Earlex 0HV6003PUS Spray Port 6003 HVLP Sprayer
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Review Summary:

  • The Earlex 0HV6003PUS Spray Port 6003 HVLP Sprayer is particularly designed for the experienced woodworkers and for the professional finishing shops. This 6003 is the next level spray system which has 1200w 3-stage turbine. This sprayer is suitable for thin to medium coat sprays and is also useful for occasional painting purposes.

This Earlex 0HV6003PUS Spray Port 6003 HVLP Sprayer is the next level of the early 6002 spray system. This sprayer is survival in power and comes with a 1200w 3-stage turbine. This sprayer is best for both thin and thicker coat sprays, and this is because of its increased production speed and atomization. This spray system is mainly designed for the small paint shops and finishing shops. This is also useful for the individually experienced woodworkers and professionals on the job site. This spray system allows the sprayer to spray coats with show-room quality finish.

The turbine of this sprayer is a set up in power and performance over the lower models of this series. This turbine can atomize the coatings whether it is thin or thicker quickly.

Additionally, this sprayer has a comfortable and streamlined spray gun. This spray gun is lightweight thus building with die-cast aluminum. Hence it is easy for the sprayer to hold the spray gun and to carry out the spraying task easily.
Earlex 0HV6003PUS

Also, the hose of this spray system is extremely lightweight and flexible. It minimizes the chances of tangles or kinks when using for tight corners. It won’t interrupt the sprayer when they are spraying while moving the gun in all directions. Similarly, the user also has the option of the non-bleeder spray gun. That is, this spray gun of this Earlex 6003 is non-bleed, and one can get the gun in different forms like pressurized cup gun, gravity-fed To or as top gun.

The Earlex 0HV6003PUS Spray Port 6003 HVLP Sprayer is

  • Flexible
  • Contains easily accessible controls
  • Offers excellent atomization
  • Easy for maintenance
  • Easy to clean-up
  • Provides great durability

In general, the hose is the most neglected component of any HVLP spray system. This Earlex Port 6003 HVLP sprayer has an easy to connect functionality hose. This hose is extremely lightweight, flexible and also resistant to crush which can stand for a long time.

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Some of the features of this Earlex 0HV6003PUS Spray Port 6003 HVLP Sprayer are,
Portable – This sprayer has a turbine cabinet which is compact and portable. This cabinet comes with a carrying handle which is easy for the user to carry it to any place they need it
Pull-out hanger – This sprayer has a pull-out hanger bracket. It allows the user to handle the spray gun in a convenient way after a pause from spraying
Rotating air cap – It contains a 360 degree rotating air cap at its front portion. It allows the gun to be completely flexible during the spray whether it is in the horizontal direction or vertical direction. The user can handle it between vertical and horizontal during the spray
Pattern control dial – This is one of the greatest features of this sprayer. This dial is placed at the rear side of this sprayer that permits the user to change the pattern of the spray easily. The greatest advantage is that the user doesn’t need to adjust the air cap to change the spray pattern
Different pattern control – This sprayer allows the user to set the pattern control to round for works that involve complex sprays or an elliptical fan shape that widens when the user adjust the pattern control dial
Thin and thick sprays – This sprayer has the capability to spray both thin and thick spray materials
Maximize coating control – The 3-stage turbine of this sprayer maximizes the coating control and is ideal for feathering type of effects
Easy to maintain – As the cup and the spray gun only contact the coating material, this sprayer is easy to clean up
Dual open – This Earlex 6003 sprayer has two reticulated open cell air filters. These filters offer improved airflow and ensure the long life of the turbine
Lightweight hose – The 25-foot hyperflex hose of this sprayer is extremely light in weight which is easy to handle, crush-resistant and completely flexible to use

