An air compressor is vital to keep your pneumatic devices working. It provides compressed air, efficiency, and power to tools such as impact wrenches, nail guns, air staplers, caulking guns, and air drills.

Depending on each type of construction work you do, many manufacturers offer different kinds of air compressor which feature on power, build, and capability.

How to make a smart selection to address all the questions regarding your needs?

So that’s your right decision when reading this article!

Below is a full guide to you to get an exact type of air compressor you need!

Top 4 Best 30-gallon Air Compressors

Which kind of compressor should I choose?

Two-stage & Single-Stage Air Compressor

Two-stage and Single-Stage Air CompressorThe handling of air is the same in all of the air compressors regardless of the stages of compressions. This process begins with air sucked inside a cylinder. Then the compressor traps and processes the air with a single stroke.

But here is the difference:

The single-stage air compressors will store the air inside the tank, while the two-stage ones send the air to a second smaller piston for another stroke before keeping it in the tank.

Two-stage air compressors regularly produce stronger power than the single-stage ones because the number of times the compressor processes the air.

However, it’s not always the best choice for you to buy two-stage compressors. If you have a pneumatic tool that doesn’t need a large amount of power, choose the single-stage to match your tool’s need.

Gas-powered & Electric-powered Air Compressor

Gas-powered and Electric-powered Air CompressorIt’s so clear that the difference between the two kinds of compressors is the energy sources that each need.

Gas-powered air compressors use gasoline for their primary source of energy. It will automatically power up as soon as you fill up the tank. It might be suitable for a large area. But because of the toxic gases released out of the compressor, you must not use it indoors.

Electric air compressors only consume electricity to work. They are faster and lighter to use but not as powerful as the gas-powered ones. But the compressors utilizing the power of electric are always environmentally friendly and cost less money for maintenance issues.

Before buying a new air compressor, you should anticipate the necessary strength when using. I recommend you to use electric-powered air for the environmental reason.

Vertical or Horizontal Tank Air Compressor

Vertical or Horizontal Tank Air CompressorWhat makes these two devices different?

It’s the amount of space that they take in. But when it comes to the amount of power that each brings, they perform the same. In general, transportability and storage should be the main considerations when choosing the best one for you.

Vertical air compressors take up less floor space compared to horizontal ones so that they are very easy to store. Also, they are convenient to move due to its wheel design.

Otherwise, you can hide the horizontal air compressors under desks or tables which could save your space as well. But you might get struggled to deal with them because of their bulkiness.

The ideal choice depends on where you plan to store them and how portable you want.

Here we will review four of the best 30-gallon air compressor which deliver the best for their price.

The best four 30-gallon Air Compressors – 2020 review

1. Best for heavy-duty task: Industrial Belt Driven Air Compressor

Industrial Belt Driven Air CompressorEditor Rating:

This is a single-stage 30-gallon air compressor from Industrial which includes a heavy-duty dual voltage induction motor. You are getting twin cylinders, oil lubricated pump, and pre-attached pneumatic tires.

This Belt Driven can reach a 155 PSI max pressure for optimum tool performance but what makes you surprised here is its motor can work on both 120V and 240 V due to its dual voltage.

It requires some adjustment work that you can find the guide in the manual. But for a quick note, remember that this equipment allows 15Amps when working at 120V and 7.5 Amps for 240V.

This single-stage air compressor delivers 7CFM at 40 PSI and 5.7 CFM at 90PSI. This feature provides the capability of powering up to two of your air tools at the same time. Also, it is very suitable to feed an LVLP spray gun.

An added advantage is its belt driven that is less noisy and gives an enormous amount of compressed air when compared with a direct drive motor.

No need to worry more about the sturdiness because a belt driven compressor is less prone to breakdown but requires less maintenance. It’s 100% for sure because the Industrial Air Belt Driven received UL and CSA certificates for that.

However, this tool doesn’t come with any sorts of filter or air separators. You have to buy it for yourself.

One more little issue of air leaking while using that might be hard to avoid could make some fastidious customer annoyed. For others, it still works well with a bit of air leaking out.


  • Vertical tank with quick-set regulator
  • Aluminum head and valve plate offers faster heat dissipation
  • The onboard controls for easy access
  • Shipped with synthetic air compressor oil
  • Front handle to transport easily to various job sites
  • 2-year warranty


  • Need longer horsepower
  • The drain plug is inaccessible
  • Inconvenient for lubrication

To sum it up

Industrial Air’s 30-gallon air compressor is portable and straightforward. It gives you a great deal for its capacity because you can choose one high-rated air tool or use up to two pneumatic tools.

This equipment is a great basic type of compressor that is brilliant for its cost and functionality.

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2. Best for all household projects: Campbell Hausfeld VT6271

Campbell Hausfeld VT6271Editor Rating:

Campbell Hausfeld VT6271 offers a strong single-stage air compressor and takes advantage of its horizontal design. As far as its performance goes, a strong engine is sure to deliver powerful air to help both household and construction work.

It does a great job at storing air with a strong ASME- certified tank. Not only that, with the long-lasting motor it can provide up to 5000 hours of use, meaning you will not have to worry about its durability.

As other conventional equipment, Campbell Hausfeld VT6271 runs on 270 volts but boasts quite operations for convenience and comfort. For functionality, it powers a 3.7 HP engine and 135PSI.

