What are the differences between the best home air compressor and other “the best” in this product line? Do you think that the device for home tasks is the same as the one for work out of home?

In some cases, you can make use of one air compressor for both objectives including in home and out of the home. But, to optimize the efficiency, it is essential to search for the best home product.

The information below is reviews and guides to help you make a decision. Let’s follow.

Top 5 Best Home Air Compressors

A List of the Best Home Air Compressors

Followings are five best home air compressors for your ideal picking. Let’s get more information about them.

1. Bostitch BTFP02012 Air Compressor: Amazing Capacity

Bostitch BTFP02012 Air CompressorEditor Rating:

The oil-less feature and the intermediate-light-to-medium use are things that you should not miss with this Bostitch BTFP02012. Along with numerous other vital points, the product becomes the first choice of many users out there.

I call it a multi-task air compressor. Are you wondering why? At 90 PSI, 2.6 SCFM is the air amount which the BTFP02012 can deliver. This outcome enables the machine to apply with a wide range of tasks as brad driving, spray gun and pinners.

Another impression lies in the way the compressor runs. It is such a quiet operation. Its pump speed at 90 PSI, for example, reaches approximately 2,700 RPM. Experts rate its noise at 80 dB which almost does not make a sound when doing simple work as nailing. There is even no need for ear protectors at all.

To fill up the 6-gallon tank, the BTFP02012 takes 2 minutes and a half. After each time of pumping up, the compressor needs only 25 seconds on average to recover. In fact, the shorter the recovery takes, the less irritating the noise will be.

The light structure comes with 29-pound weight and a 14-inch tank. I see that its size is not much different from a fully loaded toolbox. Plus, there is a handle designed on the top. The part makes it easier to move the compressor around a job site.

A control system is available in a convenient order as well. The on-off switch gets the position on the right side of the handle. At the top, we have a tank pressure gauge on the left along with a valve of regulator and safety on the right.

As for drawbacks, I cannot ignore its disappointing durability. This aspect somehow causes my mood to go down. After using for months, the compressor started giving the low flow and not regulating pressure well.

This BTFP02012 needs more maintenance than other products since it is quite sensitive to environmental conditions. From the humidity, air cleanliness to the temperature, they all can have adverse effects on such a pancake compressor.

Control panel is large and clear enough for me to forget sticking my face to track displayed dials. But there is still a deviation of about 100 – 200 PSI compared with the original dials. It seems to be hard to get a super accuracy.

One more thing is that the power cord is not as long as I expect. It is only 5 feet in length. So, there will be a limitation if you want to move into a large working space. Otherwise, in a small place, you may not find any problems.

The compressor owns an awkward nut. This part is belonging to a standard drain cock and requires you to spin six times to open the valve. In a case that you wear gloves, it will be inconvenient to hold and turn.


  • Lightweight
  • Multi-task compressor
  • Convenient control system
  • Large & clear control panel
  • Quiet operation


  • Dial deviation
  • Short power cord
  • Inconvenient valve nut

Although I still find some issues with the BTFP02012, they are all the things that I can improve. For example, to strengthen the durability, I will focus more on maintenance.

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2. PORTER-CABLE CMB15 Air Compressor: Simultaneous Multi-task Performance

Porter-Cable CMB15Editor Rating:

With CMB15, the Porter-Cable makes it with a super motor which can reach 150 PSI at most. I mean that the feature enables the unit to cater even three medium-powered tools at the same time. At the level of 40 PSI, the power the CMB15 can produce is 3.0 CFM. You can do the tire inflating, the nail gun powering and so many more.

In term of weight, the CMB15 gets only 20 pounds. There are very few products which can compete at such level yet. The lightweight adds more portability on the unit.

I consider this product as one of the best home air compressors with the high portability on the market today. It runs on 120V which is a standard electric requirement on the market. Not only that, but the unit can also operate in the cold without any problem.

It is a new technology that the brand applies to this CMB15. A single stage pump allows oil-free usage. It means that you can decrease the maintenance fee. The non-stick piston does not need to lubricate and cuts down the weight as well.

When buying an air compressor, you should not choose the one with rubber feet. Working on slippery surfaces is inevitable. The feet add more friction and absorb vibration. Hence, the operation will get less noisy.

To help you save lots of money, this air compressor offers a wide range of accessories. You need to make one purchase; then you own many things. They are a nylon coil hose, tapered nozzles, a needle for inflating, a tire chuck, a hose adapter and so on.

As for the hose power, the unit runs only 0.8 HP. Although this capacity is much higher than many other air compressors, it dissatisfies me a little bit. Such drawback prevents me from doing some harder work.

