Earlex OHV2901PUS Spray station precision

Earlex 0HV2901PUS Spray Station Precision
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Review Summary:

  • The Earlex 0HV2901PUS Spray Station Precision was designed with top notch quality in mind. It is loaded with several excellent features that ensure to assist in performing the job leaving no errors and makes the user to experience ease to complete the job in a professional way.
  • The thumb controllable paint flow control is an excellent feature in this spray station that assists in perfect ejection of paint and thus avoid blotchy or splatters of paint. The accessories in this station sprayer are durable and will keep long-standing despite consistent utilization. It can be moved to distinct location easily and thus it’s convenient to use while painting a large size project. Finally, cleaning procedure is also simple and ease that takes only a quick time to perform it without much strenuous efforts.
  • The Earlex OHV2901PUS was constructed as a supreme quality paint sprayer with all features at an affordable price and is the perfect partner for those who prefer to accomplish a job on an expertise manner. It is an apt choice for those people who are serious regarding DIY or who requires a project gets completed well, this is a best choice.


Earlex OHV2901PUS Spray station precisionWhat is the Earlex OHV2901PUS Spray station precision? It’s an apt choice of handy spray station precision for those remodeling contractor or anyone who is serious about DIY painting. This is a best solution for all your painting needs at an affordable cost. It can be used to spray almost all sorts of major materials latex, wood treatments, deck stains, water sealants, enamels, lacquers, Urethanes, varnishes and so on.


  • Powerful 700 watt – two stage turbine
  • 13 inch air hose
  • 1.5 qt capacity wide-mouth paint container
  • 2.5mm brass latex/stain “smart needle/tip”
  • 1 inch – 12 inch fan pattern width

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Advantage of using the Earlex OHV2901PUS Spray station precision

The Precision is specifically designed to offer assistance to remodelers, serious DIYer, property owners who indulge in regular painting works of their interior or exterior projects, decks, barns, fences and homes. The dirt and debris that frequently and generally happens while painting jobs are really hectic to handle and unlike traditional method such as hand or roller painting, by using this precision, you can be sure that it reduces the requirement of dedicated time and maximum efforts that post-cleaning job expects as it delivers prefect finish with no hassles. The adjustable thumb control spray settings offer a distinct option of different coatings that makes the user to explore new ideas in their painting works.


  • The strong and durable turbine unit offers a smooth functioning of the spray as the user can feel the easy flow of the paint through sprayer.
  • It reduces the probability of clogging as in case of clogs present, cleaning of the entire unit including distinct minute parts is made so easy to perform.
  • It is an apt choice for DIY people to make use of
  • It is designed with highly durable spray gun that is equipped to stay durable even after continuous and regular usage for many projects.
  • The entire cleaning operation can be accomplished with minimal efforts and time.
  • Mobility is possible that makes it more convenient to make use of.
  • It is available at an affordable cost
  • It is easy to load and unload the paint in the container as it designed to be wide-mouthed that has 1.5qt capacity
  • The 13 inch air hose facilitate easier movement on reduces the spills that generally happen on the move.
  • The spray gun includes three spray patterns which can be easily adjusted by the External spray direction plate.


  • After using the unit for short while for painting a thick paint materials, the gun tends to get jammed.

Customer Score

The customer score about Earlex OHV2901PUS Spray station precision has a rating of 5 out of 5A. It confirms it to be one among the best products available in the market for making use of it for painting jobs.

Customers prefer the easy to make use of features and lightweight design. The online videos available regarding the product and detailed descriptions in the manual were very helpful to the user to understand the tips and tricks for easy maintenance and optimum utilizing the product. The customers reviewed also commented that it is very easy to clean specifically the spray gun. They are happy about the limited mist and overspray that were delivered when the product was utilized for interior painting. The fantastic finish delivered by the spray station compensates the additional usage of paint it uses compared to the traditional roller method.

The reviewers of this Earlex OHV2901PUS have also mentioned that it is easy to paint high, tough to handle and narrow areas with this powerful precision.

Overall feedback for the product given by several users is that it is termed to be a worthwhile spray station for the amount payable which makes painting job easily and manageably done with less efforts compared to the traditional method.

Tips regarding how to make use and maintain Earlex OHV2901PUS Spray station precision

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How a sprayer is used?

spray station expert earlexAs everyone knows rather than opting for hand or roller painting, going with spray painting, makes our job done faster and easier. Apart from the major benefit that it is quite simple and easy, it expects only a little practice and a bit knowledge about how to go about it, which if acquired by a person, he or she can execute a professional-like painting job in no time. Irrespective to consider, both a newbie painter and experienced pro, find below are few tips or guidelines that you can adhere while using the paint sprayer for effective results.

Accurate Sprayer Setup

There are distinct set-ups available with every sprayer on the basis of the model and design; still the basic steps to make use of it are as follows

  • Join the spray gun to the hose
  • The sprayer requires cleaning prior using it and to achieve the same, it has be flushed and primed.
  • The needle / tip and guard must be installed prior utilizing it.

How to choose right spray tip?

To know more details on how to pick a choice of right spray tip of needle, it is recommended that user have a look into the instruction manual of their individual product to understand how it works and to know-how the techniques to operate it perfectly.

Preparations for Proper surface

For any kind of painting job, it is most significant factor that the surface of the object to be painted must be prepared well before starting to spray the fluid.

The user of the spray station must stay prudent while using it as it can lend a bit of overspray look and must prevent the baseboards, furniture by cleanly covering them with plastic covers well in advance.

It is also important to take the wind’s direction into consideration while painting outdoors and so wrap shrubs and plants with plastic covers for better protection. Unless, there are more likely chances that when paint is sprayed, it may get sprinkled due to the force of winds blow to the nearby objects of the painting product.

Better ways to spray paints

It is vital that while painting, it must to evenly distribute and spray the solution to render a professional look to the object and find below are the techniques that helps you to attain the smooth finish:

A continuous and long motion offers the best finish and coverage. Prior triggering the spray gun, the motion must be initiated already and must continue even after the releasing the trigger of the spray gun.

There must be minimum distance of 12 inch gap in between the surface and the spray gun while operating.

It is recommended to maintain 50 percent overlap to your spraying texture or pattern which you can attain through proper aiming the subsequent motion at the previous painted area’s corner using the tip of the gun.

How to Maintain?

Almost every features used in this unit expects less or no maintenance such as

It is recommended prior trying to remove or reinserting the fluid tip and needle for cleaning purpose, it is mandatory to make sure the tubes and spray gun are properly flushed using appropriate thinners or water which ensure inner tubes are maintained clean.

It will take only five minutes to clean the entire unit if is done immediately after usage, or it is advisable to store the spray gun in an air-tight plastic bag to avoid drying of paint.

In order to ensure longevity of the fluid tip, needle and spray gun, after washing these using solvent thinners, it is recommended to wash it again using warm soapy water.


It is worth to reward great ratings to the Earlex OHV2901PUS Spray station precision as it includes all features that is expected in a spray gun at an affordable cost. Few of the reviewers have expressed their regret for not knowing regarding the product sooner as they have already lost their money investing on cheaper options that fails to offer better results for their money’s worth.

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