The 5 Best Spray Paint For Metal That You Should Buy Immediately

Every once in a while, your metal furniture, doors or windows will require a touch-up to maintain the aesthetic appearance. You can do this by painting the objects by yourself at home. This means you will have the freedom to choose the color of the paint, plus saving the considerable costs of hiring services.

But before you can begin the project, you will need to solve the number one question of what kind of paint to use on metal. There is a wide variety of products in the market, which offers you a lot of options, but at the same time, it can confuse you. It is important to choose the right product to paint metal objects. High-quality paint will stay for a long time, giving a smooth finish and some products can even prevent rust. Spray paint is your ideal choice because it can meet all of these standards.

Top 5 Best Spray Paint For Metal Reviews

Spray paint is well-known for its convenience. You can find many experts recommend spray paint for quick projects at home. It can cover any surface perfectly with just one coat, especially objects with details that normal paint brushes can’t reach. That’s not the best part. Spray paint can come in vibrant colors. Graffiti artists would surely love to practice their mural art skills on metal surfaces. If you’re a beginner with mural art, you can be assured that the budget for materials will be under control. A can of spray paint is surprisingly affordable.

To help you have more confidence in choosing the right spray paint, we’ve done the research and bring you the list of top 5 best spray paint for metal that you should definitely buy. We will also talk about how you can make the best use of spray paint and a detailed buyer’s guide. Let’s not wait any longer. We will dive into the most anticipated part now!

The 5 Best Spray Paint For Metal Ultimate List

Below you will learn more about each product and how they can assist you with the DIY projects or mural art practice.

Rust-Oleum 302593 – The Top All-Purpose Spray Paint

Rust-Oleum 302593 - The Top All-Purpose Spray Paint

The Rust-Oleum 302593 is more than an oil-based paint for metal. It is currently the most popular all-purpose spray paint. With this product, you can get shiny metallic colors that adhere well to metal without causing chips or bubbles.

The manufacturers have taken every factor into careful consideration and include the rust-resistant ingredients to the formula. The coat will form a protective shield once it is applied on the surface. Your object will get an impressive improvement in both its beauty and durability.

While other spray paint can have an unpleasant odor, you will be glad to know that you can use this product freely indoor, even in rooms with low air ventilation. Cleaning up your surrounding after the project is done has never been easier. You can wash the paint off of everything with just a piece of cloth soaked in soapy water.

Another factor that makes the Rust-Oleum 302593 stands out is the smooth finish. Thanks to the lustrous metallic flakes, the coat will come off as shiny and eye-catching. You can also use this paint on interior surfaces such as wood, ceramic, and canvas.

One major drawback is that this paint takes a long time to dry. The limit is up to 24 hours. This can cause a bit of trouble if you’re painting doorknobs since touching them can leave stains. But considering the benefits, this is only one small flaw with this product.

Pros: Zero percentage of harmful odor. Can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces. Eye-catching color. Smooth and shiny metallic finish. Effective rust prevention.

Cons: Can take up to 24 hours to dry. The nozzle can be broken easily during transportation.

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Montana MTN 94 Spray Paint – Professional Spray Paint for Street Artists

Montana MTN 94 Spray Paint - Professional Spray Paint for Street Artists

You may have heard of Montana as one of the leading brands in the Street Art community. Their Montana 94 spray paint line, or the MTN 94, includes the best graffiti spray paint the industry has ever had, featuring all the 12 of the most popular colors in mural art. As for DIY home projects, the paint will give a unique look of popping color to your furniture.

Artists can unleash their creativity with high-quality paint on canvases or walls. The paint will dry at an ultra-fast duration, leaving a matte finish with excellent adhesion. Don’t worry about controlling the spray paint even if you’re a beginner. The can is designed to have low pressure, which will assist you with great versatility throughout the process.

It can be difficult to achieve the vibrant color after the work is done. There are brands who made the paint loses the bright tone once it’s completely dried up. With the MTN 94, it’s an entirely different situation. You can create as many layers as you like to combine the colors and get the visual effects that you want. The cans come with a versatile soft touch cap that allows for both fast coverage of large areas and precision outlining.

Plus, all MTN 94 spray paint has a pleasant vanilla scent with no harmful chemicals. Working in an enclosed space will never be bothersome anymore. One thing that you should keep in mind when using this product is that the paint can get clogged if you leave the cans on the shelf for a long time.

