Painting is indeed an art. It requires you so much time and effort. However, it is not enough. Choosing suitable tools also helps the process. What do you need to prepare? Painters? Primer? Paint Tray?

Perfect. But one more thing to do. Masking your wall with painters tape. Don’t overlook this roll or else you would regret later as painters tape will assist you so much in doing tough jobs. For example, painting the line between two different walls or creating shapes with various colors on surfaces.

If you are a “do-it-yourself” painter, well, we are sure painters tape will be your best friend. In this article, you will find the top 5 products in 2018 reviewed. We hope it can help you choose the good one.

Now, let’s get started with the first part:

Top 5 Best Painters Tape Reviews

What is Painters Tape?

This is a type of masking tape designed specifically for painting to cover up the areas that don’t need to be painted. It is a combination of a thin, smooth, easy-to-tear paper and a special moderate-level adhesive. What makes this type of tape unique is its adhesive. You will be amazed by how easily it can be removed cleanly after painting.

The product comes up with so many sizes, strengths, and even price. Depend on purposes, choose the suitable one for you. Regarding strengths, it is rated on a scale of 100. Normally, people will choose a 50 rated painters tape for painting. Backward the history, the creator of this tape is Richard Drew. At that time, he was working in an automobile repair shop.

The idea came up when Drew observed how the strong adhesive of the tape they were using took off the old paint. That was the reason why he started to find a new tape which has a moderate adhesive level. And finally, this tape was founded since 1925.

The Benefits Of Painters Tape

You might overlook this tiny thing when doing the interior painting job. However, the benefits of it will blow your mind away. Here is what painters tape bring to you:


You might be wondering why it gives you money, right? Well, it is because this tape is pretty cheap. And you can find it almost in any hardware store with just a few bucks. As you know, painting is not a simple job. It requires a lot of effort and patience.

Of course, your hard-working will be a waste if there is just only one mistake when painting, especially drips.
Eventually, you will spend more money to fix it. Therefore, this roll can assist you to avoid the unexpected accidents and do your decoration faster.


If you use this type of tape once, you will be amazed by how effective it is. For example, spending hours painting a line can put you down easily. With the tape, you will have a smooth finish in a few minutes.


This is what we love about it. You can apply it on a wall, window glass or anything you want. It would give you perfect edges effortlessly. What’s more?

You can create various attractive designs using the roll like a zigzag pattern. Do you also love zigzag picture? Let’s try it.

Free from Residue

What is the meaning of using painters tape if they leave the residue behind, right? Nonetheless, you don’t need to worry about this as painters tape is designed for painting. Therefore, no matter where you use it on, it will always leave you a clean surface.


Painters tape can stay on the surface with its remained position for a long time. Some can last up to 2 weeks.
What are you waiting for? This is definitely very convenient for big construction projects.

Used in Different Fields

Painters tape is not only popular in interior decoration but also a favorite tool in other industry. In Garment Industry, people use its paper feature to note and paste on the defective parts of the products so that tailors will notice it.

In another case, it is used to note some clothing patterns of the customers. The designers will follow it to sew the clothes. Now, you know the what painters tape is used for. Nevertheless, one thing happens. You stop by a hardware store to buy one for you. The seller gives you a masking tape. Even though you want to buy painters tape, he keeps telling you they are the same. Is it true? Let’s find out.

The Different Between Painters Tape And Masking Tape

The Different Between Painters Tape And Masking Tape

Do you want to know the answer? Well, it is YES and NO. It might confuse you. Let us explain. All painters tape is masking tape, but all masking tape is not really painters tape. Having said that, painters tape is just one type of masking tape. Therefore, coming back to the story above, you then should ask the seller more about the products to know its advantages better.

Below are the differences between Painters Tape And Masking Tape. Wait, first of all, we will tell you their resemblance. To say it simply, they are made of a crepe paper backing which makes them easy to be peeled off and written on. The purposes of usage are the key to making the differences. While masking tape can be used for general purpose, painters tape mostly applies in painting.

Thanks to this, using painters tape can prevent the paint pervading into the covered areas. You will be amazed to know that there are some painters tape specially produced to keep the paint from pouring out. Since the masking tape can use for general purpose. It cannot deal with the paint well, especially with latex paints.

Regarding the price, masking tape is cheaper than its counterpart. You can see it as a great alternative to painters tape. As we mentioned earlier, painters tape works the best for painting works. Therefore, the material made is more robust so that it is easy to be removed after painting.

