Before coming to our list of the best acrylic paint brushes, it is undoubted that acrylic paint brushes are acknowledged by almost all the artists as one of the most – if not the most – vital roles in an acrylic painting kit.

Choosing suitable brushes is no joke now since acrylic paint itself is a very harsh medium and fades away whenever being soaked by an unfit brush.

Hard to determine it might be, yet no worries because we have gathered some of the best acrylic paint brushes that we think are great for you here. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get on with it.

Top 5 Best Acrylic Paint Brushes

Best Acrylic Paint Brushes – Top 5 Favorites (We Love D’Artisan Shoppe)

1. D’Artisan Shoppe Miniature Paint Brushes Detail Set – Best For Design

Shoppe Miniature Paint BrushesEditor Rating:

Fine tipped miniature brushes will occupy your greatest admiration because it allows you to depict even the most minor and fine painting details precisely.

You can reach the extent of extremely tight, small spots ranging from a doll, model car, ship to botanical, wildlife, the Univer, and other micro detailing fantasy figurines.

What’s more remarkable is the premium quality bristles being able to work in all mediums. This synthetic mini brush hair is suitable for all kinds of paints varying from acrylic, watercolor, enamels to the citadel, or gouache.

Intriguingly, no more frustration when losing bristles or ferrules with this dainty art set because of the Durable Double Crimp Anti-shedding structure.

Here comes the best part: elegant and lavish design activates super comfort and stability, permitting painting longer with less hand exhaustion compared to regular thin handles.

Ergonomic Triangular Handles weighted, so no more aching hands, which give you much greater control and balance compared to typical skinny grips. No more discomfort means this will be your go-to professional brush set in your art supplies kit.


  • Decent design for comfortable handlings.
  • Delicate and durable bristles.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Trustworthy protective brush organizer.


  • Not available in various types: rigger and flat brushes only.
  • Small size: 0 and 1 only.

Verdict: If you are a scale modeler who demands micro brushes for excellent sessions, these licensed brushes for miniatures are ideal for detail painting.

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2. Mont Marte Art Paint Brushes Set – Best For Versatility

Mont Marte Art Paint Brushes SetEditor Rating:

These paint brushes have all the features you need: versatility, quality, and broad application.

With 15 different sizes from 3/0 to 12, this Mont Mart Set is a perfect companion with every level of artists from kids, amateurs to professionals.

These brushes furnish exceptional durability and quality for the paint bristles, which will match all your needs effortlessly. Hairs are hand-made with the most exquisite materials, sealing in aluminum ferrule firmly. Thus, we are proud to guarantee that no bristles left behind can spoil your work.

These paint brushes provide you with full applications, allowing you to draw from bold and significant parts to elegant and detailed figures. It’s also capable of various sorts of painting, namely acrylics, gouaches, watercolors, and oil paintings.

Moreover, our long-handled paint brushes will be ideal for you if you are looking for elegantly made airbrushes for personal use. It is also perfect for carrying outside but still allowing the paint brushes to remain organized and in tip-top condition with the handy case.


  • Eminent variations to users.
  • Keep paints to stay soft.
  • Simple to clean in lukewarm water and rinse well.
  • Gentle and quick to reshape bristles.


  • Small handle, which might sometimes be uncomfortable.

Verdict: Excellent merits from this Mont Marte products can please any acrylic painters, even the professionals. Brushes in this fantastic set perform flawlessly in acrylic as well as canvas painting because of the two-tone taklon bristle.

Accessible in a significant number of types, you’ll never have to regret if you decide to purchase these brushes, sincerely.

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3. Xubox Paintbrush Set – Best For Various Size

Xubox Paintbrush SetEditor Rating:

When buying this fine and beloved set, you can experience the multiple choices of different sizes and shapes of paint brushes. This acrylic paint brush set contains 10 different sizes reaching over 5/8 scale with the smallest of 2/0, and a wide variety of shapes: pointed round, filbert, angular, flat and liner/rigger.