Pros: Ultra-fast drying time within minutes after application. Pure matte finish. Low-pressure can for quick and precise application. Comes in a wide range of vibrant colors. Pleasant vanilla scent.

Cons: Can have clogging problems if the spray paint hasn’t been used for a while.

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Design Master DM241 – Best Rose Gold Spray Paint in the Market

Best Rose Gold Spray Paint in the Market

Rose gold might be amongst the top list of most aesthetic colors, but achieving the perfect finish on metal surfaces is seemingly impossible for every brand. Consumers have given negative feedbacks on how almost every paint comes out as either bronze or too dull. The Design Master DM241 Premium Metallic Spray Paint is the best solution to this problem.

This paint does not only maintain the genuine rose gold tone but also stays the same no matter what the color of the metal surface is. You will be surprised to see the paint dries to an even texture almost immediately after it is applied. This is thanks to the quick-drying formulation.

The final result will be a fashionable coat with a high chip-resistant level, emphasizing it as the most durable paint to metal. The objects can be handled many times and remain beautiful. Not to mention the ability to resist chip, giving a strong protective shield to your project.

However, Design Master DM241 Premium Metallic Spray Paint still can’t avoid clogging, a common problem you usually find with spray paint. It doesn’t happen much often to the Design Master cans, but it is a bothersome issue to resolve.

Moreover, this metallic spray paint has the chemical scent. Although it is not harmful to your health, it can be uncomfortable when working in an enclosed space. At the bottom line, despite the flaws as mentioned above, it is overall the best option for those who are looking for a high-quality rose gold spray paint.

Pros: The surface will only need one coat to get fully covered. Doesn’t require a primer to give a smooth finish. The final result is the best rose cold color in the market. Takes a short time to dry. Chip-resistant components are included in the formula.

Cons: Occasional clogging problems. The chemical scent can be unpleasant when working indoors.

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Krylon K09196000 COVERMAXX – Most Affordable Metallic Spray Paint

Most Affordable Metallic Spray Paint

The Krylon K09196000 COVERMAXX Metallic Silver is the second metallic spray paint on the list. And it comes with the most affordable price you can find. Krylon has carefully included the primer in this product, which means you will get a 2-in-1 spray paint with just one single purchase. Krylon is a renowned brand with an impressive background on the best spray paint color. Their products can bring a whole new look to any object in your home. And this fashionable silver color is no exception.

With the easy to use spray tip, beginners can get total control of the painting pattern right at the first time using the can. The quality will be proved by the formula that covers every detail of the object quickly. It also dries in within just ten minutes, saving you the trouble to avoid handling the object after the coat is finished. The formula contains rust protection substance, which enhances the longevity for metal surfaces. You will get a simple yet stylish matte finish as a result.

The one fatal downside is that consumers have got several feedbacks on the poor coverage level. The first coat is so thin that you can see through to the surface. It requires approximately 3 or 4 coats to give a complete look, meaning you will have to take a lot of time to wait for the coat to dry before applying the next one. You’ll need to work indoor with this spray paint. The humid air can create bubbles on the surface, ruining your project. Don’t worry about air ventilation, Krylon has removed dangerous odor from their product.

Pros: Color paint and primer are included in one product. High level of rust protection. Easy to use spray tip, suitable for beginners with home projects. Pigmented final result with a stylish matte look. Only takes a few minutes to dry.

Cons: Requires 3 or 4 coats to achieve the full coverage without looking transparent. May have bubbles if working outdoors.

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Rust-Oleum 7274830 – Smooth, Shiny Paint Finish with Amazing Rust Prevention

Smooth, Shiny Paint Finish with Amazing Rust Prevention

Rust-Oleum metal paint is another multi-purpose paint that you can use on metal and a wide range of interior surfaces. This chrome paint will give a shiny metallic finish on furniture, wood, masonry, almost every type of surface that you can find at home. This spray paint doesn’t only have high versatility but also has a quick drying time. You can forget about long hours of waiting to use the object without getting a stain on your hands. One coat is relatively enough to provide the full coverage that the object needs.

However, the color when dries up is more of a silver tone, rather than the chrome color as the advertisement. The formula has a high content of VOCs, which is known to be toxic and flammable. You may experience dizziness if you’re using this spray paint in poorly ventilated space.

