PAINTING BRICKS is a task worthy for a professional as they absorb paint due to their porous nature. So before painting the bricks, you need to do the preparation first in order to have the best quality when painting. Thus you have to fulfill some requirements beforehand so that the whole process of the work can happen smoothly. Let’s see what TIPS and TRICKS you can follow to paint the brick house:

Method 1: Painting

Clean the Bricks

Take a hose and spray the brick surface. It is to remove the dirt, dust and any other type of tiny particles from the bricks effectively. Put water in pressure if mud is accumulated on the bricks or layers of dirt are there which are not washable with light reread the article. Use a pressure washer offering 1500 PSI. Take hold of a brush and remove the white stains from the bricks which can be deposits of salt or efflorescence. Then to get free of mildew, mix bleach and water and apply this solution on the bricks. Let the solution rest for about 20 minutes on the bricks and scratch the bricks with a hard brush.

Prepare the Surface

Paint Brick HouseTake a newspaper and cover up all the windows and doors. After that, using a painter tape, fix the paper to the windows and doors. This way you can cover other areas as well which you don’t want to paint. And now, it’s a good time to repair cracks and restore it to its original form. Widen the cracks of bricks using a scraper. And seal the cracks taking hold of acrylic caulk. But before that wipe off the dust from the cracks and let the caulk sit in the cracks for around 5-6 hours. Next, use a latex primer to apply on the surface of the bricks with a paint roller, brush or sprayer. The areas that are affected by efflorescence needs to be coated with extra coats of primer more than the other regions.

Select the Paint

Select the PaintNow you should be choosing the type of paint for painting a brick house that you desire. Go for elastodynamics paint as it is quite dense to fill in the cracks beautifully in all the bricks. Apply two coats of this paint where you think there are more cracks. This paint is well known to repel water from the bricks to secure the bricks when there is bad weather. Head over to any home improvement store and buy elastodynamics paint.

To paint the exteriors, select acrylic latex paint. This paint is well known to prevent mildew while keeping the moisture away from the brick surface. Mainly, you can also buy from home improvement stores easily. What you need to do is apply only one coat of this paint and go for the second one if you see any white spots on the first coat. Apply the second coat just in those areas.

Paint the Brick House

Take a paint sprayer and apply the paint. The sprayer is more comfortable to use and gives faster access, but it is expensive than the paintbrush. So if you want to save that much money, you can buy a paintbrush instead. Just spray the paint with sprayer side to side and keep covering the bit of already painted areas.

For brick painting, you can also use paint rollers. They are big and expensive as compared to paint brushes but not costlier than sprayers. Rollers are an excellent alternative to brushes and paint the house fast but not faster than paint sprayers. All you need to do is start decorating the home from the top and keep moving the roller up and down covering all the brick area. Steadily run the roller across the bricks to paint all the sections with swift and gentle movement to create an even paint. If you leave any spot uncovered with a roller, get your hands on a paintbrush or paint sprayer and paint those areas. So you have to use the paintbrush in that case to get full coverage of the bricks.

Let it Dry

Now, wait for the paint to dry.

Apply Second Coat

Apply Second CoatIf needed, apply the second coat of paint which depends upon the type of paint you are using so it’s highly advisable to read the instructions on the paint bucket to get a better idea.

I hope you understand the topic well. If not, read the article again and decorate your own brick house. Some experts say using glossy paint for exterior brick and semi-gloss paint for interiors which can make a big difference in the quality. Both of the paints are fine as compared to other paints and easy to clean as well if any stains are found.

Now I would like you to read this small section on staining. Staining is another method to paint the brick house, and it is easier and quick than the typical painting method. It is a good option to cover the texture of bricks.

Method 2: Staining

To prepare the bricks for staining, the preparation is the same as in painting. Just clean the surface with water and let it dry completely before starting the process of staining. Seal the areas you don’t want to paint using a painter tape or newspaper.

Take out the brush from the staining kit and test the stain. Do the testing on the unnoticeable part of the brick. You can darken or lighten the stain by adding water to it. Once you get satisfied with the color tone, it’s the right time to spread the stain on the bricks by the brush. You need to move the brush uniformly to get rid of the patches. Or if you want to get more uniformity in the staining, wipe off the stain with a rug from the brick. Spread the stain on the bricks and wait for 24 hours to let the stain blend in.

Apply a second coat the next day.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to wear gloves and goggles while staining the bricks.