Having the best exterior caulk means that there is no problem to makeover any surfaces. Even if it is a surface with pours, or the one does not, that caulk can get the thing easier.

Choosing the right product for yourself is art itself because you need to be wit and well-informed of the product.If it is your trouble, why don’t you try this article right away?

There are a lot of things needed to know before seeking. For example, how many types of exterior caulks are there? What are the elements to consider? And some recommendations can also not be missed here.

Now, look at the list of reviews below first and start your journey.

Top 5 Best Exterior Caulk Reviews

Bestseller No. 1
Red Devil 084650 84650 Window & Door Siliconized Acrylic Caulk, 10.1 oz, Gray
Red Devil 084650 84650 Window & Door Siliconized Acrylic Caulk, 10.1 oz, Gray
Interior/exterior use; 35 year limited; Water clean-up; Energy efficient; Made in the USA
Bestseller No. 2
DAP INC 18152/11440 10.1oz White Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk with Silicone, 2 Pack
DAP INC 18152/11440 10.1oz White Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk with Silicone, 2 Pack
This product is a 10.1oz White caulk; Premium quality; 100 % rtv silicone professional grade
Bestseller No. 4
DAP 10.1 Oz Gr DYNAFLEX Ultra 7079818215 Advanced Exterior Sealant, Iron Gray, 40 to 100 deg F, Cartridge
DAP 10.1 Oz Gr DYNAFLEX Ultra 7079818215 Advanced Exterior Sealant, Iron Gray, 40 to 100 deg F, Cartridge
10.1 Ounce Cartridge; Color : Iron Gray; Paintable; Exterior/Interior; Formulated with Weather Max technology

Best Exterior Caulk Reviews Available on the Market

To the best of our knowledge, 5 of many exterior caulks available on the market are worth considering purchasing.

Colorfast Hydroment Color-Matched Caulk

1. Colorfast Hydroment Color-Matched Caulk

Topped our list is the Hydroment Color Matched Caulk from Colorfast. With a rough texture, this is a perfect caulk for sanded grout.

General features: The large capacity – 10.3 ounces. The caulk formula includes silicone and acrylic latex. UV, moisture, and mildew resistant. Apply for the exterior and interior needs. Built-up for a standard caulk gun. Satisfy ASTM C834 Standards.

Being sanded caulk, the Colorfast Hydroment allows you to caulk along your walls and floors sanded effectively.

One benefit of it is the drying time is really fast. Frequently, it only takes about an hour, except the low moisture condition, from 3 to 5 days.

Not one color, the Colorfast provides the customers with an array of colors. Colors are differently shown by all monitors. What colors do you like?

Pros: Easy to use, dried as stated, good color match for bricks, match the grout perfectly, clean it up with water.

Cons: Likely mistake between colors when choosing to purchase.

Sashco 10024 10.5-ounce Big Stretch Caulk

2. Sashco 10024 10.5-ounce Big Stretch Caulk

The next caulk is the model from Sashco – the Sashco 1002, which is the best caulk for baseboards.

General features: This is a super-elastic caulk. Allow using for the interior and exterior need. Just use the soap-and-water mixture to clean it up. A variety of colors . Don’t worry about tearing, pulling away, or cracking.

Not only do you have one or two selections but there are also 13 various options. You may comfortably choose a proper color as desired. Based on many different reviews, the Sashco 10024 Big Stretch Caulk has the great elasticity capacity. While using, you do not have to worry about the following risks: pull away, crack, or tear.

Being an ideal option for both exterior and interior applications, soffits, baseboards, windows, siding, eaves, and doors included, this caulk also suits for the soundproofing and crown molding wall but remember to avoid areas of water submersion prolonged and you will be fine. It will help you big time so take note of it!

Pros: Supply well even in very cold weather. Look great on your log home. Easy to use. Great for faux grass. Cleaning is super easy.

Cons: There is only problem: hard to find the right color when re-purchasing.

