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When asking experienced drivers for advices, most of them suggested preparing the best portable air compressors for truck.

On roads, harsh terrain, mud, gravel, or something like that are inevitable. All of them may cause your truck tires to become deflated so quickly. This incident requires you to return to the pavement. You need to re-inflated the tires and give them proper wear.

But you know that in some places, finding out air stations seems to be impossible. It is the reason why an air compressor in the truck back plays an essential part. If you find it useful, let’s check this article. It provides full information to choose the right air compressors.

Top 5 Best Portable Air Compressors For Truck Tires

What Is A Portable Air Compressor For Truck Tires?

What Is A Portable Air Compressor For Truck TiresWhile an air compressor is just merely an air pump which only collects air and then pumps it directly, portable air compressors get the air compressed to make sure it is delivered into the tire at a specific pressure.

For a portable air compressor, it balances the efficiency and the tire inflation power, also comes in a compact packaging allowing users to store it anywhere, whether it’s in your car boot or a shed or garage.

Now, you might wonder why to make a special type for truck tires. Well, because inflating truck tires is a heavy-duty task required a powerful enough motor which not every standard portable air compressor can achieve.

Features To Look For In A Portable Air Compressor For Truck Tires

LCD Screen

Portable air compressors with an LCD screen will be a powerhouse. Thanks to this screen, you can tell the inflated pressure. For a modern model, an LCD screen is an indispensable part.

But if yours is an older one, it will come with the traditional dial and needle arrangement to use.

The main reason why people head for an LCD screen is that it enables users to have a more accurate reading and the ability to read the indexes with ease in the dark thanks to the backlit.

Cigarette Lighter Charging Cord

Cigarette Lighter Charging CordThe worst situation that can happen to drivers is getting stuck in a place far away from home with flat tires and a dead air compressor. In such case, a cigarette lighter charging cord will be the lifesaver of yours.

Auto Cut-Off

One of the most critical features of any portable air compressor is auto cut-off thanks to the ability to set your desired PSI, which will boost your tires until they reached the desired pressure.

Also, it will be way easier to operate an air compressor with an auto cut-off feature as you then can avoid over inflation and a dangerous tire burst.

Built-In Lights

Once being in a roadside emergency, built-in lights will help you a lot, especially at night. You can quickly find this feature in most LED-based air compressor. Not only does it provide lighting for your inflating process, but it also alerts other drivers of your appearance.

Tank Size

Tank SizeThis factor indicates the job type you are going to use with the air compressor for as the tanks are where the air is pressurized and stored. Its capacity is calculated in gallons.

For heavy-duty projects like doing some sanding, inflating truck tires or work required continuous power and pressure, then your air compressor needs larger tanks.


Power is another essential aspect to take into consideration when choosing an air compressor. To measure the maximum pressure an air compressor can provide, we use pounds or PSI per square inch.

The SCFM resembles stands for standard cubic feet per minute meaning the pump’s flow value. SCFM and PSI work in tandem. When the PSI index is high, then the flow value is low and vice versa.

If your tasks are mainly heavy-duty, make sure that your compressor your SCFM index is at least 1.5 times value as compared to the truck tires. First, check your tires and then pick up a suitable product.


dBANoise sometimes can irritate users a lot when in use. When being at home and having a conversation, low index (from 60dBA to 85dBA) is advisable. The higher the noise level is, the more harm you are likely to cause to yourself.


With a lightweight model, you’ll be able to transport it easily from one place to another. However, having a lightweight may cause your air compressor to fly all over the area.

Due to their small and poorly placed legs, the machine easily gets leaned and felt. Moreover, the lighter the unit is, the smaller and less powerful the motor is.

If you buy a heavier model, your product will be more stable and reliable. However, with the development of technology, many manufacturers offer compact, lightweight machines with excellent performance.

Power Source

Power SourceThe motor is the power supplier of the air compressor. Fuel-powered units will be more mobile, and electric-powered compressors will have limited transportability.

Some units are durable and come with a high capacity that can be operated in severe conditions. Such machines will provide a motor with a low amp start.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing a Portable Air Compressor For Truck Tires

Tire size

There are many air compressors available in the market that enable users to inflate different sizes of tires.

