Statics shows that 90% of eye injuries wouldn’t have happened if it’d got proper protection? Ordinary people usually fail thinking about putting on good safety glasses when they are on recreation activities. They assume only workers are in need of such wear.

It should be the highest priority to protect your eyes on whatever occasion where the safety is compromised. There are reasons people don’t understand how vital the glasses are, including fogged lenses and negative history with goggles.

Wearing safety glasses is one story, knowing the basics to choose the eyewear seems to be another daunting task.

No worries!

We are here to provide you with a narrow-down list of the best safety glasses, updated reviews. Moreover, all you need to know before shopping for this type of eyeglasses from the importance of them to the insightful look to them, are broken down in detail below.

Find all out for yourself.

Top 5 Best Safety Glasses Reviews 2019:

Reviews of the Best Safety Glasses

Before stepping to the ultimate list, there are some qualifications to note.

  • CSA Z94.3 (Canadian Standards Association)
  • ANSI Z87.1 (American National Safety Institute)
  • ENS 166 (European Standard)
  • ISEA Z87.1 (International Safety Equipment Association)

Dewalt DPG55-11C Clear Anti-Fog Protective Safety Glasses

Dewalt DPG55-11C Clear Anti-Fog Protective Safety Glasses


First of all, these safety glasses over satisfy the ANSI Z87.1+ Standard. The Dewalt safety glasses come with polycarbonate lenses to optimize high resistance. The material gives this eyewear appreciated durability to withstand severe impacts. It features a fully adjustable telescoping and ratcheting temples for a customized fit. You can pull it out to four different lengths to stand snuggly on any head shape.

These “arms” are designed to maximize comfort while the curve lens wraps around for a bit of guarding on the sides. What makes Dewalt proud of this product is the dual injected rubber temples along with the soft vented nose piece which enforces its non-slip comfort. The cushioned rubber brow pad prevents sweat from the forehead to enter your eyes.

The Dewalt DPG55-11C is available in a yellow and black half frame; there are options of the lens to come with it. Those include low IR and an anti-fog lens.

Who to wear?

These glasses will make an excellent companion to people who work in the industrial zone, workers who fog their glasses due to intensive manual tasks. Woodworkers who don’t refer the shielded goggles but want a protective gear from wood chips also benefit from these glasses. Indoor activists will love these stylish glasses as they don’t like any heavy goggles used in the lab yet yielding the proper protection.

Advantages: Comfortable design, anti-fog lens, anti-sweat forehead band, crystal clear lens, reasonable price tag, snug fit any head shape.

Disadvantage: There are open areas for debris to invade.

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DEWALT DPG82-11C Concealer

DEWALT DPG82-11C Concealer


If you need a complete protection goggle for your next projects, this item from Dewalt “guarantees tough.” The first hitting impression is the soft dual injected rubber that will fit against your face and keep your eyes away from any flying debris.

Interestingly, the lens on this item can be snapped out and replaced with new ones although it is already clear enough for a non-distorted vision. Also about the lens, they are scratch resistant and have an anti-fog hard coat. They meet the ANSI Z87.1+ Standards and provide 99.9% UVA and UVB protection.

This pair of goggles uses the elastic cloth head strap to shield your eyes from the outside world. To make the adjustment, just pull the band out until you feel it tights comfortably around your head. The most concern about enclosing your eye area inside fully sealed goggles is it would trap heat inside and fog up the lens. But Dewalt has rigged these glasses with the ventilation channels that breathe out whatever sealed inside leaving cool air for you to work as long as you want.

The Dewalt goggles are available with the RX to insert for attaching your prescription eyewear

Who to wear?

If you need a complete protection goggle for your next projects, this item from Dewalt “guarantees tough.”
The first hitting impression is the soft dual injected rubber that will fit against your face and keep your eyes away from any flying debris. Interestingly, the lens on this item can be snapped out and replaced with new ones although it is already clear enough for a non-distorted vision.

Also about the lens, they are scratch resistant and have an anti-fog hard coat. They meet the ANSI Z87.1+ Standards and provide 99.9% UVA and UVB protection. This pair of goggles uses the elastic cloth head strap to shield your eyes from the outside world. To make the adjustment, just pull the band out until you feel it tights comfortably around your head.

