To many people, is all but a chore bringing little but no reward. In the end, the result may not come out too pretty if you’re not a jack of trades.

If you’re a DIY enthusiast or the family handyman, you cannot miss having an electric spray gun to help with the painting as we all know that part takes the longest.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into today’s article of the best electric spray guns and some tips on choosing the right one to suit your needs.

Top 5 Best Electric Spray Gun

Best Electric Spray Gun

1. HomeRight C800971.A Paint Sprayer: Best Overall

HomeRight C800971Editor Rating:

Our pick today for the best overall is a product from the brand HomeRight – the C800971.A Spray Gun.

This is an HVLP sprayer trusted by many professionals due to the versatility as well as compact design. This unit is built for smaller projects that require you to go in detail or just general home use, like painting furniture or craft objects.

For the price, it offers a quite powerful motor of 450w and a 39-ounce container, enough for you to tackle any small to medium-sized task.

The C800971.A comes with an extensive package including 3 spraying tips of 1.5, 2.0, and 4.0 mm to help you spray paint in any pattern you want.

There are also 3 other tips of 1.0, 2.5, and 3.5 mm, but they’re not included, so you’ll have to make an additional purchase if you wish to use them.

The best thing about this unit is it is ready to use right out of the box. Fill in the container with paint, and you’re good to go! However, if the paint is poorly mixed, the final result will be either a very coarse or very runny layer of paint.

Some customers reported that they experienced leaking problems with this spray gun.

If this happens to you, use petroleum jelly around the rim of the container to stop the leaks. If it doesn’t work, try wrapping Teflon tape on the threads of the container; that should do the trick.


  • Good value of money
  • Powerful 450w motor
  • 3 tips included
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Amateur-friendly


  • Short power cord
  • Occasional leakings
  • The tips can be clogged quite easily

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2. Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Paint Sprayer: Best for Projects that Require Prudence in Details

Wagner Spraytech 0518080Editor Rating:

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 is one of the best selling spray guns on the market at the moment.

Unlike most HVLP spray guns, this unit is suitable for all kinds of projects, from priming and painting your old door to adding a little retouch to your cabinet.

What is more, the two-stage turbines enable you to paint with a variety of materials like latex paints, stains, or even poly.

While it is hard to avoid over spraying with a majority of HVLP spray guns, you can now do it at ease thanks to the pressure control that goes from 1.5 to 2.63 PSI within seconds. This is also what we like best about this product.

You can even customize the paint flow from ½ inch to 12 inches thanks to this pressure control and material flow adjuster to receive your desired final look.

So, what’s the catch?

The design looks cheap with a plastic and flimsy feel. Also, the unit tends to clog quite often, which is why it is best for home consumers who only have one or two small projects every once in a while.

Yet, consider the price, it makes a good investment.


  • Reasonable price
  • Two-stage turbines for various material use
  • 20-foot hose
  • Adjustable settings for better coverage


  • Flimsy design
  • Clog quite often

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3. Graco Magnum 262800 Paint Sprayer: Best for Light Duty Projects

Graco Magnum 262800Editor Rating:

Magnum 262800 X5 is a model that comes from one of the leaders in paint sprayers – Graco.

It has been popular among homeowners and experts by providing features that concentrate on four aspects: control, versatility, durability, and efficiency.

This spray gun is an ideal machine for addressing smaller or medium-sized projects both indoor and outdoor because it can support up to 75 feet of hose.

Along with the Push Primer feature, which ensures operation with ease, the unit is also designed for fast and easy clean-up thanks to the power flush adapter.

The pump in this unit has a stainless-steel piston, which allows evenly spraying of unthinned materials at high pressure. You can spray from a 1 or 5-gallon bucket with three tips sizes available: 0.011, 0.013, and 0.015 inches.

As Magnum 262800 X5 is only geared to light-duty jobs, it can be prone to clogs when using thicker materials.


  • Detailed and easy setup with instructional DVD
  • Long 75-foot hose
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Stainless-steel piston


  • Only suitable for small tasks around the house
  • Can’t work on detailed projects unless you buy additional tips
  • Thick material can cause clog prone

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4. Paint Zoom VHGVACSET0041 Handheld Electric Spray Gun Kit: Best for Using Indoor and Outdoor

Paint Zoom VHGVACSET0041Editor Rating:

Paint Zoom is known to be making the best spray guns on the market. So, does it really worth the hype?

Let’s find out the truth in a specific product from this brand – the Handheld Electric Spray Gun Kit.

We’re impressed at how the paint is flawlessly delivered on the surface with even distribution. What is more, the paint also dries out quickly after it has been sprayed.

Since this unit is electric-powered, it is powerful enough to tackle any task, from walls, ceilings to any household painting needs. It is compact and lightweight for better portability and maneuverability.

You’ll be surprised at how it doesn’t sputter or interrupt the flow to create unexpected coats of paint. The powerful motor ensures all risks of uneven paint distribution are eliminated.

What is more, this unit is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to the heavy-duty, yet lightweight material.

The most significant benefit this unit offers is the unique reinforced 3-way spray nozzle head to help you spray circularly, horizontally, and vertically.

However, the soft plastic design makes this unit looks cheaply made. Even though the manufacturers said it was built to tackle heavy-duty tasks, it is better if you use it indoor with smaller projects.


