You are planning to go camping and need to prepare enough food and supplies.

So what else do you need?

Or at home, you suddenly have power outage because of a storm or lack of electricity, what does your family do?

In these cases, a generator is your savior. It gives you the electricity to use for devices, lighting, battery charging, and more.

Today, we bring you a handy generator product from a leader in power generation equipment in the North American market.

Moreover, you also have the best product list from us, questions you may want to know and what to do when problems arise while using the product.

Well, let us introduce this product to you. It is the Champion Inverter Generator, the best product in this industry.

Now follow us to get started with information about this famous company.

Top 4 Best Champion Inverter Generators

About Champion

About ChampionStarting operation since 2003, Champion Power Equipment has a good reputation in the generator industry with more than 2.5 million units sold in the North American market.

The company locates its main office in Santa Fe Springs, California, and extends some in Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Canada.

This company sets a goal of “100% of satisfied customers”, and they appreciates all feedback from their customers. As a result, there are many new and loyal customers buying these products because they trust the brand.

They also make sure that all their generators operate as efficiently and vigorously as advertised. You can also choose products according to your needs with a variety of power capability and engine size when you visit their website with automatic support on how to decide to buy.

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Why is Champion Inverter Generator The Best Choice For You?

Champion Inverter Generator The Best Choice For You

  • Best Power Supply
    Being a market leader in power generation equipment, Champion provides reliable and durable energy products designed and manufactured in the US for worldwide customers. You can use the products from this famous brand for home, work, or entertainment with ease and comfort.
  • Strong And Durable Unit
    Champion product lines include portable generators, inverter generators, family backup generators, log splitters, motors, and winches. Currently, Champion sells more than 2.5 million products in North America thanks to its robustness and durability.
  • Excellent Customer Service
    The technical staff of Champion Power Equipment in the United States and Canada provide exceptional service to customers and ensure 100% satisfaction with Champion products. Call them right away if you have any product issues.
  • Advanced Energy Technology
    Champion always improves their technology for all the products. For example, you can have new and beneficial features such as innovative remote start functions or the technology of dual fuel.
  • Champion Motor For Generator
    Champion Engine Technology (CET), Champion Power Equipment’s research and development department, has the most experienced and talented technical staff in the industry, who always create the best engine for all Champion products. For example, the new, improved V-Twin engine has unrivaled strength, performance, and durability.

Read on our reviews of the top Champion Inverter Generator, then choose the one you find the most suitable.

Here they are.

Best Champion Inverter Generators

All Champion models in our reviews have CARB compliance, 3-year limited warranty, and free lifetime technical support. Feel free to use them now.

1. Champion 2000-Watt

Champion 2000-WattEditor Rating:

The first model of Champion Inverter Generator is an Editor’s Choice thanks to its versatility and innovation in design. How good is it?

This 50-pound generator is ideal for energy items around RVs such as lamps or TV or powering lamps, microwaves, modems, routers or phone chargers. However, it is not for home use with air conditioners, stoves, or sump pumps.

You can run this product with strong recoil startups and cold start technology for using easily in cold weather. Moreover, the patented stacked design helps the generator to connect to another 2000 watt Champion Inverter Generator for a capacity of 30 amps.

In terms of power, the 80cc motor offers 2000W startup, 1700W running and about 9.5 hours with a 25% load in the 1-gallon fuel tank. It operates at 53 dBA from 23 feet, meaning the noise level is like a dishwasher.

And the best part is the Champion Inverter Technology with Economy mode.

It is useful for power load reduction, quiet operation, long life of the engine, and fuel saving. You can connect your sensitive electronic devices because this unit produces clean electricity.

With a low oil breaker sensor, this machine has an oil capacity of 0.4 liters and comes with a 10W-30 oil bottle. Fully assembled machine with trouble-free setup, it also has an integrated handle for quick transport.

The only downside is that you will make a mess filling this unit with oil, and the spark arrester is not easy to remove for cleaning.

It’s an excellent inverter generator to run a lot more quietly than expected. We recommend to anyone looking for an affordable inverter generator.