Depending on your tire size, you’ll need a specific type of air compressor. If you choose the wrong one, it won’t work up to your expectation.

Portability and Storage

Portability and StoragePortable air compressors have to be easy to carry around. It’s obvious that what you buy has to reach all your tires on your truck with no effort.

About storage, it should be able to store effortlessly and well when not in use. Your air compressor should be small enough to avoid taking space in your trunk.


Convenience is also a factor differentiates high-quality units and low-quality ones. In most cases, the more expensive one turns out to be more convenient.

It’s easy to purchase more reasonable models, but when it comes to the experience, they don’t offer any convenience. They operate slowly and require lots of breaks while you do the job. That means you’ll need to spend more time on the process.


AutomationIt’s great to own a tool which knows what you need in it. Get an air compressor with a few pre-programmed settings is much better than those that use manual PSI settings.

Also, buy a unit allowing itself to turn off automatically when it reaches the desired pressure. It’s much simpler than having to do it manually. Despite the high cost of them, we consider it a great deal.

Durability and Reliability

The performance of portable air compressors over time is also what distinguishes the high-end and low-end models. When you get a more budget-friendly one, their materials will be less durable, and their motors are smaller, too.

Yes, they are breakable, and the plugs or casing can fall apart easily or break due to a long time of use. They don’t have thermal overload protection and can easily get burn out or melt quickly. You can only extend their life with a less regular schedule and a lot of care.

For those models which are more expensive, they have a larger and more powerful motor offering faster working speed and come with a cooler. That’s also the reason why they last way longer.

They also come with thermal overload protection caution to make sure that the motor is turned off automatically once they seem to be overrun.

Inflation Time

Inflation TimeWhen searching around for a portable air compressor for your truck, then you will have to know how long it will take you to complete the inflating process. This will enable you to get a prediction of how long it takes to get your truck back on the road.

If the inflation time is short, that means you’re lucky not to wait forever, especially in bad weather or risky neighborhood.

Duty Cycle

This is the time it will take to cool down the inflator entirely after each use. The more time the duty cycle takes, the longer you’ll have to wait before you can use the unit again. If your air compressor has a duty cycle of 50%, it can be used continuously without any breaks.

How To Properly Inflate Your Tires

How To Properly Inflate Your TiresIt’s a must that you pick up your portable air compressor to inflate your truck tires on the go. There are many of them in the market; some come with the 12-volt cigarette lighter while others use a standard power outlet.

If you are searching for an air compressor for truck tires that can fill them fast and effective, go for those that can hook up to the battery of your car.

Most of the 12-volt inflators are slower when doing the job but they are way more convenient, and the best thing is you will have to pay nothing for using a gas station unit.

If you don’t own a portable inflator, you can pick it up at several gas stations with some charging while others don’t require such a thing. Once you have made up your mind on which way to go, follow these instructions to refill your tires fully.

  • First of all, users have to place the air compressor as close as possible to make it easier to get access to all the tires of your cars without moving your vehicle.
  • Then, quickly remove the valve stop caps on all the tires, and keep them in your pocket or anywhere that you’re sure not to lose them.
  • After that, it’s time to turn on the air compressor and place the hose covering down on the valve stem. You can quickly see and notice whether the inflating process is taking place or not.
  • If you buy a good air compressor, it will come with a built-in gauge to help with managing the pressure of your tires when doing the inflating task.
  • If you own digital compressor, you can pre-set your desired pressure for the tire inflation, and the air compressor can now automatically turn off when it reaches that set value.
  • When you are inflating tires with an air compressor, you should over-inflate your tires a bit as some air will leak out of your tires after some time.
  • Moreover, adjust all the tires uniformly. If you have already warmed up your tires when doing the refill, then it is advisable that you do 3 PSI over the recommended value. Make sure that you check the tire pressure once they are cold.
  • After finishing inflating all the tires on your vehicle, keep it in mind to give the pressure a recheck using the digital gauge once all of your tires are cold.
  • Twist back your valve stop caps on all the tires.

And there you go!

Top 7 Best Portable Air Compressor For Truck Tires

Portable CABLE Air Compressor PCFP02003

1. Portable CABLE Air Compressor PCFP02003

This air compressor is an incredibly powerful unit with a pressure capacity of 135 psi.