Moreover, sometimes, leakage is inevitable. When setting a needle suitable for each task, this problem will happen if you set up improperly. So, please be careful to avoid bad troubles.


  • High durability
  • Nice portability
  • Smooth use in both hot and cold conditions
  • Quiet operation
  • Oil-free pump
  • Quick recovery


  • No suitability for heavy tasks
  • Easy leakage

From design and features, the CMB15 can do the best match with those needing an airing tool for small projects. It is a compact product but a super-powered motor for sure.

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3. Makita MAC700 Air Compressor: Compact & Safe Design

Makita MAC700Editor Rating:

People call this air compressor “Big Bore” – an exceptional name. Well, do you know what does it mean? Let’s me do a quick explanation and show you why it becomes my favorite.

“Big Bore” is the way they mention the cylinder size. In comparison with other products, this one can reach up to 130 PSI without making too much noise. It means that the 2.6 – gallon tank can fill up quickly. And it also takes less time to recover.

Besides, there is no need for the motor to run so fast. It will not annoy you by noise when recharging the tank. You also do not have to pause the home circuit whenever the recharging starts again.

I think that talented people at Makita have spent a lot of time before launching their product. They design two hose for one compressor in a compact space. It deserves to be the best home air compressor. You can store it anywhere you want, from a cupboard, a bench or even stairs.

Another thing that I prefer is covering. This part protects users from troubles of burning. When running the motor, any careless fingers can lead to unexpected accidents.

Despite the compact structure, it does not mean that the MAC700 shows the lightweight. With the 59 pounds, the unit is not ideal for you to carry it out of the home. But, if you still want, you can prepare a case to go.

Since here is not an easy-to-use air compressor, you need to pay much attention to setting up and run the unit carefully. I remember that there is the documentation in the package which can bring a lot for your usage.

The trouble is often in the first time with the machine. It includes filling the motor oil, running the unit or setting up the needle. So, don’t forget to get detailed information to avoid damaging the new investment.

Unluckily, the Makita MAC700 is not an oil-free air compressor, so you must spend much time maintaining. My recommended frequency is every three months. You clean the machine and lubricate it as frequently as you can.


  • Quiet operation
  • Compact design
  • Safe covering


  • Heavyweight
  • Oil-pump

The Makita Mac700 is one of the most common air compressors on the market. It should be in the optional list if you love to follow the crowd. But, you ought to keep the power it can deliver in mind. If more power is in your need, the Makita Mac700 must be worth considering.

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4. Rolair JC10 Air Compressor: Super Quiet Operation

Rolair JC10 1 HP Oil-LessEditor Rating:

Who does say that small air compressors make no sense in most cases? I don’t know how you think about this idea. But it is the greatest gift for a DIY lover like me and this product does the best thing, too.

For the next recommendation, I will let you know about an oil-less air compressor. That is my best friend in all the small tasks at home. It is the Rolair JC10.

Coming with extremely model specs as well as signature, the unit brings you a chance to enjoy the quiet operation.

To be the best air compressor for using around home or workshop, the machine must meet the noise level requirement. The JC10 is available with the California Air Tools CAT6310. So, its noise rating is only 60dB. The figure allows users to run the unit even at night or next to any conversation without bothering.

For many air compressors out there, their brands do not mention to the duty cycle. There are often two reasons for this hiding. One is that the duty cycle is low. And the other may be because of the too high duty cycle.

Back to the case of the Rolair, it owns a productive one which makes up 70%. The number means that every hour, the compressor can run for 40 minutes.

Besides the quiet operation, the unit also comes with a backup light. Both of them become a perfect combination for the home using air compression.

Regardless of the great features above, this product still should be in consideration. Its heavy weight of over 40 pounds will be a big irritation for you in moving. Despite rubber feet to avoid vibration, that no wheel available may trouble you a lot.

There is a tank of 2.3 gallons. In my opinion, it is not a favorable capacity. Like other products I mentioned above, they usually have a capacity of 6 gallons. However, to trade off this shortage, the unit shows the short time requirement of recharging after every using. Exactly, the recovery time is 11 seconds.

If you buy the JC10, there are no accessories included. Then you need to take your tools into usage. I suggest three accessories including a high-quality hose, a quick connecting set, and a backup valve.

The oil-less compressors are often the maintenance free. But, the regular checking for seals, bolts, connectors as well as storage tank can be not ignorable. All of them may get drained after many times of running.


  • Quiet run
  • Quick recharging
  • Portability
  • Rubber feet


  • Low – capacity tank
  • Lack of protective covering
  • Inconvenient gauge

Like other air compressors, the Rolair JC10 shows construction issues as well. But, in general, I still appreciate it. The quality is acceptable enough for you to take care of home tasks well.