  • 3-way spray nozzle head
  • Easy assembling
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor tasks
  • Powerful motor for even paint distribution


  • Cheap-looking design
  • The paint needs to be carefully thinned, or it will result in uneven spraying and sputtering

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5. Scuddles Paint Sprayer: Best Value

Scuddles Paint SprayerEditor Rating:

Last but not least, it is the Scuddles Paint Sprayer – one of the most affordable paint sprayers on the market.

Don’t let the attractive price points fool you! It actually packs with more handy features than you think.

The Scuddles Paint Sprayer makes a great pick for amateur as well as beginners who want to level up their painting game from traditional brushes and rolls.

There are 3 painting modes of horizontal, vertical, and circular to assist you in getting your desired look. What is more, this unit comes with a package of 4 replacement nozzles, a spray bottle, and cleaning tools.

The best feature of this product is the Adjustable Flow Control, which gives you the ability to determine the paint spraying rate to have full control over your project.

Yet, the unattractive green plastic will be a factor that makes potential buyers cross off this paint sprayer from their list.


  • Very reasonable price
  • Adjustable Flow Control feature
  • 3 different spraying mode
  • Easy to clean
  • Fairly lightweight


  • Tend to overheat after a short time of use
  • Unattractive plastic design

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How To Choose The Right Electric Spray Gun

After leading you through some electric spray guns with a variety of prices to suit your budget, we come to the next part: how to choose the right electric spray gun.

There are many factors contributing to making a good electric spray gun, but you should pay close attention to these main features:

  • The types of paint sprayer
  • Accessories

Let’s dig in a little further on this, shall we?

The Types

The TypesThere are different types of paint sprayers, which makes it hard for you to choose if you don’t understand the differences between them. Here’s a brief outline of each kind.

HVLP Sprayers

HVLP stands for High Volume, Low Pressure.

You can already tell by the name that this kind of paint sprayer is used for small to medium-sized, up close projects as they release a very thick layer of paint, yet even and precise.

Since you’ll be likely to spend quite some money to own a good HVLP sprayer, these units are mostly owned by professionals.

They can be used to paint a door or any detail-driven glass object, and because they’re fully self-contained, you only need to move them in an even range of motion for the best outcome.

Compressed (Air) Sprayers

This is what comes to mind to most people when thinking of spray guns. Compressed sprayers are the most common type among all, and they work by constantly spraying paint on the surface using compressed air.

Compressed sprayers reduce the time you spend on bigger projects compared with when you paint by hand, up to several hours, or even a whole day.

These units are ideal for amateurs as they don’t require much preparation.

However, since they release paint in high pressure, it will be hard to get used to using and controlling them at first, resulting in uneven coats that run and drip.

You’ll need a lot of practice on cardboards or anything you’re willing to ruin.

Tips: The weather plays an important part in whether you should use your compressed sprayer or not. It can be inconvenient or even dangerous to paint outdoor when it’s windy.

Airless Sprayers

Airless sprayers are not known as much as compressed sprayers, even though they work based on the same principles but with pressurized gas or electric instead of air.



  • Filters: they not only prevent your hose from clogging but also establish a longer life for your spray gun.
  • Hoses: It depends on the frequency of use and the job you’re doing that you choose a suitable hose length.
  • Extensions: These are additions in case you need to tackle up high or down low jobs. They make spraying paint easier and more comfortable for you.
  • Tips: The tips play an important part in the final look of your project. Depending on the pattern you want, choose suitable tips.
    It is always better to get more than one kind of tips to fit the bill on various tasks.
  • Protective equipment: you cannot forget protective equipment such as protective clothing, goggles, and the most important, a face mask (fumes from paint and the paint itself usually contain hazardous toxins).

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Tips On Getting The Paint Evenly Distributed?

If you’re a beginner or an amateur, it is important to master your techniques first.

Fill up your container with water and start spraying on cardboards or old walls. Once you have the feel, replace water with real paint, but still practice spraying on cardboards.

After doing all this, you’re pretty much used to holding and steering the nozzle smoothly.

Now, here’s the hard part: hold the nozzle perpendicular to the surface you’re painting, about 10-12 inches away for the best outcome. Try avoiding tilting the nozzle upward or downward because that will result in uneven application.

What Is The Best Spraying Gun?

You have to consider many criteria when analyzing this question. It depends solidly on the purpose of use and how big your budget is. There is no ‘best,’ only ‘suitable.’

A decent spraying gun that you use once or twice a week should cost around $100, and that’s considered mid-range. Spraying guns at less than $90 are very likely to end up in the trash soon; if you’re lucky, maybe a year or two.

If you’re willing to make bigger investments at around $200 or more, the semi-pro and professional spraying guns won’t let you down. People say the great price comes with great quality, and we find that to be true most of the time.

Some products of this price range even have wheels for more portability, while others have special tips for different spraying patterns.

Our Final Verdict

While a lot of people see painting as a fun DIY project to do on weekends, others find it to be a pain in the neck. Well, you can now make painting hassle-free thanks to the help of an electric spray gun.

We hope you can pick out a suitable product from today’s list of our top electric spray gun, and feel free to leave your questions in the comment box below should you have any!