How many times did you get the dead engine on the road and have to ask other car owners to help jump start your car? Yes, it can be a bit frustrating when facing engine stalls. It’s even worse if you’re alone in the middle of the night.

That’s when the jump starters with air compressors come and save the day. You can start your car without the help of another vehicle. Thanks to this life-saving feature, nowadays drivers consider it a must-have device on trips.

But we can sometimes feel a bit baffled while choosing among thousands of models. So, if you’re also finding a jump starter with an air compressor which performs flawlessly, our post today will bring you everything you need!

Top 10 Best Jump Starters With Air Compressors

SaleBestseller No. 1
STANLEY J5C09 Portable Power Station Jump Starter 1000 Peak Amp Battery Booster, 120 PSI Air Compressor, USB Port, Battery Clamps
STANLEY J5C09 Portable Power Station Jump Starter 1000 Peak Amp Battery Booster, 120 PSI Air Compressor, USB Port, Battery Clamps
Delivers serious jump-starting power with 1000 peak amps and 500 instant starting amps
Bestseller No. 10

Top 9 Best Jump Starters With Air Compressors

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700

1. Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700 is all about the high quality. Besides the incredible and versatile features, the power of this unit is beyond your imagination.

Coming with the PROFORMER battery, you can quickly jump start your vehicle thanks to the 1700 peak amps and 425 cranking amps. Also, the built-in AC charger offers automatic recharging allowing the unit to work anywhere and anytime..

It’s also easy-to-use as all you have to do is to connect to the standard extension cord. It’s even better as it can remain unplugged and still, it’s unaffected. When it’s fully charged, it will stop automatically.

However, most people complain that the warranty policy is unprofessional. You’ll have to spend $85 to repair the product even if it isn’t your fault.

Dewalt DXAEPS2

2. Dewalt DXAEPS2

If your heavy truck always brings you headaches when it comes to engine stalls, get yourself the Dewalt DXAEPS2. Possessing substantial capacity, Dewalt DXAEPS2 can jump-start your car multiple times without recharging.

The most excellent feature of all, however, lies at the powerful engine. How many units out there can master the job of both a jump starter and a stationary compressor? We could only count on our fingers.

Moreover, it also comes with a frame for extra protection, which is helpful in some cases. But due to its robust power, the product is a bit heavy and low in portability.

Stanley J5C09

3. Stanley J5C09

When it comes to the portability, Stanley J5C09 stands out as the best mobile and the most useful unit. Not only does it provide superior jump-starting capability, but it also offers a wide range of valuable features for emergencies.

Moreover, the safety of this product is also top-notch. It comes with overcharge protection and a reverse polarity warning, which both helps to protect users and avoid damages towards the machine.

Although Stanley J5C09 offers a one-year warranty, many other products having warranties of up to five years are more favorable.

Dewalt DXAEJ14

4. Dewalt DXAEJ14

If you’re all about the simplicity and reliability, DeWalt DXAEJ14 will be the best option.

This unit doesn’t come with any special features; instead, it offers the most necessary and essential functions such as jump-starting engines, inflating tires, charging electronic devices, and so on.

Despite the cumbersome appearance, the overall portability is acceptable. As it features an ergonomic handle, the ease of transport is much higher.

Suaoki 600A

5. Suaoki 600A

The Suaoki 600A is a 3-in one solution coming in a mobile, lightweight, and drop resistant package. Not only does it perform flawlessly in boosting your car, but it also acts as a power-hub for all digital devices.

The unit also comes with intelligent circuits and safe battery clamps for safety purpose and time efficiency. Unless all the clamps are correctly connected, the machine won’t work.

The drawback, however, lies at faulty units by mistake and the low compatibility.



Next, we have JF.EGWO. This product offers intelligent- detective function which allows the unit to enter sleep mode to save power automatically.

However, despite the ideal compact size, many people claim that the power is not robust enough to jump-start the engine. Some people may even face issues with low battery capacity.

Bolt Power N02

7. Bolt Power N02

If you’re looking for a useful device to start up your dead engine, Bolt Power can get the job done well no matter if it is a small car or a heavy-duty truck. It only offers the most basic functions; thus, it is very compact and light.