Because of the feature of quietness, the JCB10 can keep the disturbance at a minimum level. You will feel free to work for light DIY, carpentry, inflation, airbrushing and many more things around houses.

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5. Helteko Portable Air Compressor: Perfect Potability

Helteko Portable Air CompressorEditor Rating:

The last idea of the list today I love to recommend is a portable air compressor from the brand Helteko. On the market, these days here may be one of the best picks in the line of 12V air compressors.

For many other users and me, the very first impression with the Helteko product is its design. The covering comes with a blend of black and red which is an extremely modern combination.

I call it a self-contained baby. The brand makes it perfect with the all-in-one compressor. It stores everything inside with a compact shape. One unit with a wide range of extra features becomes ideal support for emergency. It is the reason why the Helteko compressor is suitable to do work as well as bring along the road.

Of many different nozzles available, you can apply this compressor in multiple tasks around your home. For instance, some inflation jobs include filling bike tires, sports balls, or inflatable pools. Besides, there is no problem to inflate vehicle tires but large trucks.

As I mentioned in the first part of this recommendation, this is the best 12V air compressor. It can reach high PSI and CFM. The strength gives better inflation in comparison with other products. For a standard tire, it takes around three minutes to pump up.

There are three choices of nozzles in total. Despite that fact, using this Helteko compressor is extremely easy as long as you do an improper setup. Just one wrong step can lead to unexpected leakage and the unit quality, then, gets worse for sure.

ABS plastic and stainless steel are two main materials of this compressor. I have no complaint about the steel quality. The plastic is another story yet. Some plastic position shows signs of easy-breaking after several usage.

Thankfully, the whole compressor is in a tough case. So, the Helteko adds one extra point for their product. To enjoy perfect durability, you need to take care of much of the plastic area. Mainly, prevent hard force into the unit and cover it with the storage bag when moving.


  • Durability
  • Multiple nozzles
  • High CMF
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Powerful motor


  • Overshoot pressure
  • Easy-breaking plastic

I rank this Helteko air compressor as an easy-to-use pump. Unique features enable you to bring the product wherever you want. But you should consider a cover bag for better durability.

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How to Choose the Best Home Air Compressor?

How to choose the best home air compressorWhen starting to learn more about the air compressors, many users think that they are quite complex. But the fact is so simple. And choosing the best home air compressor is not challenging as you have thought about.


How do you think about the durability? Do you plan to use the upcoming air compressor in one, two or three years? The durability can betray your expectation due to the durability.From the design, structure to material, all of them affect a lot the durability of the whole unit. For example, low-quality plastic cannot offer a protective covering. And the stainless steel can do the best work.

Besides, your maintenance also plays an important role. If you buy the oil-free air compressor, the requirement of maintaining will decrease. You will not have to waste to much time checking how well all parts can work at the moment.


Generally, the air compressor home using is mainly the small task as inflating tires or paint spraying. So, the capacity is not a super essential element. But I still want to mention here since it somehow can change your efficiency.To pump up one or two tires, I often need an air compressor having the 5-gallon tank. After each usage, the unit need time to recover. The bigger the capacity is, the longer the using time before recovery will get.

Many people prefer models with a 15-gallon tank. However, I think the 6-gallon one is pretty reasonable.


The home task does not mean that you do the work at only one position. Now, you may inflate car tires in the garage. And you could do carpenter in the workshop. An air compressor without portability cannot prevent you from completing tasks effectively.There are two things which you can base on to decide with the portability. One is what the unit’s weight is, and the other is how huge its form gets.

In case that the compressor does not own the lightweight, wheels should be available for more convenient movement if the form is an impact, how helpful the device will be when it has a handle on the top.


Brands have launched tons of air compressors per day into the market. Different kinds of products cost different prices. Depending on your demand, you should choose the most suitable unit which is not too cheap or too high.I am assuming that you do not require much in the device and want to do simple tasks. Then, an expensive choice will be not necessary. Otherwise, if the task is out of a home with a high frequency, a costly picking will be worth your investment.


After a long period of seeking and trying, I have found out my desired best home air compressor. It is the Bostitch BTFP02012. How convenient for my work it is.

A compact pancake design combines with a 6-gallon tank. The two, nice color and many other outstanding features almost meet my demand for tasks around my home. That is a perfect baby supporting me all years long.

And I hope that one of the products I mention here also become your dearest working friend in the future. To update numerous articles for a fantastic product review, please stay tuned, everyone.