The extension ladder is a useful device for working on electrical, utility, light construction, and residential jobs. It is a useful tool for most households to own.

You are a newbie desiring to get the best extension ladder for proper purposes. There are many options available on the market.

It understands this difficulty, so we decide to give you reliable reviews so that you can find an A-to-Z guide to pick the best extension ladder.

Let’s keep reading this because we will change your thinking about buying a useful ladder.

Detail Review Of The Best Extension Ladder

1. Telescoping Ladder

Telescoping LadderEditor Rating:

The Telescoping Ladder from LUISLADDERS is constructed with specific structures.

The product is safe and reliable because every part is designed carefully to open and close safely without being harmful to users. It has a unique design to ensure that your fingers cannot be hurt at any time and in any place.

Another plus of the product is its quality. It is super durable and rustproof. With scientific design, it can work smoothly and effortlessly, even in the bad weather.

The compact design of this product is another advantage when compared to its opponents. You can easily hold it in one hand to store it into your warehouse, or use it to do heavy tasks if necessary.

Its extensibility can also make you feel surprised. The maximum extension height can reach up to 15.5 feet, helping to optimize housework, wash your old windows and old roofs, etc.

In most cases, this ladder works pretty well, except for use in cold weather or for heavy people. Despite this minor inconvenience, this extension ladder is still the top one recommendation because of its ultra-advantages for customers.

To conclude, this equipment owns several upsides that you deserve to have. With this, you will save more time and labor.


  • Capacity up to 330 lbs
  • Grip handle for one-hand using
  • Non-slip end caps to avoid tipping over


  • Not good in cold weather

2. Luisladders EN 131 Standard

Luisladders Extendable LadderEditor Rating:

If a durable and multifunctional ladder is your ultra-purpose, this is it – Luisladders EN 31 Standard.

This multi-benefit extension ladder allows you to use in 9 different ways for the various needs, including a single ladder, scaffold, leaning ladder, stepladder, etc.

Nevertheless, to change the shape of this ladder, our advice is to put it on the floor before adjustment to prevent any possible harm.

Besides, this ladder has an amazing weight capacity – 330 lbs, which means it can be used in heavy-duty tasks. Specifically, this special design makes it stable and durable to meet the US EN131 test standard, which ensures its consistent performance.

Another worth-noticing feature is its anti-slip design. It has zigzag and anti-slip foot straps, which can prevent the users from falling or slipping as much as possible. And with the Security ‘Click & Lock’ System, which is connected by six security locks, you can open and lock the ladder for changing the shape safely and quickly.

Great step stool is another worth-noticing feature. This is great for bunk beds, ground pools, trampoline, etc. You can use it to clean your windows, paint your pictures, and decorate your house.


  • Heavy-duty and reliable
  • Very affordable price
  • Specific design and durable


  • Narrow steps

3. Louisville FE3220, 20 FEET

Louisville FE3220Editor Rating:

Louisville is a big brand name in manufacturing household equipment, and their quality is always proven by the customers. The main selling point of the ladder is its durability.

According to the manufacturer, Max Lock System of this ladder can hold up well with the most extreme weather in the US and Mexico. It can work well in the temperature from -40F to 122F and even in the sand. A pleasant surprise, isn’t it?

With its 300-pound weight capacity, fiberglass components, and elegant design, this is a useful ladder for everyone. The design of this ladder is created to be safe for the users. It has D-Shaped Rungs, Steel Swivel Safety Shoe with Metal Shield, and Mar-Resistant Rail End Caps to ensure your safety when you use this product.

D-Shaped Rungs provide flexibility when you need Swivel Safety Shoe makes this ladder safe and easy to use, and Mar-Resistant Rail End Caps are used to protect landing surfaces.
With these advantages above, we only remind you of a problem – shipping.

We hope this ladder can be a great choice for a person who wants a ladder for electrical, utility, light construction, and residential jobs.


  • Durable and reliable
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable to stand on


  • Quite heavy to use

4. Louisville AE2224, 24-Feet

Louisville AE2224Editor Rating:

For a person loving a high-capacity ladder with a maximum length to use, this ladder is an ideal option. It can support 300 pounds with the maximum reach up to 24 feet.

Another plus of the ladder is the steel shoes with rubber treads make it safe and easy to use. Quick Latch equipped rung locks can facilitate the extending action. Some sections of these ladders have mar-resistant end caps on top and bottom, which provide rail protection, and durability. All the above design makes this ladder become more comfortable for its customers.

Its quality meets or even exceeds the standards of ANSI, American National Standards Institute and OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Made of 90 percent of aluminum, it is light for use.

All in all, this is an excellent product for light construction and household jobs, not for too-heavy tasks for a long time because the latches (which hold the ladder up when you raise it) are merely plastic.


  • Outside slide guides
  • D-shaped rungs
  • Swivel shoes
  • Rope and pulley
  • available in seven different sizes


  • Does not come in orange

5. TOPRUNG Model-17

TOPRUNG Model-17Editor Rating:

The next product is a multi-design ladder from TOPRUNG, having five shapes in one: extension ladder, step ladder, wall ladder, and scaffold frames, and stairway ladder.

Also, it comes with 17 feet height, which allows you to adjust in one-foot increment. So far, no ladder can do such this.

Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, this ladder meets or even exceeds ANSI standards. According to the advertisement, it can work well in cold weather.

Moreover, this ladder also gives the customer the super comfort. With wider rungs and slip-resistant feet on the two sides, this is stable in use. And, as the ladder is fully assembled, you can use it immediately right after opening the packet. After use, it can be folded easily for storage.

