primer spray gun with excellent features. It comes from the FinishLine 4 series carrying the latest enhanced atomization technology for coating.

The kit comes with just what you need to start on your first automotive paint job. Including in the set are 2 fluid nozzles for primers and heavy coatings. Combined with its precision machined air cap, this kit can deliver way more superior results right out of the box than others.

Another competitive point of the FLG-679 spray gun is the material. The gun body is constructed with anodized stainless steel, making it easy to clean. The cup is aluminum, able to carry up to 900cc. Together, the setup reaches 8 ounces, quite comfy in hand, even during an extended period. DeVilbiss really pays attention to the nature of primer painting work.

Still, there is one point buyers should know in advance. The kit doesn’t come with a filter to prevent clogging and a regulator. A regulator is a must-buy after you get your hand on this kit. And for the filter? You know Murphy’s Law. An oversight of installing a filter would guarantee clogging from happening at the most crucial time.


  • Wonderful primer gun for automotive jobs
  • Multi-tip for epoxy and high-build polyester prime
  • Easy to disassemble


  • Plastic control knobs

7. Astro Pneumatic Tool 2PG7S 2 Quart Pressure Pot with Gun and Hose

Astro Pneumatic Tool 2PG7S 2 QuartEditor Rating:

Last one on the list and the first one from Astro Pneumatic Tool. Like the name mentioned, the kit offers a paint pot, hose, and a spray gun.

Let’s get down to detail a bit. The spotlight of this kit is not the spray gun, but the pot itself. The pot can handle up to 1893cc of air, which is excellent for larger automobiles like trucks, buses, and vans.

Equipped with a pressure gauge and regulator, Astro pressure gun can produce coatings with high accuracy. Operators can mix and paint 2 quarts simultaneously. Combined with the included 6 feet twin set of hose, the kit’s painting experience is smooth as butter.

Maintaining this unit is rather simple due to the aluminum material, but you must read the manual thoroughly. The Astro 2PG7S can turn rusty in unattended moisture situations. Follow each step and tip inside, and you’ll soon paint like a pro.


  • Simple to utilize
  • Convenient for cleaning
  • Plenty of material flow


  • Less flexible hoses

A Quick Automotive Paint Gun Kits Buying Guide For Newbies

These tools are created to enhance your workflow and save time vastly. Once you enter, you’ll be surprised how enormous and overwhelming the automotive paint gun kit market is. They offer different styles and features depending on your need, so should you know a little before purchasing your first spray gun.

What To Look For In An Automotive Paint Gun Kit

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It sounds unnecessary, but a correct hose length can improve your comfort level during extended workflow. Getting a long hose will relieve you from carrying your paint cup/container on the ladder to access remote spots. In case you have a paint gun cart with wheels, you need an extended cord if the hose isn’t long enough.

Container Size

Container sizeSizes of the paint guns should suit with the job requirement. A small paint gun with a small drum is ideal for touch-up projects and detail-focused patterns due to its lightweight and maneuverability. If your target is large parts or the entire automotive body, a handy spray gun with a sizable paint drum or can suck directly from a large tank is a must-have.


Stepping into the world of DIY painting, the handiest feature you would wish for is knobs or buttons to adjust spray patterns right on the gun quickly. It is extremely crucial since they help you achieve smooth and professional finishes without interrupting your workflow.

The more control you have on the automotive spray gun, the more creative you can be. With a wide range of adjustments and pressure levels provided, you won’t be worrying about upgrading the sprayer too soon since your beginning choice is already versatile.


To prevent is better than to fix. Having filters included in the kit will save you from clogging issues during working and tons of time finding the right filter. As a newbie, this is troublesome.

The filters also help you deliver the kind of texture you want while painting. They are designed differently for each unique substance, such as light paint like varnish or heavy-duty like primer. It is best to get a model with built-in filters if you don’t have time digging deep into the tool.

Nozzle Size

Nozzle sizeOn the same page of importance as filters, the nozzles also control the outcome of the coating. Coming in various sizes, the fundamental you need to know is that; heavy layer needs larger nozzles, and finishing touches usually use small size ones.

If you use the wrong nozzle for the job requirements or paint substances, you will risk ruining the whole surface. I would say an automotive paint gun kit with three size nozzles is the go-to way. They usually cover the range of nozzles we commonly use.


Portability is the next thing to expect in this guide. A kit with a wheel lets you move around the set easily, saving you time and energy. Besides that, having a carrying case is also highly appreciated. Extra space for parts and additional gears can reduce the number of trips back and forth to your garage.

Investing in a portable kit is worth the extra. You don’t really need a famous brand, but you do need a brand with extra conveniences like a shoulder strap for hand-free moments or wheels for moving around and protection cases, of course.

Automotive Paint Guns Kits Faqs

Automotive Paint Guns Kits Faqs

What Is A Paint Gun?

This is completely different from the paint gun you use in sport, so don’t confuse. It’s designed for paint application, utilizing the atomization process that turns fluid into droplets. Drops are pumped and released into mist via a nozzle, creating color on the surface.

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What Are HLVP And LVLP?

HVLP stands for High Volume – Low Pressure. This kind of gun use low pressure to atomize paint and spray high volume. It can produce roughly 100 CFM at just 3 to 8PSI pressure. High-quality finishes, less overspray, and money-saving are what you can expect from this high energy-demanding gun.

LVLP is more energy efficient. It stands for Low Volume – Low Pressure. Mostly used for waterborne paint, it’s a great extension to your toolbox. It’s compatible with most common air compressors and usually requires around 10 PSI to work smoothly.

With An Automotive Paint Gun, Do I Use Less Or More Paint?

Well, this depends on the type of paint sprayer you operate. Generally, I would get around 10-20% more paint than the required amount just to make sure.

Just for you to know, HVLP paint guns consume more paint compared to the rolling or brushing method. Airless sprayers often need up to triple the amount compared to rolling since it heavily depends on the high pressure. Keep these tips in mind to make your workflow smooth.

The Best Psi Setting For Automotive Paint Job?

Consistent pressure over time is crucial to ensure the delivering fluid amount is the same each time. On premium guns, you don’t have to worry. But at the entry-level, you might want to pay attention to the regulator often.

Usually, PSI around 90 and 14-18 CFM is the recommended setting. You can achieve this with a 60-gallon tank and a 6-horsepower compressor.

Final Verdict

The journey from a beginner to a professional automotive painter is a hassle. And I understand that. So having a good tool from the start will assist you tremendously on the way. Follow the buying guide above, and you shall be fine.

Regardless you’re a professional wannabe or just a DIY-er, 7 best automotive paint gun kits recommended above is, without doubt, the best starting point for your long-term speaking. For the best of the list, I would say the Titan ControlMax 1900 Pro wins my heart. And for a budget one, the 3M Accuss Paint Spray Gun kit is the choice.