Finding the best automotive paint is always challenging for beginners. “There are too many brands on the market! Can I even make a right choice?” -after hours of endless searching on your computer, you signed in utter defeat. But, worry no longer as we will solve all your problems here!

To help you decide your right paint, we provide you with this list of what we suppose are the 5 best automotive paints on the market, together with the answers of the most frequently asked questions about automotive paint and painting skills.

So, are you all ready to explore?

Top 5 Best Automotive Paints

List of The Best Automotive Paints For Your Car in The Market

The following are the top 5 best automotive paint products collected according to the advice of the experienced people. We hope that you can pick the appropriate item after learning one by one.

1. Dupli-Color BCL0125

Dupli-Color BCL0125Editor Rating:

The First product of our list is this Dupli-Color BCL0125 from Dupli Color brand. It is a cylindrical aerosol with an eye-catching appearance.

Dupli-Color brand has been known for its “Perfect Match” for over sixty years. This brand has continued its perfection through new product transformations for both the car and truck refinishing so far!

Now, it’s time for some technical talk! Come from Dupli-Color, this automotive paint is “notorious” for its high quality, especially in leaving a high-gloss finish for any car. Adding a topcoat to seal up the job is an indispensable step. Plus, it only takes about 30 minutes for your car to be completely innovated!

The topcoat with a 360-degree adjustable nozzle allowing the wide spray pattern to easily cover the large area. Due to the large touch-up areas, you may find this ideal product suitable for both small scale vehicles and vehicle accessories.

Additionally, this top coat aerosol can be matched with any previous color paint. Not only does it provide a shining finish, but also protects your car from strong outside impacts.

The only one drawback that we found with the Dupli-Color Perfect Match is that you might have to apply several coats to achieve the best effect. Spending some time on this stage, and you will be surprised to see a high- shine look at the end.


  • Premium automotive paint
  • Ensure maximum coverage
  • Fast-drying
  • Easy to use
  • Suit with any color paint


  • May take several coats to achieve the gloss finish

Verdict: This spray paint is the ideal solution for their automotive paint projects. The perfect color match and even the coverage it can attain are gaining trusts from a large number of users in the world.

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2. Dupli-Color BSP200

Dupli-Color BSP200Editor Rating:

Next up is another choice for you from Dupli-Color brand: Dupli-Color Jet Black BSP200. What makes this product stand out among other products on our list of best automotive paint? It comes in many colors, meaning that you will have various choices to create your desired look. How cool is that!

We also appreciate its quality which is evaluated as the most important layer in Dupli-Color’s Paint Shop Finish System, all thanks to their perfect combination with other Dupli-Color products to create the ultimate car paint finish.

This Dupli-Color Jet Black is ready to work without mixing or reducing required, which is perfect for bodywork projects or those with paintwork damage. In addition, this kind of paint dries quickly and there is no recoat window; therefore, you can re-apply coats at any time.

The biggest drawback of the Dupli-Color Jet Black is their thin lacquer. You need to apply multiple coats to achieve the effect and color you desire. Although it requires a topcoat, the final result is not the most durable. Just remember to be aware of scratches, and everything will be fine, then.


  • Various colors
  • Easy to apply and dries quickly
  • Does not require mixing or reducing
  • Can be buffed to smooth finish
  • None of recoat window or re-apply at any time


  • Requires a topcoat
  • Lacquer is thin and not durable

Verdict: If you don’t mind some problems regarding applying coats, this one is an ideal option.

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3. Rust Bullet 856084000531

Rust Bullet 856084000531Editor Rating:

When looking for a type of paint with versatility and rust prevention, this Rust Bullet paint is one of the top.

Do you know that rust can devastate your vehicle? So, if your car shows some alarm signs, consider using this automotive paint to prevent this deterioration and create a new look for your own vehicle.

This rust inhibitor paint is a standalone so primer or topcoat is not required. Furthermore, you have a choice of rolling, brushing or spraying to make your painting easilier. It also uses a simple one-step process, all you need to do is just paint a thick coat on your vehicle’s weakest points and wait for it to dry. Quite easy, right?

Another bonus point of this product is its final result. The finish is a chip-UV resistance that can save your car by eradicating rust and leave your car a gleaming finish and rust-free.

When applying paint on your vehicle, make sure to use at least 2 coats of paint, then let it dry for 2-6 hours for the best result!


  • No primer or topcoat needed
  • Chip and UV resistance
  • Eliminates rust and prevents it from coming back
  • Roll, spray or brush


  • At least 2 coats required
  • Long hour drying-time

Verdict: Some people may not mind spending time on waiting for this paint to dry. If you are that kind, choose this Rust Inhibitor Rust Paint right away!

