You might not know this, but the best automotive touch up paint can bring your old and rustic vehicle looks almost brand-new.

However, choosing the best one might not be easy, as you can see, there is a bunch of touch up paints in our current market. You must have considered which one is worth your money.

To make everything easier for you, we are going to share the top 5 best touch up paints that you should try and some other useful information.

Before diving in to know these products, let’s have a look at the benefits of touch up paint!

In-depth Reviews of The Best Automotive Touch Up Paint

#1. Dupli-Color EBUN01007

Should you seek a touch up paint that is easy to use and provides a perfectly smooth finish, the Dupli Color EBUN01007 might be the best choice. With this product, no matter you are a master or not, you will find it quite easy to apply to your vehicle.

The paint features a special acrylic lacquer formula, making it exactly match with the factory-applied colors.

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Still, it also has an EZ touch 360 degree nozzle, which helps you spray the paint in big areas with a smooth finish. Accordingly, for large touching up paintwork, this option is ideal.

Plus, this product can dry quickly within only half an hour of applying. And after one hour, the color can set in properly, and you can now touch your car.

The only thing that undermines this product’s performance is its spray nozzle. Well, sometimes, it does not work at all, which can cause a bit of irritation for users.


  • Easy to apply
  • Provide smooth finish in large areas
  • Short drying time
  • Offer exact-match colors


  • Spray nozzle does not work sometimes

#2. Dupli-Color ATY1626

We must say the Dupli-Color ATY1626 is an all-in-one option that can do both painting and clearing protective coat simultaneously.

Another highlight that we highly appreciated this product is that it features a clear coat, exact-color matching point, and an abrasive prep tip. Thanks to that, whenever you find any tiny scratches on your car, you can remove them quickly.

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Besides, the paint’s clear coat feature can provide a perfect touch up for your car paint, saving it from environmental pollutants. And as mentioned, the product fits with every factory-painted color. Thus, you only need to choose the right color going your car paint.

Plus, you will feel thankful for its ease to use. The application becomes just a piece of cake.

Last but not least, you will see this Toyota touch up paint can dry faster than the first option. It only takes about 20 minutes to dry up. And you can even touch the surfaces after only 40 minutes without any hesitation. Superfast, right?

So, any cons? Well, yes! This paint is a little bit difficult to touch the large areas up.


  • All-in-one touch up paint
  • Pen tip to remove scratches
  • Short drying time
  • Exact color matching


  • Slightly difficult to use for a big touch up

#3. Carfidant 5

The Carfidant 5 is the best choice for those seeking a paint restorer for their cars. This product is gentle and matches with any kinds of colors and paints.

Thus, do not be worried about the paint. The Carfidant color restorer is quite easy to use. Furthermore, there is a buffer pad coming with this product for you to use when applying it to your vehicle. So what will you do with it? Well, all you need is to spray the paint restorer on the pad, rub it on the surface. Then any tiny scratches will go away, and you once again get a nice glossy paint.

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All of the above pros that this product has is thanks to its premium chemical properties. The product’s formula allows it to match with any type of paint. Thereby, you can apply it on any surface that you want to.

It sounds great at all. But, it still has a drawback that you should know. That is, this color restorer is not effective with deep and big scratches.


  • Match with any kinds of paints
  • Provide a nice glossy shine
  • Ease to use


  • Not for deep scratches

#4. Quixx 00070-US

As a flagship product of Quixx, the 00070-US works well on every gloss paint and color. But we recommend that if your car does not come with a glossy look, you should not go for it.

We want to say this early so that you can skip this option for other ones.

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In case you are still interested in this product. Keep reading.

Unlike other conventional scratch removers available in the market, this product works on 2 steps. It’s easy, don’t worry! First, the product works with the materials around the scratches to remove them permanently. Then, it helps paint to take the original glossy shine back and match with the color around. In other words, instead of cover the scratches, this kit, unlike other touch-ups, works on the car paint.

And as it works on the paint quite calmly, there is no need to be afraid that it can harm your vehicle finish.

However, like the Carfidant, this product is not for large and deep scratches.


  • Work on the paint on two steps
  • Remove scratches permanently
  • Work calmly on paint


  • Not for large and deep scratches

#5. Dupli-Color AFM0360

Another all-in-one paint from the brand Dupli-Color is the AFM0360. This means the product can be used for any kind of paints and colors.