To make up for the flaws, Rust-Oleum has made this paint an excellent shield for the metal surfaces. It can guard against all weather conditions. You can be assured that objects for outdoor activities such as bicycles can have the coat for a very long time. Common damages such as corrosion, fading, chipping are also prevented thanks to the amazing formula.

Pros: Excellent durability. Can protect the objects from common damages like chipping and fading. Eye-catching shiny finish. The coat does have not only full coverage but also stand strong against any weather conditions — ideal for objects that are handled mostly outdoor, for example, the bicycle. Rust-Oleum offers a wide range of colors, which is convenient for consumers to give new touch-up from vintage to fashionable look to the furniture.

Cons: The resulting color is not as pigmented as that of the advertisement. Contains VOCs, which is extremely harmful to the consumers’ health — highly restricted for using indoor.

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Why You Should Use Spray Paint for Metal

By this time, you’ve learned every necessary information about the best spray paint for metal in the market. But browsing through the Internet, you may find that there are products that are seemingly more convenient. So you’re wondering if the spray paint is the best choice. After reading the following part, you will surely go to the store and grab the cans right away.

Easy to Use for Everyone

First of all, the cans can be easily stored on the shelves, but be careful not to leave them there for too long. Clogging is a common problem with spray paint. Secondly, most manufacturers have included the conical spray tip. This means that anyone from young students working on projects, to consumers who would like to paint the metal objects at home, can control the paint pattern easily.

And last but not least, spray paint for metal comes in a diverse range of colors. You can choose the fashionable metallic shade, or the minimal matte finish to suit your preferences.

Get Paint On Uneven Texture

Paint brushes are widely used at home, but there are metal surfaces with details that the brush can’t fully cover them. By using spray paint, you can get a finished paint coat. It’s more aesthetic and ensures a high protection level. Plus, the high-quality formula can stick on the surface for an amazingly long time.

Smooth Finish

The final result will be quiet eye-catching with the pigmented color. To avoid bubbles on the surface, you can bring the work indoor where the paint won’t be affected by the humidity. Just remember to use the paint with no harmful chemicals.

Tips to Master the Spray Paint Techniques

Below are the tips on how to control spray paint and give you the perfect finish on any type of metal surfaces.

Spray Painting Tip #1: Protect The Surrounding Area

Protect the floor and any items near the objects that you’re going to paint. Masking tape can do great with this job.

Spray Painting Tip #2: Have Proper Surface Preparations

Before you get to work, put on a pair of clean latex gloves. They protect your hands from the substance. You can start by using wire brushes, sandpaper, emery cloth, files, steel wool or sandblasting to get the bare metal ready to accept the paint. Next, use denatured alcohol or acetone to make sure that there is no oil on the surface.

Spray Painting Tip #3: Control the Project with Magnets

Magnets work great for holding your metal work while you spray painting it. You can grab the magnet and rotate it to adjust the item’s position without touching your work.

Spray Painting Tip #4: Primer is Also Important

Use the recommended primer before applying your finish coats. Not only will this enhance protection and increase service life, but it will also allow your final coats to lay smoothly. As a bonus, since primers are more forgiving than spray paints, it’s a good time to practice your spray painting technique.

Spray Painting Tip #5: Several Coats of Paint can be Useful, too

Although most products can do a great job with just one coat, in some cases, you should apply several coats of paint. As a rule of thumb, figure every part of the metal will require at least three finishing coats to achieve a perfect finish.

Spray Painting Tip #6: Little Details Matter

Shake the can before starting your project. Remove the cap from your paint can and start shaking. Whenever you first start spray painting, vigorously shake the can for 45-60 seconds. Subsequent shakings, done while painting, can be for 5-10 seconds. Re-shake the can once for every 1-minute of spray painting.

Spray Painting Tip #7: Work in a Ventilated Area

Because spray paint results in the emission of very fine particles of paint, it is important to prevent excessive inhalation. Open all the windows and close the door to the room in which you are painting. Wear a pair of gloves to avoid getting paint on your hands. If the object to be painted is a light fixture, consider taking it down and hanging it from the supports of your garage door. This allows you to move all the way around the fixture and spray it from all sides, even from underneath.