The most concern about enclosing your eye area inside fully sealed goggles is it would trap heat inside and fog up the lens. But Dewalt has rigged these glasses with the ventilation channels that breathe out whatever sealed inside leaving cool air for you to work as long as you want. The Dewalt goggles are available with the RX to insert for attaching your prescription eyewear

Advantages: Shock sustainable glasses, lightweight, soft and flexible shield, durable polycarbonate lens.

Disadvantage: Tightening the goggles can pinch your face, the ventilation may not function fast enough to catch up your sweat

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Readymax Construction Safety Glasses

Readymax Construction Safety Glasses


ReadyMax probably takes the first spot in producing safety glasses for construction works. They pack their products with the SoundShield technology features the retractable earplugs to keep off the noise from the roadworks for long hours without any irritation like wearing two separate gears.

These earplugs are secure in the containment system. They are removable parts versatile for cleaning or replacing new ones. These glasses have solved many construction interferences including the extremely bright lights with its anti-glare featured lens. In addition, the glass material absorbs 99% of UV rays before it reaches your eyes.

Wearing these glasses, there is no need to worry about it being scratched by sand, dust, and rocks. The frame is built in a patented temple design that keeps the glasses still on your face. The lenses are professional impact rated with ANSI Z87.1-2010, CSA Z94.3-07 and MIL-PRF32432 qualified for men’s sport and other uses in the heavy field.

You can choose among 10 frames styles and 4 lens colors of your interest.

Who to wear?

Constructors; people who work for outside projects; laborers work in noisy condition; outdoor athletes.

Advantages: SoundShield earplugs tolerate noise, qualified to use for many purposes, sleek design to wear on the street, durable and high-quality lens, anti-fog functionality.

Disadvantage: The lens doesn’t dry as quick, easy to sweat the lens, the fat temples can hurt your ears.

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3M Virtua CCS Protective Eyewear

3M Virtua CCS Protective Eyewear


The 3M glasses are excellent products from 3M PPE, a reputable company that manufactures protective gears. The 3M Virtua CCS is famous for its cord control system that accommodates the wired earplugs, keeping them untangled and ready for use.

These glasses eliminate the bulky concept on protective eyewear thanks to the foam gasket on the rear behind the lens. It shields your eyes exposure to foreign objects. The foam is used to provide the cushioned comfort. This gasket is optional. You can snap it out and make it look nothing less than regular sunglasses but are extra protective

The lens can suck up UVA and UVB up to 99% thanks to the polycarbonate lens that is also proofing to fog and moist. The lightweight frame is one plus point of this pair of fog proof safety glasses. The entire item qualifies the CSA Z94.3-07 safety requirements and the ANSI Z87.1-2010 for impact rate.

However, the earplugs don’t come in the pack for people who don’t need such a feature.

Who to wear?

People who need light and most comfortable safety glasses to wear on daily tasks. Joggers, cyclists, and athletes in outdoor or indoor sports can benefit from these glasses.

Advantages: Simple and lightweight glasses, very budget price (sold in packs), snuggly fit the eyes and face.

Disadvantage: Not tightly seal which leaves open space for dust to crawl in
, it actually gets fogged up.

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Nocry safety glasses

Nocry safety glasses


The brand is probably familiar to those who care about arming their eyes with gears. Nocry safety glasses have the motto “DESIGNED TO BE PROTECTIVE AND BUILT TO LAST” which depicts thoroughly its quality. This eye protector guards your “Windows To The Mind” from direct and peripheral threats and promises the UV absorption up to 100%.

It resists glare, fog, and scratch to give users the clearest view through the polycarbonate lens constructed from durable Latex material. The producer has added a double coating layer to minimize fogging. There is nothing to complain about the wraparound design for the perfect fit for any shape of face and head. Wearing these Nocry boys, you worry nothing about it sliding off your nose.

The customizable temple arm can stretch to maximum 5 inches in length will slip in any head size. Adding to its flawlessness, there is movable nosepiece to adjust to your most comfortable state. These high-quality safety glasses receive a wide array of positive feedback from carpenters, constructional laborers, dentist, lab workers, and athletes.

The reason behind this ultimate preference is Nocry guarantee for a free replacement or money if the products meet any defects from the manufacturer’s false. NoCry Safety Glasses have the European ENS166 safety certification.

Who to wear?

Anyone from an ordinary racquetball player, a professional baseball batter, to a welder in the garage, sanitation workers or factory machinists can put this top-rated safety glasses to have their eyes under the best protection.

