You might not know this, but you only need to buy the best wheel paint and apply it to your vehicle. Then, you can have brand-new car wheels without buying new ones. But the current market is full of many types of wheel paint, making you a bit confused to decide which one you should buy.

Therefore, we are going to share with you the top five best wheel paints to help you have the right decision.

However, before jumping to know what they are, let’s take a look at their benefits.

Top 5 Best Wheel Paint

Benefits of Wheel Paint

Benefits of Wheel PaintBefore diving in to know the best wheel paints, we want to provide you with an overview of their advantages.

  • Restore the radiant look
    With good wheel paint, you can totally turn your old car wheels to look brand new, just like they were when you first buy them. It takes you a bit effort to make a huge difference in their appearance.
  • Protect the wheels
    The best wheel paint can protect them from rough environments like high temperatures. Also, it can help prevent your car from road debris that leads to rust, chips, minor blemishes, and corrosion.
  • Save money
    You can see, by using wheel paint to transform your wheels to look new, you don’t need to buy new ones. And obviously, you will save much money for this.
  • Used on other parts of vehicles
    Aside from wheels, the paint can also be used for other automotive parts, comprising of plastic hubcaps. You can see the paint comes with various purposes. That’s why it is actually a good product that anyone should have in the garage.

Top 5 Best Wheel Paints

1. Performix 11203

Performix 11203Editor Rating:

First to first, we want to mention a budget but great wheel paint – the Performix 11203. This is an ideal choice for those who have a budget restriction for this purchase and is the most affordable option in our list today.

The paint is stored in an ergonomic can, which provides users comfort to use and grip. Still, the product also features the resistance to heat, as well as physical stress and electricity.

Another incredible feature of this product is that it has a rubber-based coating. Therefore, though you make any mistake, you only need to remove the application.

You probably wonder whether this coating can hold up. Well, don’t worry, this paint can hold onto the surfaces quite nicely. Plus, it is non-slip!

Nevertheless, there are some concerns that undermine the paint’s overall performance. It, for instance, does not come with an identical seamless look like other products in the list. Accordingly, it flaunts a different paint-like appearance that can stand out on your vehicle.

Additionally, it poorly interacts with other paints. It will be fine if you spray on a clean surface. Otherwise, in case it is used on an old paint job, it will crumble and deteriorate.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Resistant to heat, physical stress, and electricity
  • Rubber-based coating
  • Non-slip


  • Poor interaction with other paints
  • Slightly bad look on vehicles

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2. VHT ESP734000

VHT ESP734000Editor Rating:

If you want to buy a wheel paint that is easy to use, have great coverage, and seems everything. That is definitely what the VHT ESP734000 is about.

The paint is available in ten of the most popular brake wheel colors such as stain black, gold, cast aluminium, and bright blue.

Plus, it also features three different style variations, including finish, coating, and cleaner. Thereby, you can know what meets your demand exactly.

Another reason why we choose this product is due to its colors. They are great and superior!

Still, the product is resistant to up to the temperature of 900°F. That’s why it will not be influenced by cracking, peeling, chipping, and other heat relevant issues.

Plus, the paint applies seamlessly and effortlessly. In only 30 minutes, it can become dry to the touch. And after two hours, you can put your wheels back to the car.

As mentioned above, the paint’s coverage is also incredible. You will only need two cans of the paint to restore the appearance of all four wheels.

So any drawbacks? We must say YES! You will have to apply clear coating on it to hinder the paint coating wicking away brake dust, causing fading.


  • Ten color options
  • Superior heat resistance
  • Deliver smooth coating
  • Easy to use


  • Need other clear coat to avoid fading

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3. Dupli-Color HWP104

Dupli-Color HWP104Editor Rating:

The Dupli-Color HWP104 is an ideal choice for a reflective metallic finish. The highlight of this product is its superb resistance to brake dust and chemicals. Thus, it can keep your wheels look great after years.

However, you will give most of your compliments about the product’s effectiveness. Should you precisely apply the paint, you can create a good glossy coating.

Still, the paint dries quite quickly, in only half an hour like the VHT ESP734000.

The only issue of the paint is that it is thin and slightly runny. You probably need to apply it in the horizontal moves to reduce the runs.

And due to its thinness, it is necessary to apply some good primer and clear coat over it.

Aside from the problems as mentioned above, the Dupli-Color HWP104 is an ideal wheel paint that delivers excellent results.


  • Highly reflective metallic finish
  • Easy to use
  • Quick-drying
  • Durable finish


  • Thin and slightly runny

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4. Rust-Oleum 248927

Rust-Oleum 248927Editor Rating:

Car owners might have to deal with rust regularly. If you seek a paint for your aluminium wheels that can much resist to rust, you can consider the Rust-Oleum 248927.