Moreover, the Xubox paint brushes are completely safe for every level of ages, from kids, teenagers to middle-aged people. Attached to a beautiful combination of tips is the convenient application of arts and craft, hobby painting, rock painting, ceramic models, leather, gesso depicting.

If all the above characteristics haven’t qualified to be your partner, I bet you will fall in love with this paint brush after consulting this feature.

The ferrules are double crimped and tightly fastened to the handle, so there will be no worries of wiggling and instability. At the top is the durable bristles, which are incredibly soft and quick to dry after washing.

An engaging part that will consolidate your belief is that if you aren’t satisfied, return it within 30 days for a refund without any questions asked.


  • Various sizes and types of brushes to choose.
  • Excellent in both terms of quality and durability for beginners.
  • Easy using and cleaning.
  • No hair shedding, therefore, no impediment.
  • A month’s warranty if it doesn’t fit your expectations.


  • Suitable to limited types of paints.

Verdict: Xubox will definitely meet your demands if you want to keep a few bucks yet still get a reliable quality set of brushes.

Especially, plastic bristles and 10 different brushes in an individual set make these brushes reliable and durable, which are suitable for beginners as well as new students.

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4. Artbrush Tower Fine Enamel Detail Brushes Set – Best For Detailed Bristles

Artbrush Tower Fine Enamel Detail BrushesEditor Rating:

For detailing with acrylic paint and others, this paint brush set is up to our top suggestion.

These reddish brushes are available in 11 distinct sizes, and amazingly, each of them provides adequate art uses while still being budget-friendly – particularly for students.

Our elegant enamel detail brush set enables you to feel free to paint your models and art without worrying about the quality of the art supplies. The brush bristle is consistent and does not stray away or spread while painting. Therefore, you won’t be painting with wiggling or falling apart brushes.

Every piece of material used is ensured to make your performance flawless. The bristles are nylon, the handles are wood, and the metal is chrome-plated brass altogether.

The nylon fiber in its ingredient is able to withstand the hard treatment of acrylic paint and soap without any deterioration because of the top-notch materials.

Wait, what you get here is more than that. This paint brush set is equipped with a white elegant paper box, which you can easily bring anywhere you want with the paint brushes stayed safe and sound.


  • Maintain super beautiful spots and points for detailed painting.
  • Non shedding-brush with metal ferrule, notably perfect for disappointment free painting.
  • Springy nylon hair with excellent color retention.
  • Ultra-durability, even for long-term use.
  • Flexible and durable under the effect of various paints.


  • Sometimes hard to control because of short handlings.

Verdict: These brushes are affordable, high quality, and mainly matched towards beginner and the intermediate. They are not thrown away or grade school quality brushes.

They perform well and comfortable to use for longer sessions of work, which will last you ages if maintained properly.

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5. VaOlA ART Acrylic Paint Brushes Set For Art Crafts – Best For Brush Types.

VaOlA ART Acrylic Paint Brushes SetEditor Rating:

Everything that an artist needs is gathered in one set: from the quality, reasonable price to diversity, which can please even the grumpiest customers.

These acrylic paint brushes are ideal for a wide range of applications like canvas and art craft mainly, which can make both adults and kids, everyone who likes spending free time joyfully satisfied.

This lovely set presents us with reliability and safety: Paint brush nylon hair is tightly attached to a black handle made of natural wood. The handle provides protection against water and scratching.

Its durability is also aided by its premium brass ferrule, which connects the bristles tight together and doesn’t concede them wither away easily.

The alloy ferrule is also very comfortable to use and didn’t cause any kind of fatigue for us in long painting sessions.

The best thing you should keen about this set is that these brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with 7 brushes and 7 types respectively: Round liner – 1/16, fan – 1″ 1/4, filbert – 1/4, round – 3/8, flat – 1/2, flat truncated – 1/4 and cant – 3/8.


