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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How should I paint to get an evenly distributed finish?

    If you are new to painting, it is significant for you to master the necessary techniques first!

    Before the process, try with water on old walls or cardboard instead of the real paint to get the right painting feeling! Probably, after several times practicing, you will find it confident enough to replace the water with the paint! Then your painting process will be much smoother and quicker than ever!

    Anyway, there is one more noticeable point that you need to keep in mind for perfect paint: keep the nozzle perpendicular to the object’s surface that you are working with about 10 inches away! Remember not to tilt the nozzle downward or upward to make sure your paint will be evenly distributed!

    Which is the best spraying gun?

    To find out the right answer to this question, you have to consider many important criteria! However, you have to keep in mind that there is no the best recommendation for any category, but the most suitable one! Therefore, whatever other advice is, your final decision is dependable mostly on your demands!

    If you are going to use your spraying gun once or twice a week, you should choose a product at mid-range, which will cost around $100! Consider carefully to buy the one at below $90, or it will soon turn to be a trash in about 1 or 2 years using!

    If you are specialized in painting, and you are looking excellent spraying guns for long-term use, take a look at products at over $200 or more! They are usually semi-pro and professional spraying machines and as a result, they will never disappoint you!

    How to clean my paint spraying gun?

    The paint gun plays a vital role in your painting quality! Consequently, to maintain its working efficiency, it is important to clean the paint spraying gun frequently, after about 2-week use!

    For better results, in between uses, you should also spend time taking care of every part of the spraying gun to keep it in good condition! The cleaning process doesn’t require much time and effort so you can do it right after use to maintain its efficiency and durability!

    So, how could we clean the spraying gun in the right way? One of the most effective methods that help clean your tool effortlessly is using the Cabinet, which is commonly available in the market! Let’s see how this Cabinet works to clean your tool effectively!

    To use this method, first, you put all the parts of the spraying gun in the Cabinet after each use. Then, rather than regular water, the built-in jet included in the Cabinet will spray the gun wash to eliminate all the components from your tool in a few moments!

    This method, as we can see, will not only help you save your time and effort but also prevent your gun from improper maintenance and expensive repairs! If you find it hard to clean your spraying gun frequently, let’s try this simple method right now for better outcomes!

    Moreover, in case you are looking for another method besides the use of Cabinet to clean your spraying machine, combining with using the spraying gun cleaning kit, let’s try applying the Acetone or Lacquer Thinner as the gun wash instead! Similar to the first method, these ones are also simple and highly effective but still very inexpensive!

    If you intend to use these ways, don’t forget to detach all the parts of your gun before cleaning! After finishing to detach every part, clean them up one by one! This step will help your cleaning process much smoother and quicker, as well as more effective than cleaning all the parts at the same time!

    Which spraying gun should I choose to paint outdoors?

    If you are going to work outdoors, HVLP spray guns will be highly recommended!

    As we know, when using spraying guns with high pressure, there will be a considerable amount of painting atomized into the air! As a result, compared to the standard ratio required (1:2) when working with a roller, the one when using a sprayer is extremely higher at 1:5!

    So, how could we avoid the paint wastage during the painting process? The answer is to use a gravity feed paint gun. This spray gun is designed to be compatible with high PSI, so it can help prevent your paint from atomizing into the air!

    However, one drawback of this type of spray gun is its cost! To buy this one, you will have to make quite a big investment, possibly three times more expensive than buying an ordinary gun! So, if you are not willing to pay at any cost, you should take this point into consideration before buying it!


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