Brass Spraint proves to be the world “hero” which can prevent your house’s furniture from being badly affected by one of the most terrible problems ever – Oxidation. Sounds amazing, right?

However, there are thousand types of brass paints on the market right now, which may put you in confusion: “Which is the best brass paint for me?”. Hence, this article will aid you in figuring out the five best options of brass paint on the market for your DIY

Please scroll down to the end of this article to check out some tips and tricks that may help you to make your final calls! Let’s begin!

Top 5 Best Brass Paint

Top 5 Best Brass Paint in 2020

1. Best Overall – Krylon Spray Paint Metallic

Krylon Spray Paint MetallicEditor Rating:

First coming on the list is the most outstanding brass paint on the market – Krylon Spray Paint Metallic. If you are finding the most high-quality brass paint that can bring your furniture a lustrous look, Krylon Metallic would be what you’re looking for!

Krylon Spray Paint Metallic defines itself as the product full of metallic brass. An outstanding Rose Gold Color is what you could expect from this spray paint. It looks so gorgeous, isn’t it?

Krylon Metallic can easily cover several object’s materials such as plastic, glass, paper, ceramic, wicker, metal, wood. Moreover, this Spray can provide your furniture, office supplies, or any items in your house, not only the protection coat but also a like-new appearance after painting.

Krylon Metallic has a super fast-drying time. It would only take about 10 minutes for drying until you can touch it. Nevertheless, the total time of the painting process (from spraying, drying, handling to using) just takes about 2 hours.


  • Spray can is easy to use.
  • Matte finish
  • Reasonable Price
  • Rose Gold Color
  • Fast-drying time (only 10 minutes)


  • Paint color is less shiny than other brass paints
  • Color is not vivid when applying to the different surfaces.

Verdict: Krylon Metallic is the most high-quality paint, which can be used for several surface’ materials. This paint would give your furniture a new gorgeous and luxurious appearance.

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2. Best for modern appearance – Rust-Oleum Spray Universal

Metallic Antique Brass 260728Editor Rating:

Coming next in the best brass paint list today is Rust-Oleum Spray Paints Universal. If you are looking for Spray paint suitable for DIY, which also gives your furniture a fashionable look, Rust-Oleum is not a bad idea!

If you have done some research before, you must notice that Rust-Oleum is the most well-known brand in this market, isn’t it? Due to its unique mixture of color, Rust-Oleum Universal could give any surface a more vibrant, modern, and metallic shine after one-time Spray.

Additionally, using Rust-Oleum Universal is easy, efficient, and money-saving. You may be surprised, won’t you? In fact, this brass spray paint for metal can cover up to 15 square feet of the object’s surface. Once using it, your worry about crackling, bubbling or any painting troubles would be all eliminated.


  • Vibrant, fashionable and shiny appearance
  • Suitable for several types of surface
  • Reasonable Price, high quality


  • Drying time is too long (30 minutes)
  • Sometimes, your paint would get nozzle or “quirky” if using the wrong painting techniques

Verdict: This modern shiny color would give your household items the most fashionable gold look after a one-time painting. Moreover, with oil-based formulas, which is resistant to wear, tear, or weather, it would be suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects.

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3. Best for Metal Surface – Dupli-Color Orange Metalcast

Dupli-Color Orange MetalcastEditor Rating:

If you need to search for brass paint for your metal items at home, we recommend Duply-Color Orange Metalcast. You are wondering why, aren’t you?

In fact, Duply-Color has been well-known for the Metal-Cast line up for overtimes because of its special color formulation only for metal or chrome surfaces. Using Dupli-Color Orange would bring up a more transparent, gold shining metallic look rather than a reflective chrome appearance.

Moreover, Duply Color Metalcast proves itself to be the most efficient Spray can, giving a durable finish to your metal objects. After painting, these items would be resistant to oil, gas, or even heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Sound fantastic, isn’t it? This, eventually, makes your objects more ideal for high-heat applications in outdoor projects.


  • Durable enamel finish
  • Metal surface’s efficiency
  • Reasonable Price


  • Not suitable for variety of surfaces
  • Color is not modern and shiny when compares to other Metallic Paint

Verdict: Dupli-Color Orange Metalcast is recommended for DIY purposes with metal surface objects. With a durable final look, it is suitable for outdoor DIY projects as well.

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4. Best Affordable Price – FolkArt Metallic Acrylic Paint

FolkArt Metallic Acrylic PaintEditor Rating:

If you’re looking for an average brass paint spray at a reasonable price, you may need to take Folk Art Metallic Acrylic Paint into your consideration right away!

FolkArt Metallics is defined as a high-quality water-based acrylics paint. Many features of this paint make it unique, one of which is its velvety gold color formulation for superior smooth final look. In fact, colors by FolkArt are specially created not to be too brash or too glittering. However; Its color looks more iridescent and glimmering instead

Additionally, it is a perfect fit for DIY amateur crafters or artists, no matter if you are an amateur or expert. In fact, it is quite simple to use because you would have the perfect shining gold artwork In just simple one-step painting. Besides, FolkArt have UV-resistant so it can be applied for both indoor and outdoor projects as well

Moreover, the Price of 1 FolkArt Metallic Spray Paint Can is so reasonable when compared to other types of spray paint on the market now. Therefore, if you enjoy doing DIY decorating projects with a limited budget, this Spray is highly recommended.