Advantages: High-quality material used on the lens, durable frame, very comfortable and fit, processed lens to give the highest transparency, versatile glasses suitable for various users, 30-day money back guarantee.

Disadvantage: Not designed to fit prescription glasses, fog takes time to get ventilated.

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Neiko Protective Anti-Fog Safety Goggles

Neiko Protective Anti-Fog Safety Goggles


This item stands out to be one of the best anti-fog safety glasses with the approval of the ANSI Z87.1. The glasses come with a generous width for better vision while the lens is treated to have crystal transparency. It is polycarbonate hard plastic that gives the goggles its admirable endurance under any hazard including hitting debris in the construction or splashes from the chemical labs.

Also about the lens, it is scratch-proof thanks to the contribution of the anti-fog coating layer. The dual injected rubber in the frame conforms to the face adds to the protective nature of the glass while the wraparound PVC ensures the most encouragement than the regular design. Despite its grand look, the goggles are light in weight that almost makes you forget about having it on your face.

The most appreciated enhancement in this product is the cloth-like band. While the rubberized strap tangles and strains in your hair, these goggles would not hurt you wearing it for hours. Taking the item off is easy as sliding out of your head.

Who to wear?

The extended lens width is an ideal feature for firearm shooters as it expands the vision at firing ranges. Otherwise, anyone in need on eye protection will find these best safety goggles beneficial.

However, since this object doesn’t look like something to wear for style, and is not treated as a protector against ultraviolet lights, it is not recommended for light sports which require more flexibility in eyesight.

Advantages: Extra soft wide vision, maximize comfort with the universal standard wrap-around PVC frame, hard plastic lens gives the purest sight, anti-fog and anti-splash ideal for factory and lab works.

Disadvantage: Not qualified for anti-UV, the non-rubberized band can slide.

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Wiley X Safety Glasses

Wiley X Safety Glasses


We would like to add a premium best work sunglasses to our list with this dude from Wiley. Most non-fogging safety glasses claimed to defog experience a flash heat around eyes and nose when you wear them for hours. The Wiley X Safety Glasses has resolved that irritation.

That said, even though you spend all day out in the hot sun, the ventilation will keep your eyes cool. Of course, the presence of radiation protective treatment is indispensable for such outdoor glasses. The lens is shatterproof with a special treating on the surface to maintain its quality for a long period. The removable facial cavity blocks out the invasion of wind debris and peripheral lights behind the polarized lens that soothes eyes, even the sensitive ones.

There is the clarity of the lens to be boasted. It appears to be incredibly clear under the brightest solar lights. Another quality that sells the glasses is slick design in matte brown that attracts any fashionista while being safety glasses. They have a full coverage design to meet high velocity and impact standards to ensure maximum protection.

And in spite of the fat arms, these top-notch sunglasses don’t carry the cumbersome weight like their impression. You will be sold to the brand and convinced to the price tag once you try the glasses on.

Who to wear?

Starting with the wind protection, motorcyclists would be the first ones to fall in love with this item. If you’ve been bothered with taking off grand motorbike goggles, that will not happen with these glasses. People who are into outdoor sports, marksmanship, boating, or biking should look to own one pair of this safety eyewear.

Advantages: Superior quality for safety glasses, well packed and arrived with a case, lanyards and cleaning cloth, stylish design, crystal clear lens.

Disadvantage: Glasses come in a single size, high-priced tag.

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Peltor SF400-PC-8 Sport SecureFit Eye Protection

Peltor SF400-PC-8 Sport SecureFit Eye Protection


For sports enthusiastic, spending hours outdoor practicing leaving eyes unprotected will lead to a negative consequence. The UV lights damage not only any exposed part of your body but also tissues in your naked eyes. The Peltor safety glasses will be your savior. The product prioritizes to eliminate as much as weight as possible to bring the utmost ease wearing them.

These glasses have a low profile giving the shade of simplicity. The item has flexible temples feature a 3M secure fit design from the pressure diffusion technology. It is an advancement from science that diffuse the pressure over the ears creating a pleasant feel when putting on.

Temples on the glasses allow self-adjustment to fit your wearing preference, while the lens is widened in shape ensure a high field of vision. The glasses yet achieve the right protection with high impact-resistant lenses. The lens absorbs 99% of UV lights guarding your eyes against the risk of cancer.

