“Ah, there are so many types of spray! I don’t even know if I can ever choose one”. We totally understand that. In fact, different types of chrome paint are produced every day, which makes choosing the right product a bit difficult. But that’s exactly why we are here! Let’s wait no longer and dive in some of the best chrome paint to find “the one” for you.

Top 5 Best Chrome Paint For Every Surfaces’ Material

Best Chrome Paint: In-depth Review Of Top 5 Winners

1. Rust-Oleum Metallic Chrome

Rust-Oleum Metallic ChromeEditor Rating:

The first product we want to suggest is this Rust-Oleum spray paint. Rust-Oleum is a well-known spray brand that offers high-quality painting products and high-rated customer services, whether the goods have met the customers’ standard or not.

The chrome paint is easy to use at any angle, and you can use this to spray all over surfaces’ material such as wood, metal, plastic, etc. One thing to note about buying this product is that it has a subtle glossy chrome finish.

When the paint dries, it can resist chipping and fading from any harsh conditions’ consequences. Another side note to remember is that this product comes with a user-friendly finger pad. It allows your finger to submerge into the pad, creating comfort while spraying.

Nothing comes without flaws, and so does Rust-Oleum’s. Transparent enamel surfaces do not support this kind of spray paint as it will not stay on smoothly, compared to other surface’s material. This chrome paint from Rust-Oleum is not the best chrome paint for plastic.

Still, it takes more than a day for Rust-Oleum to dry fully,a long time compared to other spray paints.


  • Give a subtle shiny finish identical to metal.
  • Apply easily within a few coats.


  • Cannot be used on ceramic surfaces.
  • Long drying time.
  • Not the best chrome paint for plastic

Conclusion: All in all, this Rust-Oleum chrome paint is suitable for beginners who try chrome paint for the first time.

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2. Krylon Premium Metallic Original

Krylon Premium Metallic OriginalEditor Rating:

This enamel paint acts as a suitable chrome paint for plastic, but the best result is most likely visible on metal. With a few coats, the paint finishing is glossy and reflective.

Krylon spray paint is considered one of the best products due to its fast drying time. One layer will only take 10 minutes for touching and approximately 2 hours for handling and moving the pieces.

Users are also happy with the mist of this product: such fine mist that can widely coat a surface within a short amount of time.

Some complaints are about the paint’s shine is not the same as advertised. The glitter particles, though being small and well-corporated into the color, aren’t giving away much shine; therefore, the finishing may look dull or matte.

Another thing is the paint only comes within an 8oz can, which is a little short compared to others in the industry.


  • Flexible applications on different surfaces.
  • Fast drying time.
  • Amazing mirror finish.
  • A chrome spray paint for plastic


  • Lack of glossiness.
  • Only available with a short amount of paint per can.

Conclusion: Arguably, this product can outshine any components. If you want a high-quality spray paint that dries rather quickly, this Krylon Metallic Paint is likely to become the winner of the best chrome paint title.

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3. Martha Stewart Rose Chrome

Martha Stewart Rose ChromeEditor Rating:

Next up is a water-based spray paint coming from the brand Martha Stewart.

The formulation is non-toxic because water-based paint contains little chemicals. The consistency is more viscous than other components as it leaves no ugly running lines while spraying. Thus, the paint quality is superb: you don’t even have to worry about any fading or peeling issues.

Good comments for this product are mostly about the extra adjustment tool supplying, how easy users can manipulate the mist and control the amount of paint on the surface.

Disclaimer: The products are only two fluid ounce per can, so consider spraying this for small or medium DIY projects that require little paint, or else you have to buy more than one can.

One thing to keep in mind is that the paint may not cover adequately. You may need several coats for better looks. Also, the water-based formula may affect the glossiness, meaning it won’t look as metallic as other aerosol sprays.


  • Non-toxic, water-based formula.
  • High resistance to harsh environments.
  • Flexible paint flow.
  • A chrome spray paint for plastic.


  • Less product amount per can.
  • May need several coats for optimal results.

Conclusion: This unique formulation of chrome paint suits those who are sensitive to the smell of aerosols. Within two ounces of product, you may need to purchase more cans than other brands, but we guarantee the results will be satisfactory.

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4. Dupli Color Black-Out Coating

Dupli Color Black-Out CoatingEditor Rating:

The following Dupli Color Black-Out Coating is advertised to bring durable and long-term-remaining coating. This tinted paint is used to bring out the dark aspects of the chrome rather than giving the shiny vibes.

Nevertheless, the color satisfies its customers with the unique tint of chrome. Remember to shake the bottle beforehand for the best painting results afterward.

One problem that may occur when using the paint is that it cannot hold up easily under extreme conditions. Any spillage of chemicals onto the painted surface may result in swiping away the products and the chemicals. Another problem lies in the price of this product. Compared to similar paints, this Dupli Color stays in the high-end segment. Having a tight budget means you may reconsider other spray paints.


