Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer
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Review Summary:

  • The Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer was made to deliver high quality results for all small size to large projects, both for interior and exterior applications. It includes several features that ensure to deliver excellent quality in a perfect manner.

What is the Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer? It is an ideal spray station for automotive, woodworking, arts and crafts projects. It offers the user a better spraying experience coupled with its patented features and new expertise control spray gun. It provides a considerable extent of control with less overspray that guarantees the user to deliver a great finish. It is easy to make use of, can spray faster using optimum amount of paint and cleaning includes no strenuous efforts and can be quick.


  • Adjustable pressure control – Three sorts of modifying pattern system and thumb controllable flow adjustment dial to make sure convenient and comfortable spraying of paint
  • 500-watt motor turbine spray volume control
  • Full mouth one-quart container – It is easy to load and clean the container with its wide-mouth construction.
  • Angled pick-up tube – It is possible to spray downward, or overhead thus assures to deliver a clean finish.
  • Front loading needles that guarantee quick cleaning and easy to change needles.
  • Mobility – It is easy to carry this spray station while on the job as it comes with six-foot power cord and nine-foot hose

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Benefits of using this sprayer

  • It is the best solution for highly effective and speedy way to finish any size of painting projects or excellent finishing that can be used to apply on stains, paints, lacquers and clear choices of other materials.
  • It works well and quicker than the traditional approach of painting, that is potential to cover a 6.ft x 6.ft area in just four minutes using a 1qt. Capacity.
  • It makes use of HVLP technology to deliver a quality finish, less overspray, no roller or brush marks, minimal paint waste and a simple and easy way to clean.
  • It is an ideal spray station to paint on shutters, trim works, doors, and other crafts projects. It has 90% transfer efficiency, in a sense, it leaves no waste as the 90% of the material is ultimately used.

As the sprayer uses HVLP technology, it produces warm air via the air cap permitting quick drying of paint, and thereby the final output gets elevated. Added to it, it is possible for you to go for next additional coats if required in a quick turnaround.


  • Minimal overspray with maximum control makes sure precise application and minimal amount of material wastage
  • 1qt. wide mount paint container for easy filling and cleaning
  • External three spray changing pattern for vertical, horizontal and detailed spraying
  • Comfort trigger and grip handle
  • Flexibility offered with its nine feet hose and seven feet power cord
  • On board storage for hose, spray gun and cord
  • Lightweight 1 lb. construction decrease fatigue
  • 2 mm latex/stain tip for consistent and clear spray performance


  • It comes only with one needle and additional needles at further cost.
  • While considering performance as a deciding factor, it is slightly expensive compared to other brands

Customer Score

The customer score about Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer online achieves the full marks, which means it is one among the best products to make use of all sorts of painting jobs. Customers are happy with its design and its vital feature especially about the easy procedures to make use of. The availability of free DVD comprising step by step procedure on how to make use and the similar online video demo are helpful to the customers to understand better about the tips and tricks for using the station sprayer and regarding its clean maintenance.

As 90% of the material can be used in this product, it not only delivers efficient performance but saves the user’s money, which makes customers go with this choice. While it has been commented that it utilizes additional time to finish, when compared to the traditional roller, it consumes only less time yet deliver fantastic finish to compensate it.

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In totality, most of the customers are happy and stated favorable comments about the product which denotes it being a reliable choice of station sprayer to make use for all sorts of painting projects in the easiest manner.

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How to make use of and maintain Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer?

How is this station sprayer useful?

One among the best and fastest solution to finish almost any sort of painting projects is to make use of paint sprayers. It requires the user to own only a little knowledge about the product and few times practices to get it done in a right way. It is possible to attain a professional, appealing look to your painting job in less time.

Irrespective you being a newbie or an experienced painter, find few tips that can assist you while using the paint sprayer.

Correct sprayer setup

Every sprayer will possess distinct set-ups by its design and construction, but in general, the necessary procedure will always be:

  • Connect the spray gun to the hose
  • Before using the sprayer, it has to cleanly flush and primed.
  • Before use, guard and tip have to be installed.
How to select right spraying tip

Every product is available with detailed Instruction Manual Guide which comprises of all the information regarding the product and its features. It is must to read it carefully prior trying to use it which could help the user to know the best ways of how to make use of it to get professional painting look.

Proper surface preparation

Prior beginning to start spraying the paint using the product, it is a vital aspect to prepare the surface. The Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer can offer a slight of overspray, so it is the need of the painter to be prudent to prevent the baseboards, furniture by wrapping them prior spraying.

It is also to consider and take note regarding the wind’s direction while painting outdoors and it is recommended to cover shrubs and plants if any nearby with plastic protection as in case of heavy wind blow paint particles can get sprinkled on the plants.

Correct ways to spray

Through implementing the below-mentioned techniques while painting, it is possible to get a professional finish to the surface:

To get the best coverage, it is good to follow a continuous and long motion.
Before triggering the spray gun, the motion must be started already and continued even after releasing the trigger of the gun.

There must be a 12-inch distance from the object you are painting while using the spray gun.
There must be a fifty percent overlap to the pattern of the spray which you can attain through aiming the subsequent pass at the other painted region’s edge using the tip/needle of the spray gun.

How to Maintain
  • The product is equipped with easy to maintain features that require only minimum time and efforts to clean.
  • After every usage ensure the turbine unit filter is kept clean.
  • After every usage, the hose must be stored in between the hose cover and the motor housing by coiling it.

And the power cord is stored by hovering around the unit base and fixing the plug in the specified space provided in the back of the unit.


By its performance, great ratings can be provided to the Earlex HV3500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer that is worth for the amount invested in procuring it. Few among the customers regret later for not purchasing or knowing about the product sooner and might have opted for buying other cheaper choices that did not offer them better results as per their expectations and not for worth for the money paid. The most vital feature of this product is that its real flow adjustable three-option thumb operating knob, fluid needle, and tip.