For this multi-purpose product, we find that it comes with three key features. First, it has an abrasive prep tip, just like the Dupli-Color ATY1626. So you know, it can help remove the loose rust easily.

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Still, the tip can work well on the scratches and fill them smoothly. Thanks to that, the scratches will be removed completely. Even for bigger chips, it also works perfectly.

Plus, this touch up paint can match your factory-painted color exactly, so that nobody will know the presence of any touch up in your car surface.

Finally, the clear coat of the product can preserve the paint and save it from debris and dust.

Nevertheless, you will face a little bit of difficulty when applying it on a big surface as it does not perform well in such a large area.


  • Work on various types of paints and colors
  • Offer smooth finish
  • Exact color matching


  • Difficult to apply on large surfaces

Benefits of Automotive Touch Up Paint

Benefits of Automotive Touch Up Paint

Time saving

When your car has a scratch, it definitely irritates you. And you probably cannot wait for hours to make an appointment with your detailers. In this case, with a touch up paint, everything will become much more comfortable. You only need to spend a few minutes covering the scratch.

Money saving

Aside from time, you can save a lot of money when using touch up paints instead of taking your vehicle to a retailer. If you choose the suitable touch up paint and apply it properly, you can cover the scratches on your car perfectly, just like the way a professional works on them.

Car care

You might not know this, but fixing the small chip, scratch, or ding with automotive touch up paints can enhance the overall “health” of your car. It is a true story. Touching up with paint can actually help protect your paintwork as well as keep out rust for a long time.

Buying Guide

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When choosing a touch up paint, you should be careful. This is because if the color does not match, it surely looks odd. To not let it happen, you’d better know a bit about the following factors.

Color code

When getting touch ups for your car, the most important thing is color codes. If the paint’s color code does not match with that of the vehicle, well, your car will surely look weird. So remember to buy touch up paints of similar color code.

Car brand

It is, sometimes, easy to fit the color via the car brand. Automotive manufacturers, normally, provide several paints with the car model or brand that can match exactly. Thus, before seeking a touch up paint, take a look at your car model and brand.

Drying time

Another thing you need to consider is the time the paint takes to dry entirely. Our advice is that you should not buy a touch up paint that has a long drying time. Why? It is because when it takes too much time to dry, your car paint can suffer the risk of dripping. The ideal time for a touch up paint to dry is between 30 and 60 minutes.

Ease to apply

Keep in mind to consider whether the product you are going to buy is easy to use or not. And it becomes more critical if you have not done any touch ups before. Easy-to-use products can help you have a good output.

Scratch depth

This is a particularly crucial factor when you are looking for a touch up to eliminate scratches on your car. As you can see in what we mentioned above, some paints cannot work well on deep scratches. Thus, before buying a touch up paint for deep scratches, make sure you know this product can cover them perfectly.


Can automotive touch ups prevent rust?

The reason why we use touch up paint is to remove scratches from the car surface. However, some products can also prevent rush from gathering on our car surface thanks to their special formula. Thus, if you are seeking for anti-rust touch-ups, remember to check their specs and features carefully before making a decision.

How long a touch up lasts?

The time touch-ups can last depends on various factors such as the paint quality and how the touch-ups are adequately done. If you get a high-quality paint for your job, they can last up to 12 months. Even, their lifespan can reach 2-3 years if a skilled person does them with great materials.

Can touch up paint bring the previous look back?

When your cars have scratches, you can feel irritated. In this case, touch up paints will help. They can absolutely bring the shiny look of your vehicle back. But this only happens when you choose the paint with the same color as that of your car surface and apply it correctly.
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Can I wax my vehicle after touch-ups?

Wax is useful for protecting the paintwork of your car. However, this work can get in the way of touching up properly. If you do a touch-up job on the chip or scratches, remember to remove all old wax remaining on your car first. Then you should wait for at least one month ahead of the next wax. This will your car paint have enough time to cure.

Can I detail my vehicle after touch-ups?

A paint touch-up needs enough time to set in after you apply it. So our advice is that you should wait for around one month before going in for detailing your vehicle.


So for you, what is the best automotive touch up paint?

All of the above options can meet almost your demand for a touch up paint.

But to ensure that you will not feel regret after making a buying decision, please consider all factors including color code, drying time, car brand, scratch depth, and ease to apply in our buying guide carefully.

If you want to ask us anything, leave it in the comment section below.

We will answer you as soon as possible.

By the way, thank you for reading.