Forget all the inconveniences that the noisy air compressors bring. We will introduce to you a high-qualified California Air Tools 8010 that is considered the quietest compressor in the market. Come on, scroll down and read until the end to see everything you need to know about this machine before buying it!

California Air Tools 8010 Review – General information

California Air Tools 8010 ReviewThe most high-appreciated feature of California Air Tools 8010 is that it is extremely quiet with the maximum noise level of 60-decibels. The machine is also well-known for its efficiency in any operating condition drawing low required amperage during functional activities.

Following is some brief specifications about this powerful California Air Tools 8010 model:

  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 54 pounds
  • Tank size: 8 gallons
  • Pump type: Oil-free
  • Dimensions: 26 x 14 x 23 inches
  • Maximum PSI: 120 PSI

Now, it is time to take a deeper look into some outstanding features of California Air Tools 8010 model:

The Brilliant Features Of California Air Tools 8010

Oil-free Pump

Oil-free PumpThe California Air Tools 8010 model has an Oil-Free Dual Piston Pump that allows the machine to work in cold temperatures and uneven conditions. Also, the oil-free design helps to boost the electric engine’s performance and durability.

Thanks to this unique feature, you will spend less money on maintenance works!

Noise Level

The best thing about this machine is that it is extremely quiet. If you are annoyed with those deafening sounds from an outdated Air Compressor, California Air Tools 8010 will be the best replacement for it.

With the highest noise level of only 60 decibels, this machine makes fewer noises than a normal vacuum cleaner. And, you probably can have a conversation with other people next to this machine while it is still working.

That’s another benefit you will receive from buying California Air Tools 8010.

Long Lifespan

Long lifespanThis air machine can greatly function for 3000 hours plus. Compared to other Air Compressors that only work well for less than 500, California Air Tools 8010 offers a longer service life.

No doubt, if you buy California Air Tools 8010, it will last a lifetime. It means more savings for you to note down in your checklist when buying and using an air compressor.


As one of the lightest, most portable air compressors on the market, this California Air Tools 8010 model is only 54 pounds of weight. It is not the most powerful air compressor, yet it is a superior option for both indoor and outdoor work due to its portability.

Besides, this machine has a large tank of 8 gallons. Because of that, this machine is more productive compared to other air tools that have a smaller tank size. Thus, it can help you save a lot of time on startup and operation.

So if you are looking for a machine that can operate well in restricted spaces, California Air Tools 8010 is the right choice for you.

Other Handy Features

Other handy featuresThe machine is designed with a wheel kit and a handle that can help it move around easily. So you will not have to lift it on your own or need extra help to move it around. This wheeled design also receives many positive comments from customers because it is very portable and easy to set up.

The machine is powered by electricity so it can be used in any places where the electricity source is accessible. Meanwhile, you will not have to worry about running out of battery while using air compressors.

This model has a quite large 8-gallon tank, yet you will only need 130 seconds to fill its empty tank. Furthermore, the recovery time of the electric motor is 30 seconds that makes this model produce less heat and dissipate more efficiently.

For all these features, California Air Tools 8010 is ranked as the best-wheeled compressors on the market. We believe this model can please even the most difficult customers.

Who Should Use California Air Tools 8010?

Who Should Use California Air Tools 8010Is California Air Tools 8010 suitable for anyone? Let’s see who will be benefited the most when buying and using this powerful machine!

This model is made for both professional and amateur users. It is not the most powerful compressor on the market, yet this model can manage easy farm chores as well as professional tasks in the industrial field. Especially, this machine is the best solution for people who work inside where noise is a problem.

It is an ideal machine to use in both inside and outside projects.

It is designed for a wide range of potential customers who might need frequent help from air compressors such as farmers, builders, contractors.

Plus, with the wheeled and handled design, this machine can be transported easily, so it will give a big help to people who work independently.

Pros And Cons

Pros And ConsThings are not perfect, this model does have its advantages and disadvantages depending on the demand of users.


  • Super quiet
  • Oil-free operation
  • Low cost and fewer maintenance works
  • Wheels and handle to transport easily
  • Use in any condition
  • Long service life (3000 hours plus)


  • Not suitable for heavy duties
  • Some parts are plastic-making
  • Overheats after use


We strongly believe this model is a wise investment for you because of its high efficiency, portability, and durability. We love the fact that it’s powerful enough to tackle any tasks yet remains extremely quiet during operation. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a California Air Tools 8010 and share your own experience with us!