You wish to get a perfect layer of paint indoors, especially on your kitchen cabinets then you are on the right platform. Finding the right paint sprayer is difficult because you might not be aware of certain elements that are essential to consider while buying the best paint sprayer for cabinets.

There are numerous paint sprayers available in the market but choosing the best paint sprayer is extremely difficult because every paint sprayer comes with something unique and attractive. This article is going to enlist the best paint sprayer of all time. We are going to mention the positives and the important features of all the paint sprayers enlisted below.

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Top 5 Paint Sprayers of All Time – Especially for Cabinets

1. Graco Ultra Corded Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M359

Best Paint Sprayer cabinetsEditor Rating:

On the top of our list is the all amazing Graco Ultra corded airless paint sprayer. It is the newest addition to the Graco airless range and it is going to make a perfect choice when you are looking for cabinet paint sprayer. The paint sprayer comes with numerous features that are not available in any other electric handheld model currently available in the market. The paint sprayer comes with a Triax triple piston pump, including stainless steel and carbide components. It is durable and a lightweight machine that operates between 500-200 PSI. With such amazing features, you can be sure of the fact that you will be getting a perfect finish to your cabinets.

Moreover, the machine also comes with an extensive tip range from .008 to 0.16 which, ensures that you can get a variety of coating types. These tips are available because the Ultra Corded sprays primersstains, water-based, latex, acrylics, enamels and more. A perfect paint sprayer that fulfills all your requirements when it comes to painting your cabinets.

Graco Ultra’s ability to provide on the job replacement is another exceptional feature that users look for in paint sprayers. If you remove the Philips head screwdriver,you can easily remove and replace the pump. You can once again reinstall the door and screws to get the painting again. The RAC or Reverse-A-Clean Switch Tips is another feature that you need to look for in this all amazing paint sprayer. With this exception paint sprayer, it is extremely easy to clean the clogged tips. Moreover, these tips are also compatible with other Graco models. Graco Ultra package comes with a 32 oz flexliner bags so that you have larger options available for purchase.

All these reasons can combine to make it your top choice among a list of paint sprayers. If this machine comes under the budget that you have allocated, then do not look anywhere else and get this paint sprayer right away so that you can enjoy all the amazing features and give the perfect finish to your cabinets.

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2. HomeRight C800971 Super Finish Max Extra Fine Sprayer

HomeRight C800971 Super Finish Max Extra Fine SprayerEditor Rating:

Our second spot has been taken up by the all amazing HomeRight Max Fine Finish Sprayer. This particular paint sprayer is a top choice of customers when it comes to basic and small furniture. A machine that requires less than $100 to gets you a part of your DIY kit. It is a perfect product that gives excellent value for money.

Different jobs require different spray patterns so you need a machine that could provide you with the best painting patterns. This machine can paint horizontal, vertical and circular spraying. It is going to help you improve your chances of a quality finish. So get the all amazing Homeright Fine sprayer for yourself because it is simple and easy to use as compared with other spray machines. A machine with a lightweight design and adjustable control when you are spraying the product makes it a perfect choice. Moreover, its 2-year warranty provides you the chance to replace it, if in any case the machine gets damaged. It also supports a variety of different materials while spraying. It is extremely important to make sure that you clean this machine after use. This extra care is going to help you sustain the lifetime of the sprayer. This particular machine is going to get your job done with a perfect finish. It is also available in 2 models with HomeRight C800766 Max Fine Finish Sprayer being cheaper than the other model. This model is the perfect option for HVLP sprayers for cabinets.

Some positives of HomeRight C800766 Max Fine Finish Sprayer:

  • It has no Hoses, Pumps, or Air Compressors
  • A perfect choice when for furniture like cabinets
  • It gives value for money
  • With adjustable spray control, you can easily control the flow of paint allowing a perfect finish.

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3. Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0518050 Control Spray Double Duty Paint SprayerEditor Rating:

On the third spot of the top paint sprayers for cabinets, we have Wagner 0518050. This particular paint sprayer offers you versatility and variety of three patterns of spraying and multi-levels of trigger control. It allows the machine to produce a pattern that ranges from 1 to 10 inches. It is an HVLP paint sprayer which makes it a high volume low-pressure paint sprayer.

The paint sprayer is quite flexible to different settings. It can easily shift from indoor setting to an outdoor atmosphere. With a lock and go technology you will want to buy this all amazing paint sprayer. The lock and go technology will provide you with easy cleaning once you are done painting.

