Hi guys! Whether being a novice DIY-er or expert carpenter, you will need air compressors in your repertoire. Do you agree?

In fact,

Finding that device can be a challenging process. Why so? Because there are various types or brands in the current market.

Well, we’re here to help you!

We’ll save you much time by making a list of the best small air compressor now. We encourage you to consult all we’ve found.

Top 5 Best Small Air Compressor For Your Perfect Projects

Best Small Air Compressor Table

ModelsKey featuresCapacityWeightCFM@90 PSI /PSI MAXVoltage
Porter-Cable C2002-WKMost popular
Affordable price
13-piece accessory kit
6 gallons34 lbs
82 dB
2.6 CFM
120 volts
Porter-Cable CMB15Fully shrouded
8-piece inflating kit
1.5 gallons20 lbs
79 dB
2.0 CFM
120 volts
Senco PC1010 Fast connected coupler
Exceptionally quiet
1 gallon20 lbs
68 dB
0.7 CFM
115 volts
DeWalt D55140Simple to get started
Heavy-duty design
1 gallon24 lbs
69 dB
0.8 CFM
120 volts
Dewalt DWFP55126Powerful, heavy-duty
2 universal couplers
6 gallons30 lbs
75.5 dB
2.6 CFM
120 volts
Bostitch BTFP02012User-friendly and solid
Rubber feet
6 gallons29 lbs
78.5 dB
2.6 CFM
120 volts
Hitachi EC710SRugged performance
Ideal combo kit
6 gallons36.5 lbs
73 dB
2.8 CFM
120 volts
Eagle EA-2000Accurately quiet
Low amp consumption
1 gallon27.3 lbs
44 dB
115 volts
PowRyte 50004220-Piece starter kit
Universal quick couplers
4 gallons22 lbs2.6 CFM
120 volts

1. Porter-Cable C2002-WK

Porter-Cable C2002-WKEditor Rating:

Let’s start with the first product:

Porter-Cable C2002-WK is user-friendly, lightweight and simple-to-carry or store. It is ideal for medium woodworking applications and tire inflation due to high-end features.

Along with its 2.6 CFM at 90 PSI and 6-gallon tank, it will let you use the medium-sized spray gun in one pinch.

Thanks to the piston oil-free pump, you don’t need to care about oil checking or regular maintenance.

Also, this pancake-style air tool offers a long performance and optimal stability. The core mechanisms in this air compressor come with covering plastic shroud.

This 6-gallon compressor tool holds to 150 PSI for long runs and much air storage as well. You even have the extension cord to begin the 120-volt motor in such cold weather or sub-20 degree events.

While simple applications won’t be an issue, it is not a good choice for industrial-sized tools.


With its excellent features, it is still a heavyweight model in our list to consider.

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2. Porter-Cable CMB15

Porter-Cable CMB15Editor Rating:

What is its specialty?

Porter-Cable CMB15 runs with a rated 2.0 CFM at 90 PSI and low-amp 120-volt motor. This boosts a simple start-up and rapid recovery time.

This model acts with low noise levels at just 79 decibels so it will be perfect for your indoor plans. Moreover, it can power the airbrush, inflating, cleaning, and small projects.

It has one 1.5-gallon air tank along with the fully-shrouded and rugged design. Its rubber feet help to stick to any floor while in use.

The max 150 PSI tank pressure will also create a longer run-time. With a built-in drain valve and oil-low pump, it doesn’t need advanced maintenance. It is handy and takes not much space where you store.

Especially, it features an 8-piece accessory pack. That includes a 25-feet recoil hose, 25-inch tire chuck, Teflon tape, and assorted inflation nozzles.


Although its rubber legs are a bit small for the needs of some users, it is still well-designed as well as perfect for what it is designed for.

If having no heavy-duty jobs, why don’t you begin with that option? You will get its 1-year warranty for those components.

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3. Senco PC1010

Senco PC1010Editor Rating:

Is there anything special in this model?

This air compressor for home use is affordable and quiet. The core reason why many users want this product is its fascinating portability.

This fantastic small machine weighs just 20 lbs so you can bring it around and place it wherever you do smaller jobs.

With its 0.5 HP oil-free motor and one-gallon tank, it’s ideal for airbrush applications or nail guns. Pumping tires will be frustrating in this case.

It features the rapid connector, pressure control knob and pressure gauge. Here, rust isn’t a big problem because it comes with the aluminum tank.

With 0.7 CFM at 90 PSI, this SENCO model is also among the quietest air compressor. It produces just 68 decibels of sound.

Besides, this product runs on such lawbreakers. You won’t get any trouble with the blowing breaker. Its anti-skid and rubber feet will also save the floor from any scratch.

This small product is not perfect for a tough task. If there are trimming projects, you should go for a model with greater CFM rating and larger tank size.

In case, you are a DIY enthusiast, SENCO PC1010 will provide you with industrial power, and surprising performance at what it is suitable for.

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4. DeWalt D55140

DeWalt D55140Editor Rating:

What great things does this boy can perform?

