A person who likes change always wants to renew everything around them by repainting old things. However, for old metal or wood objects, it is hard to fix without removing the old paint. So how? Thanks to the paint best remover that we will introduce right now, your work will immensely subside.

This type of paint can help you remove old and redundant paint for easier repainting. So let’s find out what substance is a good fit for the job, as well as how to get them.

Top 5 Best Paint Remover

Best Paint Remover – An In-depth Review

1. Citristrip QCSG801 Paint

Citristrip QCSG801Editor Rating:

At the start of our list, we want to introduce to you the Citristrip QCSG801 Paint. This paint stripper is suitable for anyone who likes the sweet scent. Typically, when using chemical detergent, you will feel a bad odor that makes you uncomfortable. But with this citrus smell, you can complete your work without a problem.

Finding a good color stripper gel for outdoor uses is not hard like for indoor uses. As you have known, the inside of our house has little contact with the sun as well as other weather factors. Therefore, it takes a long time to dry. Of course, you may already understand how toxic a chemical is, right? But be assured of this product! It does not have any methylene chloride and will not be caustic, which makes it perfectly suitable for your house, your office, and so on.

Another good point of this chemical item is its versatility. No matter if you want to remove paint on the wood, metal, or masonry objects, it will work at its greatest to support you.

If you want to use this gel on your drywall, we advise you not to do that. Because this product has a high amount of moisture, so the drywall can absorb it and makes itself worse.


  • It does not contain strong toxic
  • The smell is not bad
  • It is perfect to use in your house, offices, etc


  • It is not ideal to use on drywall
  • The item is not safe to apply on plastic

Verdict: If you need the best paint remover for your house or office, we will recommend this product.

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2. Dumond Chemicals 3332

Dumond Chemicals Inc 3332Editor Rating:

The second product that we want to share with you is the Dumond Chemical. If you are looking for a biodegradable paint remover, you should consider buying this product. It is well designed to ensure safety for not only users but also the environment.

As this chemical item is based on water, you will find how easy to use it. In addition, it can help you to finish the work in a quick time. Believe us. You will have no complaint about its super efficiency. Just imagine that it can get rid of up to 15 coats!

In case you are allergic to hard smell, this product will surely have your trust. Why? The reason is, it does not create any smell while being used. No doubt that it is so friendly with the users.

In contrast to the advantages, this one is not ideal to apply on bricks. The chemical in this paint remover is simply just not strong enough to contact well with them. However, if you still want to remove the color from those bricks, you can try combining it with sandpaper.


  • It is not harmful to the plastic
  • The product is ECO friendly
  • You do not have to neutralize the surface of the stripped object


  • It is not suitable for bricks
  • It can not fully clean the wood stains

Verdict: This biodegradable color stripper will be suitable for any environment lover.

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3. Sunnyside 65832A Ready-Strip ADVANCED Paint

Sunnyside 65832AEditor Rating:

Those products above have not met your needs? Then how about trying this Sunnyside 65832A one? With super-strong cleaning ability, it can work greatly on many types of surfaces.

Normally, common paint removers on the market are only used to take out the color but not the stains or any different sticking objects. Unlike them, this one is designed to get rid of any paints, varnishes, stains, urethane, and lacquers, making sure for you about the high efficiency.

Moreover, this product still beats other chemical stripper gel in terms of fast work. While other items require from 4 to 5 hours to work, this one shows its ability right only after 1 – 2 hours! So quick, isn’t it?

Talking about this chemical stripper, we can not miss telling its capacity of removing paint. When you have so many layers of color or varnish, just apply this detergent on and see how it works. You may not believe it, but this stripper can get rid of up to 7 layers!

However, we want you to notice an important thing while using this product. This Ready-Strip is not suitable for applying on sheetrock, plastic, linoleum, or rubber. Because of its strong effects, you surely don’t want how it attacks those materials, right?


  • It begins to do the job quickly
  • The product has a high capacity of removing paint


  • It is not ideal for sheetrock, plastic, linoleum, or rubber

Verdict: If you need a strong paint remover, then you should put this product in your shopping basket right away.

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4. Dumond Chemicals 1160N

Dumond Chemicals Inc 1160NEditor Rating:

Do you want high efficiency in just one time of use? Then this Dumond Chemicals 1160N will impress you! As a “Heavy-Duty” paint remover with strong removing capacity, it can get rid of up to 30 coats in just one application!

Every time you talk about a strong chemical stripper, you may think right away to the high amount of toxic inside it, don’t you? On the other hand, so much chemical can start flaming if you don’t be careful in use. But those bad things will not happen in this lovely item. The manufacturer has designed it to be non-toxic and non-flammable. Besides, it will not create effects on your skin and cause carcinogens.

Another great thing about this item is, you can save a lot of money while purchasing it. Coming along with the product is a paste remover, an application tool, a laminated paper, and a neutralizer for surfaces. Thus, you won’t have to buy these support pieces of equipment separately anymore.