  • Easy to move and start
  • Smooth power
  • Good customer service
  • Small footprint
  • No tripping hazards


  • A bit louder

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2. Champion 3100-Watt

Champion 3100-WattEditor Rating:

Coming next is a quiet and lightweight companion for your upcoming camping or weekend trip. It provides plenty of backup power for your essential needs during a power outage.

Champion products often have reliable recoil boots and cold start technology for cold weather. You can access all your controls with the Quick Touch Control Panel and conveniently reset the circuit breakers.

This unit has a low oil shut-off sensor and an oil capacity of 0.6 liters. Also, the 171cc cylinder engine in a 1.6-gallon fuel tank provides 3100W start and 2800W running and operates during 8 hours with a 25% load.

Like the previous model, you can connect sensitive electronic devices with clean power, and a smart saving mode to reduce power load, provide quieter operation, extend engine life, and save fuel. From 23 feet, this model operates at 58 dBA, the same noise level as a normal conversation.

What’s more?

The fully-assembled machine has a hassle-free setup, foldable U-shaped handle for secure storage, and the built-in handles and never-flat tires of wheelset for fast transport.

Note that the wheels are a bit small and make it difficult to roll over dirt or loose gravel.

Buy this model if you want a generator is easy-to-start, quiet, and runs everything in your camper with no problem.


  • Good quality build
  • Strong handles and smooth wheels
  • Reliable and quiet
  • Lightweight and quite small
  • Convenient control


  • A little unsteady in economy mode

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3. Champion 3400-Watt

Champion 3400-WattEditor Rating:

The third model is also a Choice from Editor because of its special dual fuel. What benefits can you expect from this feature?

You can operate your dual fuel generator right away when using gasoline or propane, and easily switch fuel by turning the fuel selector dial.

For gas, the 192cc engine offers 3400W startup and 3100W running, and 7.5-hour operation with a 25% load. When using a 20-pound propane tank, it produces 3060W starting and 2790W running and 14.5-hour working with a 25% load.

You can use the generator conveniently with the electric starter including battery, cold start technology for cold weather. Additionally, it is safe with low oil break sensor, and oil capacity of 0.6 liters.

Like many models of Champion, you have clean power for your electronic devices and smart saving mode for less noise, motor durability, and fuel savings.

The parallel unit with a quick clip-on connection increases output by combining two inverters of 2800W or higher. And a 50-amp RV outlet with power boots and runs two RV air conditioners of 15,000 BTU.

Not only that, you can store and move the generator quickly thanks to its foldable handles and high-quality tires.

We don’t love the wheels on the unit. They should be a little bigger to make the generator sit up higher off the ground.

If you’re not sure what generator to get for your camper, you can rest assured to buy this generator.


  • Powerful and lightweight
  • Solid and portable
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Easy to pull over
  • Simple to change the oil


  • Small gas tank

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4. Champion 4000-Watt

Champion 4000-WattEditor Rating:

When it comes to a portable generator, you can count on the Champion. Our last top product has the Advanced Open Frame Inverter Design.

Let’s take a closer look at the outstanding features of this model.

The noise reduction comes from the integration of digital inverter components of silent technology. And effective mechanical design helps to reduce 20% of the total weight.

The Champion features a cold start technology and a 224cc motor for 4000W startup and 3500W running and 17-hour operation with a 25% load in the 2.9-gallon fuel tank.

With a low oil-off sensor and an oil capacity of 0.6 liters, the inverter of this generator runs with a noise that is slightly larger than normal speech. Besides, the fast touch panel provides quick access to controls, while the saving mode monitors power consumption in real time to reduce power load.

You can see this feature in the 3400-Watt model. They are optional parallel units that connect two inverters or digital hybrids with 2800 watts or higher and clean energy for devices.

The biggest issue is that the generator leaks oil from the crankcase vent into the filter. You can tighten up the valve cover bolts to solve this problem.

The Champion 4000-Watt offers several popular features at a high price. If it meets your needs, bring it home now.


