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How do you thin latex paint?

If we start talking about latex paints and the requirements for thinning it we need to know various other things about the latex paints too. Latex paint is one of the thick paints being used for painting. If we are […]

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How to use a Paint Sprayer?

With the help of a paint sprayer we can easily and effectively complete all the big painting tasks faster and with a good smooth finish to the project. A paint sprayer makes our work easy with two ways, the first […]

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What is a HVLP spray gun?

HVLP stands for high volume low pressure spray guns. HVLP spray guns are widely preferred by painters for refinishing their work. It is also used by professional painters for making the best out of their paintings as these guns can […]

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How do you use paint remover?

Today we are going to discuss about the paint remover and the techniques used for paint removal. But firstly let me tell you some basic details about paint removers. Paint remover is a product that is used to remove paint […]

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How do you mix paint for spray gun?

For effective spraying of paint and a smooth finish to the painted object we need to have an efficient paint mixing procedure. A smooth finish is obtained only if the colour is properly mixed before applying it with the spray […]

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How to Use an Airless Paint Sprayer?

Your home construction is complete, fittings are in place, accessories installed but still when you look at it you feel there is something missing. Yes, your furniture, your home is incomplete without paint. You can easily paint your home by […]

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