Have you ever tried making DIY spray paint?

Usually, if you want to use spray paint, you will go out and buy it from the store, right? We are sure that you will find it exciting and novel.

Besides, having a new experience like this also makes you more creative.

Is your curiosity awakened? Let’s get started!

How To Make DIY Spray Paint At Home With 7 Simple Steps?

#1 Preparation

PreparationFirst and foremost, you should prepare the following tools and items to ensure the working process to go smoothly:

  • Tools:
    • A knife
    • A drill and bits
    • A bike pump
    • A hacksaw
  • Items:
    • A bike inner tube
    • An empty plastic bottle
    • An empty spray paint can which was used up
    • Adhesives (Sugru or other brands)
    • The paint you want to use

#2 Start With An Old Spray Can

Start With An Old Spray CanFind an old spray can that has been used up.

Press on the nozzle so that all the air inside the can will be released. That helps to keep a balance between the pressure inside and outside of the can.

After you have released all pressurized air in the can, put it in a vice and use a hacksaw to cut around the neck of the can. Now, the old can is separated into two parts: a nozzle and a can without a lid.. Keep it and the nozzle for the next steps.

Step 2 is quite easy and simple!

#3 Install A Valve

Install A ValveYou need a one-way valve fitted in the plastic bottle to pressurize your spray can.

Cut the valve from the bicycle inner tube, which you can easily find at bicycle repairing stores.

Use a bit that has the same size as the valve you want to fit in the bottle. For example, if you have a Schrader valve, a ¼” bit is the most suitable. Drill into a position near the bottleneck. Then, fit the valve in the opening you have drilled through the neck of your bottle.

Smear a sufficient amount of adhesive on the rubber around the valve so that the rubber will expose and stick well to the bottle.

Let it dry overnight. After that, you can take the next steps.

#4 Remake A Nozzle

Remake A NozzleUse Sugru – a type of adhesive to make a Sugru mould around the opening and attach the old nozzle to the bottle cap. You have to make sure that there are no longer any gaps. One more time, let it dry overnight.

After it has dried completely, use a bicycle pump to pump air into the bottle through the one-way valve you installed.

It’s a way to check if there is any air coming out of the bottle or not. In case the air can get out of the DIY can, you have to use adhesives to seal the gaps. So notice this because it is critical!

Still quite easy to do!

#5 Fill The Bottle With Paint

Fill The Bottle With PaintIf you have a large number of old and miscellaneous paint cans, it’s time to make use of them. You can reuse them or even mix some colors to have a new and different one.

However, when not having any paint left, you can purchase the types of paint you want to use from a store.

For faster and more convenient, you may need a funnel.

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#6 Pressurize The Bottle

Pressurize The BottleIf you want your spray paint bottles to work well, you cannot miss the step of pressurizing the bottle before use.

Plug the bike pump hose into the valve installed in the bottleneck and start to pump. You can also increase the pressure, but 20psi is enough to spray.

#7 Spray Your DIY Paint

Spray Your DIY PaintAll the work is done! You can try spraying your DIY spray paint bottle to consider whether it works well or not.

I hope you finish your work splending!

Final Words

Overall, it’s not too hard to make a DIY spray paint can. We have provided you with an effective method to do it. When getting all the necessary tools and materials and understanding the steps, we strongly believe that you will succeed. Just try and you will see that all your efforts are worth every penny.