Whether you want to change the dull look of your room or to think to give that antique furniture a contemporary touch, cordless paint sprayers are here to serve you in the best manner. Forget about strenuous paint brushes and rollers that consume hours to paint a small area. It’s an era of advanced modeled cordless paint sprayer that saves energy and can be used conveniently in non-electric regions as well. A cordless paint sprayer offers long-lasting results and can be carried and moved effortlessly. If you haven’t used a cordless paint sprayer yet, it’s time to get one to complete your next DIY project. This review will explain everything about cordless paint sprayers including their outstanding features so you may choose the best one among thousands available in the market.

All About The Cordless Paint Sprayer

Cordless Paint Spray – The Big Step Forward in Paint Spray Manufacture

Many people assume that cordless and handheld paint sprayers are the same, but there is a considerable difference between both models. Cordless paint sprayers are battery operated units that are easily portable and can be used in areas where there are no plug-in sockets. While on the other hand, handheld sprayers are not battery operated but electric units. They run on electricity that is provided by a source not attached to the spray gun directly. This source can be a built-in hose which is connected to the system and can be quickly moved around. Or, it can also be a long cord with one end attached to the spray gun unit and the other end plugged into the power outlet. Considering this difference, cordless units offer more portability than handheld sprayers.

The Cordless Paint SprayerComparing both models, it can be concluded that cordless paint sprayers are not as efficient as electric handheld guns. Electric units offer much power and force than battery operated sprayers as they only last for 20-30 minutes before needing to be recharged. Therefore, cordless sprayers are good to go with if it’s a small DIY project. For large assignments, this model of paint sprayers won’t turn out to be a good option. Other than that, issues like uneven coating and poor paint application may occur when using cordless sprayers but these can happen with handheld electric units as well. You need to choose the sprayer wisely and use it as per expert instructions.

The Things Should Be Considered Before Purchasing

When buying anything, you must consider the essential features to end up purchasing a good product. Pay the least attention to useless features and marketing rubbish and look out for the aspects that affect the performance of the unit. To buy a decent cordless paint sprayer, look for spray control options and application precision. The unit must have adjustable spray pattern options so you may adjust the spraying according to your desire and project demand. Also, make sure that the cordless sprayer you are buying is capable of covering the surface smoothly without leaving any brush marks.

Cordless Paint SprayWhen buying a cordless paint sprayer, never fall for the brand and pay a considerable amount of money for something completely useless. Unlike cars, paint sprayers are only praised when they perform outstandingly and give desirable outcomes. Make sure, the needle of the cordless sprayer is high in quality and offers perfect results. It’s doesn’t matter how expensive sprayer you get, if the needle is low-quality, the unit is of no use. To enjoy good results and best application, you must look for efficient cordless paint sprayers by focusing on the essential features.

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Own a Cordless Paint Spray – Best Is Cheapest


LightweightMost people complain about paint sprayers to be extremely heavy and suffer from muscle pain due to the weight of the unit. But that’s not the case with cordless paint sprayers. They are quite lightweight due to their small size and advanced design. You can use them for hours to complete the project without even feeling a minor pain. They can be carried easily and moved to anywhere without even needing a helping hand. Even the teens and young painters can use cordless paint sprayers and handle them effortlessly.


Cordless paint sprayers are pretty handy and can be used for any painting job. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so you may go with the one that fits your project requirements well. Being smaller in size and light in weight, cordless paint sprayers can be transported easily in the back seat of the car. Now you can lend the unit easily to your friends without hiring any truck.

wagner-two-hole-spray-tipPowered by battery, cordless paint sprayers become more versatile when people need to spray an area with no electric power. With no restriction to painting, now you can color any wall, fence or thing you like without worrying about energy power socket. There will be no lead in your way, and you will be free to paint whatever, wherever you desire.

Get your money’s worth

With a cordless paint sprayer, you can finally achieve your spray goals cost-effectively. From DIY projects to professional working, you can make the most of this sprayer in various ways. Your money will be paid off when you will enjoy an easy paint spraying with no extra efforts involved. Cordless paint sprayers allow users to save their time and complete projects faster. Even if the power supply is disengaged, your work never stops when using cordless sprayers because they run on batteries.

wagner-painter-selectorIt’s time to get yourself a cordless paint sprayer that is cheap but offers much more than expensive sprayers. This inexperience paint sprayer type worth your money because it gives so much more in return that every painter would love to avail. From easy handling to portability to efficient battery system, this model has it all to pay off your money well. If you want to get your money’s worth, cordless paint sprayer is the best option to consider.

Reduce Safety Risk

graco-truecoat-dialCorded paint sprayers come with dangerous possibilities of electric shocks and currents. While on the other hand, cordless paint sprayers have reduced safety risks and can be used in conditions where corded sprayers are strictly prohibited. While spraying, the painters outrage the power supply and shock themselves. But using a cordless sprayer, electric shock possibilities are entirely negative. Corded sprayers are also forbidden to be used in a wet condition to avoid fatal electric shocks while cordless paint sprayers can be used in wet days as well.

Best Finish for Interior and Exterior Paint Job

Using separate tools for different tasks becomes quite hectic. Same is the case with spray paint. The nature of interior spraying is different from exterior spraying hence people buy a couple of paint sprayers to deal with both sorts of tasks. But now you can do it all with a single cordless paint sprayer.

This advanced model allows people to color every single corner of their house without dealing with cord issues. Whether it’s a small shelf or a long fence, use the cordless sprayer to get done with the job. No more wasting time in connecting or disconnecting the cord for small and significant projects because with battery powered sprayers in your hands, you won’t be needed to deal with cord issues. You have to charge the unit and once it’s fully ready, start spreading the paint without worrying about energy supply or cord length.

graco-truecoat-clean-switchCordless paint sprayers can be used to varnish the used indoor furniture as well as outdoor fences. These multipurpose sprayers allow do-it-yourselfers to coat any surface they like using paint, varnish or lacquer. Cordless paint sprayers also have individual motors installed in them to ensure an even and uniform coating. They offer more smooth and flawless finish with less dripping. In short, with cordless paint sprayers, you can attempt any interior or exterior painting task and complete it effortlessly with fantastic finishing results.


When it comes to spray painting, there are many models of sprayers in the market. If you want to enjoy better portability, improved spraying, and cheap pricing, opt for cordless paint sprayers. Considering their impressive features, look for the best product because every item in the market is not worth buying. With an excellent cordless paint sprayer, you will be able to enjoy your painting tasks and complete your projects in a better way. Just make sure, you find yourself a functional unit with proper functioning to experience effortless spraying.