Other Cautions That You Should Remember

Test the spray paint nozzle:

Hold the can 10″-16″ away from the outside of the back of the box and spray some paint on the box. If the paint splatters out onto the box, you need to return the can for a new one. The spray should be even and not leave large drops of paint on the box.

Shake the can while you go to the front of the box when you’re ready to paint:

Don’t spray on the object immediately after you’ve brought out the can. Aim at the inside side of the box and sweep across your work to the other side of the box. Don’t stop and sweep back while the paint is hitting the article being painted. This will cause paint buildup and drips. Sweep up and down, side to side, or around in circles, just never stop sweeping while the spray is hitting the work.

Be patient with the process before you can achieve the complete finish coat. You don’t need to keep spray paint until you can no longer see any primer. It will all get covered properly with the subsequent coats. When the item is painted, gently close over the box front and lightly seal it with masking tape to prevent dust and bugs from sticking to your work.

Take your spray paint can outside, turn it upside down and depress the nozzle until no more paint comes out – this will keep your nozzle working great for the next coats. Replace the cap. Wait until you’re sure the paint is absolutely dry, and then apply the following coat if needed. Open the box and repeat all of the above steps until the job is complete. Three finish coats on all surfaces would be ideal.

Remove the masking tape carefully:

Have a hobby knife or new razor blade handy in case you need to make any slits or remove stubborn pieces of tape.
If you use the above technique with glossy spray paint, you should have a mirror-like finish free of wrinkles, drips and dust bumps.

The painting process with spray cans should be a continuous one. If you stop sweeping the can, even for only one second, you may get a messy texture right away. If this happens to you, stop painting immediately and use a rag to remove all the fresh paint you can before it dries. Terrycloth is an amazing assistant in this situation.

Let the item dry completely:

If there are still tiny paint bumps and flaws, try removing them carefully with fine steel wool or 200 grit emery cloth. If necessary, re-prime the area and begin again.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Our team of experts has come up with the answers for the top questions that consumers have.

How Can I Apply Spray Paint on Metal?

You can follow these simple steps to start the DIY project with metal surfaces.

Prepare the Work Area

Spray painting will give the best results if the surrounding temperature, humidity, and wind are under control. Thus, avoid working in freezing temperatures, excessive wind, and high humidity. You must also thoroughly clean the surrounding area, or else dust particles can fly around and settle on the painted surface when it is still wet.

Protect Surrounding Surfaces with Drop Cloths

After cleaning the area, protect all surrounding items and the floor with drop cloths. If you are painting a small item, it helps to place it in a makeshift cubicle made of scrap cardboard to contain the paint spray.

Remove any Rust

It is important to remove all rust before you spray paint a metal surface. Using sandpaper or a wire brush, scrub out all the rust and then wipe the surface clean.

Remove Grease and Dirt

Clean the metal surface thoroughly next, as this will improve paint adhesion and finish. Use a grease-cutting cleaner to remove all accumulated grease, and ensure that the surface is free of grime and dirt.

Apply Primer

Primer is very important when painting a metal surface. In the absence of primer, the paint will not adhere to the metal, increasing chances of rust formation and peeling paint. Use a good quality primer that is compatible with metal and the paint you plan to use.

Shake the Can Well

Shake the paint sprayer well to make sure the paint is properly mixed up. Not doing so will cause an uneven buildup of paint as you progress.

Apply a Test Coat

Before you apply paint on the metal object, spray a couple of test coats on a scrap piece. Use something like a piece of cardboard to check whether the paint lands evenly.

Hold the Can About One Foot Away From the Object

It is important to hold the spray paint can look at the proper distance. Holding it too close will result in thick coats and overlap, whereas holding it too far will result in uneven coverage.

Spray in Thin Coats and Repeat if Necessary

Avoid applying thick coats of spray paint. You achieve better coverage by using thin coats and repeating the application until you achieve the desired results.

Do Metal Surfaces Need Sanding?

Unlike other materials such as wood, sanding is not necessary for metal surfaces. If you’re looking to repaint a rusted appliance or grill, seek a specialty paint with magnetic or heat-resistant qualities. Remove existing rust and oil and lightly sand glossy surfaces before you begin.

Can I Remove Old Paint from Metal?

Yes, you can remove the old rusty paint to make sure the object gets a fully new coat. This process may take quite a long time, not to mention a lot of patience, but you will get a more satisfying painting result. Here are the details on how you can remove old paint from metal surfaces.