Having a quick recovery time, this product also possesses more outputs to be drawn than others. Also, as it is completely oil-free, it has high durability.

What’s even better is that this unit is a reliable air compressor which comes with a built-in two gauges and connects coupler. Therefore, ít’s hassle-free and takes no effort to set up and maintain.

It’s also one of the lightest portable air compressors nowadays and thus, highly transportable. The setbacks, however, are the loud noise and the lack of an outer protective roll cage.

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2. PORTER-CABLE Compressor Kit CMB15

CMB15 is known for being one of the most budget-friendly portable air compressors in the market. Having a small tank, it’s much easier for you to move the machine around. Also, it offers a water drain valve that provides users with hassle-free water drainage.

Also, the durable oil-free pump is a highlight, and thus you won’t have to do much or as some might say – it’s a guarantee of zero maintenance. With the ability of up to 2.0 SCFM at a psi of 90, this air compressor allows users to have a faster recovery time.

However, it also has some drawbacks which lie in its short power cord and the high capability of falling.

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VIAIR 400P Portable Air Compressor

3. VIAIR 400P Portable Air Compressor

When being on the road, this baby allows you to get connected to the battery to inflate your tires quickly.

However, the real possibility of this unit is based on its fantastic features: the heavy-duty dual battery clamps, tire inflation gun, automatic shut-off, 60-inch hoses, three inflation tips, vibration resistant diamond plate sand tray, and heat-shielded quick connect coupling.

Despite its compact size, it can complete any tasks flawlessly, and the storage can’t be more accessible. When on the trail, it helps to make sure that your journey goes on without a hitch and increases the traction of your tires.

Its limits, however, is that the unit cannot inflate tires that are over 35 inches as well as the low stability due to its small size.

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EPAuto Air Compressor Pump 12V DC

4. EPAuto Air Compressor Pump 12V DC

Despite the small packaging, it’s indeed one of the strongest and best air compressors you can find out there. Weighing 3.8 pounds, you can even store this machine in the back of your truck when you travel around.

Moreover, the powerful motor provides reliable and robust airflow, and the LCD screen causes us no effort to read. The built-in auto cut-off also works lovely in protecting against over-inflation.

Still, oversized tires are out of its ability, and you might find it a bit tacky as there are no adaptors for a wall socket.

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Helteko Digital Portable Air Compressor

5. Helteko Portable Air Compressor

This one is a digital tire inflator designed based on modern standards with an eye-catching design and at the same time, keeps a robust package. Don’t underestimate its small and handy size. You can find all the necessary functions of a good air compressor inside one unit.

Indeed. It performs wonderfully in performing the job of inflating your truck tires if you choose to do so other than something else. The durable and reliable construction is also made of stainless steel and high-quality plastic material.

However, the storage might be a small issue as it doesn’t come with any bags or cases. It also cannot connect to a wall socket due to the lack of adaptors.

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Kensun AC DC Portable Air Compressor

6. Kensun AC/DC Portable Air Compressor

Among all, this is one of the most reliable, portable air compressors with high ease of operation. It provides users with advanced functionality helping to get rid of worries about searching for the nearest gas station.

It also has a high versatility: you can use it anywhere whether it’s at home or on the road. Also, its AC/DC adaptability is a great addition. The problem may only lie at the less powerful performance and the complicated screw-on process.

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AstroAl Air Compressor 150PSI

7. AstroAl Air Compressor 150PSI

If you are all head over heels for this portable compressor, then you must keep it in mind that, their PSI and CFM indexes are high. You can easily refill every type of balls and tires as well as complete light-duty pneumatic projects, like doing nails without any issues.

Having an extended runtime of 30 minutes, it’s the ideal choice to utilize the air compressor for a much longer time without sacrificing the pressure or the need to let it cool down.

One of the most significant drawbacks is that occasional the machine might overshoot the target of its pressure, even though an automatic shut-off is coming with it.

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To wrap things up,

Can you imagine what will happen if your truck is on the road without the best portable air compressors. How irritating and troublesome it will be! The thing will even get worse when it is night time.

For safety and enjoyable trip, hope that you all will not ignore this essential friend. If you have any recommendations for ideals products, let’s share

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