  • Clean output
  • Great customer service
  • Simple to empty and add oil
  • Extended run time on a full tank
  • Quiet and lightweight


  • Plastic oil fill cap

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With proper care and maintenance, you can use Champion portable generators for years. However, you may encounter problems, mainly if you often do not perform maintenance regularly.

Because you only use a generator in emergencies, it is essential that it runs properly and you know what to do when it does not work.

No Start

No StartFirstly, you check the fuel when your generator does not start. Fuel degrades over time, so not using the unit for a while causes it to degrade enough to stop the startup.

You can prevent this by starting the generator to run for a few minutes once a week. Before restarting, you make the gas tank dry and refill it with the new fuel.

If it still does not work, you should change the spark plug. If the problem is not fixed, contact a certified dealer to check and repair for you.

Difficult To Start

Difficult To StartThe cause may be due to dirty or blocked filters. You should change the new filter. A loose spark plug can also cause a generator to crash when starting or running poorly. Check if you have installed the spark plug wire well, and try restarting the generator.

If it still does not work, then the problem is the spark plug. You should replace a new one if it is dirty or damaged.

Turn Off While Running

Turn Off While RunningIf the generator starts but turns off while running, check the fuel tank. When you find the tank full, look at the oil level. Fill the container with oil if the oil is low and restart.

Next step is to check if the generator is on a flat surface or not. The Champion unit is usually not too hot, but insufficient ventilation or restricted air can cause it to stop working after overheating. Clean the filter and move it to a well-ventilated area.

Finally, send the generator to a dealer of Champion for further checking and repairing.

Tips For Maintenance

Tips For MaintenanceHere are some things to KEEP IN MIND when using the generator:

  • For oil level, check every 8 hours or once a day.
  • Do not forget to clean the air filter and change the oil after 50-hour running or once per season.
  • Remember to clean and adjust spark plugs and replace them if needed after 100-hour running or once per season.
  • For proper operation, when not using the device, turn it on for about 20 minutes once every 30 days.
  • Keep the generator outside clean and store it on a flat, dry, clean surface.
  • Never use a garden hose to clean any parts because water entering the machine through cooling slots can damage internal components. You should use a damp cloth to clean the outside, and a 25 psi pressure air compressor purifies dirt and debris.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is The Model Number On A Champion Generator?

You can find the model number and a serial number of a Champion generator located on the side of the product with the handle and see this information written clearly on the tag on the horizontal bar above the yellow end cap of the generator.

What Kind Of Oil Do You Use In A Champion Generator?

Firstly, refer to the table below for the climatic conditions where you live to use suitable oils of different weight.Then you should note that in the first 5 hours of the run time is the break time for the generator. During this time, you only operate at or below 50% of the watt rating and occasionally change the load to help the stator windings heat up and cool and also make the engine speed improve and support seat piston rings. After this time, remember to make the oil change.

However, you only add a small amount until the oil appears at the bottom of the filler plug threaded hole. If you use too little oil, it will activate the low oil sensor, and the engine cannot start.

On the contrary, a lot of oil will cause the breather system of the motor to purify excess oil into the air cleaner box and prevent the airflow going into the engine. As a result, the engine cannot start working and smells the spark plug.

How Long Will A Champion Generator Run?

The Champion generator is a source of backup power, so it cannot run continuously forever. Manufacturers create them to provide power for up to 8-20 hours, depending on the model.The motor needs lubricant and fuel. As soon as the supply of propane or natural gas is cut, the generator stops working. To avoid damage, the manufacturer designs the machine to turn off automatically when the tank is empty.

In short, the generator has a life of only a few thousand hours in the assumption that you run them properly with long rest periods between each usage.

Let’s Pick Your Best Champion Inverter Generator Now

Finally, what is your choice of Champion Inverter Generator? Follow your need, budget, and find a suitable one.

Because all generators are from one famous brand, you will be assured of choosing one of them to use at home or in your RV camp. Make sure that you know the features of each generator, some downsides, and warning from the manufacturer.

You also leave your comments or questions here. We are willing to answer you as soon as possible. See you in our next post.