  • Competitive Price, high promotions when buying significant volume
  • Ideal spray paint for a variety of surfaces
  • Outstanding coverage
  • Bright and gorgeous finish
  • Water-based, therefore, it is non-toxic for children to reach


  • Not long-lasting finish
  • Dry-time is quite long

Verdict: This brass paint is suitable for children DIY purposes due to its affordable Price and non-toxic color-based.

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5. Best for health concern – COLORSHOT Lucky Penny Spray Paint

COLORSHOT Lucky Penny Spray PaintEditor Rating:

Ending up this list today is a spray paint product from 1 well-known manufacturer Colorshot. To be honest, this is the most iconic brass paint from Colorshot in recent years.

First of all, COLORSHOT Lucky Penny Spray Paint is well designed to be the top choice of many artists or crafters all over the world. Not only is this the must-have selection for any household artists that want to give their furniture a golden shining look, but also it is safe for allergic people due to the unique propellant formula from sugar cane rather than petroleum.

Moreover, Colorshot Spray paint is designed with slim can shape, which is accessible for hand-control while painting. This unique spray design can fit your finger comfortably in order to prevent fatigue, or Spray can falling.

Additionally, Colorshot Lucky Penny not only has a fast-drying time (less than 10 minutes) but also has a special paint formula requiring non-toxic dryers, which is safe for children.

Last but not least, it is so ideal for applying on a variety of surface materials. Due to its special spray paint formulation, Colorshot is able to work permanently on different materials as metal, wood, fiberglass, glass, plastic, stone, and other craft surfaces.


  • Ideal spray paint for a variety of surfaces
  • Sugarcane- based, therefore, it is non-toxic for children reach
  • Affordable Price


  • Color doesn’t look attractive
  • Not bring up a durable finish

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How Does Brass Paint Function?

How Does Brass Paint FunctionMany professional users mostly favor brass paint because it uses the best color pigments to give your furniture bright metallic colors and eye-popping lustrous look. Also, it is easy for anyone to use and suitable for all materials like metal, wood, concrete, or even stone.

With just a simple spray, you can apply a lustrous golden look in space decoration, paint art, vehicles, motorbike color patch, and DIY artwork by yourself.

In fact, standard brass paint is usually designed with a cylindrical shape and made from light steel or aluminum materials. Additionally, its surface may be equipped with a valve or a tube, depending on the manufacturers.

You may spot the structure of brass paint sometimes before because its design is so similar to other types of spray paint can. However, is there any secret behind how it works?

The answer is not much different, compared to other regular spray cans. You just need to press the nozzle on the top, and then the mixed gas (consists of brass liquid and propellant gas) will be dipped up according to the pressure change suddenly.

Moreover, inside the Spray can, there is a pea which helps maintain the balance for the mixture gas. This pea functions as the catalyst for the mixture’s process inside the can. Every time you shake the can, the pea will blend the propellant gas and brass paint. Therefore, remember to shake the can for better paint spray!

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How To Paint With Brass Spray Can?

How To Paint With Brass Spray CanAfter being well-informed of the best five brass paint on the market, you can now jump into the process to make the perfect painting finish on your own. Follow these five straightforward steps below to find out your answer!

  • Step 1: Firstly, remember to remove greases, specks of dirt stuck on the object’s surface. If the surface is old or peeling, it may need to be removed by paint remover, then rinse it. And wait about 30 minutes for drying.
  • Step 2: Make sure to have a vigorous shake of Brass Spray Can before painting. Try spraying in a newspaper surface or other samples before painting onto your intended objects.
  • Step 3: Press the index finger into the top of the spray paint cap. Keep the distance from the spray tip to the surface sprayed in about 20-30 cm.
  • Step 4: Spray in thin layers until the desired surface thickness is achieved. Note that the time for painting between layers is 10 minutes per one.
  • Step 5: When painting, remember to move the sprayer horizontally from left to right to coat the surface evenly

Useful Tips When Painting With brass paint

Useful Tips When Painting With brass paintFor the most practical DIY Brass Painting, you may need to keep in mind these following helpful tips to create a perfect artwork:

  • Shake the Spray Can well before use (we recommend shaking instantly in 10 seconds)
  • In the process of painting, move the spray bottle from left to right gently. This action will help you paint evenly on the object or surface you desire.
  • With furniture, you should clean the item clean, dry, before using spray paint to refresh. If so, the color will stick for a long time.
  • When using spray paint, choose an airy place. We suggest painting outdoors.
  • Note, do not spray in front of the fan and avoid painting when it is windy.

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Can spray paint be applied to aluminum alloy?

It’s okay! Aluminum alloy can be mounted. If the surface is too smooth, it should be polished before spraying, and the adhesion will be better.

How to clean if you accidentally get spray paint incorrect?

Use thinner lacquer or banana oil to remove paint with a scouring pad. By the way, oil is not easy to clean. It is often used for general paint cleaning.

Is Spray Paint conductive?

The general color of the paint will not conduct electricity, but colors containing the pigment of silver powder will conduct electricity, such as 123 gold, 124 silver, 144 silver plated.


After being well-informed of the best five brass paint on the market now, we want to suggest the most potential name for your DIY purpose. With outstanding color look as well as high-quality paint, Krylon Spray Paint Metallic deserves to be the best quality brass paint on the market at the moment.

Moreover, Krylon is a budget-friendly option for anyone who wants to “make-up” their household items with a golden shining and eye-popping lustrous look.

Though this article is quite long, we expect our reviews would be reliable, helpful, and help expand your research to some extent. We hope you can find a suitable Brass Paint for your purpose. Thanks for reading!