Undoubtedly, paint is used to prevent rust. However, this wheel paint goes beyond essential rust prevention. It can significantly resist water and other factors that can cause corrosion, and especially rust. Thus, you can protect your wheels for a long time.

And one more thing you will love this product is its ease in applying and coverage.

Still, the Rust-Oleum Wheel Paint comes with outstanding adhesive capability. It holds onto your surface smoothly and firmly for years without any primer.

And the coolest thing about the product is that it can be used for both aluminium and steel wheels. Also, it can work on plastic hubcaps.

Regarding its drawbacks, the paint is available in only four color options including graphite, clear, matte black, and steel.

Also, the matte black paint is much more glossy than the matte one.

If these cons do not matter you, you can refer to it as the best choice for your aluminium wheels.


  • Superb weather-resistant finish
  • Great for aluminium and steel wheels
  • Rust prevention


  • Four color options only
  • Glossy matte black spray

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5. Dupli-Color BNS0601

Dupli-Color BNS0601Editor Rating:

The Dubpli-Color BNS0601 offers a bunch of color options for you to choose. Regardless of what color you want for your wheels, you will get it with this product.

The paint also gains its prominence for the ability to hold onto the surface smoothly and seamlessly.

And similar to most products in the list, this paint can dry quickly, in half an hour. But with this Dupli-Color Perfect Match Automotive Paint, only after one hour of curing, your wheels can be ready for installation.

Moreover, the coverage of this paint is quite good but is not better than the VHT ESP734000. As mentioned, with the VHT wheel paint, you need only two cans for all four wheels while with this paint, you have to use three.

Any problems? Yes, the paint coming out when its can is almost empty is worthless and rough, which can cause wastage. This is the only issue of this product.


  • Many color options
  • Get on the surface smoothly
  • Quick-dry painting
  • Good coverage


  • Rough and worthless remaining paint when the can is almost empty

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Wheel Paint Buying Guide

Now, we will give some elements that you should consider before buying any kinds of wheel paint.

Drying Time

Drying TimeKeep in mind one of the most critical factors that is the time the paint will dry. You should buy wheel paints with the drying time of under one hour.

You know, the faster it dries, the less likely you will mess up your work when moving the wheels.

Weather Resistance

As the paint will be along with your vehicles, you should ensure that it can withstand as many conditions as possible. To maximize the durability of your paint, please carefully check whether the product you are going to buy can resist poor conditions or not.

Protective Properties

Protective PropertiesAnother critical factor is the ability to protect your wheels’ structural integrity of the paint. When driving, some small pieces of debris can chip away at the wheels, which damage them over time. The products with protective properties will minimize the risks. Thereby, the lifespan of your wheels will be expanded.

How Does the Paint Look?

It is obvious that the appearance is also a critical consideration. In terms of automotive paint, you normally want to buy a product that can match your car the best. As if the new coating doesn’t complement the vehicle, it can stick out like a sore thumb.


PriceYour budget is exactly a concern, irrespective of what you buy. When it comes to wheel paint, though, many can get something quite decent. Even the top-end paints will not bankrupt you after all.

However, this does not mean you should buy the costliest wheel paint on the market. It is probably not the best match for your wheels at all.

Our advice is you can earn more benefits if you get a product in the higher-end price range. It will be worth investing in something that can make your wheels look great.


What is the best for aluminium wheels?

Consider the VHT ESP734000 Gloss Caliper Paint. Another choice you can try is the Rust-Oleum High Performance Wheel Spray Paint. Those products deliver an excellent weather-resistant coating and look for your wheels.

How many cans should I need per wheel?

It depends on the wheel paint you use, as well as the size of wheels, and the can capacity. As mentioned above, with the VHT ESP734000 Gloss Caliper Paint, you will only need to buy two cans for all four wheels.

How much does it cost to paint wheels?

Once again, to calculate how much you need to spend on painting your wheels, you have to know the detailing joint you go to. However, most can charge you more than $400, even $1000. What an arm and a leg!Therefore, you should apply the paint by yourself. It is quite easy, and most importantly, you will only spend an overall of $100, which is much cheaper.

How much time does it take to paint the wheels?

The full process consists of clearing, priming, and painting. The best spray paint like five products mentioned above will need at least haft an hour gaps between layers. This is to ensure it can have enough time to dry before the next coating.If you want to do five coats, you will need to spend about 4.5 hours to paint all four wheels.

Therefore, we highly recommend you to do painting at the weekend to have enough time to complete your work.

Final Thoughts

Now you know all top five best wheel paint reviews. We believe that you can find a suitable product that fits your demand after reading our article.

Ultimately, we want to say that wheel paints are available in many different finishes and colors, so you should select what you need exactly.

And one more thing, the wheel paint cannot adhere well or deliver a smooth coating if you do not prep the wheels correctly.

Do you find our list useful? If yes, share it with anyone who wants to buy the wheel paint like you.

Thank you for reading.