But the most outstanding feature is it can provide 10.2 CFM at 90PSI. This robust power output keeps your pneumatic tools in peak performance and, finishing work quickly but wasting no time.

The issue we are facing here is the horizontal design of this compressor makes it bulky, but it must be like that for capable of carrying a larger engine.

If you are okay with this inconvenient, VT6271 is brilliant to possess.


  • Large, air-powered wheels that help with portability
  • Superior pump crankshaft and V-belt perform excellently
  • Lightweight with 163 pounds
  • 3.7 horsepower, 30AMP plug design, 12 gauge wires
  • A pre-assembled regulator that the factory tested in advance


  • Lack of handle that cannot move around

To sum it up

The compressor is for any projects of tackling paint, spraying, inflation, sanding, grinding, stapling, nailing and much more. It’s powerful, quiet, and long-lasting and due to its high output, VT6271 can power most high-rated pneumatic tools.

It can be a bit bulky, but this product delivers a lot for its designing.

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3. Best for Do-it-yourselfers: Ingersoll-Rand SS3F2-GM Garage

Ingersoll-Rand SS3F2-GM GarageEditor Rating:

We are looking for another brand for power tools, Ingersoll-Rand. Meant to fulfill people who like DIY construction, the ease of use and portability of this compressor allows convenient operation while maintaining functionality.

Despite its horizontal design, semi-pneumatic tires and a heavy-duty, ergonomic handle offer ease of transportation. If you are still worried about that, 112 pounds of weight might rest assure you.

You will be surprised by the select synthetic lubricant the most. It increases efficiency and keeps up to 2000 hours before changing. This figure means Ingersoll-Rand SS3F2 performs four times longer than the petroleum-based lubricants.

Especially, this equipment only needs 120 volts for running. Even though, a 2HP engine powers a max output of 135PSI, you are getting a 100% duty cycle, making it capable of powering pneumatic tools continuously when necessary.

The drawback is that a quiet belt drive reaches only 80 dBA, lower than the average air compressor in the market.


  • Electric wheeled and cast iron cylinders and fame is reliable, long-lasting
  • Accessible side drain valve
  • Automatic start/ stop pressure switch control
  • Enclosed belt guard for added safety in use


  • High price than other products
  • There is a little leaking of air while using

To sum it up

Ingersoll Rand’s 30-gallon air compressor boats a strong and continuous operation for undisrupted construction work. Its portable and ergonomic design makes traveling convenient.

If what you expect is the perfect equipment for home and job site use, this product matches your need despite a small disadvantage.

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4. Best product for maintenance: Dewalt Oil Free Air direct drive Compressor

Dewalt Oil Free Air direct drive CompressorEditor Rating:

A product from trusted brand DeWalt emphasizes user’s safety and features electrical overload protection. This compact design is sure to help you with light construction needs inside and outside of your home.

At maximum pressure of 155PSI, the patented pump offers the highest air delivery. Also, you will surprise on how well it performs with the high flow regulator providing 48% more airflow to your tools.

Not only that, a two-piece cooling system of its pump can increase cooling efficiency, lowers operating temperatures and extends the life of the equipment.

One more advantage for you, this DeWalt’s 30-gallon air compressor requires a low-maintenance with an oil-free feature. So change or dispose of oil is eliminated.

You should keep in mind this problem: space is limited for wrapping the hose, and if the tube is hot, you must not wrap the hose up. If the tube is not placed incorrectly, you might burn yourself.


  • Onboard controls offer quick access to high flow regulation
  • Quick tank drain
  • The front handle offers easy transportation
  • Include automatic overload protection


  • Wheel placement design makes it lean

To sum it up

This DeWalt 30 gallon air compressor is really excellent for serious DIY users with high consumption tools, nail guns, paint sprayers, sanders, and much more.

It’s fully assembled, oil-free, and has brilliant pump system despite some warning on using.

The gas-powered air compressors on the market are not well-reviewed, so they are not mentioned here. However, an electric compressor is enough for what you expect for standard quality.

You can be an expert in choosing your air compressor based on the following considerations. Let’s make a checklist!

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What to consider when buying a 30-Gallon Air Compressor

What to consider when buying a 30-Gallon Air Compressor


The size of the equipment must fit into where you want to store it and how convenient it should be when moving it. This is why you should compare vertical vs. horizontal air compressors to decide either you need to hold it on the floor space or elsewhere.

Ample Air Flow

As a rule of thumb, your compressor’s CFM flow need to be higher than the power tools it will supply power to and must be lower than its maximum power output.

If you make sure this principle, it can deliver the air flow as best as possible without overworking the equipment

Work Environment

If you think that you’ll use your air compressor mostly outsides and the portability is a priority, then getting a gas-powered might be brilliant. On the other hand, if you prefer to use it indoors, an electric one will be the proper option.

The capacity of Pneumatic Tools

The strength of the air compressor you would buy must cater to the power requirements of your pneumatic tools. It has to ensure that the operation will be smooth and continuous.


Make sure that taking this buying guide along whenever choosing any air compressions and tick off the items listed above. Then you will have what you expected.

Is portability is important? Is it space-saving enough? Will you use it mostly outside? Do you need high-powered equipment for your pneumatic tools?

Ask yourself all these questions will be the most effective way to which the best 30-gallon air compressor is best for you. Remember that you pay for the best, and it will serve you in the long run.

You can share your thoughts in the comment section below. And don’t forget to like and share this article if you think it’s useful and informative.