The product also follows safety regulations strictly. Their clamps feature circuit, overheating, overloading, over-current, and other protections. However, their cords are a bit short.

Stanley PPRH5

8. Stanley PPRH5

It is the perfect device for drivers. The best thing about Stanley PPRH5 is it can boost your engine immediately. For those who possess old cars or experience issues with the stalled engine, get this product.

However, due to its cumbersome packaging, most people find it pretty hard to transport. Also, there is no LED display, which makes using in the dark a challenging task.

Rally Portable 8 in 1

9. Rally Portable 8 in 1

Rally Portable 8-in-1 is a hand-operated starter which can even work when the battery dies. It can jump-start a standard 12-volt battery anytime and anywhere.

Besides, this one also has one of the most robust air compressors on this list. The air compressor can fully charge the same battery as the jump starter. Thus, the on-board pull handle can still provide consistent power even when the battery runs out.

However, it seems like the build quality is quite low. Many have criticized for this and want the manufacturer to work on this issue.

What is a Jump Starter?

What is a Jump StarterA jump starter is a 12-volt lead-acid battery, which is the same as the batteries used in your cars. However, they are smaller than car batteries and only weigh from 25 to 30 pounds. As the ease of maneuver is the top requirement, they both compact in sizes and are incredibly lightweight.

The primary and most basic function of a jump starter is to play the role of a portable power source to boost up stalled engines. When you’re traveling, having a unit will allow you to conveniently jump start your engine in seconds without having to ask for other drivers.

Benefits Of A Jump Starter With An Air Compressor.

Benefits Of A Jump Starter With An Air Compressor

Jump Start

Of course, jump starters should help you with your dead engines. These useful devices are the lifesaver of your stalled car. Jump starter with an air compressor is a budget-friendly, high-tech emergency, and safe assistant in any unfortunate cases you might meet during long trips.

Inflate Tires

Moreover, the ultimate portable emergency jump starters with air compressors have to be able to inflate flat tires. Still, in the case of that the tires are heavily damaged, it might not be as useful.

However, if it just has a small leak, the accompanying compressors may provide you with enough inflation to reach a store or at least a safe place, such as at your friend house or a garage.

Electronic Device Charger

Last but not least, many units out there do come with lots of power outlets allowing users to charge several digital devices. Now, you’re no longer having headaches when being stuck alone without phones to call for help.

The Buying Guide

Jump Starters and Battery Chargers? Are They The Same?

Jump Starters and Battery ChargersWhen mentioned jump starters, many mistake them for battery chargers. Yes, they do have lots of similarities (the construction of a high powered battery with two cables), but their use is entirely different.

While jumper starters are a practical portable kit used for emergency, battery chargers are home-used tools using to charge stationary cars. Unlike jump starters, battery chargers are for long stops or overnight charging only.

What To Search For In A Jump Starter

What To Search For In A Jump StarterChoose According To Your Car Battery

Different cars have different batteries. Therefore, it’s essential to know your battery size and their required voltage to pick the perfect jump starter with an air compressor for your vehicles.

Moreover, the wattage (amp) also plays a significant role as it represents the power of jump starters. There are two indexes regarding wattage – the cranking and peak amps.

Peak amps are the highest power produced by the jump starter in a short period. Thus, it doesn’t indicate the actual power strength. The cranking amps, however, is more realistic. It represents the real power of the starter through a long, continuous period.

The Size Of The Engine

Besides the battery, the size of the engine is also a must-consider factor. Usually, diesel-powered engines possess bigger batteries compared to gasoline-powered ones. Thus, a stronger jump starter system is preferred.

Look at the table of cranking amps of jumper starters below for references.

Gasoline engines Diesel engines
4 cylinders 150-200A 300-400A
6 cylinders 200-250A 400-500A
8 cylinders 250-300A 600-700A

Of course, you can still try to jump-start your vehicle using a less powerful starter, but it’d be likely failing as the unit cannot provide enough power.


Of course, no one wants an unrealistic unit. Nowadays, there are a lot of compact-sized and versatile jumper starters available. Manufacturers even came up with products which can be re-charged and work with multiple devices like phone chargers.

Safety Features

Safety always comes first. Therefore, it’s essential to use units with features like short-circuit or over-current protection. It will guarantee your safety and help to avoid damages towards the jump starter and the car.

