No one can deny the benefits of compressors in heavy industry. With the appearance of these helpful tools, the workload of workers has been reduced to a significant extent.

Shortening working time, bringing better results, and so many more- these are what you will get when working with such a great air compressor. Standing out as a trusted “buddy” of many workers, Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gal Air Compressor is one of the best compressors with significant features that will never let you down.

Wanna know more about this fantastic tool? Then make sure you keep track of our Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gal Air Compressor Review and Buyers guide below!

What Makes Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gal Air Compressor Stand Out?

Large Capacity

Large CapacityWhen it comes to a great air compressor, capacity is the top priority factor. So sick of refilling many times during long working hours? Then Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gal Air Compressor must be included on your must-buy list. There is a 3-gallon horizontal tank equipped in this machine which promises to do wonders for your working experience.

Furthermore, another strong point of this mechanical device is 0.36 CFM at 90 PSI (pound-force per square inch). You may wonder what CFM is, right? Well, CFM stands for Cubic feet per minute, it is a winning flow measurement unit. Put it simply, the higher CFM is, the more wind it can produce.

With 110 Max PSI, Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gal Air Compressor has a lot of power to handle DIY projects. This compressor operates very well on a 120-volt house outlet.


Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gal Air Compressor can power multiple tools with its oil-free pump, which means no maintenance is needed. Therefore, you can save much time and money from maintenance. Money doesn’t grow on trees and you will love this feature for sure.

Oil-free Pump

Oil-free PumpBesides, the oil-free pump is one of the most outstanding benefits that you can not miss. Thanks to this oil-free pump, Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gal Air Compressor can operate without oil. Therefore, it can reduce the emissions to the environment to a minimum.

Now instead of pouring a lot of money into buying oil, you can save it for other purposes. Sounds great, isn’t it?

10 Air Compressor Accessories Included

Included in the package of Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gal Air Compressor are 10 air compressor accessories such as coiled hose, blow gun, inflation needles and fittings, you name it.

Thus, you don’t need to worry about buying those separately. You can enjoy your experience with this compressor right away after you get it. Imagine how terrible it will be if you have to go to some stores to buy air compressor accessories after purchasing an air compressor.

That process is so exhausting, isn’t it? Therefore, 10 air compressor accessories are such a great deal.

Portable Design

Portable DesignCampbell Hausfeld 3 Gal Air Compressor weighs only 20 lbs with the three dimensions of 15.7×7.9×19.6 inches. This compact design can make the shipping and carrying process easier than ever.

Moreover, thanks to the conveniently placed gauges located in front of this machine, you can easily keep track of pressure and usage during your projects.

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Campbell Hausfeld 3 gal air compressor can solve several tasks such as inflation, powering airbrushes, air/brad nailers, to name but a few. This mechanical device can even deal with upholstery work. What a convenient mechanical device!

Almost all normal tasks will be done with this portable compressor within a blink of an eye.

Pros and Cons Of Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gal Air Compressor

Pros and ConsEverything has both sides and Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gal Air Compressor can not escape that rule. Hence, before purchasing this air compressor, it is best that you spare some thoughts about its own pros and cons carefully:


  • Oil-less pump
  • 10 air compressor accessories.
  • Large capacity (no need to refill many times during operation).
  • Free-maintenance.
  • Multi-purpose.
  • Portable with convenient dimensions.
  • Affordable with a small, powerful, and multipurpose compressor.
  • A one-year warranty is included.


  • The slow speed of preparatory: the Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gal Air Compressor can be slow to top off the atmospheric pressure. Its horizontal tank requires time to urge full capacity furthermore. This may be not convenient if you have to finish multiple tasks in a short time.

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Who Will Need Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gal Air Compressor?

Who will needThis mechanical device is appropriate for hobbyists rather than workers who have to work in a demanding environment. You know why? Well, the working environment is more high-demanding for a compressor in general.

Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gal Air Compressor handles very well standard tools. This mechanical device is not made for complex tools working for a long time. Even so, with proper usage and maintenance, this compressor can still do wonders for its owner for a great deal of time.

Friendly note: This powerful air compressor will be your trusty assistance in mechanical work, provided that you understand it inside out. As you work with it, try to understand its advantages and disadvantages, how many jobs it can handle, as well as what is outside its ability. This is how you keep it up and running for long.

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Final Words

To keep it short and sweet, this Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gal Air Compressor Review has provided you with the outstanding features, advantages, and drawbacks of this compact yet handy machine.

If you have a passion for mechanical work or have something to do related to mechanisms in daily life, don’t miss the chance to own this mechanical device. You and Campbell Hausfeld 3 Gal Air Compressor can have great working time together. What are you waiting for? Go to the shop and bring home one now!