What do you need to prepare for your plan repainting your house?

Your favorite paints, paint brushes and rollers, of course.

Do you think about the best paint edger?

Is it essential?

Many people say no, but I say yes.

Even choosing a proper edger plays a vital role in creating a beautiful end. If not, your room may become a more ugly version than the previous one.

Now, perhaps you will wonder why this little thing is so necessary and vital.

Let me tell you:

An excellent edger makes your life easier, simpler, and more comfortable.

It allows you to reach close where you need to paint to complete with a beautiful look like a corner or your ceiling.

Top 5 Best Paint Edger

The Best Paint Edger in 2019

After learning from some experts, my own experiences, I will list the top five products on the market. Each of them suits people with different demands. Let’s see what you need and what it can give you:

1. Accubrush MX Paint Edger

Accubrush MX Paint EdgerEditor Rating:

Accubrush MX is a whole set paint edger roller including four rollers and four brushes, helping you reach all edges quickly and easily. This is also an economical choice because everything is available in the package. You don’t have to spend another amount of money for purchasing extra items.

Here are its outstanding features:

This is a washable and reusable paint edger, so you can use in the next time.

Thanks to the design of a plastic shield on a side, you protect where you don’t want to be away getting paint such as the corner, the comfort grip, and the side of the wall.

How to use this product?

Hold onto the handle and the edger, then fill the roller with paint and push down firmly. If everything is right, you will have an utterly pained surface.

Some users complain to the manufacturer about causing a mess while painting. It took them more time for cleaning after finishing.


  • Has a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Works well for door frames
  • Uses easily
  • Saves times


  • Not work well for textured walls

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2. Wagner Smart Edge Roller

Wagner Smart Edge RollerEditor Rating:

Although this is not a set, only a Wagner roller model can help you complete your task. Even it’s pretty convenient, easy, and simple to use.

Take a look at its great features:

The Wagner smart edge roller can hold up to six ounces at a time, so it’s fine to deal with a large project like a whole wall without stopping for more paint.

Moreover, its design allows you to reach the sharp edges. That means everything is in your control.

With each full reservoir, you can cover up to 96 linear feet of space, and the small design of roller helps you create great coverage.

If you don’t have a lot of time for cleaning, don’t worry. This washable product is easy to clean, and you can use it the next project.

How to use it?

This edger is installed with a roller and a tube, so you will fill up the tube with paint and push paint onto the roller using the plunger attachment at the rear.

Sometimes it slightly leaks from the handle, making a mess on your hand. However, this happens for the first time.


  • Better control
  • Easy to paint hard-to-reach areas thanks to a longer handle
  • Possible to paint in a long time
  • Less consumable time


  • When you roll with the button face down, the tension may cause the extension rod.

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3. Shur-Line 500 Premium Paint Edger

Shur-Line 500 Premium Paint EdgerEditor Rating:

This is not an expensive investment, suiting those who have a tight budget.

However, you still can find out some great features:

Shur-Line 500 premium paint edger allows you to attach it with a threaded extension pole to reach high areas, but you can maintain the control and balance very well.

The woven pad helps you paint on the surface with straight lines and perfectly smooth outcome. Thus, this product deals with around your doors and windows ideally.

How to use this best paint edger?

Because of a simple design, it’s straightforward to hold and use it. Furthermore, the guide wheels are convenient and fast for you to direct where you want to paint. If you need to reach a straight edge, pivot or swivel your unit.

When it comes to disadvantages, you need to spend another amount of money on buying a few extra pads.


  • Lightweight
  • Enjoyable a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to clean up


  • Make a mess

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4. HomeRight Quick Painter C800771

HomeRight Quick Painter C800771Editor Rating:

Although this is not a set like the first product, it’s attached some pads which are enough to complete your task.

Here is its outstanding feature:

When painting a room, cutting-in may be the hardest and most time-consuming part to paint. And HomeRight C800771 is designed to deal with edges around ceilings, doors, window trim, and baseboards quickly.

How to paint with C80071?

Unlike a paintbrush, this QuickPainter allows you to directly draw paint from a can and hold it in the handle. Therefore, there is no need to go back and forth for refilling on paint.

How to fill the handle with paint is also effortless. After removing the pad attachment, dip the tube into a paint can. Remember to press the trigger to fill the edger quickly.

Attach the pad, then slowly feather the trigger into a rag or cloth until the paint appears.

Some people said that this product leaves a mess; others don’t meet this problem. This depends on how to use it. So, be sure that you perform properly.


