Welcome back to our post, guys! We are here again to help you resolve your usual concerns relating to painting tasks.

By the way: If you have checked our previous post about ideas for painting cabinets with essential tools and the proper paint, you may wonder:

“What brand of paint is best for kitchen cabinets?”

Thus: We have done research on some other kitchen makeovers out there and gathered helpful information to make this post.

It will show you some issues around kitchen cabinets painting as well as the list of top paint brands. Without further ado let see what is in store for us!

Top 5 Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

Bestseller No. 1
Nuvo Titanium Infusion 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit
Ideal for use on wood, laminate, primed or painted metal cabinets, kitchens and bathrooms.
Bestseller No. 2
Giani White Diamond Countertop Paint Kit
Durable acrylic topcoat for protection against everyday use; 5 versatile colors that compliment a variety kitchen and bath decor
Bestseller No. 3
Nuvo Black Deco 1 Day Cabinet Makeover Kit
Low VOC, low odor, water-based Acrylic paint and primer in one; One-day application process that dries in a soft, Satin finish
SaleBestseller No. 4
Nuvo Cabinet Makeover Kit, Earl Grey
Low VOC, low odor, water-based acrylic paint and primer in one; One-day application process that dries in a soft, satin finish
Bestseller No. 5
Nuvo Cocoa Couture Cabinet Paint Kit,Brown
Low VOC, low odor, water-based Acrylic paint and primer in one; One-day application process that dries in a soft, Satin finish

Why do Kitchen Cabinets Need Painting?

Bring Them New Look

Bring Them New LookIt can’t be denied: Best kitchen cabinets will present the perfect combination of not only function and quality but also the new style.

Thus: Painting the kitchen cabinets can transform their dated and drab look. Also, your entire kitchen will have a new lease on life.

Save Much Money

According to Kitchen Solvers’ owner: If you reface your kitchen cabinets instead of installing all-new ones, you may save up to 50 percent of the cost.Hence: The painting will be a cost-effective alternative method. You can change the look of cabinets at a much lower cost than that of purchasing full remodels.

Allow Your Creativity

Allow Your CreativityObviously: If you paint those cabinets yourself, you will even have the complete freedom to perform your creative abilities and hobbies.

By the way: To make your performance become the envy of those who see it, don’t forget to prepare carefully and follow essential steps to paint laminate cabinets or wood ones.

Especially: If you are wondering: “How can I paint my kitchen cabinets without sanding?” and although there’re possible ways for that case, we still recommend you keeping that important step.

With a sanding step, your new paint will stick very well. Thus, you should keep that step to make your task better.

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What are Paint Qualities for Kitchen Cabinets?

What are Paint Qualities for Kitchen Cabinets?Once you know the above potential benefits of cabinet painting, it isn’t surprising that you would begin that task.

Here, many customers ask us: “Can all kitchen cabinets be painted?”

The answer is you can paint almost all of them. Particularly, with the careful prep work and good paint, those boring cabinets will become more attractive after you paint them.

So, knowing the necessary qualities of the paint for your kitchen cabinets painting is important.

In particular, cabinets need paint that is:

  • High-quality has low odor and comes from reliable manufacturers.
  • Able to harden when it gets dried
  • Sturdy and durable enough to endure the effects of food or liquid splashes, frequent touching, and many other physical impacts.
  • Specifically formulated for woodwork and kitchen cabinets
  • Cabinet-friendly, user-friendly and clean for the environment and easy for cleanup if possible.

What are the Best Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets?

In addition to paint qualities, best paint colors for kitchen cabinets draw many users’ attention as well.

In fact: Like choosing colors of paint for bathroom vanities or other rooms’ furniture, picking colors for your kitchen cabinets can be fun because you can let your imagination run free.

But don’t worry: We have consulted the ideas of some interior designers. Then, we narrow down the list of best paint colors that many users often apply for their kitchen cabinets.

White and Dark Gray

White and Dark GrayAs you can see, they apply white for upper cabinets and rich dark grey for lower ones to make an excellent mixing.

As a result: White colors make space bright and light whereas dark grey colors ground the design well. This perfect combination will be an ideal option for your kitchen.

Slightly Off-white White

Slightly Off-white WhiteThis is a bright and beautiful white color with no weird undertones. Also, it brings the airy and light feeling as well as subtle nuances for the serene spaces.

Furthermore: It works well with marbles, colored tiles, and countertops. Especially, this versatile and neutral color will bring color-enhancing accents to your dynamic environment.

Vibrant Blue

Vibrant BlueThis timeless color is growing in popularity and will give your kitchen space a lot of warmth and depth.

Especially: It goes well with the types of gold and silver hardware. Also, it also matches well with grays and white. Many vibrant blue cabinets are often used for island areas as a key focal point.

Matte Black

Matte BlackThis type is making a big comeback of black and will provide a dramatic, modern and expensive look for the cabinetry.

Moreover: It will be ideal since it has the warm undertone to help diffuse the harsh black. Also, it can be incorporated into the interior in various ways. This is the best blackout there for your kitchen cabinets.


GreigeThis is a perfect mix of grey and beige. For the existing tile, it will help to tone that down for a cooler and neutral effect.

After all, this type is an ideal shade to complement many things and bring your cabinets a desirable look.

Briefly: Those are just some of the best colors we would suggest to you. You can consult more and have your option.

By the way. If you are asking “Which paint is good for kitchen?”, you should notice that:

For a small kitchen, you had better keep the cabinets as light as possible to create the illusion of more space.

For a quite colorful kitchen, you should choose neutral colors for cabinets to prevent the kitchen from the overpowering.

What Paint Brand is Best for Kitchen Cabinets?

