Finding an air compressor that is as versatile will be really simple with this Campbell Hausfeld 20 Gallon Air Compressor Review. Compared to other available options on the Internet, the Campbell Hausfeld’s is an optimal solution for those in need of an air compressor equipped with a variety of functions: from workspace cleaning, tires inflation to household and engine repair.

This sound equipment can surprise you with its high performance due to its amazing features, such as high air volume, short maintenance time, etc. Save your doubts for later and stay tuned until the end of this article.

How Can It Stand Out?

Low Maintenance Requirements

Low Maintenance RequirementsOil-used compressors require you to drain them daily. Plus, the weekly maintenance like checking the air filters and safety valves is tough to conduct.

But with this Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor, you don’t need to worry since it uses an oil-free pump that any Do-It-Yourself lovers or artisans would love to use. One important reason for having the oil-free pump is to make the maintenance process shorter and less complicated. No need for oil checks or any replacements!

One more thing to keep in mind is that the cover of this compressor is made of steel. If you still do not believe how sturdy it is, Campbell Hausfeld also ensures the high-quality of this machine by establishing a 10-Year Warranty, providing that if any compressors suffer damage like holes and breaks inside the tank, a new one will come in to replace it.

Tank Capacity

This compressor has such an incredible volume: up to 20 gallons and the capacity of 150 max PSI. You will have extra air for any small indoor or continuous-air-required projects since larger volume compressors let you use air tools for a longer time.

Do you know that the 1.3HP motor can fully fill the tank within only 6 minutes? That is faster than a lot of air compressors on the market!

Long Hose

Long HoseWondering if this compressor includes any accessories? Don’t worry, the package comes with a bunch of kit to help you, including a 25-foot long hose, optimal for any actions requiring distanced work. For example, in car washing, having a longer hose will help you to prevent the exterior side of your car from scratches when you increase the tire pressure.

Size And Mobility

Campbell Hausfeld’s Air Compressor is quite against the trend, having a conservative design and bulky size. Also, the dimensions (31.5 x 14.9 x 30.3 inches) and weight itself (about 92.5 pounds) have proven that this is a large and hard-to-mobilize compressor.

But not to worry, this will not bother you at all. The machine is also equipped with a stiff steel handle and wheels that allow you to push it around your workspace. Campbell Hausfeld has really thought everything through, haven’t they?

Other Handy Features

Other Handy FeaturesAside from the outstanding main features, the other benefits that this air compressor brings you are also something cannot be taken lightly. First comes the accessories. This machine can provide you with 17 useful add-ins, which ensures that you can use it for any kind of project you have in mind. How cool is that!

Besides, Campbell Hausfeld equipped the product with a 3-in-1 inflation gun which can suit a wide range of projects, not to mention a chunk and a gauge. In addition, the panel is very user-friendly and provides adequate information to maximize the user’s performance. Last but not least, the machine emits sound at 88dB, which is a normal rate for an air compressor.

Pros and Cons of Campbell Hausfeld 20 Gallon Air Compressor

Pros and Cons of Campbell HausfeldPros

  • The air capacity ensures multiple jobs can be accomplished at once.
  • The large tank will prolong users’ time.
  • The 25-foot long hose can reach any area in need.
  • The oil-free pumps require less maintenance.
  • The hard-wearing, steel outer side can withstand some damages.


  • The bulky design makes the products a little bit hard to move around.
  • The long hose may get in the way

Who Should Use Campbell Hausfeld 20 Gallon Air Compressor?

Use Campbell Hausfeld 20 Gallon Air CompressorThere is no doubt that it is most suitable for fans of DIY projects, or people who often work in large workstations and garages, or anywhere that requires a durable and low-maintenance machine.

Unlike many sizable machines that give you nothing but trouble and a big waste of time if you have never used them before, this air compressor is truly a piece of cake so do not hesitate to try it now!

Moreover, safety aids and detailed manuals are given to provide easy access and simple operations. Therefore, anyone interested in DIY projects can easily make good use of this product at home without fear of accidents.

As it is suitable for any users, you should spare some time comparing the pros and cons of this product and consider putting this into your cart!

Final Thoughts

Now you should have known everything about this Campbell Hausfeld 20 Gallon Air Compressor Review & Buyers Guide. It is undeniable to say that this product is flexible, efficient, and the benefits the product brings are outstanding. So, what are you waiting for? The decision is yours to make so hurry up and make up your mind!