  • Available replacement pads
  • A two-year warranty
  • The flow in your control
  • Easy to clean


  • Doesn’t leave an excellent crisp edge like advertised

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5. Mr.LongArm 0470 Trim Smart Paint Edger Tool

Mr LongArm 0470 Trim Smart Paint Edger ToolEditor Rating:

Though this is a reasonable package, it can perform well all basic edging tasks.

Its great feature is that you can attach Mr.LongArm 0407 with an extension pole to paint the hard-to-reach areas like your high ceilings.

How to use it?

How to use it is similar to others. But, it’s not easy to find out pads fitting the design of the tool. You can buy on the Internet, but it requires you to wait for a long time (some days).

It’s challenging to paint a pure and clean line when attaching it with a pole because its design requires your good painting skills to control and balance.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to paint cutting-in
  • Impossible to leave an empty spot
  • Firm pad


  • Small brush

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Tips on Choosing the Best Paint Edger

Although the primary function of a pain edger is to reach closer to the corner where you need to be for completing your task, the different models give you a little different style. If you buy an unsuitable one, perhaps you can’t have a good outcome. To choose the best one, let you consider the following features:

The Types of Paint Edger

The types of paint edgerThere are two types of paint edgers: roll-on edger and smear-on edger.

The roll-on edger is a small flocked paint roller. It is designed with a shield to protect areas where you don’t want to paint away from painting. In general, how to use this edger is similar to a regular roller that is you will load it to spread the amount of paint it is holding.

Meanwhile, a smear-on edger comes with a pad which supports you spread paint over any surface. But this tool requires you fill the tube (about 50 linear feet of paint in a tube) with paint or dip the pad into the paint.

The drawback of this pad is that you need to load it up frequently since it can’t absorb a significant amount of paint at a time.


ShieldsIn case you invest in a roll-on edger, this consideration is critical.

A metal shield has a high level of stability, especially it comes with a solid and sharp connection against the wall without leaking.

But, with a tight budget, you can choose a cheaper option of the plastic shield, which has less accuracy. And it is a little hard to reach as close to the edge.

Generally, the material entirely depends on your personal preference.


SizeSize plays a vital role in how easy you will hold and use your edger. It should be large enough to paint quickly and small enough to keep the edger in your hand.

A product usually has several versions, so it’s better to check all and find out the most suitable one.

Apart from the size, I strongly recommend you consider which surface you will paint. If it is too large, let’s invest in a different style of the edger.


ExtendersWhere you need to paint is too far, right?

Do you need to have more height?

Some of the best paint edgers available on the market are very stable even when attaching it to poles or similar things. If you want to paint your ceiling, let’s look for a unit which can help you paint without using a ladder.

The products with this outstanding feature help you save a lot of time in place of working with a ladder.

How to Use a Paint Edger

How to use a paint edgerUsing a paint edger is a great and professional way to paint corners and edges. This is the guide to use this best tool:

  • Pour your paint on a tray. Make sure not to overload the pad when you sink it into the paint.
  • Dip the pad into the paint. Remember to wiggle the pad before loading.
  • Scrape the pad on the edge of the tray slightly without pressing it hard which may remove the paint. This way helps the pad be covered with paint evenly without dripping. It is also useful to control the amount of paint.
  • Firmly put the loaded paint edger on the surface you will paint. Glide the tool in one direction to unload paint.
  • Gently move the tool starting from the bottom to the top and from side to side. It’s better to work between 24-36 inches.

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The Benefits of the Best Paint Edger

The benefits of the best paint edgerMany people said that paint edger is a waste because they can apply some useful and practical tips for painting corners and edges. Read the followings, and you will recognize that this is a worthy investment:

  • First, it’s straightforward to paint cutting-in with straight lines on edges and corners.
  • This tool helps you paint with more confidence and accuracy, and it also gives you better control.
  • The best paint edger helps you save time. You can complete your task smoothly and quickly through corners and edges. There is no need to worry that it can reach areas where you don’t want to paint.

In sum, this tool supports you complete your work like a pro.

The Winning Paint Edger is ….

Shur-Line 500 Premium Paint Edger

First of all, it suits my economic condition and gives me a good outcome. With this tool, I paint edges and corners easily and quickly. And I don’t mind to spend a small amount of money on purchasing a few extra pads.

Now, it’s your turn. Please let me know which best paint edger did you buy? Could it give you a great result? If possible, don’t hesitate to leave your experiences in the comment below.