DYC Sprayer (also known as DYC DipSprayer) is one of the state-of-the-art products from a fantastic sprayer system company in the world – Dip Your Car (their website is DipYourCar.com).

If you want to spray your car with beautiful and removable layers, then this item might be what you need. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Plasti Dip – What You Need To Know

Plasti Dip - What You Need To KnowPlasti Dip is a rubber and air dry coating system, a sprayer system created for changing colors of vehicles and objects. It is the combination of different chemicals such as plasticizers, VM&P naphtha, antioxidants, and many other materials.

Plasti Dip can be a good way for resisting acids, skidding, moisture, or slipping. Not only makes your car look better, but it can also protect the car’s original underlying paint layer.

Take it easy, you can easily remove that layer and use another can to paint a different color. It can be peelable which means you can peel it without paying for a car service that uses chemicals to do it for you.

See, how great it is to create the look of your car in your own style! It can be even better when you can change it whenever you want!

DYC Sprayer System – The in-depth Review

DYC Sprayer is known as the best Plasti Dip Gun in the world at the moment. It is made from the best Plasti Dip company. If you search on the internet, you would see that this item always stands number one on the best Plasti Dip products.

The System’s Introduction

The SystemDYC Sprayer is a sprayer system that was made by DipYourCar.com. It is the first sprayer system in the world that helps people to spray Plasti Dip or Rubber Dip on their cars. After many years, there are so many other Plasti Dip System products being launched to the market but DYC still is the best choice of many people.

What are the Reasons People Choose DYC Sprayer over Other Plasti Dip Brands?

Reasons People Choose DYC SprayerIt’s not hard to explain why this product has captured the hearts of many users. First comes affordability, it is much cheaper if you use DYC Sprayer to spray your car than paying other people to paint your car.

Moreover, the DYC Sprayer Gun is much more powerful than other guns. You can spray your car easier and faster using it. It can be up to three times more powerful than other brands.

The whole system only weighs 5 pounds so it is really easy to carry. Additionally, it is designed to rotate 360 degrees to facilitate your spraying time. What an amazing feature!

One of the most comfortable things about DYC Sprayer is that it can keep up to 48oz of the spraying liquid so you can finish the job faster. No need to stop and put more liquid in anymore!

What is Included in the DYC Sprayer System?

DYC Sprayer System

  • The Whole Sprayer System
    The model is lightweight and compact, so users can carry it or move it around their cars without breaking a sweat. People love the design of this sprayer for those advantages.
    The entire system is small so you can decide if you like smaller or bigger surface areas. This is a good feature to do spray Plasti Dip
  • The handle:
    DYC’s handle allows the gun to rotate 360 degrees. What a unique feature to have!
  • The Turbine:
    Compared with the 3500 turbines (the other version), the turbine from DYC Sprayer increased CFM and more PSI (around 50% more). The increase of CFM and PSI means you will have really good atomization and the act of spraying can be finished more smoothly.
  • The Spare Parts Kit.
    There are all the items here when you want to replace or maintain the DYC Sprayer System. The spare parts kit has one air filter, one needle removal tool, and two needle seals.
  • Gallon Mixer and the can
    DYC Gallon Mixer helps you to blend and mix your gallons before you use the system. It can be attached to the household drill. The DYC gallon mixer can have 48oz of the spraying materials inside, which is quite a lot (compared to how much some other gallon can hold) so you can finish your sprayer much faster.

Before You Buy DYC Sprayer: Is it the best choice for you?

Pros and Cons of a DYC Sprayer

Pros and Cons of a DYC SprayerAfter all the facts we have been discussing, what are the pros and cons of the DYC Sprayers System compared to other Plasti Dip Brands or other painting solutions? Let’s take a look!


  • Much cheaper.
  • Peelable or removable very useful for beginner
  • The parts of the system can easily be replaceable.
  • Work well with different materials and surfaces.
  • 3 times more powerful.
  • Weight lightly (only 5 pounds) makes it really mobility and suitable for all ages.
  • Small and compact.
  • The layers can last for three years, it’s really durable!
  • Rotate 360 degrees which is the best feature!
  • All the features are so convenient and amazing!


  • The color might not be so glossy sheen but still have a smooth look and quite catchy for your eyes.
  • Harder to wash but easier to clean the dust since the surface is really smooth
  • We recommend waiting 2 weeks before going to a car wash

Step-By-Step Guide On How to Properly Plasti Dip Your Car to Give Your It a Stunning New Look

How to properly Plasti Dip Your Car

  • Step 1: Look for a good and clear space to spray your car.
    The first thing you need to consider is looking for a suitable and wide place so you can comfortably refurbish your car so that the whole Plasti Dip process happens more easily. Make sure that the place is big enough to do it, this step is essential to make it more convenient to Plasti Dip.
  • Step 2: The next step is to wash your car’s surface with a smooth and clean surface. We adviced taking your car to a car wash first so they can wash it professionally.
  • Step 3: Shake the spraying can.
    Remember that there are many materials in the can. So, the act of shaking to mix them all up is advisable in this case which can help mix the substance in the can more evenly and the result will be improved just by shaking it carefully.
  • Step 4: Start to spray (this is the fun part of the whole process)
    There are normally at least two layers to spray:

    • The first layer should be light dusting. This layer will stick in the car and be the base to help the other layer(s) be able to stick to the car easily and look better.
    • The second layer can be sprayed 15 to 30 minutes after the first layer is finished, you should keep the can around 6 to 8 inches away from the car when you are spraying to make it better for the paint to spread evenly.
    • If you wish to have more layers, just simply spray it like the second layer.
  • Step 5: Masking Removal
    Removing it before your car is completely dry is highly recommended because when it is already dried, it will be harder to remove the masking without any special removal.
    Congratulations if you have reached this final step you can feast your eyes before your new and improved car!

DYC Sprayer – Frequently Asked Questions

DYC Sprayer - Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the sprayed layers last?

Normally, it can last for three years if you sprayed it probably and follow the step-by-step guideline (mentioned in Step-By-Step Guide On How to Plasti Dip Your Car above). It is durable and not easy to lose.

Can DYC Sprayer shipped internationally while I cannot find it in my country?

Yes, it can be easily shipped internationally. You can check it on Amazon or other international drop-shipping companies.

We recommend you protect your mouth, nose, and eyes with masks or glasses, and do not talk when you are on the way.

Is it ok if I do a car wash after I spray my car?

It’s ok to wash your car but give it a few days for the paint to dry first.

Can Plasti Dip resist strong sunlight, snow, and rain?

Yes, Plasti Dip can resist all of these elements. This is the reason why many users use Plasti Dip to protect their car before they go out for a long vacation, or before the snowy season comes.


To conclude, Plasti Dip is an inexpensive, do-it-yourself, and removable solution to pain your car, and DYC Sprayer is a Plasti Dip product that was made in the most famous, the best car spraying solution company. In fact, it is known as the best Plasti Dip sprayer in the world at the moment.

To have the best color layer using DYC Sprayer System which will last longer and look better, we recommend you follow the step-by-step guidelines in this article. Have a good time spraying your car and enjoy the result!