The Dewalt D55150 will provide you with its securing roll cage. That is great for such maximum safety. It is a compact compressor that offers reliable operation due to the low-maintenance pump.

It is ideal for advanced customers as well as professional contractors that have trim work, water lines testing, light remodeling, or woodworking projects.

For inflating kids toys or tires, you can dial the proper pressure. It will automatically shut down at the level if the tire becomes full.

The cast-iron design protects it from any damage. The wraparound panel and universal connection make it compatible with pneumatic tools.

Besides, this quiet one-gallon compressor produces low 69 decibels of noise. The 2.6-amp motor can deliver 0.75 CFM at 90 PSI as well as 135 PSI maximum. You can easily transport this unit from one task site to others.

Some users complain that this model is a bit expensive without hoses and attachments.

However, if you are into airbrush work or crafts, this model will be a good candidate with great features. Give it a try!

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5. Dewalt DWFP55126

Dewalt DWFP55126Editor Rating:

What makes it popular?

DEWALT DWFP55126 is among the most favorite pancake air compressors now. Many homeowners and DIYers use it to power their mid-range air tools for truck and car inflating or woodworking job.

Portability is its main feature. At just 30 pounds, it is lightweight and compact. You can easily move and lift that carry handle.

Producing about 75.5 decibels makes it a good option for many home users since the sound level isn’t louder than dishwashers or running showers.

Moreover, oil-low motor needs no maintenance only when you keep it far from all dust or debris. The machine also features high-quality materials, so no parts are easily vulnerable.

The safety valve can prevent the device from exceeding level 165 PSI. This is great, right?

Its 0.9 HP motor does not need much amperage and is easy to operate in cold weather. Its rubber feet will protect the surface from strong marring.

Though this product has a high price tag and is not perfect for painting, shoppers are still satisfied with those dual-user features and its longevity. Worth trying!

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6. Bostitch BTFP02012

Bostitch BTFP02012Editor Rating:

How good is it?

This six-gallon Bostitch BTFP02012 maxes out among the current air compressors. It is portable with the weight of just 29 pounds as well as acts with the 120-V power source like household outlets.

It runs at the quiet 78 dB level, so it is perfect for in-home uses as well as workplaces without disturbing anyone.

You can use it to power devices s for DIY projects or small air tools, and use it as an inflator if necessary. Besides, its motor is strong enough to perform in cold temperatures with no issue.

Despite the large size, it is much maintenance-free compared with others thanks to its long-life oil-free pump. Here, to extend its range, you will need an extension cord.

This model is simple to use and a good option for any semi-professional units. By the way, it won’t offer industrial power. Anyway, for mid-ranged ones, that is still more than enough.

It has standard features such as rubber feet to avoid movement during its restarts and fill up, universal couplers, pressure gauges, and a carry handle.

Its main part is also covered to give more protection. Also, the convenient placement of its meter gauges brings you the best view at all angles.

One of its main downfalls is its screw-type drain. This factor may bother some users. But for what it offers, it is still worth purchasing, agree?

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7. Hitachi EC710S

Hitachi EC710SEditor Rating:

What is its specialty?

While other bands are predominant in the pancake compressor area, Hitachi also grants the challenge with its EC710S oil-low pancake product.

This affordable model is suitable for various cabinetry projects and finish work. It is also easy to move around. The noise level is not too bad, at just 73 dB.

The rubber grip handle of this compressor will allow you to carry it easily. Its outlet hose and exposed gauges will help to increase the work efficiency with 150 PSI of full working pressure.

Its pump doesn’t need any maintenance and motor can operate at all kinds of weather. The steel with a 6-gallon cylinder will ensure the long-lasting from any decay and dust. That sounds cool!

It features a steel roll cage for further protection and rubber feet to stand on uneven terrain.

Its weight is a bit greater than other pancake compressors. However, its weight is mainly for the built quality as well as heavy-duty materials. So, don’t regret this!

On Amazon, it is now in the Hitachi KNT50AB combo pack along with the hybrid air hose, brad nailer, pneumatic tool lubricant, and protective glasses. That is a great deal, so pick it up soon!

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8. Eagle EA-2000

Eagle EA-2000Editor Rating:

Why it is special?

This Eagle EA-2000 is attractive with its sleek steel and hotdog design. With just a one-gallon tank, it holds a great ability to offer up to 125 PSI max level.

At just 44 dB, it is also among the quietest compressors for indoor operation. You can use this unit for cleaning as well as lighter pneumatic tools with not much issue.

Also, the control panel will let you get access to the controls, monitor gauges and coupler easily. Besides, its ability to consume low amp is quite impressive. The life span of its motor is even 4x the typical compressors.

It is also lightweight for any portable use. With its two oil-free pistons, it can keep the flow rate to the expectation.

Some users who have high demand power devices may not like this model. Because of its 1-gallon tank, you will have to recharge it more often when using this model for high powered tools.

Overall, if you feel sensitive to big noise, then this small product will be the best choice.

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9. PowRyte 500042

PowRyte 500042Editor Rating:

Why do you should buy it?

The final model we would show you is this PowRyte 500042 pancake compressor with 150 PSI max pressure.