  • Dark, fascinating tints of chrome colors.
  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • Pricey.
  • Non-durable under harsh circumstances

Conclusions: This expensive spray paint most suits craftsmen who produce luxurious items, since the color options for the paint is unique and the paint finishing is long-lasting.

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5. VHT Silver Chrome Acrylic

VHT Silver Chrome AcrylicEditor Rating:

The next product is back to the moderate price section. This VHT Silver Chrome Acrylic paint is exceptionally durable under different circumstances.

Also, with high coverage quality, 1-2 coats can reach full opacity. The formula is also non-toxic, thus giving extra safety for users. Another fact is that the coating dries fast, with glossy and beautiful finishing, so you can use this high-quality chrome paint for any projects you want. How convenient, right?

However, some complained that the tip is hard to press, making the spraying process tiring and uncomfortable. Thus, the paint comes out a little rugged, and the texture of your coating will not be smooth.

Another thing to take note of is that this paint should be applied with thin coats. Overcoating will cause the silver to become dull and darken.


  • Short drying time.
  • Full coverage paint.
  • Non-toxic ingredients.
  • Glossy look.


  • Rough and uneven outcome.
  • Uncomfortable tip pressing.

Conclusion: Overall, the experience of using VHT Silver Chrome Acrylic is worth a try considering the benefits it brings. It is recommended to use this paint over a chrome-painted surface only for the best outcomes.

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How To Choose The Best Chrome Paint?

There are several factors you have to consider cautiously before buying any chrome paint product. By following our guideline, you can purchase the best chrome paint for your good:

The Chrome Finish

The Chrome FinishChrome paint can easily be mistaken as silver or shiny grey tones. Depending on your preference and needs, you can choose the brand that makes your piece stand out and shine.

Make sure that the brand advertises the glossiness you are eager to get, or you will end up having dull grey paint instead. Also, if you want the results to be as shiny as possible, try to put more work and resources into spraying to maximize the outcome.

The Durability

You realize that it requires some investment for a total painting to be done accurately. At that point, if the coats are not durable, will you continue covering them?

Durability is the key component when it comes to deciding whether a chrome paint is qualified or not. To support the productivity of the chrome paint, the maker can incorporate UV and oxidation protectant. This expansion encourages the color to withstand more extreme conditions but still keeps its glossiness.

In case you want to spray on plastic only, consider purchasing a chrome spray paint for.

The Cost

You can get excellent quality chrome paint without using up every last cent. That is the reason you ought to consider picking one at the reasonable cost point or higher, instead of setting aside cash with modest paint and afterward end up with a wreck.

As opposed to what you may think, purchasing the most costly paint in stock doesn’t imply that you will get the best outcome in the long run. Be that as it may, not to destroy things, you should pick a chrome paint from a notable brand with a reasonable cost point.

The Drying Time

The Drying TimeDrying time is likewise one thing you should consider before spending any cash on chrome paint. Spray paint usually dries faster than other kinds. Therefore, working with chrome spray paints needs extra care and caution.

Since drying time can fluctuate from one hour to two, pick chrome paint that can dry out in under 60 minutes.

FAQs About Best Chrome Paint

What is Chrome Paint?

Chrome paint is the ideal approach to get a gleaming and smooth painted surface. Not only is it easier to work with, but it also saves a lot of resources and money.

Why Should You Use Chrome Paint?

There are a lot of reasons to purchase a chrome paint:

  • It’s difficult for other spraying paint to beat that mirror-shine level of chrome paint.
  • It’s extreme. It doesn’t break effectively, thus can withstand hard circumstances.
  • It’s DIY-friendly. Anyone can use a chrome paint, from beginners to all DIYers.
  • It’s flexible. Chrome paint can be used on any surfaces. In fact, there is some chrome spray paint for plastic.
  • It’s nature-caring. A chrome spray paint is regularly water-based and contains a few dangerous chemicals.

How To Apply The Paint?

Four main steps to apply the paint include:

  • Preparing: Begin by removing any dirt on the surface with warm water and a towel. Be careful not to cause any damage to the surface because this will affect the final results.
  • Priming: Apply a coat of primer as a base to boost your original chrome paint to shine further and brighter. You can find these primers at spray cans stores.
  • Spraying: Spray on the desired location. Follow the instructions and cautions came with the spray can carefully.
  • Protecting: To avoid any discolorations or fading problems, apply a thin coat of protection spray onto the dried paint to keep the color long-lasting.
  • Remember to have safety gear while doing these steps to prevent inhaling any debris. A mask is a must in this situation.

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Final Thoughts On The Best Chrome Paint

Investing in chrome paint is not a bad idea. Among these five options of top chrome paints, we recommend the VHT Silver Chrome Acrylic, a total package that can surely bring your item to a new glossy appearance with upgraded quality.

We hope you find this article helpful. In case you have your own choice of best chrome paint and want to share your experience, we are here to listen. Thank you for your time.