Moreover, this is the pair of glass you can wear at night for driving. Its anti-glare coat helps parry headlights from opposite cars and bright street lights. Peltor really cares about satisfying their customers’ experience. Besides maximizing protection of their glasses, the preventive elements stand in no way to interfere with the slim-design.

You would almost forget about them being a safety glasses while still having the confidence to leave the shielding business to them.

Who to wear?

The glasses are suitable for outdoor activists and people who enjoy DIY projects with light power tools. We don’t recommend using these glasses for any heavy-duty work.

Advantages: Ultra-lightweight, flat design, ultimate protection , anti-fog and anti-reflection.

Disadvantage: Can’t use in the industrial workplace, not very durable frame.

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Safety Glasses: Your Friends in Every Occasion

Glasses, in general, are the wearable items to put on your eyes. Its primary purpose to this world is to keep your eyes from UV light and dirt on the street. Safety glasses are also known as protective goggles.

It is a type of equipment you could have seen a welder or diver wore. Typically, people who work on heavy duty like in construction, factory, laboratory put on the goggles to protect their eyes from emitting particulates. Goggles enclose the area around your eyes with its enlarged rears that give it a bulky look.

Believe it or not, goggles have a history dated back in the 14th century when the Persian needed a piece of equipment for their divers to wear while hunting for pearls. They polished tortoise shells to make lenses attached to a wood or bamboo frame.

Its application spread to other fields and exposed to be useful for industrial workers. Modern goggles remain its basic frame but vary in styles. However, people have added more enhancement into materials and creativeness into the designs. As a result, goggles have extended its applications beyond industrial use.

Nowadays, people wear safety glasses on the motorbike, in the laboratory, in swimming pool, and even in daily life.

Safety Glasses: Your Friends in Every Occasion

Type of Safety Goggles

For people who work in hazardous conditions, protective eyewear is a must since eye safety is paramount. There are four types of protective eyewear available on the market.

Industrial Safety Eyewear

The first classification provides the most standard eye protection for people who work in the factories or chemistry labs. Goggles used in welding protect your eyes from debris, the heat from the weld.

Items with proper filters can save you from the optical radiation resulting from the welding. In the laboratories where chemical splashes can reach the eyes, safety glasses require a shield coat from resistant compounds. People who work in hazardous industrial labs need more protective layers on the lenses. It could be laser protection or red adaptation goggles.

Technicians in the aviation field wear goggles to withstand the wind when opening cockpit aircraft. Woodworking, paint spraying, and tasks that utilize power tools manually demand the use of particular safety glasses.

They are usually made of unbreakable material that enclose the eyes to keep them away from metal chunks, wood particles, plastic or concrete. These goggles own some sort of ventilation to dry out sweat that forms fog inside the enclosure.

Sports Safety Goggles

Swimming is a typical sport that needs to use goggles. It derives glasses for diving, snorkeling and so on in the watersport world. Such goggles are watertight to shield off liquid from invading your eyes. Divers need to have a clear vision underwater to find direction. However, regular glasses cannot be used under a few feet deeper due to the water pressure; it presses the equipment against the face.

Athletes in the snow regions uses protective eyewear to avoid flares and icy thrown from the ground. Like cold-weather goggles, they typically have two layers of the lens to prevent the formation of mist inside; or they use an anti-fog agent, but it appears to be not useful. Motorcyclists benefit from preventing wind piercing the eyes at high speed. Motor goggles also protect your eyes from flying insects and dirt in the air.

Baseball is one sport that requires the protection of the safety glasses. In practicing hitting the balls, batters wear goggles to keep their eyes from unexpected false balls. Also, when running to the bases on the dirt ground, glasses give a clear view in the middle of the dust mist caused by the players.

Fashion Goggles

People wouldn’t consider glasses as stylish items, but creativeness has breathed a trend into it. Fashionable safety glasses have the mean to protect the eyes from UV light in outdoor activities like running, coaching, camping and everything that doesn’t require the enclosing rears.

These glasses focus on treating the lens with protective layers and durable frames. Police officers are the typical users of this type. Nonetheless, the application of it is also in favor of citizens.

Other Peculiar Goggles

Non-human safety glasses are designed for pets to let them enjoy the harmony with their human friends. Horses wearing glasses to race through speed sports has become an ordinary deed nowadays.

