California Air Tools has been the pioneer-brand in manufacturing the Ultra Quiet, Oil-Free and Lightweight Air Compressors. Being one of the brand’s most superior products, the California Air Tools 10020C comes across as handy as possible, bringing endless possibilities to anyone who has it at hand.

You’re wondering what’s so special about this machine and how come it is so praiseworthy? What exactly sets it apart from other air compressors in the same range? Let’s find out through this California Air Tools 10020C Review below.

California Air Tools 10020C – An In-depth Review

Noise Level

Noise LevelAt 2HP, the machine is impressively quiet. It produces 30% less noise compared to the average air compressor in the market, making it a favorable option for your eardrums.

Does this somehow result in the low performance of the machine? Doesn’t noise reflect how well the engine works? This is true in the case of several machines, after all. How can you possibly entrust your job to an air compressor which fails to produce any sound?

This is what you are thinking about, right? Sorry, but you have got it all wrong! Machines do not have to be deafening to be powerful. And California Air Tools 10020C is a perfect proof!

Its manufacturers were well aware of the fact that nobody wants to put up with waves after waves of sounds while working. So they had strived to release an item that was quiet enough but still have ability rivalling those from prestigious brands. Neat!

In short, with this 20-gallon air compressor, from now on, working in confined spaces or residential areas where loud noise can be an issue will undoubtedly never be that much of a struggle.

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LightweightIf you’re looking for an air compressor which costs no more than $500 but still has all the heavy-duty features, the California Air Tools 10020C is exactly what you’re looking for. It’s cheaper than other previous models of the same brand, and also runs more quietly.

An oil-free pump is also equipped, which will require neither any oil over the rest of its lifespan, nor regular maintenance relative to other pumps. With a compact design, alongside a high horsepower engine, the California Air Tools 10020C is that machine with which most DIY tasks can be done easily.

Regular maintenance can be such a big hassle that puts many users off using this handy device. But rest assured that this oil-free air compressor not only requires low maintenance but also allows its owners to finish even the most demanding projects or DIY tasks effortlessly.


Energy-savingCalifornia Air Tools 10020C works tirelessly to reach a maximum of 125 PSI at just 70 decibels, which puts it on a par with other leading brands in the industry.

Using just 7 amps of power, this machine is excellent in energy-saving. Besides, feel free to attach any powerful tools to the device and satisfy its delivery rate of 5.3 CFM at 90 PSI. This compressor is ideal if you have a workshop that connects to a store, and you don’t want to put your customers off by making too much noise.


Looking for a machine with great ease of transport so that you can install and work with it anywhere you want? This product will be your ideal companion. In terms of safety standard, the machine is equipped with two quick connectors of a ¼ inch, ensuring a safe and secure connection to any project.


AbilityThis air compressor can offer 5.3 CFM, which is relatively impressive, and it means you can refill it rather quickly.

It is designed to work with 120 Volts, but you readjust and make that 240 Volts if higher voltage is what your work demands. The only disadvantage of this machine is its crummy fittings, but this can be replaced easily with a few bucks.

Overall, this is a decent model, and in the future if its manufacturer eventually decides to upgrade its fittings, it would be nearly flawless. So, investing in it would be quite a wise idea, not only for regular households but also for anyone running a small workshop.

California Air Tools 10020C – Pros and Cons

California Air Tools 10020C - Pros and ConsPros:

  • Portable
  • Quiet
  • High horsepower
  • Upright tank


  • Limited tank capacity
  • A bit expensive
  • Crummy fittings

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Who Should Use California Air Tools 10020C?

Who Should Use California Air Tools 10020CAs you can see, size is not the machine’s strongest point, so it is suitable for people who only aim to use it for somewhat undemanding jobs. In short, this could be a great option for builders and mechanics, or anyone whose job is related to machines and all.

For anyone in need of an air compressor that is portable, ideal for regular household tasks and DIY projects, this machine will also fit the bill. The size and portability mean you can pick it up and carry it around with little effort, so it is alright if you are not all that muscular.

This is another noteworthy part of the machine. Unless you have not realized yet, tons of air compressors out there are built with weights and structures that can only be handled by a real wrestler or something.

Not to mention, citizens in built-up areas or enclosed spaces severely affected by noise pollution can put the compressor into good use as it is practically noiseless.


Although the price is a little bit expensive, the quality is really worth it. As it presents not only an oil-free and soundless engine but also enough power to finish several tasks, this compressor is, without a doubt, among the greatest machines you can find on the market.

Anyway, we hope that this California Air Tools 10020C Review can give you all the information you need to reach the final decision! Good bye for now, and until we meet again. Toodaloo!