Although this stripper has many good sides, it still has limitations. Because the product is so strong, it can damage various types of materials such as veneer, plywood, drywall, aluminum, brownstone, sandstone, glass, etc. Not only that, but we also advise you not to get rid of urethanes, epoxies, or cementitious paints.


  • It is friendly to the environment
  • You can save much money while buying it


  • You must test the product on a small surface before applying it to the whole object.

Verdict: With its high efficiency, this stripper will be suitable if you want to finish the job in just one application.

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5. Motsenbocker’s Lift Off 413-01 Latex Based Paint Remover

Motsenbocker Lift Off 413-01Editor Rating:

The last product of our list is the Lift Off 413-01 made by Motsenbocker. Seeing the product, you may already notice its specialty, right? Yes, we are talking about the spray style. Thanks to this spray style, you can complete your job quickly, easily while still having high efficiency.

This product is designed with the Enviro science formula. Due to this reason, it can both remove the stickiest paint and make sure about the safety of the environment.

Still, as it comes in a small spray, you are unable to apply it on large surfaces like walls, windows, floors, etc. To have the best result, you should only use it to remove paints from your house furniture like table, chair, close-set, and so on.


  • It can take out the fresh and old color
  • The product is suitable for both hard and soft surfaces


  • It can only be applied on small surfaces

Verdict: If you care about convenience in using, you should consider buying this item. It has a spray style that would please you at best.

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How To Select The Best Paint Stripper?

Now you know the overall 5 greatest pain remover, right? So now, how can you own the best paint remover? Let’s see how to choose the most suitable one by depending on the following factors.

Multi-Surface Paint Stripper

Multi-Surface Paint StripperYou will not know which surface you are going to paint next. Therefore, a general paint stripper would be a good choice if you intend to use them multiple times and for many surfaces. However, when buying, check, or ask the salesperson if it can be used on a wooden surface. You can then consider additional benefits on other surfaces.

Dry Quickly

You can consider the paint remover that has a fast drying time. This is very convenient for you in case you need it urgently.

Many types of paint can dry quickly in a few minutes. However, you should also be aware of the chemicals in those paint cans that are harmful to you and your members in your family.

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Avoid Methylene Chloride

Methylene Chloride is a very dangerous ingredient in some paint remover. Therefore, you should be cautious when reading the ingredients in the packaging. If the most suitable paint remover contains this ingredient, we recommend that you should ask the seller, read the user manual, and find out more information on the Internet.

Type of paint strippers

Type of paint strippersThere are many types of paint remover on the market nowadays. However, you should choose one in three main types which are said to be great recently.

  • Solvent Paint Strippers
    This solvent paint remover has the advantage to melt or soften the adhesive of the surface. Once soft, the compound begins to bubble and you can use a shovel to remove it.
    This paint remover is very effective, however, as mentioned above, it is not good or even, posing a risk to your health because it includes Methylene Chloride.
    Besides this element, you can find alternatives such as Ketone, Acetone, and Toluene.
  • Caustic Paint Strippers
    This paint stripper usually contains the active ingredient of the lye and has a pH ranging from 13 to 14.
    When using caustic paint strippers, the oil in the paint adapts to the lye and makes it soapy and begins to foam. Thus, you can easily remove them from the surface. This paint remover is not as dangerous as the above type, but it can cause skin burns and lung irritation if you do not wear protective clothing.
  • Biochemical Paint Strippers
    Biochemical paint strippers have ingredients derived from plants. Contingent upon the brand or recipe, ingredients in paint strippers may contain soy oil, citrus extract, terpenes, dimethyl sulfoxide, or lactic acid. This type may cause skin irritation.


How to be safe by using a paint stripper?

This paint remover contains very toxic chemical ingredients. Therefore, every paint remover product always has warnings and instructions for use properly. To ensure safety for yourself and people those around you, you should note the following things:

  • You should use solvent-resistant gloves to protect against chemicals as well as protect your hands. Note that plastic bags fail to ensure safety.
  • Goggles are essential in removing paint. If you are not careful, chemicals in paint remover can splash on your face any time. So wary than cure.
  • For extra safety, you can cover your whole body with long-sleeved protective clothing. Of course, remember to wear a mask to protect the lungs. The smell of paint remover is extremely toxic and if you smell it for a long time, you may be poisoned.
  • More specifically, please consider the ventilation issue. This is a must. If you work outdoors, no problem. However, if your work is indoors, you should open all the windows to let the smell of paint remover fly out.

Which material and tools can I use to remove paint?

Besides protective gear, you should prepare these things before you start removing paint.

  • Chemical paint stripper
  • Natural bristle paint brush
  • HYDE QuickRelease Contour Scraper
  • Foam sanding block
  • Sandpaper
  • A rotary tool with a sanding bit
  • Wood bleach
  • Soft rags
  • Tack cloth


In conclusion, After learning a little knowledge, you can see that removing paint is quite easy, right? But any activity involving chemicals is dangerous, so read our instructions carefully before doing them.

Well, we have listed 5 best paint removers and how to choose them effectively. Hopefully, you can consider making the right choice for you.

If you have any questions, comment below or contact us, your answers will be replied soon.

And now, goodbye, and have a good day!