Paint Gun is one of the most important tools which is used for multiple painting projects. Spray Paint gun makes the painting task a fun task, and with proper knowledge, anyone can easily paint out different household things including furniture, vehicles, etc.

This is a tip for you: always clean up the paint gun after using it, trust me it will help you a lot in the long run ! Cleaning a Paint Gun after use is essential to maintain its efficiency of work. With proper maintenance of the Paint Gun you can save a ton of money from repair. To save some money in your pocket, here we have listed down some of the most common ways to clean a Paint gun. We have also listed down some tips which you can follow right after using the Paint Gun.

How to Clean a Paint GunIn between uses, if you take good care of the tools and other parts of the Spray Paint Gun, the cleaning process of the gun won’t take much time. Plenty of old methods are still life-saver for many Paint Gun users, and they are still making use of the same techniques in cleaning their Paint Guns.

There are many types of Spray Paint Guns available in the market. However, most of them have the same components so the cleaning process of the Paint Guns is similar for all the different types of Paint Guns making it easier to navigate what to clean first. No matter what kind of Paint Gun you use the cleaning process is the same so don’t worry about the cleaning step.

Important Points to Consider

Following its use, it is essential to clean the Paint Gun immediately. If you clean the Paint Gun regularly after its uses, it will function as the new one every time you use it in the future. On the other hand, the Paint will not get dried, and you will be able to wash out the Paint effortlessly from the Gun. You should speed up the process of cleaning the Paint Gun after its use to clean up all the remaining paint before it dries.

The market is full of a variety of Paint Gun Cleaning products. You don’t need to go to the Cleaning stations to wash out Paint from the Gun which will also save you a lot of money.

Clean a Paint GunOut of all the odds, the most effective and standard method of cleaning the Paint Gun is by making proper use of the Cabinet. There is a Paint Gun Cabinet available in the market which helps you clean the gun effortlessly. In the Cabinet, you should put all the parts of the Gun in a straight order after its use so that the next time you use it you can assemble it with ease. The Cabinet has a built-in jet which sprays gun wash instead of regular water. This Spray gun wash cleans all the components from the components. It doesn’t take much time to clean the gun as well.

Additionally, you can also try out one more method to clean the Paint Gun with the use of the cleaning solution. There are many types of cleaning solutions available in the market which you can use to clean and wash the Paint away from the Gun. All you need to do is detach all the components from the Paint Gun. Many professionals are using reducers and thinners to wash out the Paint which is stuck to the Paint Guns. It takes just a few minutes, and the entire gun and all its parts will clean out thoroughly.

When you clean a Paint Gun manually by detaching all of its body parts, you will feel like using a brand-new Paint Gun every time you use it in the future. It is advisable for you to clean out the Paint Gun right after its use. It will save you a lot of time and money, as your Paint Gun will not ask for repairs or any external maintenance. Let’s see how it does!

When you are done with the spraying task, make sure to empty the entire gun by opening the lid from the paint cup. You are requested to store this used paint in a different pot, separate them to preserve its own property for the next use. It is better for you to save the paint so you can use it in the future.

After emptying the gun, you need to put the Gun wash. Let each of its parts soak a little bit of this solution. This will make the entire cleaning process much more comfortable for you, and you’ll be able to clean the Paint Gun in a matter of a few seconds.

Clean a Paint GunNow, what you should be doing is carefully detach all the components of the Paint Gun one by one and clean them. Since all the guns have the same components, the detaching process is similar, and it will not take much time either. You can use Screwier to unscrew different components of the Paint Gun. Once detached from all the parts, you need to clean them up one by one so that the cleaning process can be more efficient.

Since you are going to use the Gun Wash solution to clean the gun, you need to use Metal container. Gun Wash solution is a strong chemical which requires a high-quality metal container. If you use other material such as plastic etc. the chemical will start reacting with plastic which can harm the parts of the guns. Make sure to have a Metal container while washing out the Paint Gun parts. Put all the Paint Gun Parts into the container and let it work itself.

These days, you can find a variety of solutions, materials, and products to clean the Paint Gun entirely. We will discuss some of these products here so you can have a better knowledge about using them shortly. If you don’t like cleaning the Paint Gun manually, you can opt for these tools and solvent which come ready to use.

Cleaning Paint Gun with Acetone

Cleaning Paint Gun with AcetoneThere are many solvents available in the market to clean different types of machines and parts. When it comes to cleaning a Paint Gun, Acetone Cleaner comes first. In fact, it is a highly recommended solvent for Cleaning the Paint Gun. Acetone Cleaner can be used for cleaning the components of the Paint Gun. This solvent is capable of dissolving paint, grease, etc. from the surfaces of the materials. On the other hand, Acetone Cleaner is the cheapest solvent on the market which comes with the following benefits.

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to obtain
  • Most effective solvent
  • Very safe to use

If you are cleaning a Paint Gun, you need to pour down the components of the Gun into the Acetone Cleaner for a few minutes. Pull out the parts and wipe out the paint. It’s easy, and you can remove the paint effortlessly from the Paint Gun.

