Devilbiss Finishline is not so much of a strange name in the world of automotive paint guns, especially if you are a gear head.

In fact, the Devilbiss Finishline has perpetually been ranked high on the professionals’ list of the best automotive paint guns in recent years, which is totally understandable.

However, if this title doesn’t ring any bell to you, no worries! This review is going to wrap your mind around the technical yet simple know-how on these ‘something something’, thus helping you make a smart purchase decision.

Now, let’s get a notebook and kick right in!

Three Major Types Of Devilbiss Finishline Guns

Types Of Devilbiss Finishline GunsThere are so many names under this Devilbiss Finishline series. Hence, we would make it as simple as possible for you by categorizing these spray guns based on their most distinctive utilities.

So, in this criterion, there are mainly three types of guns, namely the gravity feed, pressure feed and primer guns.

That means, the first two types of spray guns have their own atomization sucked on gravity and pressure respectively, while the last gun is specifically used for misting primer before applying another paint coat on.

Regarding the gravity fed guns, they are designed in a super portable way with only a single air supply hose, not even a second one for fluid pressure. Also, they are inexpensive and comparatively easy to clean up.

As for the pressure feed guns, they do have more regulation of fluid and pressure in/out with two split flows. They will also come in handy if you’re working with sticky substances since they have higher pressure.

Last one, like we’ve just mentioned, the primer spray guns are used on rugged surfaces such as wood or bare metal to create a smooth and even surface before sprinkling the main layer of paint on.

A Very Condense Review On Devilbiss Finishline You Need

Although there are such varied characteristics in each type of paint guns, they do share a lot of properties in common, which makes them three signature products of Devilbiss.

But at this point, some of you may ask “What is this brand Devilbiss exactly?” Keep reading to find out the answer.

About Devilbiss Finishline

About Devilbiss FinishlineThe company Devilbiss Automotive Refinishing (or Devilbiss for short) was founded in 1907 and is now based in Swanton, Ohio. The main market that Devilbiss concentrates on is the manufacturing of automotive spray guns, airbrushes and other relevant products.

Devilbiss Finishline is a special release of the company, including some notable spray guns, such as the 4FLG-470 solvent based HVLP (high volume low pressure) gun, the FLG57413 pressure feed gun and the primer kit DEV-FLG678.

Each of the products is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the aiming surface, for instance the materials that surface is made out of, the time needed for the paint to be fully absorbed and whatnot.

But most importantly, their products are originally created to serve even the most meticulous customers. Thus, the Devilbiss Finishline was born. Let’s come find out the outstanding ingenuity of its products.

Outstanding Features

Outstanding Features

  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
    Every spray gun in this line is built from high grade stainless steel, which creates itself an outstanding high and low temperature resistance, non-corrosive properties, a long life cycle and ease of cleaning.
    In short, this material has comparatively supreme durability if well maintained and offers users the most pleasant spraying experience.
    Furthermore, the stainless steel is environmentally friendly in the sense that it can totally be recycled for other purposes. So take a short note on that.
  • Easy To Assemble And Disassemble
    Designed in a way that is user-oriented, these spray guns have reduced the users the burden of puzzling assemblage. Instead, they’re made just as easy and understandable for attaching and detaching details.
    And it can be said that you can almost use the product right out of the box.
  • An Aluminum Cup
    At first glance, this aluminum cup may look lofty and a bit too much on this lithe spray gun. But that’s really not the case, though.
    Looking closely into the details, the cup is made of aluminum, which is rather light on the hands of users. The aluminum can also withstand quite an amount of temperature, guaranteeing the long term strength of the gun.
  • Three-tip Nozzles
    Each spray gun is equipped with multiple fluid tips, being 1.3, 1.5, 1.8 (some even 2.2) millimeters, serving different purposes depending on your particular aiming surface.

Best Devilbiss Finishline Products

Now moving on to this section, we’ll dissect three products in details, give them a small comparison and point out their pros and cons.

1. Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670

Devilbiss Finishline 4 FLG-670Editor Rating:

This 4FLG-670 HVLP gravity feed spray gun is arguably the worthiest and most sought-after paint gun on the market.

Aside from featuring the most advanced technology of atomization, it also comes with an air regulator, a twenty-ounce (approximately 591 milliliters) cup capacity, a stainless steel needle and tip for use with various fluid properties, even water-based ones.

The three tips are made for different usage:

  • 1.8 mm to spray epoxy primer
  • 1.5 mm to spray base colors
  • 1.3 mm to spray urethane clear coat

Every part of the gun is very easy for any adjustments, and if built right, it can lay out a precise flow onto the surface.

Actually if you’ve missed some small parts, it can still atomize somehow right. But don’t! In fact, the manual has detailed the instructions very carefully, thus make sure to give it a nice little breakdown before diving into your job.

Another plus point of this 4FLG-670 is that it gives off much less overspray than other counterparts, preventing your money from turning into worthless residues! You can always adjust the stretching width by swiping the fan underneath the gun.

