Earlex Paint Sprayers

Earlex Paint SprayersEarlex HVLP paint sprayers, is leading company providing SprayStation range of products. Since its first launch of electric wallpaper stripper, it has sold over 8 million Earlex wallpaper strippers making it a market leader in UK.

It also offers wide range of heat guns and steam cleaning gadgets which are high quality and durable.

Earlex HVLP has a wide range of products to offer to DIYers as well as professionals. These tools are easy to use facilitating the DIYers and helping them with wide range of jobs inside and outside home.

Professionals get to work with highly professional and durable products that can endure long and hard working hours.


Earlex is house of quality and the paint sprayers it has to offer are considered first-class and durable. Earlex paint sprayers use latest innovation and technology of ‘High Volume, Low Pressure’ HVLP to spray paint, making it quick and easy to paint with smooth and excellent finishing every time.

It provides professional finishing, whether you are professional or anamateur, trying hands on painting their walls, ceilings, fences or garages. It features maximum control and minimizes overspray. It offers cost effective solution with less wastage of paint. It provides faster painting mechanism unlike traditional painting methods.

Whether its interior or exterior paint job, large or small projects; it can provide high quality finish using variety of paints, stains and lacquers. Earlex Paint Sprayers use a vast range of paints that includes emulsion, acrylics, gloss, eggshell, enamels, lacquers, glazes, varnishes, smooth masonry paint and hammertones etc.

Earlex is striving hard to provide its customers with best quality products that are designed and manufactured using latest innovation. They are epitome of class and craftsmanship. Dealing in HVLP products, Earlex caters to every faction of Paint Sprayer guns users, professionals, hobbyists and amateurs.

That is why, it has made sure that its products are designed to be easy to use and handle by anyone who wants to get high class finishing and smooth end result. It doesn’t need to be assembled to be used, even for the first time. All you have to do is to fill in the right consistency of the paint and you are good to go.

You can change the pattern of spraying from horizontal to vertical to spot, just by twisting the tip of the gun. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to operate Earlex Paint Sprayer Gun and the results are not going to be anything short of professional finishing.

Various of Designs (17/20)

Various Designs
Earlex has been manufacturing quality products that include paint sprayers, Heat guns and wallpaper strippers etc. However, as far as Paint Sprayers are concerned, Earlex has not produced wide range of designs. The range is limited but the quality and durability of designs is incontestably high-end.

These designs are user friendly and practical, making the painting experience exciting and the end results smooth and flawless. This pretty much compensate for the slight lack of variety. Earlex has been market leader in manufacturing of various home improvement tools and they are uncompromising towards the quality they produce for their novice as well as professional customers.

Clean (8/10)

Cleaning is of utmost importance when using any Paint Sprayer gun and Earlex Paint Sprayer Guns are no exception. It should be thoroughly cleaned after every use in order to ensure quality paint spraying on every use and smooth functioning of the machine the next time you use it.

Cleaning mechanism is not tricky at all. If you are using water based paints, clean the gun with water and if using solvents, thinner should be used. Remover any leftover paint from the paint cup, fills with clean water or thinner, and spray until the nozzle is rid of any residual paint.

Then, disassemble the gun and wash with warm soapy water, ideally using brush to clean the parts of the gun to get rid of any paint left in them. After, thoroughly washing them, dry them completely before reassembling them. This process should be repeated after every use to ensure long lasting functionality of your gun and smooth and flawless finish.

Highly Rated (7/10)

Earlex HV3500 Spray Station
Earlex has been working hard to provide its valued customers with high class products that are not only top notch in their operational capability but are cost effective as well. This is why, Earlex have earned the love and trust of their customers that they most graciously share through their reviews and comments.

According to them, Earlex has made Paint spraying process, fun and exciting experience. Not only do they find it easy to operate and handle, they also find the finishing impeccable and flawless. These kinds of reviews are always reassuring and motivate Earlex to work harder to provide even better products in future.

Best paint sprayer on market 2017-2018!


Earlex is home to quality products that range from paint sprayers, Heat guns to wallpaper strippers. It has used the latest innovation in painting industry called, HVLP that has revolutionized the painting process and made it an exciting process instead of tedious one that was synonymous to the traditional painting methods.

Earlex paint sprayer guns are not only state of the art gadgets that produce excellent results, they are very easy to handle and durable product. So if you have big plans of impressing your wife with your machismo and want to renovate your home yourself, or you are professional handing big projects that need professional and flawless finishing, Earlex is just what the doctor ordered.

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