Dap 18128 5.5-ounce Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk

3. Dap 18128 5.5-ounce Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk

Another caulk that you can trust to invest is the Dap 18128 Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk. It is a very preferred caulk produced in the US and over ASTM Specification C 834.

General features: The 5.5oz capacity. Used for adhesive caulk, caulk & sealants. Made in the USA. Resist moisture and mildew. Reach up to 35 years of durability. Multi-purpose.

Even from the name, the Dap 18128 is obviously an acrylic latex caulk plus silicone. The durability and flexibility are no doubt. The durability guarantee is no under 35 years. When applied, it can cure mildew issues and even does not keep moisture in there. Furthermore, the ability to adhere to the applied surfaces is great. You can use it for wet areas, showers, sidewalks, tubs, for example. For cleaning, you just need to use water. It is okay!

Pros: Very easy to clean up, save a lot of time, there is no bad smell, it applies easily and smoothly, holds up very well.

Cons: It takes a very long time to dry though, no cap received with the tube.

Dap 18128 Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone 5.5-Ounce
Dap 18128 Alex Plus Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone 5.5-Ounce
  • DAP ALEX PLUS All Purpose Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone America's #1 selling latex caulk. A superior quality, all-purpose acrylic latex caulk plus silicone that is is highly flexible, durable, and has excellent adhesion to create a long-lasting waterproof seal.
  • All purpose – strong multi-surface adhesion; Paint in 30 minutes; Won’t shine through or discolor paint.
  • Shrinks less for a durable seal; Flexible; Resists cracking and chalking; 100% waterproof seal.
  • Easy water clean-up; Low odor; Cured caulk is resistant.
  • 40 Year; Exceeds ASTM C834 Specification; VOC compliant; Interior/exterior use.

General Electric GE5020 10.1-Ounce

4. General Electric GE5020 10.1-Ounce

If you are searching for a caulk, not including acrylic, you have found a right one – the General Electric GE5020 Caulk. It contains 100% silicone.

General features: Multi-purpose, only consist of silicone, waterproof and crack-proof, 10.1 ounces, made in the USA.

The GE5020 Caulk allows applying in the rainy condition. Don’t get washed away with water. Thanks to having the fast adhesion, after three hours, it is likely exposed to water. Different from caulks containing acrylic, they can get broken down in water over time. But, silicone is permanent. Correspondingly, this caulk is especially ideal for driveways, sidewalks, masonry, or patios because of flexibility, sun-proof, and waterproof.

Pros: Dry quickly, adhere well, very easy to work with, perfect for small jobs like small cracks, keep moisture out.

Cons: The color was light beige, not light grey, expensive.

Dap 18110 10.1-Ounce Acrylic Latex Caulk

5. Dap 18110 10.1-Ounce Acrylic Latex Caulk

The final product that we want to introduce to you is the exterior caulk from the DAP. It is a great option for those who are looking for the best exterior paintable caulk.

General features: It is very easy to clean it up with water. Likely paint within 30 minutes. Resist the moisture and mildew. Provide you to the high durability. Combine acrylic latex with silicone.

With the Dap 18110 Caulk, you can use it for the interior and external demand. It passes ASTM Specification C 834.
The color is slate gray, so it is inconspicuous. The capacity is approximately 15.2 ounces. Allow you to complete a large number of cracks or holes on the wall and floor.

The paintable time is especially short – 30 minutes, so don’t take plenty of your time. The product still makes the consumer have peace of mind on the durability – 35-year durability guarantee. That’s why its quality has a high opinion of most of the customers. What are you waiting for? Let’s add it to your shopping list.

Pros: Work perfectly, easy to use , it is not difficult to clean after, the adhesive strength is very good, dried to a hard seal.

Cons: Dried for over 48 hours, the gray color is very dark.

Types of Caulk

In most cases, caulks are made from silicone or latex. Even some companies and manufacturers produce caulk products from the combination of these materials known as “siliconized latex” or “latex plus silicone”. They are outstanding with the durability of silicone and the easy-to-use feature of latex.