Spray Gun Cleaning Kit

Spray Gun Cleaning KitFor advanced users, there is a special Spray Gun Cleaning Kit available in the market. There are different types of Spray Gun Cleaning Kits present, and most of them offer the same tools to clean different parts of the gun. A Spray Gun Cleaning Kit comes with many brushes of different sizes. An ideal Spray gun Cleaning Kit offers over 15 different types of brushes which can quickly reach out to small parts of the Paint Gun and clean the gun entirely. This Kit cleans almost all kinds of Spray guns such as siphon-feed, gravity-feed, HVLP and Pressure Paint Gun.

While making use of the Spray Gun Cleaning Kit, make sure to clean different parts of the Spray Paint Gun such as the Air cap, needle, cup, fluid nozzle, siphon tube, lid, and gasket. Make sure you use solvents like Acetone while cleaning the parts.

Cleaning Spray Gun with Lacquer Thinner

Cleaning Spray Gun with Lacquer ThinnerLacquer Thinner is a medium speed solvent. It is used to acquire all types of cleaning related tasks. It is highly used to clean painting tools, sprayers, brushes, rollers, etc. The thinner is exceptionally flammable which should be used with caution. This thinner is very helpful in the industries for cleaning different types of tools. It is highly used in the Painting industry for cleaning all kinds of devices and brushers as mentioned above. To clean a Paint Gun properly and be as efficient as possible you will need to disassemble all the components of the Paint Gun and carefully put them in a container. Pour this Thinner into the container and keep it for 30 minutes. Pull out the elements one by one by wipe away paint from different parts with a cloth. You don’t need to apply additional forces during the cleaning process as it softens the Paints which makes the process super easy.

If we talk about the current market scenario, there are plenty of Paint Gun Cleaner solvents available which you can easily buy from any e-Commerce website. However, before purchasing anything for cleaning the Paint Gun, you should follow a few basic tips which can save a lot of your time and money in the process. Just for your knowledge, here we have listed down a few tips and tricks which you should consider before cleaning up your Paint Gun.

Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Paint Gun Clean

  • One of the most crucial tasks in cleaning the Paint Gun is choosing the perfect solvent. The market is full of different types of solvents and solutions to clean the Paint Gun; however, you should need to know more about the Solvent which you are going to use for cleaning your Paint Gun. When you search on the web, you should read out the reviews and feedback from other users that can provide a lot of information that will be useful for the sake of purchasing a good product. This will clear all of your doubts, and you should be able to make a wise decision on selecting the perfect Paint Gun.
  • Your Spray Paint Gun should be cleaned well between the coats. It is essential to detach all the components and clean each one of them with proper care to let the gun functions well for the future tasks.
  • There are some other cleaners also available which come with ready to use. All it requires is a proper container to pour the components of the Paint Gun, and that’s it. These cleaners come with a low-price tag so you can save some money here.
  • When you change the color or thinner, you should follow all the cleaning steps wisely. If you are switching from color to lacquer or any other thinner for the second coat, it is essential for you to keep the Paint Gun clean before using any other material. If you use different materials, again and again, it will stick to the parts, and your Gun won’t perform well.

Tips & Tricks to Keep your Paint Gun CleanSince all types of Paint Guns have the same components, by following the above guidelines, you can quickly clean them up.


1. How to Clean a Spray Gun Between Coats?

When you use standard paint materials in the Paint Gun, you should clean the gun for the first gun. Standard material remains as it is in the gun. However, once you are done spraying, you should clean up the entire Spray Gun after usage for better preservation. This will keep the functionality of the Spray Gun as it is and it will not ask for any repairs for a long time

2. How to Clean a Spray Gun after Water-Based Paint?

When you use Water-based Paint in the Spray Paint Gun, you should not use the Lacquer or any other thinner right after that. Being a Chemical, Thinner reacts with Water particles which can damage your Spray Paint Gun. When you use thinner with the Water-based material, it will make the Paint gummy and sticky. Once you use the Water-based Paint, the only way with which you can clean your Paint Gun is with regular water or soap.

3. What Solvent to Use to Clean HVLP Spray Guns?

To clean HVLP Spray Guns, Lacquer thinner is highly recommended by the professionals. However, if you don’t want to spend more money, you can go with the regular paint thinner or natural gun wash material which you can easily buy from the local body shop.

4. How to Clean a Paint Gun after Epoxy Primer?

You can use regular paint thinner to clean the Spray Gun after Epoxy Primer. According to experts, you should clean the Spray Gun with Lacquer thinner as it is a very effective solvent. Lacquer thinner is readily available, and it doesn’t cost high.

5. How to Clean a Siphon Feed Spray Gun?

Since most Paint Guns come with the same components, you can quickly clean out any Spray Gun quickly with the use of ordinary Thinner. However, it is essential for you to detach all the parts of the Spray Paint Gun and clean each one of them wisely. This way, you can keep the entire gun clean from Paint after use.

6. How Long can you Leave Paint in a Spray Gun?

It is perfectly alright if you leave the Paint in a Spray Gun for about 3 to 4 hours to wait for the second coat. Your gun might have caught up by paint. It will take more time for cleaning. It is better for you to make a wise choice while spraying the paint and leaving the Paint inside.

7. How to Store Spray Gun Between Coats?

You don’t need to do anything between the color coats. Just wash the air cap, and the tip of the Nozzle and your gun will be ready. You don’t need to wash other components in between the coats.