Other details of Earlex 0HV6003PUS Spray Port 6003 HVLP Sprayer
  • Gun Type – Pressure Feed (Bottom Feed)
  • Needle, Fluid Tip and Air Cap Set – 1.3mm
  • Cup Volume – 1L
  • Turbine – 3-Stage
  • Power – 1200W
  • Air Filters- Dual/Removable
  • Pressure Rating/PSI (bar) – 5.5 (0.38 bar)
  • Weight – 25 lbs
  • Hose Length – 25′
  • Brand – Earlex
  • Manufacturer Part Number – HV6003PUS
  • Weight (lbs) -24.7000
  • Style -HVLP

Benefits of using this sprayer

Easy to setup
The spray gun of this sprayer is easy to set up for optimal atomization
Minimal overspray
The spray gun also ensures the minimal overspray of the coating material
Good spray pattern
As early said, this sprayer has an air cap that rotates about 360 degree, it allows for a wider and good spray pattern. Similarly, the pattern control dial of this sprayer allows the user to adjust the fan and hence the user can achieve their desired pattern
The lightweight design of this spray gun is comfortable for the user to hold it while spraying. Also, the excellent and flexible hose of this sprayer helps the user to concentrate on applying the spray. This is because they don’t have the tension to handle any tangles or to struggle with it to get in position.
Professional finish
This HVLP sprayer is perfect for woodwork and gives a professional finish. Those who want to achieve professional finish can buy and use this sprayer
High volume Low pressure
As this is a High Volume Low-Pressure sprayer, it gives good painting productivity. This is because it delivers the coating material in the correct form which makes the spraying attain its expected finish. Similarly, the increased atomization feature of this spray gun provides improved production speed.
This Earlex 0HV6003PUS Spray Port 6003 HVLP Sprayer is easy to portable, durable and easy to maintain.
Motor longevity
In order to improve the longevity of the motor lifetime, this sprayer runs cleaner, colder air and it features the gun storage with or without the hose attached
This Earlex Spray port 6003 contains HyperFlex thermos-vulcanized polymer hose. This hose is lightest and most flexible to use. This is mainly designed for the professionals with quick-connect gun functionality.
Even though it is not the most powerful turbine in the market, it has enough power to deliver the most excellent finish and helps to achieve the spray efficiently and effectively. The 1,200-watt, three-stage turbine of this sprayer can deliver 5.5 pounds per square inch of pressure to the gun. This is enough to spray furniture spraying and other related sprays.


  • 0.12 GPM flow rate
  • Contains 1.3 mm tip
  • 360° rotating air cap that sprays at all angles
  • Pattern control adjuster for pattern width control
  • Capability to spray thin to thick bodied materials un-thinned
  • 5.5 psi
  • 2-stage, 2-finger trigger maximizes coating control
  • Easy to clean up
  • Double reticulated open cell air filters
  • Offer most favourable airflow and longer turbine life
  • Streamlined and non-bleed die-cast aluminum spray gun


  • Not ideal for larger projects

Customer Review

This sprayer is available in almost online shopping sites and is used by a lot of customers. The customers those who used this sprayer provide positive feedback for this sprayer. As per the different customer reviews and ratings that are provided, this Earlex 0HV6003PUS Spray Port 6003 HVLP Sprayer got the perfect of a high rating. Thus, this depicts that this sprayer exhibits good functionalities.

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On the whole, this Earlex 0HV6003PUS Spray Port 6003 HVLP Sprayer has the unique design for the small to medium workers. Right from the turbine to the hose and the gun this High Volume Low-Pressure spray system is built with rugged quality and ease of use in mind.
The compact design of this sprayer makes it easy for the sprayer to carry out the painting task. Even though there are a lot of different sprayers in the market, this Earlex Spray Port 6003 HVLP Sprayer provides the best possible functionalities to achieve the maximum finish.
Small and medium woodworkers and individual professionals avail more benefits by using this spray system. With this conventional spray system, one can achieve natural spray. It provides a lot of benefits to the sprayer. Also, it offers a safer painting environment to the sprayer, and only fewer materials will be needed to do the spray job. Hence, those who want to achieve an economical spray job can buy and make use of this Earlex spray gun.