There are 2 forms of caulk: a squeeze tube and cartridge. While squeeze tube works well for small projects, the combination of a cartridge and caulk gun provides a more continuous bead.


  • The cartridge comes with 9-11 ounces of caulk.
  • The squeeze tube has 3-6 ounces of caulk.

Types of Caulk

Features of latex caulk and silicone caulk:

Latex caulk (painter’s caulk/ latex/ acrylic caulk)

Apply and replace easily. Be fine to be painted. Clean with the combination of soap and water easily. Comes with a minimal odor. Apply it to both nonporous and porous surfaces. The best choice for constant gaps.

Silicone caulk

Hard to apply and replace. Not all of them can be painted (check information on labeled). Needs mineral spirits to clean up, has more odor. Holds up to sunlight and extreme temperature. Works well on nonporous surfaces.

Why Should You Use Caulk?

If you want to fill cracks, or gaps around your doors, windows, plumbing, and pipes or keep your home away from environmental features like bugs, water, and air, caulk working as a sealant is an ideal solution.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Caulk

To invest the best caulk for trim, baseboards, and others, it would be best to consider the following factors:

Materials: A couple of caulks provide the better adhesion to the certain surfaces, so you need to consider carefully the surface applied before deciding.

Moisture: Is the caulked surface drier or wetter? In the wet conditions, you will need a caulk with the waterproof and mildew-resistant capacity.

Location: The exterior caulks are a prioritized option if you need to caulk outdoors.

Paintable: Not all caulks are paintable. If your demand is the best paintable caulk, the best plan would be to check the time before buying.

Application: Instead of choosing to purchase a caulk that requires you to use chemicals to clean, you can prioritize to select the caulks cleaned up with water. It is important that these caulks are non-odor and safe.

How to Apply Caulk Properly

  • When applying caulk for cracks and joints, remember to keep it up to ½ inch wide.
  • You should apply caulk on a painted surface without dust. It’s better to paint a primer coat before caulking.
  • You always need to paint the wood surface before caulking it.
  • Cutting the tip of the caulk tube decreases the amount of caulk flowing out of the tube in place of creating a big hole. Never do that.
  • You had better use a putty knife to widen the under ¼ inch joints and cracks before caulking.
  • Move the gun slowly while applying caulk.
  • To avoid causing a mess, you should use a damp cloth to clean the spout and your hands as well. After applying within 2-5 minutes, you are allowed to use a wet caulk-smoothing tool.
  • If you caulk around moldings, make sure to fill the crack enough only. Moreover, you have to put enough pressure with the tip of your fingers as long as it is shaped into a clean corner joint. Pay attention that it’s hard to paint round joints.
  • Before caulking, you must also clean shower, bidets, sinks, lavatories, and tubs because applying it over mold, mildew, and the wet surface may not adhere properly.
  • Get rid of body oils, soap scum and other residues by swabbing the joint with rubbing alcohol.
  • It’s good to caulk your bathtub after you fill it with water. Because the weight of water can produce strains which create the biggest possible joints between your bathtub and the wall.
  • Use low-tack tape for a sensitive and finished surface after each near finish. This makes the caulk dry faster.
  • Sometimes, caulk may shrink after drying. In this case, you need to caulk another layer to produce a neater surface in place of overfilling your crack.
  • Removing old caulk carefully before applying over previous and existing sealed joints. When it comes to masonry and concrete surfaces, it’s better to use a wire brush to remove the caulk.
  • Silicone caulk requires mineral spirits to clean the areas around the caulk. Meanwhile, you can use the combination of soap and water for others.

In brief

Based on the knowledge about the best exterior caulk and the list of products, what will be your pick? You like the Hydroment Color Matched Caulk from Colorfast or fall in love with the other.

For me, Sashco 1002 has always been my partner for years because of its large capacity. Your decision is probably different from mine. Ok, no problem. But we hope that you find the article helpful for your shopping. And do not hesitate to share your options