With a correct air pressure plus a perfect flow adjustment, it should pan out a great finish result for your auto paint sessions.

Long story short, this spray gun is definitely the one for beginners and seasoned professionals on spraying base coats or primers.


  • Aesthetic look
  • No drips
  • Simple assembling
  • Easy adjustments
  • Easy cleaning
  • Portable
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t include the wrench to change tips
  • Doesn’t include a carrying case

2. Devilbiss FLG671 FinishLine Waterborne

Devilbiss FLG671 FinishLine WaterborneEditor Rating:

Sharing some similar properties of the last spray guns such as the stainless steel components, enhanced technology of atomization and multiple fluid tips, this FLG671 Finishline nevertheless differs in its waterborne usage.

It means the gun is mainly constructed to work smoothly on tricky water-based finishes such as acrylic, latex or Nexa Aquabase.

That said, it does work effectively on top coats and light primers as well.

Also, the cup is built out of acetal – which provides itself considerable strength and low friction. That, in a combination with an adjustable valve with air gauge and the fluid nozzle, would produce soft uniform spray patterns during the process.

However, due to such strength, the tool consumes quite a large amount of air. Thus, make sure you’ve got a more than decent air compressor to satisfy its appetite, a 13PSM at 23 PSI mark would be recommended.

It’s also easy to clean. Only by rinsing the gun under some lukewarm water, and that’s it. Your spray gun is all set to be used for the next project.


  • Comes with three nozzle tips
  • Quick and easy clean up
  • Long-term reliability
  • No leaks or streaks
  • Anodized finish
  • Good budget


  • Consumes a lot of air


FINISHLINE Primer DEV-FLG678Editor Rating:

The last buddy that we are about to introduce you is the Finishline Primer DEV-FLG678.

As its name might suggest, this automotive spray gun is particularly designed for spraying primer. You would have two tips in the box, the small tip for epoxy primer and the bigger one for high-built polyester primer.

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, a primer is a layer of paint applied on to the surface to make it even, to enhance corrosion resistance and to increase paint adhesion.

Adopting the advanced technology of HVLP (high volume low pressure), the process that brings about atomization would prove to be an extremely effective transfer, spreading soft and uniform spray patterns over the surface.

This spray gun also brings the users a pleasant experience with lightweight and ergonomic handle, making automotive painting just as effortless as ever.


  • Lightweight
  • Can be used for home DIY projects
  • Easy handling & great maneuverability
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Still a bit pricey

Tips For Choosing The Right Devilbiss Finishline & FAQs

Tips For ChoosingIn order to tell which guns are for you, you have to consider from every perspective: the total size of what you’re about to work on, whether your air compressor is compatible with the performance of the gun, the price range, and most importantly, how the gun works.

Being mindful that a lot of you may just started automotive painting as a hobbyist, we’ll walk you through some frequently asked questions to give you the big picture.

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Where can I buy a quality Devilbiss Finishline product?

Amazon, eBay and Eastwood are credential distributors of the Devilbiss products. Make sure to check out the origin, warranty terms and return policy before buying. Because you might fall in love with an even greater Devilbiss GTI Pro Lite, who knows?

What tip is recommended for a primer gun?

A primer or filler would go best with the nozzle/tip size of 1.8 mm. But others also use the 2.0 mm (sometimes even 2.2 mm).

What kinds of air compressor would be compatible to Devilbiss Finishline?

An air compressor that could provide a 13 CFM at 23 PSI mark. That means, you’ll go for a compressor that has 5HP minimum power.

Does it work with an air compressor greater than 5HP?

In fact, it does, provided that you are going for a ¾’’ or ⅜’’ air hose. On the other way round, if you’re using any compressor having smaller power, it would not work.

How can I adjust the fan in this product?

The fan would decide how wide each atomization should be. And it is located in different places in each type of gun, which can be confusing for novices. Watch this video for a better demonstration.

Do these products come with a carrying case?

Sadly, they don’t come with a case.

Recent Notes On Devilbiss Finishline Products

Recent Notes On Devilbiss Finishline Products

  • You should treat this gun to a good cleaning before each use to make sure there is no residue left from the manufacturing process.
  • If paint leaks when you pull the trigger, remember to disassemble every single part of the gun and rinse each of them off with lukewarm water. This might help prevent paint from building up on the inside.
  • Since these products do not come with a wrench, use your own. But you need to be extra careful not to use too much pressure against the tip, or it might fall off and break down. Instead, apply a gentle and stable force to take off the tip.
  • Spaying sessions may run the risk of catching fire from solvent and coatings. Thus, you should never smoke while spraying. Plus, always keep a fire extinguisher nearby just in case.
  • During cleaning and flushing, some paint splatter could be splashed into your eyes, which probably leads to long-term eye injury. Make sure you protect your eyes with adequate equipment.


And that brings us to the end of the review. We believe the versatility, portability and performance of these products have satisfied your needs. We bet you have made your choice, haven’t you?

If you’re ready, hit the purchase button on Devilbiss Finishline immediately. And from then on, take your time!