Use Brush on Paint-and-Varnish Remover

It’s sometimes possible to strip old paint or varnish from wicker, though not always as successfully or as easily as with wood. Begin by brushing on a thick coat of paint-and-varnish remover, working it deeply between the strands. To keep the surface wet, spray on paint-and-varnish remover from an aerosol can.

When the finish softens, use a small, stiff brush to remove it. Brass or natural bristles are suitable, but avoid using wire brushes, which can damage the wicker strands.

Scrub Off Remaining Paint is Not Much of a Trouble

Cut the bristles from a paintbrush, leaving about 1/2″ of stiff bristles, and use it to scrub off remaining loosened paint with mineral spirits. Wicker is less likely than wood to be damaged by water. If the wicker is unfinished, an occasional misting is sometimes recommended to keep the material flexible.

When stripping wicker outdoors, you can use a forceful stream of water from a garden hose to blast away loosened paint. Old layers of paint that have built up over the years can be removed from metal patio furniture using methods similar to those employed with wicker.

Apply the Paint-and-Varnish Remover

Brush on a thick coat of paint-and-varnish remover, and allow it to stand for about 20 minutes. Use a coarse rag or bristle brush to remove loosened paint. Avoid steel wool, which may scratch softer metals. If necessary, apply a second coat of remover. Use a bristle brush or synthetic pad to remove the last of the softened paint, then wipe the piece with a rag dipped in mineral spirits.

Once you’ve stripped the piece to bare metal, avoid letting it come in contact with water, which can cause rust to form almost immediately. If rust spots appear, sand them off before repainting.

Clean-up the Small Detail Areas Left

Once you’ve stripped a piece, you may notice a few places you’ve missed–such as in carvings or around detail work. It’s best to remove these remnants of finish while it’s still soft from the stripper. Use an old toothbrush or cotton swabs dipped in mineral spirits to remove finish in difficult areas. Follow up by wiping with a soft cloth. Leaving small amounts of the old finish deep in the crevices and carvings can help preserve an antique look.Unused portions of stripper may be saved for future projects as long as the container is tightly sealed. Waste stripper, paint sludge, old brushes, and used steel wool may be placed in a sealed container, then disposed of. To clean up the waste, you should call your local sanitation department to find out how and where to dispose of the waste: community regulations on the disposal of toxic materials vary widely.

As you clean up, note that chemical-soaked rags can spontaneously combust and cause a fire. To dispose of them safely, place them in a container, fill it with water and seal it. Dispose of the sealed container with household garbage. Leave soiled drop-cloths and newspapers outside to dry, making sure to keep them away from pets or children, before throwing them away. Or soak drop-cloths and newspapers with water and throw them away.

The Final Verdict

We hope that this article can help you decide on the best spray paint for metal for your home project. Each of the products mentioned above is selected through our expert’s careful research, comparison, and analysis of consumers’ feedback.

Overall, the range of colors for spray paint is amazingly diverse. You can find from vibrant, bright colors to the classic or vintage tone. If you’re looking forward to giving a new makeover to the object, then don’t be afraid and select the spray paint with a whole different pigment.

Mural art is popular nowadays, and it is no doubt that you might have an enjoyable time to practice your painting skills. Thanks to the easy to use can tip, every artist can cover the details, mix the colors with ease. Plus, the price range starts at a very affordable price.

Every manufacturer has introduced its remarkable spray paint. Some formula also includes primer, rust protection or even the substance to guard against harsh weather condition. The higher the level of protection, the longer the coat can stick on the surface.

This is most likely suitable for objects that get handled a lot of time, or have direct contact with the weather. For example, the bicycles, the window frame or the doorknobs. To save you the additional budget for primer, there are brands that combine both of the paint and primer in one product.

The drying time has been reduced to only within a few minutes. This means you can say goodbye to the bothersome stain, or long waiting time that you can’t handle the furniture comfortably. While harmful chemicals are still commonly found in the paint, the good news is that there are many brands that remove the odor as much as possible. Some brands have already replaced it with pleasant scent such as vanilla or decided to let the paint have no scent at all.

We’ve also introduced the steps to apply spray paint. Even if you’re a beginner with DIY projects, you can still achieve a perfectly smooth finish by following the simple steps. Before you start the project, it is recommended that you remove the old paint. This will help the new coat covers up even smoother.