The number one feature of painters tape is that it leaves no residue behind. You can let it stick on the surface for a long time. On the other hand, masking tape will leave the adhesive behind if it is not be peeled off soon.
That said, you need to clean the residue left. It is not a problem in a small area. However, if you are painting a large area like a building, it will cost your time and money.

Now, you know a lot about painters tape and its amazing benefits. Here we would recommend you our top 5 best tape for painting.

The Best 5 Painters Tape Reviewed In 2019

Let’s take a look deeper into each one of them:

ScotchBlue Multi-Use (Under $10)

1. ScotchBlue Multi-Use (Under $10)

This tape has a width of 1.41 inches.

The word “Multi-Use” says it all. It is utilized on not only walls but also tough surfaces like wood without leaving no residue behind.

What you might love it is that it is easy to position so that you don’t need to stretch it.

Pros: Can apply on any surface consistently. Peel off fast and cleanly even on wet surfaces.

Cons: A few people find it hard to stick on the surfaces.

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3M 2090 Scotch-Blue Painters Tape (Under $5)

2. 3M 2090 Scotch-Blue Painters Tape (Under $5)

The same brand with the product above. However, on the other hand, this one is thinner. The width is around 0.25 inches. Thus, if you are doing jobs which requires the meticulousness, then you should consider it. Maybe you are worried about residue, right?

It is not the case with 3M 2090 Scotch-Blue Painters Tape as it remains clean surface for you. You can benefit from its thin shape because you can create more detailed lines.

Pros: Easy to tear off and remove by hand. Stick on different surfaces effortlessly.

Cons: Some can notice a few feathers on the edges between the roll and the paint. Sometimes it peels off the wall.

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FrogTape 1358463 Multi-Surface (Under $15)

3. FrogTape 1358463 Multi-Surface (Under $15)

This type of tape is only under 1 inch wide. You can also use it on any kinds of surface.

Using “PaintBlock” technology, this tape is supposed to be a great barrier to pervade paint from bleeding.

And guess what? if you want to use it on the carpet, this one is a perfect choice for you.

Pros: Leave no residue. Apply and remove easily.

Cons: A bit difficult to tear off by hand. The adhesive is quite strong so that it can peel off the surfaces such as wallpapered walls. Hard to position it since the tape is pretty sticky.

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ProTapes Pro Scenic (under $20)

4. ProTapes Pro Scenic (under $20)

Its width is 2 inches and suitable to various surfaces. What makes this tape different from others is its ability to resist the fingerprint.

This is too strong that even if you press your fingerprint into this tape, the paint underneath is not affected. Thus, it works best for exterior painting. It can also sit for pretty long hours.

Pros: Adhere to any surface. Last up to 14 days and can be removed cleanly. Works well for humid areas. Amazing UV resistance.

Cons: The price is a bit higher than other products.

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Dynatron 544 Dyna-Pro Paintable Rubberized Undercoating

5. Painter’s Mate green 8-Day Painting Tape (Under $10)

This last one is best for your budget. With the bright-green color, it looks different from its counterparts at first glance. Some people miss out this brand as the price. However, consider it as one of your choices.
It is suitable to work in small areas like the corner of the walls.

It can last for 8 days without leaving a residue. It seems short but it is enough for small projects. Make sure that you peel it off the surfaces when the paint is wet. Thanks to the resistance to UV, you can freely apply it outdoor.

Pros: Cheap and has beautiful color. The edge is clean when adhering. Work well in even one accent walls. Has UV resistance.

Cons: Limit to the usages. Only last for 8 days.

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It is time to choose the best one for you

Painters tape is an essential part of the painting process. It is a thin paper easy to tear off and has a certain adhesive. It was founded in 1925 by Richard Drew. Since then, painters tape has become one of the most popular products for painters.

The adhesive makes the tape special as it assists to mask up the areas which don’t need to paint. The good painter’s tape is the one to be stuck on easily and removed cleanly after the decoration. Although it has many benefits, some people overlook it. This roll can help you save your time, money and used for various purposes.

You might be confused between painters tape and masking tape. Generally, painters tape is a type of masking tape. It is designed for painting jobs. On the other hand, masking tape is cheaper and used for general purpose. Depending on your needs, you should pick up the right one for you.

There are the five best products reviewed in this article. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are thinner than others and suitable for some detailed painting. At the end of the day, it is you who knows what is the best for you. Therefore, let’s try one of them and share with us in the comment below about your experience.