Build quality

Most of the time, your jump starter will end up in a not so pleasant status once being dropped or went through roughhousing regularly. Thus, the construction quality is also an essential factor when shopping for a jump starter.

In our post, all the mentioned units are pretty solid and well put together. They already possess a good weight to them and seems pretty substantial for regular uses.

Another note regarding the jump starter build quality lies at the actual battery itself. Most of the batteries are made of Lithium-ion, and some even achieve several levels of safety certification.

Key Features Of A Jump Starter

Key Features Of A Jump Starter

Easy Recharge

Everyone wants to stay on top of the health of their jump starter so that it is always ready for emergencies. That means you have to keep it fully charged.

Most models come with an easy-to-use built-in AC cord using to recharge the device. Keep it in mind to pick the units with an onboard method for recharging purpose.

Heavy-Duty Insulated Clamps

Most of the time, dead engines and stalled cars occur in adverse conditions. There can be additional dirt under the wagon and build-up on the battery, which is not a good sign for connecting progress.

To avoid this situation and have a better connection, heavy-duty clamps are the top pick. Also, for higher safety, well-insulated clamps which prevent shocks are favorable.

Cable Length

Cable length indicates the flexibility level when you turn on the jump starter battery and jump start your car. Cables have to meet the minimum required length of three foot or longer to be considered acceptable.


When talking about weight, most people will look at the battery’s size and capacity. If your frequent of using a jump starter is low, it’d be the best to have a compact-sized and lightweight unit.

Furthermore, optional features also result in the heavyweight. For examples, jump starters with more power outlets will weights heavier than standard units.


Last but not least, the warranty is also what many take into consideration. Warranties from different manufacturers will be different. Also, the type of jump starter battery affects the length of the warranty, too.

Most products often have a warranty of between 90 days up to 5 years. When all features are equal, a more extended warranty undoubtedly is a deal breaker.

Optional Features

Optional Features

Power Outlets

As jump starters are portable devices, it should be an excellent traveling assistant. Not only is it made for emergencies, but also, it also acts as a temporary power source for all of your digital devices carrying alongside us.Nowadays, most standard power outlets are AC outlets (for video players and laptops) and USB-shaped DC outlets (for smartphones and MP3 players).


The reason why most people consider lighting as one of the most critical features is because of its useful help in dark environments. Imagine being stuck on the highway in the middle of the night without any light to help with the jump starting task! It’s a nightmare.Yes, without the light, jump starting in the dark is the real challenge. Therefore, many manufacturers have included built-in lights to solve this problem.

How To Use A Jump Starter

Although it’s much easier to restart your car using a jump starter with an air compressor, users still have to remember some important notes below before actually doing it.

Proper Connection

Proper ConnectionThe most important step is to connect the unit with the car battery properly. Find red cable and connect with the positive (+) terminal of the battery.

The same thing happened with the black cable – connect it to the negative ( – ) terminal. If you mistake the two terminals, you cannot start the starter as the power transmittance is incorrect.

It can even be worse if a short circuit occurs causing fire and break jump starters. Remember to turn off the unit during this process.

Operate The Starter

After the connected cables are in the proper position, you can turn on the unit. In case of having a high-powered device, adjust the power to suit your engine size (some products might do it automatically). And then, you’re good to go.

Crank The Car

Now, you can jump-start your car. If everything is fine and nothing is broken, you should be able to restart your car in a blink of an eye.If it doesn’t work after 5 seconds of cranking, please stop and try again. You can also repeat the steps for a few times. If nothing happens, check everything once again to find out where the problem is.

You should avoid long cranking as it creates more stress on your product and drains more power. Also, keep it in mind to let the jump starter rest a bit between unsuccessful tries.

Recharge Your Jump Starter

Recharge Your Jump StarterAfter each use, remember to recharge your unit for the next time and ensure there is enough power for emergencies.

To close the topic,

So, what do you have in mind? Have any products up there stolen your heart? We understand that none of them is perfect, they still need to improve a lot, but overall, they’re the best unit you can have.

Of course, if you want to recommend other products, feel free to leave a comment down below. We’d love to hear from you!