Another benefit of this all amazing machine is that it is extremely easy to change the paint material which allows the paint sprayer to perform the job faster, with a lot less effort than other sprayers. A perfect machine that is made to fulfill all your painting requirements. The air cap embedded in the paint sprayer allows you to position it in three different modes which include vertical, horizontal, and circular patterns. You need to choose the pattern that suits you the best. This step is going to help you do the paint job right and fast. Another reason that would make you pick this all amazing product is its price as it is a lot cheaper than the many popular products and would require less than $100 to become a part of your DIY kit. Here is a list of positives that make it a perfect choice for you

  • This paint sprayer is very affordable
  • You can easily control the flow with three different patterns
  • A lot easier to assemble and disassemble for cleaning

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4. Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M363

raco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M363Editor Rating:

Although HVLP paint sprayers prove to be the best when you have to paint cabinets, but this airless sprayer is too good to miss out. It has some exceptional features that you are not going to find in any other paint sprayer that is currently available in the market. If you are getting this product for your job, then you are getting the best value for your money. This product provides the perfect finish that you have always desired. As compared to other airless paint sprayers this paint sprayer delivers incredible results. It is so because this paint sprayer sprays at a constant thickness level which is highly important than it sounds. Some paint sprayers start to dwindle early on. It is the major reason due to which they will start spraying paint very thinly. It is going to affect the overall finish of the product that you are painting. But when you are using this product then you can expect an even finish just like you would expect a professional painter to paint your cabinets

Now we are moving to the positives of Graco Ultra Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M363

  • It is a lightweight product that is perfect for spraying your cabinets
  • Best choice for beginners because it is easy to use and clean
  • It is a portable paint sprayer which allows you to carry it anywhere
  • The replacement tips available anywhere

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5. Tacklife SGP15AC Hand Held Electric Spray Gun

Tacklife SGP15AC Hand Held Electric Spray GunEditor Rating:

This product has to grab a position on our list of top 5 products because of its amazing adaptability. With this product, you can alter the fan, flow and pattern of your paint. It is quite important than it sounds and it also provides a bonus to an already great product.

The paint sprayer is going to give you ultimate control over what you are doing. It is a perfect choice when you are tackling a delicate and a small job which includes cabinets. It is such a lightweight and portable paint sprayer that which allows you to carry it along anywhere. You can say it as a DIY multi-tasker.

This paint sprayer is extremely easy to clean and everything comes apart so you can make sure that there is no leftover paint inside. It may also cause some damage to the paint sprayer. It’s a perfect machine that gives the perfect value for money.

Positives of Tacklife SGP15AC Hand Held Electric Spray Gun

  • A lightweight machine which allows you to carry it along anywhere easily
  • It is a quiet machine that won’t irritate you with its noise while painting.
  • It accompanies a cleaning brush that allows you to clean the device easily
  • Extremely easy to refill and clean

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Why Should You Use a Paint Sprayer on Cabinets

Use A Paint Sprayer On CabinetsPaint brushes and rollers are always at your service when you are looking to paint your cabinets, but when you need a little bit extra, then these are not going to work. It is so because paint brushes and rollers are not the best options because they can’t reach all the angles that a paint sprayer can cover easily. Moreover, they also don’t allow you to get into small areas. With a paintbrush or a roller, you need to put in extra effort and time as compared to a paint sprayer. When you paint with a paintbrush, there is always a risk of getting paint brush bristles left in your paintwork. It may affect the result massively. With such irregularities, you cannot expect a professional looking finish to your cabinets.

Paint sprayers are a fantastic option when painting a cabinet or any other kind of home furniture. It is so because they are going to provide a nice, even coverage with no chance of brush strokes. Moreover, paint sprayers make full use of your paint as compared to a paintbrush or a roller. When using a paintbrush for painting, you may use more paint than you are required. It is not the case when it comes to paint sprayer, because it doesn’t require you to reload as often and also prevents overspray or wastage. Paint sprayers also help to save your time.

Best HVLP Paint Sprayers

HVLP Vs Airless: Which Is Best Paint Sprayer for Cabinets?

Best Paint Sprayer For CabinetsIt’s not easy to decide when you are new to this entire situation. You must be feeling lost so here we are going to break it down for you so that it becomes easy for you to understand. HVLP (high volume, low pressure) and handheld airless sprayers are two major kinds of sprayers currently available in the market.

HVLP paint sprayers allow you to paint with low pressure. It allows the painter a lot more control if compared to other paint sprayers. Moreover, it also saves a lot of your paint. In an HVLP paint sprayer, you can control the fan and flow of the paint. It is a perfect choice for people who want a paint sprayer for small jobs. HVLPs atomize the paint into fine particles which gives an even and professional finish.

Whereas airless sprayer shoot paint out at high pressure and it is good for big outdoor jobs or wall paintings. The paint particles are larger in this type of paint sprayer which allows them to cover surfaces quickly. With such quality, this paint sprayer is not ideal for intricate work. If you use this paint sprayer for intricate work, then you may face sloppy results if you compare the finish with HVLP.

There are always exceptions to the rules but it’s better to go for an HVLP sprayer for furniture, but in this article, we have chosen airless sprayer as our top product. It is so because there is a little bit of research that goes a long way and there is always a room for surprise when you are in a DIY world.

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We have chosen right paint sprayer for cabinets easy by enlisting the top five products that have proved the best for such situations. So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite product and paint the cabinets perfectly. With the help of this article, you are going to know about the basic elements that you need to look for while buying a paint sprayer. Moreover, the article also lists the pros and cons of each of the paint sprayer review so that you know what benefits you will be getting with your machine.