Before painting, it is so difficult for a complete home decor starter to figure out what materials to prepare in advance, and what ideas are appropriate to use! Don’t worry! We’re here to help you out.

No need to be a professional, you can design a charming home on your own. The five easy painting designs we would like to share with you today will be of great help for you to do it!

Are you ready to turn yourself into a professional and turn your home into a magnificent artwork? Then, let’s kick right in!

Materials To Prepare Before Canvas Painting

For a long time, canvas painting has become one of the most typical types of artwork. Hundreds of years ago, artists found the way to paint on canvas materials using oil or acrylic.

It is usually said that canvas painting is suitable for anyone, regardless of age and background. Do you believe that? For us, yes. Any of us can start painting on canvas if we first equip yourself with basic knowledge of painting materials.

Oil Or Acrylic?

Oil Or AcrylicFirst of all, choose the type of paints you want to use. As mentioned earlier, oil and acrylic are the most common paints that get on well with canvas. However, each kind features both strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, it is a must to have a look at these comparisons!

Acrylic takes less time to dry. As a result, it allows you to apply different layers on the painting surface easily. However, it can create a harsher look compared to oil. In particular, this kind of material restricts you from performing the “wet in wet” technique.

In terms of longevity, acrylic paint lasts long and will not fade over time. It just becomes darker after it dries out on the canvas. Also, it is free of toxins and smells.

When it comes to oil, we are talking about a painting material that is easy to blend colors and create transitions. Nevertheless, it not only smells but also contains harmful turpentine.

Compared with acrylic, the drying time of oil is longer and it is difficult to paint the different layers on the painting surface. Besides, it can fade away over time.

Despite the disadvantages stated above, artists still favor this type of paint thanks to its depth of color and flexibility. Also, because it is slow to dry, it is possible for you to manipulate the paint for much longer than other kinds of paints.

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Choose The Brushes

Choose The BrushesThe second irreplaceable factor that contributes to good artwork is the brush. Brushes come in different sizes, materials, and are compatible with different kinds of paints.

If you have chosen acrylic, then synthetic brush is a great option. It is because natural hair brushes may degrade in quality over time when it is used with acrylic.

On the other hand, if you already prepare oil for home painting, it is highly recommended to purchase brushes made of natural materials. If you want a synthetic brush, make sure it is designed for oil painting.

The size of the brush will most likely depend on the area of the painting surface that you are going to apply. A detailed round brush is a perfect choice for detailed work.

Other Materials

Other MaterialsWe are close to the first step of painting! After getting your painting surface, brush, and paint available, it is time for you to choose a paint tray and a color chart. These tools will help you mix colors perfectly. Besides, it is a need to purchase palette knives for blending colors.

What is more? Okay, do not forget to wear an apron. It will help you to stay clean and be free of dust and colors at all times.

Start Home Decor With 5 Easy Painting Designs On Canvas

We have compiled the below list of 7 best canvas painting ideas for beginners. Let’s jump to these amazing easy paint designs for your home with no extra work required!

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Abstract Quote Canvas

Abstract Quote CanvasFirst and foremost, welcome to the abstract quote canvas. This idea may sound crazy a bit, but why not? The steps for creating this type of painting are very simple. All you need is to search for a quote you like. Then, stencil the words on a piece of tape.

After that, you need to stick those words on to the painting surface. Then, pick a mix of colors and paint them! As soon as you leave out the tape, here you are! A magnificent and meaningful canvas painting!

Pixel Painting

The second idea is also lovely. Its first step is to invent a grid of colors with the same hue. Once you’ve got a pixelated pattern, draw squares with the same size all over the painting surface. Next, paint each square in different tones.

This pixel painting looks delicate and chick. Its elegant beauty will be a great feature when you consider it as decorative items in different rooms.

Yarn Art

Is something even more reckless? Yeah! Little do you know the yarn is another type of material that has multi powers!

Your artwork can be colorful with red, yellow, blue, and many more. Why don’t you try making a decorative painting in your style?

Splash Art

Splash ArtIf you are looking for a young and dynamic style, splash art will best suit you! First, choose a favorite color to make a background, solid color. After that, splash vibrant colors all over the painting surface.

Remember to cover all valuable stuff inside the room before you start splattering. You do not want to make everything dirty, right?

Gold Chevron Painting

The last idea we would love to share today is the gold chevron painting. It is nothing but unique! You can flexibly consider metallic, navy colors in the design. By using tapes and acrylic, you can create a masterpiece for your lovely home!


Have you ever heard “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? This saying may be incorrect in some cases, but in the field of art, we think that it is completely true. No matter what standards out there, you can yourself create the “best” artwork for your lovely, warm, and cozy home with just the simple ideas above.

With the list of the easy painting designs today, we hope you will soon find your best style of canvas painting and defeat the struggles to find ideas. Follow your guts, and there you are! Good luck, and thank you for reading.