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4. CRC 18005 Car Paint

CRC 18005 Car PaintEditor Rating:

If you are looking for coverage, we recommend this CRC 18005 Car Paint!

CRC produces this kind of paint with a view to providing excellent resistance to abrasion and preventing chipping and peeling on your automotive projects.

Furthermore, this car paint formulation allows a smooth gloss black finish which dries very quickly. However the formula is quite thin so you need to apply several layers to achieve the best coverage. Don’t be afraid to take time on this process, because the final look will please you as the finish doesn’t run!

It seems to be perfect in all aspects, isn’t it? Unfortunately, there are still some flaws needed to be addressed for future improvements. Because the CRC 18005 is enamel paint, it can produce strong fumes during applying on the car.

So, you’d better use it outside or wear a respirator for your own safety.


  • Resistance to chipping and peeling
  • Quick-drying
  • Doesn’t run


  • Produces strong fumes

If you don’t mind their strong fumes during applying, we believe that this product is worth trying for you.

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5. Rust-oleum 275236

Rust-oleum 275236Editor Rating:

Rust-oleum 275236 Paint will be the last recommendation of the list.
This automotive paint is an all-round choice since you can use it to touch up the details or cover your whole car. Just spray on any vehicles, durable and fantastic finish will be within your grasp.

What’s more? The acrylic lacquer formula prevents rust and adds more needed protection for your car. Thanks to its outstanding formula, the Rust-oleum 275236 won’t peel off for a while.

The paint dries to the touch in 30 minutes, so you don’t need to worry about some kinds of insects getting stuck in it. Make sure that you let the layer dry completely before applying the next one.

Besides, to achieve the most durable finish, you should apply the topcoat from the same range. If you are willing to do this, the final look will be very impressive!


  • Use on any vehicles
  • Durable, protective finish
  • Prevent rust
  • Dries to the touch in 30 minutes


  • Need an additional topcoat to achieve the best result
    • Are you on a hunt for an impressive finish for your own vehicle?

      This automotive paint is just what you need to show off your stunning car in front of the other people. Believe us, we won’t let you down!

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How To Choose The Best Automotive Paint?

Above are 5 best automotive paint products that we’ve already recommended to you, but how do you exactly choose the best paint for your own vehicle? Well, we are here showing you how.

First, you should focus on three following things. They are undoubtedly ones affecting your mind before purchasing automotive paint the most.

The Job You’re About To Do

The JobThe first thing you need to consider is how much you want to paint your car, just a touch-up or paint the whole car. It’s very essential to know your job thoroughly before buying your own automotive paint.

In general, if your project is just repainting the minor scratches, you simply need a pen paint. On the other hand, for a larger repair like a full body paint job, your car will require lots of paint.

Hence, remember what you have to do on your car, then buy the product that meets your needs.

The Additional Layers

The Additional LayersApplying additional layers can help your car have the best protection. We appreciate the additional layers very much. Not only they bring out fantastic look after applying but also add more needed protection to your car against strong impacts from the outside.

Plus, remember to research all the information of the product before purchasing to make sure that you have all the layers needed for your car.

The Final Look

The Final LookThe final result is based on the preparation process and the type of paint you’ve chosen. If you want your car to have a stellar effect, you may try deluxe candy coats.

Besides, the specific clear coat will be a perfect choice for those who want acrylic paint to shine like any cars on the garage. For people who prefer a more matte finish, a single-stage paint would be best.

So, you should also decide what kind of finish you are aiming for.


There are many readers sending questions regarding automotive paint and painting skills. We will answer some of the most typical questions:

Best automotive paint that should be selected?

Honestly, this depends on your project and your desired car’s look. Each type of paint has its advantages, disadvantages and satisfies different purposes. Therefore you can use our list of the best automotive paint products to select the right one for your “sidekick”.

What is needed before painting the car?

First, make a plan and obtain some certain information about what you are going to do. In addition, before starting your job, choose the primer or the clear coats to apply the paint then. A sprayer is needed for large jobs, by contrast for small ones, all you need to do with is a pen paint.

Don’t forget to wear gloves, glasses, and a mask while painting. These are the must-have items you need for your own safety. If these requirements are met, it’s high time for you to start your project.

How long does it take to finish painting a car?

In general, 24 hours is the maximum time for every single coat of paint to be completely dry. We estimate that your car will take 10 days to dry completely.


After our conscientious observation and consideration, we’re truly falling in love with Dupli-Color Jet Black – The winner of the title: “Best automotive paint for your car”. Not only this is available in various colors, but it also meets our expectations of an eye-catching finish. Plus, car painted with this product captivates us because of its excellent coverage.

We hope our list of the best automotive paint products will help you find your perfect ones. What is your favorite? Have you chosen the right car paint? If yes, feel free to share with us! See you again in the next articles!