  • Helpful for different painting techniques.
  • Work appropriately with multiple mediums such as acrylic paint, watercolor, gouache, and oil.
  • Convenient and easily-controlled holder.
  • Quickly cleaned up from the craft paint remainders.


  • Brushes are not always ideal for working with minute details.

Verdict: We believe that this art crafts paint brush set is a great starting kit for beginners in painting and well suited for professionals also.

The brushes are reasonably priced and have an excellent value toward money, which is a bargain for kids-or-students age.

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How To Choose The Best Acrylic Paint Brushes?

You may perceive a lot and possess a very own view after reading our Top 5 Favorable Acrylic Paint Brushes introduction. But that wouldn’t be enough to make the right decision as there are more things you have to deal with later on.

But no anxieties now cause you have our “How to narrow down the different types of paint brushes and select the perfect brush for your project” guides.


BristlesAcrylic paint is a high-quality paint with high coverage, excellent adhesion, very diverse colors. That’s why the hairs used for it should be in superior condition too.

It’s wise to choose a brush with synthetic bristles since we all know that acrylic paint can be promptly cleaned up with water. These materials are currently made of nylon, nylon/polyester compounds, and Chinex bristles. A Chinex- bristle brush would fit your demand if you’re willing to pony up a little more cash.

Shape And Size

Shape And SizeThe bristles don’t create all the pieces, so let’s step forward to know how to choose appropriate shape and size for your paint brushes.

There are 8 main types of acrylic paint brushes, which are shown below.

Each one is specially intended for distinctive uses. Briefly, the round-, pointed round- and detailed round-tip are commonly utilized to draw fine work, delicate areas, spotting, and retouching.

Bold strokes, thick, dense color, and blending are usually depicted by the others with a bigger tip.

Come along with each of the above brush types is specific sizes ranging from 4/0 to over 24. The following image signifies all dimensions of the round and flat brushes, for instance.


Now that you’ve narrowed your options by acknowledging both synthetic-bristle brushes and its shape and size, there is no reason not to move on to the most crucial element, the price.

When the brush appeared old, rather than bother to clean it, it’s tempting to buy a cheap brush beforehand and throw it away without hesitation.

However, the cost is the most straightforward indicator of quality. We expect you to spend from $10 to $20 to own a top-quality brush.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean up acrylic paint brushes?

Just one thing you always have to bear in mind: Don’t let the paint dry, or you may never be able to clean up thoroughly.

To have your brushes clean, follow these steps, and you will find everything is under your control:

  1. Rinse your brushes thoroughly in between uses.
  2. Keep them wet during painting sessions.
  3. Wash your brushes with lukewarm soapy water and make sure you clean between the bristles too.
  4. Rinse thoroughly, squeeze it dry, and then reshape the brush.
  5. Let your brush dry horizontally.

What are the signs of worn-out brushes?

If you look after your paint brushes well—which includes cleaning and maintaining properly, however long-lasting it can be—they will last. You can consult several signs listed below to consider replacing your paint brushes:

  • Start missing the point: The brush eventually won’t produce the thin, even lines it once did.
  • Feel the worn-out: Stiff-hair brushes, sometimes wiggle, wear down the quickest, primarily when used on rough surfaces such as unsanded gesso.
  • Bristles going bald and wear-and-tear.

How to use an acrylic paint brush?

When you embark on a painting job, if you are familiar to some techniques to do with the paint brush, that will help postpone difficulty and provide a defter job.

  1. Flick the bristles back and forth continuously before using. After that, moisten the brush with water to make sure excess liquid has been removed.
  2. Dip half the length of the tip in the painting can to fill the brush.
  3. Tap the brush mildly against painting can’s side.
  4. Start depicting your masterpiece freely.

Fall Call

Finally, this long but useful Best Acrylic Paint Brushes article has come to an end. Do you know what does it mean? You already know what you are aiming to, and we hope you enjoy our article and decide wisely.

There is no reason for you to hesitate, just get out there and start shopping! Your artistic judges and expertise will manage the rest.