Shooters, helicopter pilots, military soldiers, and skydivers are among the people who can’t work without safety glasses.

Why is Wearing Protective Eyewear so Important?

The foremost reason is you’ve only got two eyes, and they are irreplaceable. Though eye injuries in the workplace and unexpected incidents are common, the majority of the case can be halted from the first place if we wear eye protection. A critical number of the wounded party in the factory did not believe in the requirement of protective gears.

Wearing safety goggles doesn’t mean you’re a psychic.

It sounds nonsense, but many workers ignore wearing safety eyewear claiming that I can manage the incidents. The truth is because safety goggles are bulky and not designed by Ray Ban. But there is no way to control a micro flying piece of wood chip to pierce in your eyes. Or if anyone can predict a splash of oil to anyone who stands by the reaction plant, we wouldn’t have to invent any other safety solution.

Accidents to the eyes can be unavoidable, but there are reasons everyone must wear safety glasses when performing under the security regulation.Safety glasses prevent alien invasion from flying to your vision.

Why is Wearing Protective Eyewear so Important

Here is the list of objects can hit your eyes uncovered.

Particles from graining wood, plumbing, mining; electric sparks from welding; dirt, wind, insects from motorcycling. These things are at the lowest level of damage. There are the worse. Vapors, fumes in chemical reactions; heat from the hazardous condition in the nuclear pile; splashes of grease or oil; accidentally whipping substances to your eyes.

It would be lucky if you only suffer a few minor scratches after all, but all of those are potential accidents leading to loss of vision permanently. You may think if your job doesn’t force you to work in an extreme industrial factory, it doesn’t make any sense to wear these bulky items on your face. But…

Computer emits the blue light that causes blindness if there is no barrier between your eyes and the machine. Computer Vision Syndrome is one disease found in people who look at computers for long periods. Its poor lighting or glare on the screen develops your eyestrain, blurred vision, and dry eyes.

People who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, running and cycling expose their eyes to the generous radiation lights out there. The UV sun rays don’t mind damaging your eyes’ fragile tissues and walk away leaving you multiple sclerosis or even cancer. It goes without saying how important these safety glasses are to us; we can’t deny its significance. In the end, keeping your eyes bright and safe is not something to excuse.

So, if you have raised your awareness to wear protective eyewear concerning your situation, browse our list of the best safety glasses on the market. We are sure you will find your right glasses right here.

Choosing your Right Safety Eyewear for Different Purposes

Shopping for the best safety glasses is not all about roaming the market and pick the most expensive one. There are several factors to take for granted.

Assessing Ratings of safety glasses and goggles: Safety eyepieces have marks on the items to indicate the impact standards and shaded safety rate. These markings are permanent and can only be removed when wearers affix to prescription safety glasses.

Plus mark: A “+” mark means the glasses pass the high-velocity test which is the approval for high impact rate. On the prescription lens, you can find this mark applied at the thickest point.

“V” and “S” marks: “V” mark indicates the lens is photochromic and “S” mark for special tint on the lens. In some exclusive cases, a number marked on shaded safety lens tells you the amount of transmitted light that is reduced by the tint.

Frame testing: Based on the criteria in which the glasses use basic impact or high impact applications, the frame test will be as following:

High weight impact: Projectile steel with 1-inch diameter weighs 17.6 ounces will be dropped from a tube 50-inch height onto the safety lens. If the frame retains the lens and no piece detaches from the frame, the test is passed.

Durability: This test includes flammability-resistance test, a corrosion-resistance test, and other durability tests.

High-velocity impact: Testers will shoot a quarter-inch steel ball at a velocity of 150 feet per second from an under 10-inch distance at the lens. The lens will pass if it sustains multiple shoots at different angles and positions.

Safety Lens for Work

Read your workplace’s safety regulations to see which level of protection for the glasses.Employers in some industries require goggles with side shields or full face protection.

You can consult the OSAH to know the specs needed for the glasses of your profession. Otherwise, you can find useful information in the “Eye and Face Protection Use and Selection Guide” downloaded from its official website.

For independent contractors, it is best to go for high impact rated standard to use for all activities.

Home use Safety Glasses

For garage projects, you can prior to safety and comfort. Glass frames made of polycarbonate suggest lightweight and durability. To have the greatest protection value, you should choose items that have mark Z87+ implies high impact rating.