It is ideal for roofing jobs, small SCFM air tools, general inflation, finishing nailers, framing operations. Also, it is great for both outdoor and indoor operations thanks to its low noise level.

It features an oil-free, portable and maintenance-free design. That creates a useful gravity drainage system on the air tank bottom.

What’s more, it has a rapid recovery at 90 PSI at 2.6 SCFM and the tank capacity can be up to 6 gallons. At the same time, it may even support two users.

For durability, the fully-packed shroud protects it for a long time. It also includes a carry handle for more convenience.

Moreover, rapid and universal couplers work with the push-to-connect mechanism. They can accept any automotive or industrial plug at about 1/4 inch.

Although it is not proper for heavy-duty or medium jobs and doesn’t include adapters, it still gets high attention of many shoppers. Worth trying!

Those are all for our list of suggested best small air compressors on the recent market. Let’s move to another attractive part!

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Why Choose Small Air Compressors

Why choose small air compressorsHere’s a roundup of the essential reasons to purchase a small air compressor for your needs:

  • Energy-saving: Little manual movements create little pains and aches. Small products make everything easier for your body and save much energy.
  • Time-saving: Small air compressors can speed up the spraying, nailing or sanding process, and save much valuable time.
  • Portable: A small air compressor will make your life easier because you can carry it to any places.
  • Professional: Using small compressors will improve your work quality and make everything last longer.
  • Low maintenance: They don’t require extensive maintenance. But, regular and small checks are possible to keep your device performing well.

Now is the best part:

We will show you the top small air compressor with their amazing features:

Buying Guide

Don’t know what to notice when buying a small air compressor? Make it easy with these factors:


NoiseIt is essential to consider this factor in your own decision. Some products come with a high decibel level. Even a small decibel reduction will make making your product much pleasant to start.

So, when noise becomes a big issue, and you can’t stand it, make sure to check that out.

Your Air Tool Demand

Your air tool demandIf you want a compressor for a heavy-duty mechanism or industrial use, a stationary product along with its tank will be better.

In case you need one to use around your house, then a small and portable product is what you need.

In short, you had better consider your tool requirements such as volume and pressure before deciding anything.


There are some popular styles for you to select, for example, pontoon, pancake, twin stacks, or wheelbarrow. Each style will come with different benefits. You can consult them and make a favorable decision.


Many small air compressors come with a low price tag. Others are a bit expensive for some reasons.

So, you should consider your budget or what you need. Don’t forget to choose reliable air compressor manufacturers.

Power Source

Power sourceIn case you intend to provide your air compressor product with electricity, a compressor with its electric motor is what you need.

If not, you will have to consider the gasoline engine type which runs on fuel or batteries. Don’t forget to check the required voltage of that air compressor before purchase as well.


PerformanceWhen considering any air compressor performance, you need to consider certain factors.

For example, what were its cubic feet per minute (CFM) and pounds per square inch (PSI)? This factor helps to determine how fast your product works and how much it may accomplish with a tank.

Besides, don’t forget to check its recovery time, lapse times, and charging speed. That will help you to determine how time effective and convenient your product is.

Other Features

Many users wonder: What will they get when purchasing that air compressor?

Many units come with long hoses, nozzles or other accessories. These additional features will guarantee that you will get more than an air compressor. You can consider some combo kits for further benefits.

Moreover, the product warranty is also an important factor you should check. It will protect you, offer a replacement or a full refund in some cases. Overall, they will save you much money.


What hose do I need to search?

Here, the hose length depends much on what you will need your air compressor product for.

The most popular hose lengths now are 3/8” and 1/4”. You had better consult the product manual for the proper hose length.

So, what is the longest hose for the compressor I may use?

Commonly, small compressor products for personal or home users do not require more than 150” of hose length.

For some other reasons, you should consult the personal or manufacturer manual for the best result.

Is oil-free a norm in purchasing these models?

Most of the small air compressors on the recent market are oil-less. This fact means you don’t need to care about changing or checking its oil.

Oil-less air compressors usually wear out more quickly than some oil-lubricated ones. However, that isn’t likely to be a problem with normal DIY usage of small air compressors.

Final Verdict

Those are some recommendations for the best small air compressor for your projects and a buying guide.

To enclose such ultimate results, we’d like to recommend Porter-Cable C2002-WK as a better model amongst all good-quality and small air compressor. Why?

At an affordable price, products from Porter Cable brand are the best-selling air compressors, thanks to their excellent features and the ability to finish the job well.

The look of the Porter-Cable C2002-WK is quite sleek. Its higher pressure design also gives a long air tool performance with rapid recovery time.

And with its six-gallon tank, the capacity of this unit rivals other larger choices in a smaller frame. It comes with a 13-piece accessory pack and a one-year warranty. That is a good deal!

Although it is still not an ideal option for industrial-sized applications, it gets high ratings and good reviews from Porter Cable lovers.

The excellent benefits it offers makes it become one of the top-selling air compressor products today.

By the way, this is only our recommendation. It’s up to you to choose that product or not. Let’s consider others in our post to pick up the best one for you. Thanks for reading!