What color walls go with brown furniture? Well, regarded as the lackluster color, brown is not highly-appreciated by designers in terms of fashion and interior furniture. Many people also claim that brown is too boring for domestic decoration.

However, everything has its beauty! Probably, this color is too lackluster to shine alone, but when combined with the right shades, it will make a perfect matching for your living room design!

If you are a big fan of house decoration and having your heart set on renewing your room with brown furniture, why not turn the walls of your room into a perfect background with ideal colors to enhance the beauty of brown furniture? It will give you a big surprise for sure!

What Color Walls Go With Brown Furniture?

Brown is the color with a neutral shade, giving your house a cozy feeling. Moreover, this shade is so versatile that you can combine with other colors to make your room’s design in harmony.

Are you still in two minds about which color to choose to have a perfect match with brown furniture? We’ve got your back! Here are the list of 10 best colors matching with brown furniture below that you can rely on. Let’s find out together!


WhiteActually, the darkness of brown will be paired perfectly with the brightness of white.No matter what your furniture brown tone is, chocolatey or light brown, this simple mixture of these 2 contracting shades will add a classical and elegant charm to your room.

Besides the correct combination of the colors, a suitable house arrangement is indispensable! Thus, as long as you keep in mind these two important elements, your white wall room with brown furniture will bring you a more luxurious and relaxing ambiance than ever!


BlueYour brown sofa and table are so modern and high-fashioned that it seems impossible to add a warm feeling to your room? Alright, don’t worry because blue will be your next ideal color to combine with brown furniture!

As a cool-toned color, blue is exactly made for brown to create an excellent match for your room! The cool tone of the blue wall, when combining with the warm shade of brown from wood interior furniture, will greatly enhance the modern and fashionable style of your room to suit your personal traits!


YellowProbably, you have seen this kind of color match once in a lifetime! Yellow is a highly-appreciated color that beautifully complements the monotony of brown. It makes your room look become more lively and funny, and therefore, motivate you more to start a hard-working day!

For this mixture, it will be great to apply for your reading room or your working place! The bright tone of yellow surrounding the wooden bookshelf and the reading desk will be against the neutral shade of brown which creates both traditional and modern charm for your room!


MintIf you are looking for a color that can give you a sense of tranquility and classicism, mint is an exact answer! When matched with brown furniture, it will absolutely brighten up your room and create fresh and peaceful air to your place.

Hence, it is also a good idea to decorate your front porch with this combination! Start adding a wooden coffee table, some trees, and colorful flowers, you will have a fascinating garden view when drinking coffee and enjoying your favorite book for a relaxing Sunday!


TurquoiseYou expect your room to look luxurious and expensive? Turquoise blending with the brown shade is one of the popular trends of decoration that you should try! As versatile colors, turquoise and brown will give you a variety of ideas to design your living place!

Besides the wall color, you can also put some turquoise furniture items such as sofa pillows, rugs to create more accents to your room. This combination will leverage your room’s appearance to a whole new level, and surely, update your taste of fashion!


OrangeOrange, a warm-toned color, will be a new taste in your house decoration! Labeled as a super hot color, orange is not commonly used as it is sometimes garish for some people.

However, combining with brown, a neutral shade, orange will give you an impressive contracting effect that makes you unable to take your eyes off. What can be more fantastic than staying in a room with a chocolate-colored sofa and dark brown wooden bookshelf surrounded by orange walls? The warmth of orange will bring a lackluster vibe and an artsy charm spectacularly!


RoseSimple but lovely, rose is an ideal color of every girl’s dream. The elegant and sweet feeling rose creates will make your heart melt any time you enter the room.

With this combination, you can be flexible to add either an old-fashioned style or modern but cozy charm for your place, especially the bedroom, which will offer you a great space for you to ease your mind and enjoy your privacy!


CopperAs a rich and modern shade, copper is one of the trendiest colors that you can choose to blend with your brown furniture! This unique match of colors will decorate your room with an incredibly warm atmosphere and perfect harmony!

If it is unavailable to paint a wall with copper, it will be also a good idea to add copper curtains to cover all your room with this color. It will also bring the energetic and charming vibe to your small room!


GoldLast but not least, gold is a color labeled as a symbol of richness and expensiveness that will bring your room the most magical charm ever! The brightness of gold and the darkness of brown, when combined together, will create the most luxurious charming vibe that will attract your eyesight without hesitating for sure!

Besides wall painting, luxurious gold house decorations such as sofa pillows and rugs are also must-have items for any room to make your living space become more twinkle than ever!

How To Choose The Best Color Paints For Your Brown Furniture

Best Color Paints For Your Brown FurnitureNow, you have a variety of choices to apply a suitable color wall for your room! But are you wondering how you should choose the best color among these?

Actually, it will mostly depend on your design preferences! Don’t take these colors as a fact, but as advice for you to create your best idea! You can refer to different tones of brown in your furniture to see how it matches with other colors in reality.

Moreover, asking a professor is also a good idea! Consulting the architect when you intend to renovate your room is also recommended in this case as they will give you “high-quality” advice that you can rely on to design your small house!


The house decoration is a term of art that just only you can decide whether it is beautiful or not! So, don’t be serious if your favorite color is not listed here! Your taste of beauty will choose your best color for your house design, so take it easy and make your own decision about what color walls go with brown furniture suit your taste best!