For senior workers, there are models with a bifocal reading segment in the bottom half of the lens aid a clear look from any distance without the irritation of bifocal or trifocal lines in the lenses. These glasses are also suitable for those who suffer presbyopia.

Prescription safety lens has the protection mark on the inside of the front and temples. Shop for this lens in optical stores with your correct diopter and high impact standard. If you are a user of power tools, your protective eyewear should have side shields to block flying debris and large objects.

Sports Safety Glasses

These glasses can be protective and fashionable at the same time. However, it trades off some protective feature for the added aesthetic. Shooting and hunting safety eyewear usually have an anti-reflective coating to enable the most flexible vision. They should have non-shiny frames to catch attention.

Golfing is another sport requires acute vision. So, glasses with amber or yellow tints will enhance the contrast for performing. In fishing, a polarized lens would be in great help to block the glare reflects from the water surface. You will be able to see the water without hurting your eyesight. Protective glasses can also save your eyes from fish hooks.

Indoor sports like basketball or badminton may not require anti-UV coats on the lens, but it is definitely a must for sporting outside. Swimming and paintball are among the sports that demand wearing safety goggles in every practice.

Frequently Asked Questions for Safety Glasses

1. What is the best lens material?

Most safety eyewear has a lens made of polycarbonate instead of traditional glass to reduce the weight. The material is also preferred for its appreciated impact tolerance. However, polycarbonate will scratch even with a coating treating.

2. Is anti-reflective coating available on safety glasses?

Yes. The AR coating reduces distracting lens reflections that is useful in some particular activities. However, it causes a defect on the impact resistance making the lens less protective.

3. Are there safety glasses for kids?

Children are the in the biggest group of victims for eye injuries. Teach your kids to wear safety eyewear at an early age will leave them a healthy habit into the adulthood workforce. Protective eyeglasses for juniors are available widely in most optical shops. Primarily, they focus on keeping their eyes safe from radiation, dust, and contaminated splashes.

4. ANSI and OSHA. Which one comes first?

OSHA was issued in 1970 as a federal agency works for the U.S. Department of Labor to evaluate safety practices in the workplace and educational affairs, while the ASNI is a private, non-profit organization generates quality and safety standards for a myriad of products established in 1918. Therefore, the ANSI has a longer history and regulations adopted by OSHA.

5. I work as a professional glassblower. My workplace is always set at 1,200 C temperature. Which protective eyewear will be best?

You need a UV protector lens made from polycarbonate; this material won’t melt in high temp. What you should pay attention to is to have the safety goggles with a high-quality ventilation channel to keep the air inside the goggles cool, in contrary to the outside heat.

The Best Safety Glasses of Them all

For the best safety glasses out of our list, we would like to give the honor to the two outstanding items. We voted the DEWALT DPG82-11 Concealer to best safety glasses for construction regarding its versatility to almost types of workplace. Any welder, plumber, miner, lab technician, machinist, or people work for the mechanical means can make use of this safety goggles.

As a whole, it has a professional look and everything a heavy-duty worker needs. Since its suitability is beyond expectation and the price tag is not painful, you definitely should own one in your equipment set.

For sports safety glasses, the Wiley X has beaten all for the first place. Not to mention its cost, the glasses bring more benefit than any other eyewear in our tests. From the polarized lens that gives a crystal vision to the slick design keeps up with any exotic brands, the glasses even have the edge on the protective perspective.

The glasses will serve your way to withstand sun lights at any level while dwelling comfortably on your nose as long as you are still on the field.

Your Next Move?

You have got a terrific collection from us; now, it’s your choice to go forward. But we would like to wrap things up to finalize our opinion. Out of our testifies, we conclude that safety for your eyes is extremely important. It is a top concern you should never take the risk in any situation.

It is not only about foreign particles that can hurt your eyes, but also the harm those particles bear. Ordinary debris would only cause some itches, but polluted objects are potential factors that take your sight away, leaving you severe eye diseases or worse, blindness. Losing sight to the pointless embarrassment when wearing safety goggles isn’t worth it. Don’t pawn your precious eyes to the nonsense.

Also, invest in a quality pair of safety eyewear will save you more money than the cash you spent. The expense of occupational eye injuries includes treatments, doctor visits, surgery, medicine and everything in between would cost you million times than the money you need to buy protective glasses, not to mention lifetime side effects. So, raise your awareness today and put safety for your eyes to the highest priority.

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