Now is the most attractive part:

It will show you the best cabinet paint brands on the recent market. With them, you can produce an excellent and smooth surface.


ValsparThis brand is a household name in the USA and has expanded into many countries throughout the world.

Its paints are good alternatives for your kitchen cabinets. The cost is also comparable to that of Benjamin Moore Advance.

Typically: One of their famous paint products, Enamel Semi-gloss Latex Paint, recently gets good rates from the customers.

This cabinet-specific latex paint type behaves much like the oil-based type and will be perfect for metal or wood cabinets.

And unlike the oil-based paint type, this type from Valspar does not need petroleum products for clean-up. Only soap and warm water are enough.

Fine Paints of Europe

Fine Paints of EuropeAs same as the name, this America-based paint brand is fine and leads the way with such innovative products.

Fascinatingly: It provides a huge range of paint colors for several projects. Moreover, those colors are various from tamed to wild ones as you desire.

Besides: It specializes in both primers and oil paints. Also, its products are supposed to be the best-kept secret of professional trim, door, and cabinet painters.

For instance: White alkyd paints for cabinets tend to remain yellow over time. So, if a tough white cabinet paint is your want, the Eurolux Acrylic from this brand will be a great option.

This product’s colorfastness is high and will be non-yellowing under any circumstances. Despite the high price, this super-premium paint is still worth purchasing for its wonderful qualities.

One more thing: It is not easy to find its products in the brick-and-mortar stores, so you had better order them online.

Farrow & Ball

Farrow & BallThis brand has an honored position in the home design trend-setters world for the high durability and innovative colors.

Now, its products are sold at many premium paint suppliers in the USA and even online.

And many users have used its products for their painting tasks, including painting kitchen cabinets for the admirable performance.

Typically: With over one hundred colors, the paint product Full Gloss will be perfect for high impact areas such as your cabinets.

It is eco-friendly zero VOC paint and easy to wash thanks to the 95-percent gloss. Thus, this task is just like wiping down porcelain tile, glass, or metal.

Not only that but it is also great in style. More designers are applying high gloss paints for gloss-averse surfaces such as walls or ceilings.

Despite its high cost, it is excellent at giving your kitchen cabinets a mirror-like super glossy surface.

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin WilliamsThis is an influential paint brand for contractors with about 3900 USA store sites. And these compete for both DIY market and contractor businesses.

Furthermore: It is one of the most recognizable brands for paints and highly rated for great-quality products by professional users and even do-it-yourselfers.

Particularly: It provides supplies that will give professional, time-saving and cost-saving results. Also, it applies the latest coating innovations for top-quality performance.

For example: Sherwin Williams Pro-classic will be an excellent product for your laminate kitchen cabinets.

It is a bit pricey, but it will give a smooth, high-performing and luxurious finish to withstand the toughest tear and wear.

Benjamin Moore Advance

Benjamin Moore AdvanceThis brand is popular for many home improvement projects and is highly rated by both professionals and amateurs as well.

It provides specific paint for each room in your house, so it won’t take lots of the strain out of your preparation.

And like Fine Paints of Europe brand, its color range is astounding with over 3,500 colors for any imaginations.

Especially: It is well-known for the types of waterborne paints as well as latex’s. They are easier to use than their oil types but still provide a smooth finish.

For instance: According to many Benjamin Moore Advance cabinet paint reviews, the product Advance Satin Paint gets great comments from professional painters thanks to its low viscosity.

It will allow a lower sheen for your kitchen cabinets as your desire. Also, it allows painting faster, retains the structure after drying, and let the edges be sharp, crisp, and precise.

Amazingly: It behaves like an oil-based paint or alkyd paint, but it is a water-based type. Thus, you can use warm water for clean-up.


Insl-XThis business has a strong reputation for providing a wide range of premium products and excellent customer service.

If you want the paint to last a long time and solve more issues such as sealing surfaces, hiding stains or preventing moisture, chemicals, and fire, you can use Insl-X products.

For example: Its Gallon Satin Cabinet Coat product is the trim- and cabinet-only paint. It is excellent at treating adhesion problems on surfaces.

Besides: This paint’s urethane-acrylic formulation will offer better-sticking properties than other paint types. It even lays down well on difficult surfaces such as melamine and Formica.


Rust-OleumThis is the leading manufacturer of industrial paint and coating products. For over 100 years, it has helped customers to minimize their environmental footprint.

Whether you wish fresh and durable finishes or want to treat rusty metals, it will help you by preventing almost any leak on the surface.

Whether you are waterproofing the concrete or treating the leaky gutter, this trusted brand will assist you as well.

As an illustration: Its Cabinet Transformations product is not only the paint but also the coating system for your entire kitchen cabinet.

Also, this multi-layered system offers a transparent protected surface when completed. Besides, with Cabinet Transformations Deglosser, you don’t need cleaning before painting.


BehrThis dynamic company provides the industry and customers with its best products and services.

For over the years, it has shown a strong brand presence as well as the reputation for innovation, unparalleled quality, value, and performance.

For instance: Its Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel product is specified for surfaces that need washable ability and durability. It is water-based but has great characteristics of the oil-based paint.

You can find this reliable, strong, self-leveling cabinet paint in-store and online. It is an actually ideal choice for you to control painting costs but still maintain quality.

In a word: For those amazing features, if you ask us: “What kind of paint is best for kitchen cabinets?”, we would recommend paint products from above famous and reliable brands.


So, those are our all suggestions and information to resolve your question: ”What brand of paint is best for kitchen cabinets?”.

We believe that with outstanding features of paint products from those brands, your existing kitchen cabinets and space will become more welcoming, better-looking and attractive.

Surprise your guests with your potential creativity with the help of necessary supplies and those brands’ paint products. Thanks for reading again!