Another surprise of this product is that it can hold up to 300 pounds capacity in weight. Therefore, you will not feel worried when using it for heavy-duty tasks.

View from different angles, the TOPRUNG Model-17 is ideal to invest in though it is quite heavy for a person, requiring two people to extend it fully.


  • Affordable price
  • 2-Year Warranty service
  • Durable and high-quality
  • Compact design


  • A little heavyweight to use

6. DeWalt DXL3020-16PT

DeWalt DXL3020-16PTEditor Rating:

As far as we know, DeWalt is a famous brand in manufacturing household equipment. In our view, this is very suitable for serious DIY’ers. Let’s check it out!

First, the design of this fiberglass extension ladder can hold up to 300-pound capacity for a long time. Its design provides a working surface to work well under extreme weather.

Rung Locks system with the included rope pulley, swivel shoes can make the users feel comfortable. Plus, many sections have trays, drills, and tool sets to prevent users from falling.

Next, it’s the quality that deserves a word of praise. Type 1A of DeWalt products means it can easily do heavy tasks with maximum load. Made of fiberglass and met standards of ANSI, you can feel safe to use it for every purpose.

The customer services and warranty services are also the value-adding points. You can give questions and receive answers at 24/7 per day. Three-year warranty services will not let you down when picking this item.

In conclusion, a reliable brand such as DeWalt will give you nothing but its best. This ladder is a professional product we recommend for all of you although its price is quite high.


  • Elegant design and smooth finish
  • Non-marring durable top with tool slots
  • Value for most jobs


  • Expensive price

7. Werner D1224-2 24-Foot

Werner D1224-2 24-FootEditor Rating:

Werner is also a famous brand that is known for high-quality extension ladders. A famous product of Werner, D1224-2 24-Foot, is a model that is suitable for medium-duty use or daily simple home tasks. Here are some of the best features to expect with this latest model.

The D rungs system with the interlocking side rails helps to ensure the safety of users when using the product. Especially, SHU-LOK shoes with mar-resistant end caps and ALFLO rung joints also ensure user’s safety when using products.

Additionally, Shu-Lok system, twist-proof design, and reliable foot design make this ladder become ideal when used in wet conditions. With a spring-loaded lock mechanism, you can adjust the height of this ladder in a smooth manner.

After all, this ladder is ideal for those who are looking for a medium-duty product in their warehouses, not recommending for too-heavy tasks because it has only up to 225 pounds of capacity. This is a humble number for the stability and safety of this ladder rank top with other strong ladders in the industry.


  • Durable
  • Smooth operating pulley and interlocking side rails
  • Easy to use


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty use such as commercial construction

How To Select The Best Extension Ladder?

Here are the essential considerations for your extension ladder shopping:

Ladder Style

Ladder StyleWhen talking about the extension ladder style, there are two common types of ladder – a compact ladder and a standard one.

For the compact extension ladders, they are available in aluminum or fiberglass, having three-section designs providing easy storage. For the standard extension ladders made of wood and aluminum, they are longer, heavier, and harder to store in a warehouse.

Therefore, be sure to research carefully to find the perfect one for you.

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Height / Reach

Height ReachAccording to Werner height safety measurements, the best extension ladder should be around 8 to 10 feet longer than the tallest contact point, such as the wall or rooftop. This will prevent users from falling down and give them more comfort when using.

Another important point is the angle of the ladder. The standard level is around 45 to 75 degrees when opening fully while the tallest standing level is in allowance. But, ideally, it should be two steps down from the top of the tallest contact point.


MaterialThe next step in choosing the best extension ladder is the choice of material. The optimal materials of high-quality ladders are fiberglass and aluminum.

Fiberglass is heavier, more stable, and more durable and thus it can be used widely in heavy-duty tasks.

Meanwhile, aluminum is lighter, less flexible, so the medium-duty tasks are the go-to choice for this material.

All in all, each material has its own characteristics which make it best for certain applications or simply meet the standards for a group of people.

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Designed to hold up to a maximum weight, all extension ladders can hold the full weight of users plus any tools or material that may be carried on.

Each of the extension ladders will provide the specific maximum weight that it can withstand. Depending on your weight and job, you make a proper decision.

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How to check an extension ladder if it is in good condition?

We will start check from important parts; make sure they are not broken or missing. Next, check the connections of two parts, such as quick latches, trays, etc. They must be undamaged.

For the protection mechanisms, they not are bent or broken. Finally, consider the protection bars and toolsets included.

Is the brand name of an extension ladder important?

In our opinion, brand names give an important role in the buying decisions of customers. People prefer to purchase products with well-known brands. We think the reason is the brands create differences.

Then, brands bring safety. People, as we know, always avoid risk and find safety. Big brands well understand this, and thus reduce the feeling of disappointment.

And finally, brands give consumers the reason to share products. Strong brands have high-quality products, which makes the customers want to share the benefits for relatives, and then, they have more opportunity to expand their exposure.

How far should you extend an extension ladder?

The standard length of an extension ladder is from 16 feet to 40 feet. All non-supported ladders can extend a minimum of 3 feet over the edge.


Buying an extension ladder for your house is a great idea. And, among these seven options of best extension ladders, we will recommend Telescoping Ladder as an equipment that can meet the highest standards and surely bring you satisfaction feelings.

We hope you can find the best extension ladder for your own purposes. In case you want to share your experiences, we are here to listen.

Thank you for reading!